The 35 inch wide Lention Standing Desk is Must Buy

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Anyone who spends all day sitting at a desk is at increased risk of death, and sitting disease is a growing problem that leads to increased risk of dementia and diabetes. Many people are now looking to standing desks, but those can cost thousands of dollars and standing all day isn’t the answer, either.  Can you stand all day everyday at your desk? I can’t. The Lention 35” Gas Spring Adjustable Desk riser is a cost effective solution that allows you to quickly alternate on the fly for maximum comfort without breaking the bank. 

Standing is the best thing I have found for my back

The desk adjusts instantly up, all you do is lift the lever up. I try to stand as much as I can, but some days my bum knee just cant take it. I love that I can simply lift the lever and push down on the desk to get back to a seated position. I suffer from back and knee problems. I’ve tried using office chairs made for bad backs, stretching, taking breaks and so on. Nothing has helped as much as being able to stand. I’m not going to say it fixed my back, but it has made a significant difference in pain by standing more. I try to stand for at least half my time at the computer.

I found this video on the manufactures website. Its a quick visual overview of how easy this desk is to use.

At 35”, This desk has room enough for two 25” monitors. That’s a huge check in the box for me. Anyone who maximizes productivity (or even for gaming) that has switched to dual monitors will never go back. The ability to keep a program maximized while pulling up supporting documents on the alternate monitor is a must, so I’m glad Lention made this large enough.

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sit stand desk in package two pieces lention desk screws to assemble


This desk took me around 5 minutes to unpackage and assemble with just Phillip’s head screwdriver and is simple enough for anyone if you’re thinking about gifting it to your grandma. It simply takes 6 screws on each side to add the keyboard tray. It has a scratch and spill resistant PVC finish so it should hold up well to your abuse. All you have to add is install is the keyboard tray, it takes 3 screws on each side. I put mine together, set it up on a counter for the first time, then realized I don’t even want the keyboard tray. I use a laptop with out an additional tray so I took the keyboard shelf off. By taking the lower shelf off I like that I can stand a little closer to it. Here is what it looks like with the lower shelf off. As you can see there is just a little room to set papers underneath. 


stand up desk

This photo is without the keyboard shelf

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Ease and speed of adjustment is also simple with a hydraulic lever that moves up or down in seconds to adjust for individual needs depending on your height and posture. It boasts a range from about 6” to a little over 19”.

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As far as platform stability, I’m heavy-handed with my mechanical keyboard and type furiously when defending my honor against savage kids in Call of Duty and have had no issues with wobbling. If your base platform that you set your desk on wobbles, this probably won’t solve the issue. But on a stable setting I’ve had no problems. The design allows it to sit on a standard kitchen size counter. I have a built in counter in the living room that I am currently using it on. This could even sit on top of your current desk.

counter width


Overall the design is pretty simple which I like. There is a tail slot for attractive cable management and a slot to prop up a phone or tablet. The finish is glossy, but has a matte black feel to it. The surface will be able to hold up to daily use with out any issues.



To wrap up, it comes with a 30-day unconditional refund policy and a 2-year warranty on the materials so there isn’t much risk with giving this a shot. If it saves your neck and back, it’s a worthy investment. Below are all the measurements, they also show them in the video about.

This item is also available through the manufacturers website at  the link below Official store code:CELT20 (20% off)

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