The Best Braided Fishing Line

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KastKing SuperPower Braid Fishing Line

Our Top Pick for 2019: KastKing SuperPower Braid Fishing Line

Do you like to go deep sea fishing when you are near the ocean, or do you prefer fishing in a smaller body of water that is located more inland? Either way, you need to decide what you are looking for in a fishing line. Braided fishing line can be a great choice, especially if you enjoy deep sea fishing, but how do you know which line to purchase? There are a few features that you need to consider, like the diameter of the line as well as the amount of stretch it will have when you hook a fish. This guide will help you understand the benefits of using braided fishing line and present a few examples that you may want to try out the next time you decide to restring your fishing pole.

Let’s Have a Quick Look of Our Top 4 Picks:


#1. KastKing SuperPower Braid Fishing Line

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Our gold pick, which is the KastKing SuperPower, is a braided line that is truly loved by consumers and critics alike. It is designed to be a strong fishing line that does not snag or snap when it is being reeled in. The line is comprised from a 100 percent ultra high molecular polyethylene fiber that is so durable that they use the same material to make bullet proof vests. This tough material is extremely resistant to abrasions as it is reeled in from the water.

This fishing line is designed to have very little stretch, which means that the tension is so tight that you will be able to feel every bit or movement that occurs at the other end of the line. In addition, the diameter of this line is much smaller than its competitors, so that means that you can cast with ease and the knot strength will be amazing. The line receives a special treatment that allows them to easily slide through the guides on your rod as you cast. The line also has a low memory, which makes it easier to handle.

You can purchase this KastKing fishing line in tensile strengths between ten pounds and 150 pounds. The ones that are between ten and 50 pounds are braided with four strands, and the ones that are between 65 and 150 pounds are braided with eight strands to make them a little stronger. This line is available in a few different color options, which include low visibility grey, moss green, white, yellow, ocean blue, pink, red, and multicolored.

When it comes to the reviews of our gold pick, 88 percent of the reviews that are posted on Amazon are positive; in fact, this product has a 4.4 rating out of five on the site. Here is an example of one five star testimonial: “I’ve gone out on three small trips for large mouth, and this stuff is great; I haven’t had any snaps or problems anything I hooked up on is uprooted. I wanted to see how strong it really was so I attached a hook with a uni knot to some weights that I had laying around first I went straight to 10 lb and it held like a champ, then I went to 15 and that’s where it gave out. I think it would have held to like 13 or 13.5 but I don’t have smaller increments.”

#2.  Power Pro Spectra Fiber Braided Fishing Line

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Power Pro is a company that provides fishing accessories for both salt and fresh water fishing applications. They are a company that many anglers depend on to provide durable products to use on their fishing excursions. Our silver pick is their braided fishing line, and it is designed from spectra fiber, which is type of material that will not need to be replaced any time soon.

The diameter of the line is ultra thin; in fact, this product has one of the highest strength to diameter ratios available on the market. The line is much smaller than other braids of the same quality level. If you have a 40 pound braid of this line it will have the same diameter as a ten pound monofilament. In addition, this line is treated with enhanced body technology that makes it easy to cast. It makes the line round and smooth to ensure that it will slide through the guides on your pole without an issue.

This braided line is created from three separate lines, so it has a tight tension so that it cannot easily be stretched. This amount of tension makes it incredibly easy to tell when there is a fish on the other end of the line. In addition, this fishing line has virtually no memory, so it is easier to handle when reeling it in. It is also extremely resistant to abrasions and snags that can occur under the surface of the water. Since this fishing line is so durable, there is a built-in cutter provided for your convenience.

This Power Pro fishing line is available between five pound tensile strength and 250 pounds, so this is quite a versatile product. In addition, you can purchase this line in white, yellow, green, and vermillion red. When it comes to the review for our silver pick, there are almost 700 user reviews available on Amazon. Out of all of the reviews that can be seen on the site, 88 percent of them have been rated with a star level of either four or five stars; in fact, 76 percent of them were actually rated with five stars.

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Here is an example of a positive review seen on Amazon: “I have used this line for years and it is so strong you could almost pull a barge with it. I got snagged last week and was pulling an underwater tree for several yards until the tree met boulders. The line did not break, but my circle hook straightened out eventually so I did not lose anything. It casts great on my new Abu-Garcia Pro Max reel. I like it so much I ordered it in the states and had relatives bring it to me here in Costa Rica.”


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#3. Piscifun Braided Fishing Line

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Our bronze pick, which is manufactured by Piscifun, is a toughly designed braided fishing line. It has a small diameter, which makes it a great product to use when you are trolling or fishing in moving water. It is designed with a unique round shape that will keep the line free from snags, backlash, and snaps. It is designed to resist abrasions that may occur while you are reeling your line in, and it has a superior knot strength that allows you to easily attach a new hook when it is required.

This fishing line is designed to be extremely sensitive, which enables you to know exactly when a fish comes in contact with the other side of the line. Once the fish is hooked, the tension in the line will quickly allow you to retrieve the fish, especially since there is no stretch to the line itself. In addition, the product has a very low memory, so it will be easy to reel it in on the spool and handle it with ease to recast it.

The tensile strength of the line is designed anywhere within the range from 12 to 80 pounds. If the line has a strength level that is between 12 and 45 pounds, it is made from four strands of high molecular polyethylene fibers. If it has a higher tensile strength, for example between 50 and 80 pounds, it will be made from eight strands of the same durable material. Even when all eight strands are braided together, the resulting fishing line still has an exceptionally small diameter. In addition, this line can be purchased in green, black, blue, white, grey, yellow, and multicolored options.

When it comes to the reviews for this Piscifun fishing line, there are a lot more positive reviews available for the product than there are negative ones. In fact, 92 percent of all of the reviews seen on Amazon have been given a positive four or five star rating, and 78 percent of those were rated with five stars. Here is what one angler had to say about this product: “I was given the opportunity to test this Piscifun braided line at a discount to test and provide my opinion. This is the closest I have used that matches the castability and strength of Power Pro. I purchased the 20lb test in gray. The line is very thin and strong and doesn’t have the stiff feel like the spiderwire lines I have used. At the price, this is an excellent value and is now on three of my fishing reels.”

#4. Bravefishermen Super Strong PE Braided Fishing Line

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When you are ballin’ on a budget one of the most relaxing activities that you can enjoy without breaking your budget is fishing. If you happen to need new fishing line, there are plenty of braided options available for a few bucks, but Bravefisherman fishing line that we choose as our fourth pick is an exceptional option that can be used in both fresh and salt water. It features a thin microfiber construction that is lightweight and easy to cast. It is designed with a color locking coating that will ensure that your line does not fade with time.

This fishing line is designed to be resistant to abrasions just like all of our other picks, but it is also designed to keep water absorption to a minimal. Each line is created using for smaller strands that are braided together, which increases the tension in the line and reduces the amount of stretch to almost zero. This feature makes the line extra sensitive, which means that any connection with the fishing line from a fish at the other end will easily be felt while you are simply holding the fishing pole.

This unit is available with a tensile strength range between ten and 100 pounds, and it is available in a few different color options to suit your fishing needs, such as dark green, fluorescent green, fluorescent orange, yellow, sea blue, and grey. Insofar as the reviews for our ballin’ on a budget pick, there is a positive review rating of 75 percent. Here is an example of one such review: “I can’t say anything about the longevity since I’ve only used it a few times, however the first time I went out I landed a 40+ inch barracuda that was probably between 25 and 30 lbs and this line was definitely up for the challenge. The fight lasted a good 15 minutes or so and I the line was no worse for the wear.”

Pre-purchase considerations

Types of Fishing Line

There are a few types of fishing lines that you can choose to use when you are fishing, but the type you use will often depend on your fishing style. Choosing the wrong type of line can mean that you will not catch any fish, so knowing what you need is important to the sport. This guide is diving into braided fishing line specifically, but we will examine the three most common types of fishing line that you can select to make sure that you are a well informed angler.

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Monofilament or mono fishing line is the standard type of fishing line that many fishermen used in the past. It is designed with a lot of stretch, so certain angles can make it difficult to reel in a fish. In addition, this type of line is not that resistant to abrasions, so as you reel in the line, there is a good chance that if your line snags a rock, it will break and you will lose the fish. However, it is the most inexpensive option, so if you are low on cash and you want a relaxing day of fishing, then this option may be a viable one.

Fluorocarbon is a nearly invisible option that has a lot less stretch than monofilament line, so you will have more control over your fishing excursion. It also has a good amount of abrasion resistance, so it is a great option for clear water that may have rocks, such as a lake or a stream. The one downside of this type of line is that it can break easily when you are trying to reel in a fish.

Braided, which is the main subject of this guide, is a great type of line to use in water that has a lot of mud or vegetation. It is easy to use as it does not stretch much at all, so you can feel the fish biting. It also is a difficult type of line to break, so it is a durable choice to use when you are deep sea fishing as well.

Amount of Stretch

Braided fishing line does not stretch like other types of line can. This tension means that the line that you are fishing with will allow you to feel the fish biting your hook with ease, but if you can feel the fish tugging on your line, they will feel you on the other end as well. This simply means that if you feel a bite on your line, you must pull a hooked fish in quickly and efficiently. Since this type of line does not have a lot of give, it will set differently on the spool, so be aware of this when you are casting your line.

Line Coloration

The color of the fishing line that you select will vary based on the style of fishing you like to do and the clarity of the body of water that you are fishing in. Sometimes it is okay to see you line in the water, but other times a visible line may keep the fish from biting. Here is a breakdown of some of the more commonly used colorations:

• A low visibility clear is great for streams and lakes where the water is often clear and easy to see through.

• A blue fluorescent that is easily visible above the water will be nearly invisible under the surface. This type of line is best for trolling or fishing styles where the line is moving a lot.

• A high visibility gold is good for when you are fishing at dusk or at dawn, but it is great for blending into muddy rivers or bodies of water that have a current. Sometimes red line is good for muddy areas as well, since the red color will blend in.

• A high visibility green is great for when you are fishing in bodies of water that have a high amount of vegetation, such as moss or algae.

Diameter and Strength of the Line

Braided line is automatically going to be stronger than a mono line, as the line is several thinner lines combined. If you are using braided line for the first time, you will want to find a line that is similar in strength to what you are familiar with. For example, if you tend to use mono fishing line of a two pound test, you will want to find a braided line of a ten pound test. This size line will actually have the same diameter as the fishing line that you are use to. Remember that a thin line always has an advantage over a thick line, as it will offer less resistance in the water, so make sure to choose a line with an appropriate diameter for your fishing style.

As previously stated, a braided line is strong, so it may be to your advantage to have a knife or a pair of scissors in your tackle box in the event that your line becomes tangled or stuck under a rock and you need to cut it to get loose. Even though the line is designed to last for a long time, abrasions from rocks and other items under the water can cause damage to the line, which may require you to use your knife once again.

Conclusion (Wrapping it up)

If you do not fish as more than a hobby, it is possible that you did not know the difference in the line colors. Perhaps in the past you have purchased a bright color fishing line, when you really wanted something that was more invisible in the water. Braided fishing line is a relatively new concept, so if you are an old school fishermen, perhaps it’s time to throw your line outside of your comfort zone and restring your fishing pole with some braided fishing line. Hopefully, this guide has helped you understand what you need to look for and given you some ideas that you can try for yourself the next time you go fishing.

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