Benefits Of Becoming A Nursing Assistant In A Post-COVID-19 World

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Throughout history, nurses have played a crucial role in delivering patient care. As we face a global health pandemic in 2020, nurses worldwide have remained at the frontline, answering the call of millions during COVID-19. 


Nurses will always be at the frontline to care for the health of the world, long after this global pandemic eases. And as people continue requiring urgent healthcare, there will always be a demand for nursing staff. For pursuing a successful career in nursing, you could go for an associate’s degree, a bachelor’s, or master’s. However, RN to BSN bridge programs can also be done for success in this field. This has increased the demand for nursing occupations in the world.


In a post-COVID-19 world, you may wish to discover what opportunities a career as a nursing assistant could hold for you. Aside from providing important support and comfort to patients, there are many other benefits of becoming a nursing assistant. 


What does a nursing assistant do?

A certified nursing assistant provides basic healthcare and support for patients who are unable to care for themselves. These patients may require short-term care while others, such as nursing home or respite patients, may require daily long-term care and assistance. 


While working under the direction of a supervising nurse, a nursing assistant will be required to perform the following duties:


  • Checking a patient’s vitals such as blood pressure and temperature.
  • Aiding a patient’s personal hygiene, dressing, eating, socializing, and exercise needs.
  • Assisting nurses with basic procedures such as setting up medical equipment and patient transport.
    • Administering a patient’s medication.
  • Cleaning and sanitizing patient rooms and living areas. 


5 benefits of a career as a nursing assistant

As the demand for health care increases, so too do the opportunities of becoming a certified nursing assistant. There are many emotional and professional benefits of becoming a nursing assistant in a post-COVID-19 world. The recent pandemic has only highlighted how crucial the role that nursing plays in protecting and saving the lives of others. 

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As a nursing assistant, you could provide urgent medical care to those in need and make a real difference in people’s lives. Not only will this career choice allow you to grow personally and professionally, but it will also allow you to play an important role in educating the community on the importance of respect for human care and dignity. And as a nursing assistant, you have the power to not only transform your life but the lives of others too. Here are 5 benefits of starting a career as a nursing assistant:


  1. Valuable for your family/community

As a nursing assistant, you are providing an important role within your community. Providing essential healthcare for local patients, families, and even your own family is as valuable as it is gratifying. A nursing assistant’s care extends beyond providing treatment for those in need. 


As a nursing assistant, you are also providing valuable emotional and educational support to your community. In the case of this current global health pandemic, nursing assistants can help mentor the community in healthy hygiene habits and ways that they can protect their own health as well as the health of their loved ones. 


  1. Job stability

In a largely insecure job market, certified nursing assistants still remain in high demand with positive job outlooks. According to statistics, the employment of nursing assistants is projected to grow from now until 2024 much faster than all other occupations. 


With growing demand, this means more jobs within the field are easier to come by. It also doesn’t matter where in the world you are, there will always be a nursing assistant position available. And often, these positions are in desperate need of someone to fill. 

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  1. Respected profession

Nurses are everyday heroes. While they have been providing critical care long before COVID-19 arose, this pandemic has only further proven that nurses really are superheroes in invisible capes. Nurses are there for their patients in times of need and uncertainty and can make a huge impact on the lives of others. 


As a nursing assistant, you will be respected within your community as someone who is there for them in times of need. The relationships and rapport you build within the community, your resident patients, and their families will make you proud of your chosen career. 


  1. Emotionally rewarding

Anyone in the nursing field can tell you that one of the biggest benefits of their job is the gratification they get from helping others. As a nursing assistant, patients will rely on you for their everyday needs. You may have to care for someone who has a serious disability or for a person who cannot walk or eat without assistance. 


Regularly helping patients who can no longer care for themselves gives you a sense of pride and fulfillment, knowing that you are making a real difference to a person’s quality of life. 


  1. Potential other career avenues in healthcare

Pursuing a career as a nursing assistant opens-up other doors of opportunity. While you are training as a nursing assistant, you are gaining valuable knowledge and skills needed to advance into other areas of the healthcare field. 


It can also prepare you for a full-fledged career in nursing. In fact, most nursing schools require applicants to have past training as a nursing assistant prior to admission. Becoming a nursing assistant can also provide you with the opportunity to train in a specialized area such as within geriatrics, psychiatry, pediatrics, and cardiology.