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Dream Pairs Flexisole Women's Flexible Ballet Flats

Our Top Pick for 2018: Dream Pairs Flexisole Women’s Flexible Ballet Flats
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The process of finding the right pair of ballet flats can be challenging but achievable. There are several variables to consider prior to purchasing ballet flats. You must consider the available size, color, style, comfort level, and price. These key elements are what make a pair of ballet flats popular. If you’re having difficulty locating a shoe that possesses all four of these features based on your preference and needs, this list may be able to help you find the right shoe. The product review references will also give you more insight about a ballet flat’s brand and its performance level.

Let’s Have a Quick Look of Our Top 4 Picks:


#1. Dream Pairs Flexisole Women’s Flexible Ballet Flats


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The Dream Pairs Flexisole Ballet Flats are highly rated among customers who enjoy wearing a ballet flat that is not only stylish but comfortable. This shoe is available in ten colors and designs which makes it easy to stay coordinated when you want to change your footwear. Some of the notable features that give this shoe such a high rating include its quarter-inch heel height, flexible sole, and elastic topline. The insole of the shoe is constructed with extra cushion called Latex foam which is designed to increase the shoe’s comfort level. However, in order to enjoy this shoe to the maximum level possible, you must order a half size larger than your normal shoe size.

Depending on how large or small your feet are, you may even have to order a whole size larger since these shoes are quite small. The reasoning behind the shoe’s size restriction is not indicated, but overall the shoe seems to work well for a lot of women. Another great feature about this shoe is that it can be worn with a variety of outfits. You can slip them on prior to running errands, wear them around the house or at work and carry them as a backup when you need to take off your high heels.

While some ballet flats may be cheaply constructed, the majority of Amazon customer reviews suggest that this shoe is very comfortable. This is not always possible particularly for a flat shoe which does not have at least a one-inch heel or sole. Dream Pairs seems to have met their customer satisfaction goal with this shoe. Although negative reviews do exist, there is a significant amount of positive perceptions about this ballet flat. There are several photos posted on Amazon of customers wearing this ballet flat in three colors. The shoes are dressy and look good worn with or without stockings. If you’re looking for a dressy flat to wear to work, church, or at a dinner event, this flat will definitely help you.

This shoe has not garnered a significant amount of reviews on other shopping sites. Despite this deficiency, this should not be taken as an indication that this ballet flat is not worth the purchase. However, a review can be found on Kelly Baum, the blogger indicated that the Dream Pairs Flexisole ballet is one of her … “Favorite $20 Holy Grail Flats.” She noted that some of the areas she must be mindful of when purchasing shoes are the back of her foot, the toe, and arch areas. Kelly’s tedious search for an ideal and attractive flat led her to the Dream Pairs ballet flat. The satisfaction with this shoe prompted the A Thing of Beauty blogger to give a positive review and directives on where to purchase this great find.

The photo of Kelly wearing these ballet flats in ivory and black patent leather show how beautiful these shoes look with slim jeans. Kelly also pointed out how comfortable these shoes were upon her first time wearing the shoes. However, she does give a warning about the likelihood of shoe scuffing and makes recommendations on how to avoid this challenge. The brief review this blogger wrote provides a good amount of insight regarding how this shoe may work for you. Overall, the Dream Flexisole Ballet Flat seems to be a very functional shoe when you want to change your look at an affordable price. So if you’ve had trouble finding a shoe that is comfortable and looks great, this ballet flat has proven its high level performance. This shoe accommodates narrow and wide feet very well.


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#2. Cole Haan Women’s Jenni II Ballet Flat

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The Cole Haan Women’s Jenni II Ballet Flat is a very flattering shoe. The soft leather covers the back, sides, and front of the foot with a snug fit. The flexible sole is made of synthetic material and provides more support that the average ballet flat. This shoe looks more like a casual flat than a ballet shoe. The ballet pair is available in navy, maple sugar, Roccia snake print, and black leather. These options create numerous opportunities to stay stylish and comfortable.

The slip tab on the back of the shoe makes it easy to slip the shoes on without any assistance. The sole of the shoe extends midway the heel. This provides extra support for those who have heel spurs. The sole also has a heightened ridge between the heel and arch part of the foot. This gives the shoe the illusion of a higher platform although the heel is only a quarter of an inch.

This ballet shoe is one of the more expensive brands so you can expect a longer life span than a shoe that is not made of quality material. Cole Haan has created many satisfied customers for more than four decades by offering a wide range of shoes for the entire family. The ballet flat is one of Cole Haan’s products that many women chose when they’re looking for a flat shoe that can be worn with numerous outfits. Although a few customers cited problems with sufficient toe room and arch support, 77% of reviews listed on Amazon indicate that this shoe is very comfortable. As suggested previously regarding its versatility, two of Cole Haan’s customers noted that this ballet flat can be worn as a work shoe. This makes it easy to transport these shoes wherever you go. Just put them in your tote or satchel bag, and you’ll be ready to conquer the day.

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Reviews regarding this ballet flat are very limited. Amazon, Overstock, and Cole Haan appear to be the main sources to purchase this shoe. It’s not clear why more online outlets are not carrying this shoe, but the 29 reviews that were given suggests that this shoe performs fairly well. Although there is a low number of reviews available online, this does not necessarily reflect the number of sales that this shoe has actually made. Despite the few reviews, you may still be available to gather sufficient advice to help you decide if the Cole Haan Jenni II Ballet Flat is an ideal choice.

If you’re looking for a shoe that complements your wardrobe, this shoe can help you achieve your goal. This ballet flat is the type of shoe that will not compromise your style or foot health. You can enjoy your walking experience wherever you go. This shoe can hold up for the long haul as one reviewer noted that she … “wore the first ones to death.” ( You’ll definitely get long term benefits when you invest in the Cole Haan ballet flat. The high quality material and customer satisfaction proves this shoe’s level of durability.


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#3. Lucky Women’s Emmie2 Ballet Flat

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Lucky Brand also has a favored ballet flat. The Women’s Emmie 2 Ballet Flat has a leather cover and synthetic sole. The quarter-inch heel provides leverage for the 2.25” shaft. This shoe’s flexibility provides sufficient room for those who prefer a comfortable and tight fit. The rubber sole allows the ability to walk with confidence especially if you prefer a shoe that has good traction.

The round toe design provides enough space for toes to rest without pinching each other. This shoe has a criss-cross tie sewn along the back of the shoe. This twist enhances the shoe very well giving it more of a distinct look. The side of this ballet flat swoops down giving this shoe a more realistic appearance of a basic casual flat. The topline elastic allows you to adjust the shoe around your foot.

If you like to change your shoes to create new looks with basic outfits, you can purchase this ballet shoe in black, bourbon, Luxe leopard, nude, and American Navy. As a result, you can go from slipping on a different pair to drive, work, or show off for a night out on the town. This attractive shoe will definitely draw attention because of its cute design. These shoes will look great with pants, long, mid-length, and short skirts.
55% of customers who posted their reviews on Amazon gave these shoes a five-star rating.

Some of the benefits that were noteworthy included the comfort level, style, and price. However, there seems to be some issues with rubbing, lack of breathable material, and receipt of imitation shoes. These negative factors suggest that the quality assurance step may have not detected these defects in some pairs. 37 customers who purchased this shoe from Lucky Brand posted a mix of favorable and unfavorable reviews. Some noted that these shoes are made of quality material, while others disagreed. This is a sign that you may or may not receive a functional pair. It depends on your contentment with a lower brand shoe and how well your foot will adjust to this type of shoe.

The majority of 58 customers who purchased these flats from Dillard’s gave 4.5 out of 5 stars. A few reviewers noted that this shoe runs smaller than the actual size so if you’re thinking about purchasing this shoe, you should take this factor into consideration. One of the prevailing factors that contributed to this shoe’s high rating is comfort. Style was another feature that was highlighted as a reason for selection.

Zappos has also supplied hundreds of customers with a pair of Lucky Brand Emmie Flats. 46% of customers who purchased this shoe were highly satisfied while others encountered challenges. Some of the challenges that were mentioned were lack of breathing room and insufficient support.

Written reviews are helpful, but if you want to view a demonstration of the shoe, a short video is available on Zappos. Sierra Trading Post also has a quick 21 second preview video about this shoe on YouTube. However, The Shopping Channel offers a more detailed demonstration which can also be found on YouTube.

The hosts present three colors you may be interested in so that you can picture yourself wearing a pair of these flats. The video highlights the softness of the shoe’s material. The flexibility of the shoe is also demonstrated to give you more insight about its performance. The Shopping Channel’s model shows how well these shoes complement dressy-casual attire.

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#4. Hush Puppies Women’s Chaste Ballet Flat

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Hush Puppies steps up to the forefront with affordable style. The Women’s Chaste Ballet Flat is well constructed and ready to be worn in 44 colors. If you’re looking for a shoe you can slip on quickly without fearing that you will fall, this shoe might work for you. The rubber sole has traction under the front part and heel of the shoe.

Another special feature that will go a long way is the inner lining. You will find that your foot will rest comfortably on the shoe’s platform. The sock lining has the type of material that allows your foot to breathe while supporting your arch. The component that plays a vital role in the comfort level of this sole is the HP02 flex footbed. This part of the shoe gives you the flexibility you need because it conforms to the unique shape of your foot.

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The quarter-inch heel shields your foot from excessive floor pressure. As a result, you can walk without feeling like you’ve lost your heels. Hundreds of Amazon customers who purchased this shoe listed varying opinions about this shoe’s performance level. Some cited that the comfort level was a contributing factor to their satisfaction while others had a hard time discovering any comfort. This proves how customers’ needs vary based on size and shoe material. has a YouTube video you can view to find out more about the Hush Puppies Chaste ballet flat. The brief 32 second demonstration illustrates how flexible and comfortable the shoe may be. The presenter highlights how well constructed these shoes are by providing details about the shoe’s footbed.

You can also find a few more review videos on YouTube to view this shoe in turquoise, pink, and white. The arch support benefit is pointed out as a primary contributor to this ballet flat’s comfort. After reviewing these videos, you’ll probably be excited to make a purchase so that you can experience the same level of comfort that hundreds of other customers have enjoyed.

The Hush Puppies Chaste Ballet Flat has been a popular choice for more than 268 Zappos customers who posted a review. 60% of customers were highly satisfied with their purchase while 52% of shoppers who expected a significant amount of arch support were disappointed. This area may need to be reevaluated by the manufacturer due to the varying perception of what qualifies as an adequate level of arch support. Perhaps a survey can be conducted to find out what can be done to improve this area since so many customers need this while wearing the shoe.

You can also find a detailed review about the Hush Puppies Chaste Ballet Flat on Kristin Borrink referred to these stylish flats as her “Drops of Juniper shoes” ( Borrink’s review can give you an idea what you may look like wearing a pair. If you love wearing shoes that complement your skin tone, these ballet flats come in a variety range of neutral colors.

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Pre-purchase considerations


Comfort is a primary factor that should be taken into account when shopping for shoes regardless of the design. After all, your feet are the basis upon which your body will be balanced or off balanced throughout the day. Comfort allows you to focus on tasks rather than focusing on foot pain. This aspect is also important if you have ankle, leg, and back problems. If you have the latter problem, the comfort level of your shoes will determine how well you are able to travel from one place to another without interruptions. When you compromise comfort for other dazzling features, you run the risk of creating major foot problems that may cost you more than you anticipate.


Style is another primary consideration that many shoppers focus on when selecting the right shoe. Of course, you want to be trendy especially when you are wearing one of your favorite outfits. However, you may want to think about which style works best for you. If you have concerns with areas such as foot width, length, and toe room, you may want to evaluate a shoe’s style very carefully. You should make sure that a shoe is not only stylish but functional. The more time you take to evaluate a shoe, the better you’ll feel about your investment.


Price is a major factor that plays a significant role in whether you get a quality shoe. If you prefer high brand shoes, you can almost always find your favorite brand on discount sites. Cheaper brands may look great, but you must take into account the things you may have to forego such as comfort and longevity. When shopping for ballet flats, it’s important to not only look for low prices, but the type of shoe that is on sale. When a shoe meets your physical and financial needs, you can proceed happily with your purchasing decision.

Shoe Material

All shoes are not created equal. While some shoes may be able to keep up with fashionable trends, your feet may not be able to pay the price. If your feet can adjust to all types of shoes, then you may not be as discontented as someone who cannot make the painful sacrifice. When inspecting a shoe, make sure to read the specifications regarding the material. Some shoes are made from faux leather while others are constructed with a higher quality leather material. You may not care about the brand, but sometimes a shoe’s material can rub your feet the wrong way and leave unwanted marks. If you want to avoid these mishaps, check to see how much toe room other shoppers experienced, and if you need to order a larger size.

Conclusion (Wrapping it up)

Finding a comfortable shoe does not mean that you have to settle for shoes that don’t fit your personality or your feet. The shoes listed in this review offer several benefits that can keep you moving with ease for a long time. Your preference may be a ballet flat that is simple and plain or you may prefer whimsical styles. Whatever your fashion choice is, these ballet flats may be able to help you create the look you desire.

Ballet flats can be a savior to your feet when you’ve worn high heels for the majority of the day or when your feet need a long term resort. These type of shoes can be worn anywhere. Shoes with this much versatility are one of the best options you can select especially when you have to stand or walk for a significant portion of the day. If you’re not used to wearing shoes that are this low, give it a try. You may discover that these shoes will become your favorite choice when you need reliable foot support.

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