How to Choose a Bed Frame for Obese Couple

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Being obese nowadays is no longer a big issue when it comes to the growing market of the sleep industry. There are lots of bed frames that are specially designed to accommodate petite and overweight sleepers to ensure their satisfaction. However, that doesn’t mean that buyers no longer experience tough times when shopping.

Looking around and doing some research about suitable bed frames for overweight couples takes a lot of time. There are lots of options in the market and each bed frame has its own set of pros and cons. In this article, we will help you pick the right one by knowing the things consider when choosing a bed frame:

big people bed

  •         Measure its Exact Size and Height

Rather than wasting your time contemplating its design, make sure that it has the right size first. Just like mattresses, bed frames’ sizes vary from Twin to California King. Some manufacturers even offer split sizes such as Split Queen, Split King, and/or Split California King. Regardless, these split variants still have the same sizes as their counterparts. So before you pick a frame, make sure that it fits these standard sizes:

o   Twin – 38 x 75 inches 

o   Twin XL – 38 x 80 inches

o   Full – 53 x 75 inches

o   Queen / Split Queen – 60 x 80 inches

o   King / Split King – 76 x 80 inches

o   California King / California King – 72 x 80 inches

Since we’re talking about bed frames for couples here, the Twin and Twin XL are obviously out of the list. Not unless you’re putting two Twin XL beds side by side to make up a King Sized bed. To make sure that you’re comfortable during your entire sleep, pick a broader bed frame. The more space you can move in the better without sleeping like sardines. 

However, there’s a general rule that your bed should be a foot beyond your reach to have enough space below. In this case, there are customized bed frames for couples who are taller than 6ft. Choosing a higher frame height is also more practical since you can use its extra space underneath as storage. At the same time, it adds a modern and sophisticated look to the bed. 

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  •         Check Its Weight Limit

To make sure that it can hold up your weight as a couple, don’t forget to check its weight limit. If you’ll share the bed with your kid/s or pets besides your partner, add up the total of their weights. This way, you’ll be able to sleep peacefully without worrying about replacing your bed frame anytime soon. Adding up your total weight can help you estimate the weight capacity to look for in a bed frame.


  •         Look for Honest Reviews

If you’re planning to skip the hassle of checking out physical stores, there are always online stores as alternative options. Thus, reading through honest reviews is important to give you more insight regarding the product. Analyzing reviews will help you spot the right bed frame and avoid overpriced products that are made with poor quality. You can also user editorial review by sites such as the Wirecutter or niche review websites such as Mattress1000 for their editorial picks.


  •         Go for the Solid Built

Quality is one of the most important things that you should always look for by checking its solid construction. More than the fancy decorations make sure that you can rely on your bed frame to hold your combined weight. Wooden frames are pretty popular and tempting as long as they are made of solid pieces of wood.

If you’re not a fan of wooden frames, we recommend steel bed frames to accommodate your weight capacity. It is also better to look for extra reinforcements that are welded in the middle brackets and feet. For slatted frames, the distance between each slat should not be more than 3 inches to get optimum support.  


  •         Say No to Squeaky or Noisy Frames

A squeaking bed frame is something you wouldn’t want to deal with whenever you and/or your partner move in bed. Aside from being irritating, it can also cause disturbance of sleep which leads to a lack of sleep. This is one of the common problems that overweight people experience after ending up with poor frames. Hence, be sure that it doesn’t create any annoying noise or even wobbly movements once installed. 

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  •         Required Assembly

In connection with the point above, it would also make your life easier if you’ll check this factor too. Some manufacturers have a team that sets up bed frames for customers without charge. But in most cases, bed frames require assembly especially if they are bought online. This is where a partner comes in handy to lend a hand and make the task easier. Frames that require assembly should always come with a manual with clear instructions. 

For those who don’t like assembling, there are also bed frames that don’t require assembly. Just be sure that your doorways are big enough to fit the entire frame inside. Otherwise, you’re stuck with a frame that requires assembly which you can either get for free or with a small charge.


  •         Never Sacrifice Quality over the Price

When you pick a bed frame for an obese couple, never sacrifice quality over the price. The price of bed frames varies depending on the brand, store, and features. But take note that not all affordable bed frames are solid enough for overweight couples. No matter how tempting its price is because it suits your budget, focus on its overall quality. Getting a heavy-duty bed frame that will last for years means paying a reasonable amount or sometimes more. See also matresses for hot sleepers.



Now that you already know the vital things to remember, you can finally narrow down your search. If you have doubts about which brand to choose, you can always stick with trusted brands. Pick at least the top 5 brands that customers always talk about in the industry such as Zinus, Olee, and more.

Choosing your top brands can help reduce the overwhelming flow of questions that comes in the purchasing process. Most importantly, you can avoid a lot of headaches, especially regarding the warranty and return policy.