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Aspen Pet Self Warming Cat Bed

Our Top Pick for 2018: Aspen Pet Self Warming Cat Bed
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Oh to be a cat and spend your days in lounging bliss, your nights hunting elusive plush toys, and the middle times being cuddled by loving cat parents. If you were to ask a cat what is their favorite time of the day is, we suspect many would say naptime, and nothing is more comfortable for a cat to sleep in then a fluffy, tightly shaped cat bed. It’s been estimated that there are, at most, 94 million pet cats in the U.S. alone. With such a large sampling of animals, there are myriads of cat beds on the market today that can make selecting a comfortable sleeping spot for your favorite feline a difficult proposition. To help with this selection process, we’ve rounded up what we think are the best cat beds on the market and wrote reviews for them.


#1. Aspen Pet Self Warming Cat Bed

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For a product to achieve Gold Pick status, it has to be of a quality level that resonates with both consumer and critical groups. Our Gold Pick cat bed utilizes soft yet sturdy construction and a comfortable self warming functionality to provide an excellent feeling of comfort to your feline friend. Developed by Aspen, a pet care company that’s based in Colorado and has made a great name for itself in the realm of pet bedding and comfort, this self warming cat bed has a lot going for it.

On first glance, you’ll notice that this cat bed utilizes a donut style of cat bed design. It has a slightly raised wall of soft material that allows your cat to feel as if he or she is being embraced. Aspen incorporated faux lamb’s wool into the body of this cat bed; the result is a feather soft experience for your favorite feline. The center of the bed is made of this same experience and is also designed to last for years without losing its shape.

Externally, this cat bed is comprised of a soft corduroy material that is resistant to picking up dirt and grime and is colored a reddish-tan. With a few layers of padding, this donut shaped cat bed does a great job of keeping its shape, even after being used extensively by your favorite feline.

An important feature that Aspen has included in this bedding is the self warming functionality. While you might think that this means that this is a powered cat bed, this is not the case. Using the same type of technology that promotes warmth in a self heating blanket, materials inside the lining of the bed reflect your cat’s own body warmth back into his or her fur; the result is a constantly renewing source of heat that is comfortable for any cat, during any time of year. Some users have reported that their cats specifically lie in the sun to stay warm during the day and will use these beds at night to get that same level of warming.

At 19’’ in diameter, your cat will have plenty of room to roll around in this cat bed, and if you have multiple cats, you might find that your furry loved ones will find this bed to be the perfect venue for a snuggle-fest. Also, some users have found that this is the perfect bedding for an older cat that doesn’t get around as fast as he or she used to; the additional heating is also a major plus for these types of cats as cats tend to be more sensitive to colder climates as they age.

Like humans, cats like to be warm in the winter and cool in the summer and since this item reflects bodily heat, it may be a little too warm for your pet in the summer months. Also, there is a paper-like padding inside of the lining that makes a bit of a crinkling sound when moved. It’s not very loud, but you might notice it from time to time when your cat shifts.

81 percent of the reviewing audiences on Amazon have given this a positive rating that ranked in at either four or five stars. As this is out of 381 confirmed purchases, this is an overwhelmingly positive rate of satisfaction. This level of appreciation is summarized best in this five star review:

“My 18-year old cat absolutely loves this bed! It took her one day to actually get inside, but has loved it ever since.”


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#2. Armarkat Cozy Pet Bed

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Our Silver Pick comes from one of a leader in the realm of cat furniture. Armarkat is a brand of cat accessories that was created by AeroMark, a 20 year old women-led business that served as one of the first producers of cat trees on the U.S. market. Dedicated to designing cleanable, cozy, and pet-centric products Armarkat has become a brand that’s associated with quality cat and cat person experiences.

The Armarkat cat bed that serves as our Silver Pick features a great design that is perfect for cats who like to get in a bit of sun during the midday. Constructed in the donut style, this cat bed comes in a mocha colored exterior and a beige interior. Unlike our similarly shaped Gold Pick, Armarkat utilized a smoother faux suede material for the overall construction of this cat bed. The material provides a cooler experience overall because it doesn’t capture heat like the prior item. This is very important because those cat owners who live in warmer climates or those who wish to spare their long haired cats from excess heat might wish to consider this cat bed for the comfort of their feline friends.

This faux suede material is very thick and, like all of the Armarkat line, is designed to be easily machine-washable. As the manufacturers understand that keeping these types of items clean can be a chore, they utilized materials that not only clean easily, but are inherently stain resistant as well. You might think that comfort has been sacrificed in the name of convenience; but fortunately, Armarkat filled this cat bed with extra thick 100percent poly fill material to ensure a soft, comfortable experience for your beloved pet.

Another great design decision is the recessed indent at the center of this cat bed. This area is almost perfectly suited for any sized cat to rest their bodies in, and since this cat bed has a full diameter of 20 inches, there’ll even be enough room for another cat to recline in style and comfort. In addition to the spacious interior, this cat bed also includes high faux suede-lined walls that give your feline an area to rest comfortably against during the day.

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86 percent of the pet owners on Amazon who have purchased this product have felt that this is worthy of a four star or greater rating. Of all of the reviews, users seem to all agree that this is a great “cooling off” cat bed that is large enough for more than one normal sized cat to use. Here is one five star testimonial from a proud pet parent who has a few cats who love this bedding:

“I needed a bed to keep the cats from walking all over my bed at night. I wasn’t sure if they would use it. Both cats started using it the first night. Sometimes they both sleep in it and sometimes they “fight” over it. Guess I will need to buy another one.”


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#3. The Refined Feline’s Kitty Ball Cat Bed

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The Refined Feline started out as a dream by its founders to create comfy furniture for cats that also are designed to go well with any human home décor. The result is a line of beautifully designed cat products that look showroom fresh in living rooms. In the past, Refined Feline has manufactured chic looking products that have ranged from stylish litter boxes to contemporarily designed cat scratchers. Our Bronze Pick, their ball cat bed, features unique wicker design that is eye catching and elegant, yet will be beloved by your feline family member for its comfort and unique vantage. Simply put, the aesthetics of this product make it one of the best looking cat beds on our list, each wicker bed is hand woven and is sturdy enough to last for decades.

As mentioned before this ball shaped cat bed is composed in the wicker style. This basket weave-like construction ensures that your cat will have the support it desires when lounging around during the day. Rather than traditional wicker, The Refined Feline has manufactured this cat bed out of more durable rattan. Rattan is a much thicker, claw resistant material that tends to last longer and splinter less than traditional basket weave.

This cat bed is also very easy to assemble. It is comprised of two parts, a dome for your cat, and a stand which gives your cat some elevation. Simply utilize the Allen key to screw in the included bolt and the two sections will be attached. When fully assembled, the entire cat bed will be 28 inches in height and the dome is about 17 inches in diameter. Also included with the purchase, is a comfortable pillow that your cat can lay on. This pillow is machine washable and is comprised of tough materials that will resist the damage that your cat’s claws can do.

The dome itself is angled somewhat upward; this will result in a decent amount of body support for your feline and an excellent vantage point for those cats who like to exercise their instinct to claim the high ground. This added height is perfect for relaxing with your cat and watching TV; you will love it because your cat will be at approximately your sitting height and your cat will love it because at this height they are very easy to pet.

77 percent of the pet owners on Amazon have scored this product with a rating of four stars or above. The majority of the remaining 23 percent seem to all have granted this a lower rating because their cats simply don’t use the cat bed. Unfortunately, this is a potential aspect of owning a cat, and no matter the logic behind a purchase, cats can simply be finicky. Those that did enjoy the product seem to agree that the design of this cat bed is perfect for their décor and it is also an object that is beloved by their felines. Here is one review from a five star commenter:

“My kitties love to sleep in this for hours on end. When I first got it, it was fun for them to jump and play on the top of it as well, but now they’re used to it the thrill is just about gone. 😉 They STILL take turns spending lots of cat naps in it though, and it’s been a year.”

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#4. Kitty Shack 2 in 1 Tube Cat Mat and Bed

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Just because you are on a budget doesn’t mean that your cat cannot live in the feline lap of luxury. The Kitty Shack 2 in 1 Tube Cat Mat and Bed is the perfect cat bed that balances cost with your cat’s comfortable lounging. A functional hybrid cat bed, the Kitty Shack blends the seclusion of an igloo style cat bed with the open sunny relaxation of a donut style mat.

As mentioned, this is a hybrid cat bed that converts via zipper from a triangular tube for your cat to sleep in to a flat mat that your cat can lounge in the sun on. The material used in this cat bed is significantly soft; your cat will be super comfortable in this cat bed. The manufacturers utilized an electrostatic material that not only feels great for your cat, but also attracts loose hair while they lounge. Since this electrostatic charge captures fur like a magnet, the excess fur won’t get anywhere else outside of the Kitty Shack’s surface, all you’ll have to do is toss the cat bed in the wash; the Kitty Shack is fully machine washable.

This is also the second self warming cat bed on our list. Just like our Gold Pick, this cat bed uses special materials to redirect your pet’s body heat back out of the lining as radiant heat; the result is a warm feeling that your favorite feline will relish.

There are several uses for this cat bed. You can deploy it on your furniture if you want an area that your cat can lay on without getting fur everywhere. You can also use it as a soft surface that will help your cat avoid the excess cold of a hardwood or stone floor. Finally, you can use this as a cozy cat bed that is enclosed; and thusly, very safe-feeling for your feline friend.

Out of 592 reviews on Amazon, the Kitty Shack has garnered a 66 percent positivity score that reflects ratings of four or five stars. While not the highest positivity score, many of the reviewers cite a lack of usage as a reason for a lower rating. Once again, a major caveat when buying any of these types of products is that not every cat will want to use every type of cat bed. Out of the positive reviews, most users state that this model of cat bed is easy to clean and lightweight, yet durable enough to withstand their kitty’s claws. Here is one five star review:

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“Cats are independent minded and some will like this design and some will not. There is nothing you can do about it – cats are not dogs and their minds are not programmed to worry what you think. My kitty really likes this simple thing. She loves to sleep inside from day one. But your cat may respond differently, so the only way to know is to try.”

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Pre-purchase considerations

Type of Cat Bed

Every cat has different preferences when it comes to bedding, and even those preferences tend to change from minute to minute. Fortunately, there are many different types of cat beds that your cat can deign to sleep in, if the feeling takes them of course. These types are:

Wicker – These types are for cats that prefer a harder yet flexible surface to sleep upon. Wicker cat beds are typically composed similar to the wicker baskets that we have come to know and love, but are designed to not break and splinter if your cat decides to claw the wicker material.

Donut – Shaped like the popular pastry that helped Dunkin’ rise to popularity, this type of cat bed is all cushion and soft corners. For this type, there is little area for your beloved feline to hide, so if your cat likes dark areas, this might not be the type that they’ll use most.

Hammock Style – A little taste of paradise in the comfort of your pet’s home, this type of cat bed employs a rope system to suspend your cat lazily from a moderate height. This is perfect for cats that like to rock or those that like to rest and still maintain the vantage point that reinforces their masters of the hunt personalities.

Igloo Type – This is perfect for felines who love a little bit of dark-shrouded seclusion. Shaped like a full-on igloo or a cube, these types of cat beds are soft and have fuzzy walls for your pet to cuddle against. These can be very warm in the summer months due to your pet’s refracted body heat and the fuzzy lining, so be careful that your cat doesn’t get too hot when it’s warm in your home. While typically fuzzy, there are some igloo types that are made of wicker.

Material & Ease of Cleaning

As you might have guessed from the types section, there are a plethora of materials that your cat bed can come in. Wicker pet beds are usually comprised of rattan or faux rattan and are slightly harder to clean as debris and dust has a tendency to work its way between the interlocking reeds. While you can typically clean these using a damp cloth and some elbow grease, these types are typically harder to maintain. Cloth comprised cat beds, on the other hand, can be relatively easy to clean but have a tendency to lose shape over time. This can be the case especially if your cat has a habit of lying on a certain area; this is a particular weakness of the igloo type as a leaning cat will bend your cat bed out of shape over time. Some of these cat beds can even be washed in with the laundry, so when you are searching for a new cat bed, consider the material that it’s made of as a major contributing factor for your purchase.

Location, Location, Location

Where a cat sleeps is highly subjective based on the current proclivities that the cat is currently leaning towards. One thing that you can use when trying to find a cat bed that will fit your feline’s personality is location. Does your cat have a favorite corner that he or she likes to lounge in? Is there a dark section of the room that doesn’t get a lot of sunlight that will be a perfect spot for your cat to catch some daytime sleep? Or does your cat like to lie directly in the path of a particularly bright sun shaft during the summer months? Each of these locations will vary from animal to animal based on their personality, so when purchasing one of these items, consider where you’ll be placing it for the best effect on your pet.

Size of Your Cat

If you watch any cat try to squeeze into a tiny box, you’ll know that as a rule, cats love tight corners. That being said, a cat bed that is too small for your larger cat won’t necessarily do you feline friend any favors either. It’s very important for you to find a cat bed that fits your cat’s size, as a bed that’s too small can make your cat feel hot or uncomfortable.

Your Cat’s Personal Tendencies

Does your cat like to climb? Then a cat bed that has a little height on it might be useful to you. Does your cat like to snuggle in close? Then an igloo type that has close fitting walls can be perfect for your feline. Is your cat a claw sharpening aficionado? Then try and find a cat bed that is resistant to the damage that can be caused by his or her claws. Your cat’s personal tendencies should be weighed heavily when you are searching for one of these types of beds. Simply put, if the type of bed you select doesn’t meet your cat’s exacting standards, he or she won’t use it at all.

Additional Features

Cats love toys. Many of the more popular cat beds have things like sisal rope, dangling toys, and tassel toys incorporated directly into their design. If your cat loves to play at a cat bed, then odds are he or she will love to sleep there as well. These additional features entertain and engage you cat’s instincts and more play means a healthier cat.

Conclusion (Wrapping it up)

Simply observing your cat, whether it’s lounging, chasing a bug, or chasing its tail, can restore a sense of calm to a hectic lifestyle, so our cat’s happiness is tantamount to our own. Ensuring a happy cat can mean providing them with items that they can call their own, such as a comfortable cat bed. We hope that the products that we’ve featured on our list of cozy cat beds will help you find a place for your cat to sit around and relax in. Before you make a final decision, don’t forget to also take a look at our pre-purchase considerations to ensure that the product you select is the pick of the litter. is another resource for cat beds.

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