How Beauty Choices Affect Your Self-Image

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Photoshopped pictures of celebrities are all around and we don’t feel comfortable posting a selfie without filters. But what about real life, where we don’t have an Instagram filter? 

Makeup Really Makes You Feel Better?women smiling

A lot of women are reluctant to admit that they feel too self-aware going makeup-free. They want to hide their large pores or spots or some scars, and makeup is their best ally. Also, makeup artists have discovered different tricks to make your nose look smaller or to cover up a double chin. It is done by highlighting other parts of your face and covering up those that we are not so satisfied with. 

With the skin that looks smooth, eyes made bigger with layers of mascara and lips enhanced with our favorite lipstick you feel more confident about your image. Makeup is your best friend that helps you hide the traces of sleepless nights. You don’t have to worry that you will look tired at a morning meeting. Just a little bit of makeup can boost your self-esteem in certain situations.

The Power of Cosmetic Tattoos 

Cosmetic tattoos are currently the most popular branch of the beauty industry. People love them because they are time-saving but, more than anything, they can transform your face without surgery. For example, a professional microblading is a powerful treatment that will give your brows shape and arch. And the best thing is that they give natural results and no one can really tell that you are wearing makeup. It is your natural features, just enhanced. People who have sparse or thin brows love it because they don’t have to do their brows with a pencil anymore. 

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Permanent Makeup is a great substitute for cosmetic surgeries. By changing the shape of your brows, your eyes can look more open. If you choose a permanent lipstick treatment, your lips can look plumper, without implants. Cosmetic tattoos are now safe and use natural pigments, making them a perfect solution for those who don’t want to go under the knife. 

Healthy is beautifulperson lying on bed

Healthy skin is radiant and more attractive than a face covered with heavy foundation. If you feel exhausted and stressed, it will show. It will affect your physical appearance and you will not feel good about your looks. Getting enough sleep, staying hydrated and a healthy diet is the best beauty choice. No makeup can cover up neglected skin. So, it is more important to invest in good quality skincare products than makeup. 

Aging is natural, but aging skin and  wrinkles have a negative effect on self-esteem for many people. There are various skin treatments that help you restore your youthful glow. Most of them are non-invasive, non-surgical procedures, such as Botox or chemical peels. They help you improve and smooth the texture of your skin. Looking younger makes you feel younger and more confident about yourself. 

Healthy Body

There is almost no picture-perfect body. What you see in the magazines is retouched and even those who spend hours in the gym every day, can’t get rid of the persistent cellulite. 

First of all, you need to treat your body with respect. Balanced diet and regular exercise will definitely pay off. You might notice that no matter how hard you tried, your ties are just not as thin as they want them to be. Unfortunately, you can’t beat genetics and the only things you can do is accept them the way they are. 

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All bodies are different, so embrace your flaws, because they make you who you are. When you start looking at them differently, the more satisfied you are with them, the more self-confident you will be. And nothing is as beautiful as confidence. 


The way you look affects how you feel about yourself. Beauty industry is big for a reason. It helps people improve their natural look and boost their self-esteem.