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Cuisinart CPT-420 Touch to Toast Leverless 2-Slice Toaster

Our Best Brand for 2019: Cuisinart CPT-420 Touch to Toast Leverless 2 Slice Toaster

A toaster is one of the most used appliances in the kitchen. It can be used to toast bread along with heating frozen pancakes, waffles, and toaster pastries. If you have been searching for the perfect toaster, you know just how many options there are. Toasters come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. They can be basic designs that simply toast, or you can find ones that offer multiple features. Knowing a little bit about what to look for in a toaster, as well as which ones are top rated, should help you narrow down your options.


Here are the best electric pop-up toasters in order: 2 slice toasters

#1. Cuisinart CPT-420 Touch to Toast Leverless 2-Slice Toaster


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It is easy to see why the Leverless Cuisinart CPT-420 Touch to Toast 2-Slice Toaster is chosen as the gold pick. Its sleek stainless steel finish is accented by the blue backlit display screen where you will find the LCD countdown feature. This toaster includes a motorized lift as well as enhanced toasting for bagels. The reheat, cancel, and defrost options makes this a convenient appliance for any home kitchen.

You’ll be able to take advantage of terrific extras on this model such as the easy cord wrap. The seven inches by six and a half inches by ten and a half inches design on this toaster make it compact enough to easily tuck out of the way, and having the ability to wrap the cord when not in use will give you extra counter space and light weight. The Cuisinart CPT-420 weighs 3.5 pounds, and it comes with a three-year limited warranty. This model comes from China, and it is manufactured by the Cuisinart Company.

This toaster has extra wide slots to accommodate bagels and wide sliced specialty bread. A simple touch of a button will lower your bread. You’ll be able to toast perfectly every time with the countdown feature that helps keep you on top of things. The one-sided bagel toasting feature will give you that ideal texture on the top without sacrificing the chewing tenderness of these tasty bread, and the seven shade settings allow each family member to have their toast exactly how they like it.

Along with the digital controls, motorized lift, and cord wrap, you will be getting the latest in toaster technology. Set the Cuisinart Touch to Toast Toaster to the toast setting for normal use. Use your bagel setting for upper half toasting as well as a two-sided toasting. You will find the reheat option useful for much more than just making breakfast. You can reheat your toast quickly without causing it to further brown. No matter which setting you use, the cancel button will immediately stop all action and raise your bread from the toasting chamber. It is easy to clean up once you are finished. You simply remove the crumb tray from underneath to dump and wash it.

The countdown timer lets you know exactly how much time is left before your toast is ready. You can use the shade control setting to get the perfect amount of browning for any type of bread. The lower settings will give you the lightest color while the middle settings offer medium toasting. The highest settings guarantee a dark piece of toast every time. Each slot measures 1.5 inches across. This means you can toast a variety of items in this one device. You aren’t limited to simply toast and bagels with this toaster. You’ll be able to heat frozen pancakes, waffles, and toaster pastries too, and French toast is a breeze with ample room for thin or thick slices.

One simple touch of the toast button will activate the motorized lift. Your bread will be quietly lowered into the toasting chamber. Once it finishes toasting, the motorized lift gently brings your bread back out of the chamber. Use the defrost setting to first defrost your slice of bread before it begins toasting. Use settings one and two for thinner frozen products like pancakes. Settings three through five is perfect for frozen waffles, toaster pastries, refrigerator bagels, and French toast. Six and seven are used for thick items such as hand-cut bread and bakery bagels. Don’t worry if you only want to toast one slice of bread. This toaster works just as beautifully on one slice as it does on two.

The Cuisinart CPT-420 gets high marks from the online reviews. The way it looks is as impressive as how it performs. People like the stylish stainless steel and most are quite impressed with how perfectly it toasts. It toasts evenly on both sides of the bread, and it really does do your bagels justice. Most home cooks select this particular toaster because it doesn’t have any levers that can eventually break off. The motorized lift slowly raises the bread from the toasting chamber without pitching the bread totally out of the appliance. The beeps that let you know your toast is ready are loud enough to be heard without being disruptive or annoying.

#2. Hamilton Beach SmartToast Extra-Wide Slot


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The 2-Slice Hamilton Beach Smart Toast Toaster is a brand comes with extra wide slots and onboard tongs. This toaster offers reliable toasting as well as extra safety features not found on many similar devices. The tongs and the shock resistant Sureguard concealed heating elements make this a safe option for all family members. It also includes a cool touch exterior that won’t burn anyone that touches it, and if your bread happens to get jammed, it will automatically shut off. Other features include a cancel, bagel, and defrost button.

This toaster is sleek and stylish with a black exterior accented with a stainless steel finish. You will be able to toast bagels, English muffins, and other bread uniformly with the wider slots and the smart button settings. Advanced technology in toasting ensures you will get consistent results from this appliance. It measures 12.5 by 7.9 by 9.5 inches. This makes it compact enough to fit on your kitchen counter easily. It weighs four pounds, and it is manufactured by Hamilton Beach. A one year manufacturer’s warranty is included with your purchase.

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This slice toaster is easy to clean. You simply remove the tray from the backside of the appliance to brush the crumbs off and wipe clean. It looks as though the base of this toaster sits directly on the countertop, but it is actually resting on four scratch resistant legs. You won’t have to worry about it ruining your counter or table surface. The cord is approximately 28 inches long. This means you aren’t obligated to remain directly next to the outlet.

The Hamilton Beach Smart Toast Toaster offers several toast settings. Use the numbered settings from one to five for the perfect amount of browning. The slots are wide enough to accommodate thicker slices of today’s specialty bread. When your toast is ready, Toast Boost makes the bread easy to retrieve. It lifts each slice up out of the toasting chamber to a position that is easy to reach without getting burned. The tongs can help you remove smaller items, and when you are done with them, they tuck down into a pocket found on top of the toaster.

Use the bagel setting on this toaster to brown the cut side of your bagel perfectly while simply warming the bottom side. The defrost button allows you to toast items directly from the freezer without ending up with cold middles. If you find that you need to eject your bread item before the toasting selection is complete, simply use the cancel button. Each slot is 5.5 inches long so that you won’t have to cut the edges off of certain specialty bread. They are also 1.5 inches across. This leaves plenty of room for thicker slices.

Online reviews describe the Hamilton Beach Smart Toast Toaster as being an efficient and affordable toaster that works great. Many love how well it toasts bread directly from the freezer. This is an especially attractive feature of those who enjoy the more perishable types of bread. The darkness levels are described as being very accurate, and it works nicely on thicker items such as bagels and French bread. You won’t see the coils heat up in this model, and the addition of tongs is a nice touch. Overall, people find this to be a stylish, user-friendly addition to their home kitchen.


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#3. Breville BTA720XL The Bit More 2-Slice Toaster


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The Bit More 2-Slice Toaster by Breville (BTA720XL) is one of the best brands and just as cute as the name implies. It comes in a sharp looking metallic finish, and it offers you several features that you just won’t find on every toaster. If you have ever had your toast pop up and wish it had toasted for a little longer, you will love this one’s “A Bit More” setting. Simply push the button at any point in the toasting process to add just a bit more time to the cycle.

This 2 slice toaster has a body constructed of a brushed stainless steel. The “Lift & Look” feature will allow you to use the lever to raise your bread out of the toasting chamber in order to take a peek at how brown it is getting without causing any interruptions to the toasting cycle. The same feature will bring smaller bread items up a half inch further so that you can easily remove them from the toaster without burning your fingers. This is ideal for English muffins.

Other settings include a cancel button, bagel option, and a frozen setting. The cancel button will completely stop the toasting procedure at any point in the toasting cycle with one simple push of a button. The bagel option allows you to perfectly toast your bagel. It will brown the cut side to a perfect crisp crunch without burning the outside of it. The frozen setting makes it possible to toast bread directly from the freezer. It warms the bread until it is thawed before it begins to brown it.

How brown the toast will get is determined by the settings. You may select any number from one to five. Five will be the darkest while one is the lightest. An LED light clearly indicates which setting you have selected. Once the toast is done, an alarm will sound. This alarm isn’t startling like so many that you find on toasters. It can be set to a high or low volume as well as be completely muted.

The Bit More 2-Slice Toaster by Breville measures 11.2 by 8 by 7.8 inches, and it weighs four pounds. Each slot is six inches long and approximately 1.5 inches wide. The crumb tray found at the bottom of this appliance makes it easy to keep clean. The sides will become slightly warm while it is being used, but not hot enough to burn. The cord allows you ample length so that you aren’t tied to one spot on your kitchen counter. It operates on 1800 watts. Breville is a United States’ company, but this product comes from China.

Those who have left online reviews describe this slice toaster as working just as well as the pricier options. It toasts evenly, and it has plenty of room for bagels and other thicker bread items. Many people love the ability to lift the bread up and see how brown it is getting without stopping the toasting procedure. This is particularly helpful when you first get the toaster and haven’t yet discovered your ideal setting. Those who have had this toaster for some time say that it still toasts perfectly after more than a year of use. It has a solid construction with no parts that rattle. Most of all, owners of the Breville 2-Slice Toaster enjoy the fact that it browns evenly every time. Once you pick a setting, you know it will come out the same each time you make toast.

#4. Proctor Silex Slice Toaster


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If you are searching for a basic toaster at an incredibly affordable price, the Proctor Silex 2-Slice Toaster is for you. This toaster certainly doesn’t have as many options and special features as the higher priced models, but it does a fine job of making your basic toast. It may not be the best pick for those who work with a lot of the thicker specialty bread and bagels, but it is perfect for college students, vacation homes, or anyone that sticks to the thinly sliced bread.

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This toaster from Proctor Silex comes with an auto shutoff feature and wide slots. The crumb tray snaps open to be cleaned. Although this is a basic toaster, it does include an auto toast boost feature in its design. The degree of browning is selected by turning a dial. Each position is marked with an oval shape rather than numbers. It measures 12.8 by 7 by 8.25 inches and weighs three pounds. The body of this model is constructed of a white plastic. The sides will be warm to the touch while in use, but be aware that the top will get quite hot. This product comes from China.

The slots on this toaster have a depth of 4 ¼ inches which allows you to easily toast taller bread without any difficulty. It will also handle bagels that are one inch thick or less. Each slot is 5 5/8 inches long, and the cord has a length of 20 inches. The compact size allows you to easily store it in a cupboard or pantry when you are not using it.

Online reviews are favorable for this toaster. Many people like that it is a basic model that won’t break the bank. It appears to be reliable for many years while providing owners with evenly browned toast every time. It doesn’t have a single slot feature. If you want to toast only one slice, it will heat the elements in both slots, but this wasn’t a big enough issue for people to give it a poor rating.

One element of this product that was surprising liked by many people was its plain white color. While stainless steel finishes and trendy colors look amazing in modern kitchens, not everyone has a contemporary look in their home. Those who have older, all white appliances have stated how pleased they were to finally find a toaster that didn’t look out of place in their kitchen. It also blends nicely with a country and rustic settings.

Pre-purchase considerations

Best Size of Slice Toasters

A long time ago our bread was pretty standard. So were our toasters. Today we have literally hundreds of bread products to pick from. Some are thinly sliced while others are thick. We also include bagels and European style bread into our diets these days. This has resulted in a wide range of toasters being available on the market. They come in many different shapes and sizes. You will need to know which types of bread you want to toast before purchasing a toaster. Select one with a wider and longer slot for specialty items. If all you want to toast is traditional sliced white bread, a standard toaster will due.

Quantity, Weight

You will find toasters that will accommodate two slices while others will toast up to four slices of bread at one time. Consider how much bread you will be toasting all at once. If you are single or simply a young couple, a two slice toaster may be all you need. On the other hand, larger families will definitely benefit from a four slice design. You will also need to think about how many members of your family eat breakfast at the same time. If your children’s ages are staggered, you may be cooking several separate meals as they get ready for their day. This is another example of when a two-slice toaster is more than adequate.

Energy Savings, Best Quality 2 Slice Toasters

An inexpensive toaster may not cost much, but it could result in higher utility bills. An energy saving version is pricey, but it will use much less electric. Over time, this can add up. Always compare the energy usage of several different models before selecting a toaster. If you often make only one slice of toast, look for toasters that give you the option to only heat one side at a time.

Special Features, Top Brand Toasters

You will find a vast array of additional features on modern toasters. Some will offer you a bun rack where you can toast the inside of your hamburger or hotdog buns. Others will have a timer that will tell you exactly how long it will be before your toast is ready. Defrost features are attractive to anyone that keeps their bread in the freezer, and pause buttons are great for when you are interrupted by the phone, kids, or work. Additional features will mean additional cost, but if these features are going to save you a lot of stress, they may be well worth it.

Color, Model

The color won’t affect a toaster’s function, but it will make a difference in your home. Most people want everything in their kitchen to match. You will find toasters in a variety of colors such as red, black, and white. Chrome and stainless steel finishes are quite popular, and bright blues and yellows are very trendy. You could match your toaster to you other appliances, or you can highlight an accent color already being used in your kitchen décor.

Cost, Brand, Rating, Lowest Price

Some people will simply pick out the cheapest toaster available and be quite happy with their selection. Others would be completely disappointed. Consider spending a little more for features that will make life easier and colors that will coordinate with your home décor. With so many toasters to choose from, you are sure to find one that not only fits your budget but one that suits your need as well.

Conclusion (Wrapping it up)

If you are looking for the ultimate toaster, the Cuisinart CPT-420 Touch and Toast Toaster will provide you with all the special features you could ever want. It can toast, reheat, defrost, and create the perfectly toasted bagel with its unique settings. It has a removable crumb pan for easy cleaning and a cord wrap to keep your countertop tidy. The Hamilton Beach Smart Toast Toaster offers many of these same features in a stylish design that won’t get hot to the touch and not with the highest price as well. The Bit More by Breville is another great mid-priced option with one feature you won’t find on the others. You can add just a bit more time to the toasting cycle with a simple push of a button. If all you really need is a basic toaster without the extra bells and whistles, the Proctor Silex 2-Slice Toaster is a terrific pick at an affordable price.

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