7 Undeniable Benefits of the Clean and Jerk Exercise

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The clean and jerk exercise is performed with a barbell and consists of two types of weightlifting movements. 

The first is clean when the person lifts the barbell from the floor to the rack position. 

During the jerk, the lifter raises the barbell from the front rack to a stationary overhead position, finishing with straight arms and legs. The feet are in the same plane as the body and the barbell.

The Olympic clean and jerk technique is one of the most popular variants of the lift. In this article, we will go through the most obvious benefits of this discipline for your body.

  1. Reducing the Risk of Chronic Diseasesbarbell

We often read about various exercises and supplements that prevent cardiovascular diseases

However, did you know that weightlifting can also prevent and minimize the risk of chronic diseases? Researchers assessed the impact of Olympic weightlifting on heart health. They were surprised to find that, after eight weeks of training, weightlifters’ heart rate, blood pressure, and VO2 max were enhanced.

  1. Enabling Better Posture

Humans are not sedentary creatures. Therefore, whether you are aware of it or not, the countless hours you spend in the office can harm your posture. Unsurprisingly, that results in multiple health problems, such as rounded shoulders, back pain, consistent headaches, and muscle fatigue.

However, correcting your posture can be challenging because your body is accustomed to sitting and standing in a particular manner. That is where clean and jerks step in. They help you strengthen the posterior of your body and restore its balance.

  1. Ensuring Motor Skills

Since our earliest childhood, we work on improving our motor skills. They are critical for your self-esteem and physical health. They are carried out when your brain, nervous system, and muscles all work together in harmony. 

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When implemented appropriately, the clean and jerk technique can boost your motor skills in many ways. Since they are complex, those exercises make sure that different groups of muscles work synergistically. Your entire body operates as a whole. That can improve your coordination, which is vital for a wide range of everyday activities.

  1. Improving Balancerunning

Search for a photo of a weightlifter, and you will see a demonstration of focus and balance. Apart from helping you remain upright and steady, improved balance is also related to your general health. 

Studies back me up on that. The British Medical Journal did a comprehensive research study, where they asked three thousand people in their 50s to balance one leg with their eyes closed. Thirteen years later, researchers checked up on the participants in the experiment. They learned that those with the lowest score were five times more likely to die within these thirteen years, compared to participants with the highest score. 

  1. Enhancing your Overall Strength

The clean and jerk exercise is highly dynamic. Continuous pulling and pushing exercises activate both your upper and lower body. Therefore, when it is performed consistently and appropriately, it will improve your overall strength.

  1. Improving your Looks and Self-Confidence

When doing clean and jerks, most weightlifters focus on boosting strength and health. However, you cannot underestimate the impact of this kind of exercise on your appearance. 

The clean and jerk will help you build muscle mass. Since both your upper and lower body are worked through a series of multi-joint movements, you will achieve a balanced musculature.

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Above all, a better physical appearance and improved health will enhance your self-esteem. You will finally cut a dashing figure that reflects your overall strength and wellbeing.

  1. Developing Core

If you want to finally get rid of that annoying belly fat and build enviable six-pack abs, the clean and jerk is the right solution for you. Namely, to lift a heavy barbell loaded with weights and stay upright while throwing it overhead, your muscle groups need to generate plenty of energy. That helps you burn fat and build muscle faster. 

Most importantly, you will carve a core of steel. This type of exercise will improve your core strength and stability, as well as boost your body posture. 

Over to You

The clean and jerk discipline offers multiple benefits. It improves your core strength, boosts your health, and helps you burn fat. It also lets you build your muscle mass faster and cut a body that screams strength. That will boost your confidence and self-esteem. 

Any experiences with the clean and jerk? How does it impact your health? We are listening!



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