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Panasonic ES246 Bikini Trimmer

Our Top Pick for 2019: Panasonic ES246 Shaver

Swimsuit season is nerve-wracking enough for most of us without having to worry about unwanted hairs along the bikini line. Many of us have struggled with shaving or trimming, settling for options that aren’t comfortable or effective. Using a regular manual razor on the sensitive bikini area can cause irritation, rashes, pesky bumps and ingrown hairs. For those of us with sensitive skin, it can seem like an impossible problem. Waxing can be painful and expensive, not to mention inconvenient since most of us aren’t equipped to do it ourselves. But grooming your downstairs doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Several companies manufacture products specifically designed to make trimming painless and convenient for a neat and even bikini area. To achieve a totally bare look, you will most likely either need something akin to a traditional razor or a trip to the waxing salon.

Let’s Have a Quick Look of Our Top 4 Bikini Shavers:


#1. Panasonic ES246 Bikini Trimmer and Shaver

Panasonic ES246 Bikini Shaver

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Panasonic is known for its range of electronic and personal care products. They are favored by consumers everywhere for their dependability and reasonable prices. Their electronic bikini trimmer and shaver offers a convenient and comfortable way to shave and trim the sensitive bikini area. Designed specifically with sensitive skin in mind, the hypoallergenic blade is made of surgical stainless steel for durability and minimal irritation when shaving. The trim head is angled to follow the natural hairline for easy trimming, and 5 different length adjustments allow you to get the perfect trim every time. A cleaning brush is included for easy maintenance.

The Panasonic bikini trimmer is powered by 2 AA batteries, which are not included in the package. It is made to operate for about 45 minutes before needing new batteries. Users said that the batteries lasted a relatively long time even with regular use. Size
A discrete, lightweight design makes this trimmer an excellent option for travel. At 1.3” across and 5.45” long, it is easily stored away or packed for travel. Settings and Attachments
5 length adjustments allow you to control the closeness of your shave. To adjust, simply move the guard up on the end of the trimmer. The numbers 1-5 beneath the guard indicate the length level. For the closest shave, the guard can be removed – just be extra careful as this can lead to cuts or nicks. Be sure to pull the skin taut, go slowly and use a light hand when the guard is removed. Comfort
An attached trimmer guide allows you to safely and comfortably shave without worrying about nicks or cuts. It also minimizes razor bumps and irritation for long-lasting smoothness. Rounded tips on the trimmer head make shaving ultra-comfortable and safe. The hypoallergenic stainless steel blade is perfect for sensitive skin and the high-quality blade is sharp enough for smooth shaving at your desired length. Aesthetics
The body of the trimmer is a light lavender color, while the guard is a slightly darker lavender. The brand and product name are printed on the side in white, along with the length adjustment numbers. The trimmer’s body is made of plastic. Maintenance
A brush is included for easy maintenance and cleaning. Simply remove the guard and run the brush through the blades to remove loose hairs. Price
At $18.90 MSRP, Panasonic’s bikini trimmer is one of the most affordable in its class. Warranty
Panasonic offers a 2-year limited warranty on their bikini trimmer. Drawbacks
The blades tend to heat up quickly when used, which may be uncomfortable for some users. Some users found that the blades pulled the skin when the guard was removed, keeping them from getting the closest shave possible. To avoid this, be sure to pull the skin taut when trimming. Other users disliked that the product is made of plastic. Additionally, this product is not waterproof so it cannot be used in the shower. What are Real Users Saying?
Users love the convenient, painless trimming the Panasonic bikini trimmer provides. Results are consistently positive, with most users saying that it is able to get “very close, but without any pain, irritation, or bumps.” Buyers largely agree that it is a quick and easy way to get an even trim, with one user even saying that it “cut [her] shaving time by two thirds!”


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#2. Philips HP6376 Bikini Perfect Bikini Trimmer and Shaver

Philips HP6376 Bikini Trimmer

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Another leader in consumer electronics, Philips produces a wide range of products aimed at customer convenience. Their Bikini Perfect is a rechargeable bikini trimmer with 3 separate attachments for the ultimate experience in precision shaving. The included rechargeable battery offers up to 60 minutes of use with one charge. Its cordless design and wet-dry technology allow users to trim in or out of the shower. Cleaning the Bikini Perfect is a breeze; simply rinse it clean when needed and pat dry. It is easy to store the shaver body and attachments in the included carrying case.

Although Philips has stopped manufacturing the Bikini Perfect, it is still available for purchase in a variety of stores and online shopping sites.

The internal rechargeable battery provides up to 60 minutes of use on one charge. An LED light on the charging adapter will alert you when it is fully charged, which takes about 10 hours. Size
The Bikini Perfect is 7.2” in length with a 2” razor width. It is small and convenient enough for easy storage as well as travel, especially with the included carrying case. Settings and Attachments
Achieve the ultimate custom trim with 3 separate attachments. The precision trimmer is perfect for use along the bikini line. A micro shaver gives a super-close shave for long-lasting smoothness with minimal irritation. To control the length of your shave, you can use the adjustable precision comb, which has 5 length settings. Comfort
The Bikini Perfect is ergonomically designed with a curved body, allowing it to conform to the natural curves of your hand. Each attachment head is made with high-quality metal to provide a clean shave with minimal bumps or irritation. The micro shaver is made with hypoallergenic foil for an ultra-close shave that’s gentle and comfortable, even on ultra-sensitive skin. Aesthetics
The curved body of the Bikini Perfect gives it a unique, somewhat feminine appearance. Its body is white with pink accents and a pink power button. The bikini trimmer attachment is white, while the micro shaver and precision comb are both pink. Each piece comes included in the pure white travel bag. Maintenance
The ability to rinse the Bikini Perfect clean makes it virtually maintenance free. Just rinse in the sink or shower to remove loose hair and allow to air dry. Price
Originally, this trimmer sold for approximately $20 at most retailers. Although it is no longer manufactured by Philips, it can be purchased for around $51.99 plus any applicable shipping and handling. Warranty
The Philips Bikini Perfect is backed by a full 2-year warranty and 45-day money back guarantee. Drawbacks
Some users found that the micro shaver did not remove hair effectively. It is recommended that the hair is trimmed close with the bikini trimmer beforehand in order for the micro shaver to work properly. Some found the extra step inconvenient and preferred an option that provided a clean shave with a single pass. It is also fairly loud when operating. What are Real Users Saying?
Most users found that the shape of this trimmer was very comfortable to hold as well as appealing to look at. The low maintenance cleaning was a huge hit for most users, who said that the convenience of being able to rinse it clean was a big advantage over many other trimmers. One user raved that this was a “beauty essential for summer and all year round.”-

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#3. Remington WPG4030C Ultimate Body and Bikini Shaver

Remington WPG4030C Ultimate Body and Bikini

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Remington is a top provider of beauty and grooming products for men and women. Their Ultimate Body and Bikini is a rechargeable electric trimmer with an impressive range of attachments to suit any preference. A unique exfoliator attachment allows you to exfoliate prior to shaving, which is an important step many of us are missing in our existing routines. Exfoliating prior to trimming or shaving removes the layer of dead skin, which skincare experts say makes it easier for hairs to break through and grow straight.

The Ultimate Body and Bikini trimmer are powered by a rechargeable battery. Users said that the battery life was good, with the battery lasting up to a week even with daily use. A full charge takes about 14 hours. Size
At about 6” in length, this trimmer is easy to store and convenient to travel with. The included travel bag makes it easy to store the trimmer and all of its attachments in one convenient place. Settings and Attachments
The Remington bikini trimmer features a wide range of attachments to provide a custom trim to suit any preference. A unique exfoliator attachment helps to prevent pesky ingrown hairs, ensuring you a lasting smooth finish. Customize your trim with 3 separate trimming attachments: bikini trimmer, gentle trimmer, and detail trimmer. For the closest shave, use the hypoallergenic angled foil shaver. A length guide can be used over any of the trimmers to control the length of your shave. Comfort
The subtle curve of this trimmer makes it comfortable to hold at any angle to achieve your best shave. Users overall found that each attachment was comfortable to use, although some found that the bikini and detail trimmers tended to scratch slightly. The exfoliator was a standout in comfort, with most users saying that the soft rubber was able to gently and effectively prevent ingrown hairs for a considerably more comfortable experience after shaving. Aesthetics
With a lavender base and white attachments, the Remington bikini trimmer is subtly feminine and appealing to look at. The power button and Remington logo are gray. Maintenance
Because it is safe for wet or dry use, this trimmer can be rinsed clean after use. Loose hair is easily removed by placing the trimmer under running water. After rinsing, let air dry to prevent rusting. Price
At $34.90, Remington’s bikini trimmer is competitively priced amongst trimmers of its class. Warranty
Remington backs this trimmer with a 2-year limited warranty to cover manufacturing defects. Drawbacks
The length guide attachment was somewhat bulky and cumbersome for some users. Additionally, some users found that the blades on the trimming attachments were somewhat dull, resulting in snags and pulled hair. What are Real Users Saying?
One happy customer who is prone to ingrown hairs said that this Remington trimmer is gentle enough to leave her with smooth, irritation-free skin. Another has said that she was able to achieve a closer shave with this than with a razor, but without annoying razor burn. Regarding the narrow trimmer head, one user said that the size and handle design make this an ideal choice for the bikini line.

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#4. Noxema Bikini Shave and Trim

Noxema Bikini Shave and Trim

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Noxema’s Bikini Shave and Trim razors combine the effectiveness of a traditional razor with the convenient narrow width of a bikini trimmer. It’s an excellent option for those who are on a budget or who just prefer the simplicity of disposable razors. It is more effective than a traditional razor as it is optimized for the delicate bikini area.

These manual trimmers do not require a power source. Size
Although these trimmers are about the same length as a traditional manual razor, their blades are more narrow, making them suitable for the bikini area. They are very convenient for travel and easy to store. Settings and Attachments
As these are manual, there are no settings or extra attachments available. Comfort
The narrow width of these blades makes them ideal for the sensitive bikini area. The blades are sharp enough to provide a smooth shave with minimal discomfort or razor burn, and safety teeth prevent nicks and cuts. An “easy grip” handle makes them easy to hold at any angle without slippage. A strip of smoothing Shea butter above the blades helps to soothe and soften the skin as you shave. Overall, users found that ingrown hairs and razor burn were significantly decreased when using these trimmers versus a traditional manual razor. Aesthetics
Each trimmer has a bright green handle that is about the same size as a regular razor handle. Maintenance
As with a traditional manual razor, these razors can be rinsed clean under running water to dislodge loose hairs. The blades do become dull over time, with most users saying they should be replaced after 3 to 4 uses to prevent cuts and nicks. Price
Noxema’s bikini trimmers can be purchased for $11.52 for 3 packs of 3 ($3.84/pack), making them the most economical choice of the bunch. Warranty
No warranty applies to this product. Drawbacks
For those who are looking for a variety of settings for a customizable shaving experience, the Noxema trimmers don’t deliver. Because they are designed for a very close shave, they are not ideal for those who are looking for a trim instead of a completely bare appearance. Some users said that they rusted quickly and were not sharp enough for a consistent shave. What are Real Users Saying?
Users who love these shavers are impressed with the narrow width of the blade, saying they are the best for “shaving those hard to reach areas.” One happy customer said that these provide a “super… close baby bottom shave” without any razor burn, bumps, or ingrown hairs.

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Pre-purchase considerations

Power Saver Shavers

Consider whether you prefer a rechargeable option or batteries. Some prefer to use batteries, as they are easy to replace and you aren’t left with the worry of an internal battery dying. Others prefer the convenience of a rechargeable battery. If you choose a rechargeable option, be sure you are choosing a product with a reputation for battery longevity.

You may even want to opt for a no-power option. Some find that manual trimmers are easier to use and just as effective as electric ones, all without the hassle of battery replacements or charging.

Settings and Attachments

If you like to vary the length or closeness of your trim, you’ll want to choose a trimmer that allows you some length control. Trimming attachments can range from detail trimmers, standard trimmers, length guards, and foil shavers. Each offers different results with their own benefits.

Detail trimmers are usually very narrow and are ideal for trimming a clean edge or in hard to reach areas. A standard trimmer is typically wider than a detail trimmer but provides a similar trim. Length guards can be used over a regular trimmer to allow you to control the length of your trim. A foil shaver can be used after trimming to achieve the closest shave.

Additional attachments, such as the exfoliating head, are available with some trimmers. If you are especially prone to ingrown hairs, an attachment like this can be invaluable.

Maintenance: Easy to Clean Shavers

Keeping the blades of your razor clean and free of loose hairs is essential to its longevity and effectiveness. To prolong the life of your razor, you should rinse it clean after every use and allow it to air dry to prevent rusting.

If you’re looking for a virtually maintenance-free option, you’ll want to choose a razor that allows you to rinse clean. Otherwise, you’ll need to regularly use a brush to remove hairs to clean it while dry.

Comfort and Smooth Bikini Shavers

We’ve all been there: pesky bumps, ingrown hairs, and razor burn can make you feel like you’re never going to bother with trimming again. Choose a trimmer or shaver that minimizes bumps to make the experience as comfortable as possible. Sharp blades are important here since dulled blades won’t effectively cut hair and can cause irritation or rashes.

Some people are unknowingly allergic to the nickel that is present in many razor blades. Signs of an allergic reaction include razor bumps that itch and sometimes hurt. If you have sensitive skin or suspect you may be allergic to nickel, opt for a trimmer made with hypoallergenic metal to prevent irritation.

Don’t forget to consider the comfort of the trimmer’s body, either. Choosing a trimmer that is difficult for you to hold will make you more likely to accidentally nick or cut yourself. Many people prefer an option that has some curves to naturally conform to the curves of their hands, while others think a straight body is easier to hold.

Conclusion (Wrapping it up)

Panasonic’s Bikini Trimmer and Shaver is one of the most popular options on the market today, and for a good reason. Its high-quality stainless steel blades are superior to those of most other trimmers in its class. Recognized by Cosmopolitan as a great “below the belt” beauty tool, this tool makes it easy to manage your bikini area with no irritation or razor burn.

Users love the Panasonic’s ability to give them a comfortable, convenient trim with the ability to control the length of their trim. Although it is not waterproof and can’t be rinsed under the faucet to clean, it is easy to maintain with the included cleaning brush. Its main drawback is the inability to use in the shower.

If you have your heart set on a rechargeable option, both the Philips and Remington trimmers can give you similar results. The Remington is ideal for those who want a lot of variety, as it comes with the most attachments out of the bunch.

On a budget? Don’t need all the fancy features? The Noxema bikini shaver is a simple manual option that makes shaving more comfortable than using a traditional razor. The narrow head and Shea-infused moisture strip are specially designed for the sensitive skin of the bikini area. The major drawback is that they should be replaced every 3 to 4 shaves for optimal performance, meaning you’ll go through these a lot quicker than you would an electric model.

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