Benefits of Celery Juice on Empty Stomach

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Whether you are on Facebook or Instagram, it will be surprising if your homepage, aka newsfeed, hasn’t shown you a photograph of celery juice. Such is the hype with the benefits of celery juice. In fact, some people seem to be obsessed with this particular juice.

Many people claim that celery juice is a magic medicine against various type of disease from a skin problem to chronic pain and metabolism. And the best way of benefiting from celery juice comes when eating on an empty stomach- claim many medical and health specialists.

But is it true? Let’s dig deep into the matter to know the authenticity of celery juice.

benefits of celery juice

Why drinking celery juice on an empty stomach is preferred

Medical Medium suggests its readers drink celery juice right on the morning with an empty stomach. They say that the best time to take the much-hyped juice is in the morning even before we have our breakfast.

According to them and Anthony William from Wellness (Writer of New York Times bestseller books), taking celery juice in the morning without having breakfast fastens our metabolism while allowing our stomach for optimal digestion.

Furthermore, it brings relative healing process together for a number of health benefits. Anthony also suggests people take two cups of (16 oz) celery juice in the morning to intensify the interest. But we think that might be too much for you as a starter.

Reportedly, for optimal benefits, your celery juice needs to be perfect, which you can get only with a good juicer for celery that would leave no sign of uncrushed fruits in your juice.

So, we have researched thoroughly and found out that initially, anything ranging between 4oz to 8oz per day is an excellent way to start. You can, however, take the juice after 20 to 30 minutes later of the morning lemon juice refreshment.

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That’s all about a brief description of drinking celery on an empty stomach and how to drink the magical medicine.

What specific benefit will you get from it

The following section may have shocking answers for you.

Top benefits of celery juice on an empty stomach


We have found several benefits of celery juice. Although many people have reportedly shown exaggerated effects of celery, we have quickly filtered them out and brought the most authentic benefits of celery juice that you will ever find on the internet.

Keeps us energetic and healthy: Many people face a severe problem with their metabolism. It is particularly more acute with those on a high carb diet or consumption of high-proteins. Their stomach gets tired quickly to metabolize the high amount of protein. Consequently, they feel lethargic and tired.

Celery Juice releases hydrochloric acid in our stomach to help it for better digestion. So, we remain fit and energetic all day.

Prevention of ulcer: Reportedly, celery juice replenishes our depleted gastric mucus. As a result, we get rid of acid flux and sores though a process called stomach lining.

An excellent way to control blood pressure: In these days, more or less, we all face issues with controlling our blood pressure. Celery juice is useful in this regard.  Anthony said that various researches showed that celery increases the flow of potassium and calcium in our blood vessels. Consequently, blood vessels connect better and work as a muscle relaxant. So, our blood pressure reduces significantly — thumbs up to celery juice.

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Anti-inflammatory quality: Celery juice has an abundance of natural Polyacetylene. When it mixes within our body, it does several good things to us. It reduces rheumatoid arthritis, guts and chronic joint pain. On top of it, celery juice works as a calming element to our body.

Reducing lousy cholesterol: Celery juice have a high-proportion of 3-n-butylphthalide (BuPh). Reportedly, it fights against the LDL aka bad-cholesterol in our body. This is known as lipid-lowering action and help to reduce cholesterol.

A significant improvement in digestion: Celery juice increase intestinal circulation quite significantly. As a result, our digestion system gets a kick-off that gets thing moving fast in the stomach. This is particularly good for water retention, bloating, constipation and bloating.  So, the juice works as a natural diuretic. Seems helpful!

Fighting against cancer: Celery juice is abundant with various powerful and effective anti-oxidants as well as anti-cancer compounds. One of them is apigenin. It is a type of flavonoid that works excellently against cancer cells.

Moreover, the polyacetylene in celery is also full of chemo-protective chemicals. It boosts our immunity against cancer cells and reduces toxic elements. These processes slow down the growth of mutated cells- responsible for cancer in our body.

Lengthens our lifetime: Celery juice is a highly alkaline food element. The alkaline diet reduces several chronic diseases to help users get a prolong life. How cool is that?

Final words

Celery juice is a modern-day wonder. The benefits of drinking the juice on an empty stomach are simply unspeakable.  We aspire that people continue taking the juice regularly to get the benefits as mentioned above for a more extended period.

Signing off for today. Eat better, live better.