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Go Pet Club Cat Tree

Our Top Pick for 2019: Go Pet Club Cat Tree

If there is a cat that lives in your home, then you know that they need to have toys and items to draw their attention and keep their minds busy. Cats typically love to scratch, climb, and just lay around looking out the window at the exciting outdoor world. One way to make sure that they have plenty of entertainment is to purchase a cat tree. These cat jungle gyms are designed to give your pet a place to sit high above the floor to have the height advantage. If you place the tree near the window, they will easily be able to watch birds and other small animals that may be outside. Is your cat a young, active individual who might be interested in more interactive features on their cat tree? Or is your furry friend a bit older and would enjoy hammocks and sleeping surfaces? We have considered all of the features a cat would love and discovered these top rated cat trees.

Let’s Have a Quick Look of Our Top 4 Picks:


#1. Go Pet Club Cat Tree


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Our gold pick, which is the Go Pet Club Cat Tree, comes from a company that has been dedicated to manufacturing durable, sturdy cat trees since 2003. This specific cat tree comes with several different levels for your cat to explore and climb for hours. In addition, it has a nice soft velvety place for your cat to relax after playtime is over. Are neighbor cat causing a ruckus, find out how to deter them with a motion activated sprinkler.

This cat tree is a bit large, so make sure that you have enough space in your home for it. It is 50 inches wide, 26 inches long, and 72 inches high, which gives your feline friend ample space to climb around and explore. The base is only 28 inches wide, which gives you the option of setting it up close to a wall that may have a baseboard or a radiator on the wall. When you order this cat tree, it is not pre-constructed, so be prepared to spend an hour and a half to two hours setting it up.

It is made from strong particle board that is designed to be sturdy and able to withstand the weight of multiple cats. If your looking for a cat tree for large cats you have found it.The wood is covered with a soft faux fur that is easy to clean and very comfortable for your cat to enjoy. Starting with the bottom level, you will see that there is not much there, but the base provides a great space for your cat to curl up and go to sleep. The next level is a cat condo or hideaway that gives your feline friend an area where they can be alone. It measures in at about 20 inches wide, 15 inches long, and 11.5 inches high. It has two large holes for them to enter and exit from as well as a circular hole where they can look out and see if they need to leave their condo for any reason. The condo can be reached using a ladder that is accessible from the ground.

The next level is not much higher than the first hideaway level, but it curves around the back of the enclosure and gives you cat another option at this height. On this level, you will also see that there is a dangling toy that can provide hours of fun. From that platform, your cat will be able to jump to the top of the lower condo and use another ladder to reach the next level. Here you will find another dangling mouse toy as well as a smaller hideaway, which measures in at 15 inches wide, 12 inches long, and ten inches high. Above this level there are three towers, which are about 13.5 inches on all sides. There is a 2.5 inch border that is designed to keep your cat safe as well. Each tower is located at a different height, so if you have multiple cats, there is a platform for each one of them.

Each post on this cat castle is designed to be a scratching post for your cat, so all ten of the posts are wrapped in sisal rope. The toys are attached with elastic string that is good for some cats, but others may decide to bite the string and try to remove the toys. This can be harmful for your feline friend, so as a safety precaution to make sure the elastic band is not swallowed, you may want to remove the string and exchange it for a rope. You can also easily attach feathers to the platforms for your cat’s enjoyment. This cat tree is available in two different color options, which are beige and blue.

When it comes to reviews, this cat tree is truly loved by the consumers and the critics. On Amazon alone, 90 percent of the users who reviewed this product gave it a positive rating of at least four stars. In fact, 75 percent of those reviews were given a five star rating. Here is an example of a five star testimonial found on Amazon: “My kids call this baby, ‘Cat-opia’. It is really big but makes it fun for my three cats. It was easy to put together and is really sturdy. I have heavy cats, all over 11 pounds each, and it has never really even wobbled while they pounce all over it. We sprinkle catnip on it and watch them go nuts running up and down the levels.”


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#2. Merax Cat House Activity Tree


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Our silver pick, which is the Merax Cat Activity Tree, is a great option for when you want a lot of features for your cat to enjoy, but you do not have much floor space available. It is designed from a durable pressed wood option that is stable enough to hold multiple cats. The platforms are covered in lamb wool, which is both soft enough for your cat to enjoy laying upon and durable enough to withstand constant clawing and scratching that cats tend to take part in.

This cat tree is a bit smaller than our gold pick, but it is the perfect size for an apartment or a smaller home where floor space may be limited. It measures in at 25.6 inches in length, 20 inches in width, and 61 inches in height. It is designed with six full levels of fun and entertaining features that your cat will adore. Starting at the bottom level, you will see a triangle shaped base, which means that this cat tree can easily be placed in a corner to save floor space. This area is perfect for your cat to relax and enjoy the soft, velvety fabric. The base of the three poles at this level are all wrapped in sisal rope, which means that they are designed to be used as an area where your feline friend can scratch and keep their claws healthy.

The next level has a hole right in the center, which is designed to allow your cat the chance to reach up through the hole and grab the rope that is dangling from the level above. Above that there are two side areas, on is a pedestal that can be a comfortable napping location. The other is a hammock, which is also designed for napping. So this level gives your feline companion a few places to decide from when they are in a relaxing mode. The next level that should be considered is a small enclosed hideaway that will be loved by most cats. The next level is another crescent shaped platform that allows your cat to sit and play with the dangling ball that is attached above on the right hand side of the cat tree.

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Towards the top of the cat tree you will find a tilted platform that is covered with sisal rope, which means this is another surface that can be used to scratch or stretch when the need arises. The final level is a soft perch that can double as a bed. It is high enough to give your cat a great view out of the window as well as a vantage point from other pets that you may have in your home. This top platform features a small rim that is designed as a layer of protection against a sleeping cat rolling off of the platform.

This cat tree can be purchased in a milk white color, which is unique and can be beautiful in any home. If you do not like this option, there are other colors and models available that may better fit your décor and offers more features that your cat would enjoy. If you are looking for a tower that has a hideaway, dangling toys, and a high perch for your cat, then this is the perfect option for you.

When it comes to the reviews of this product, there are quite a few on Amazon and similar sites. On Amazon, 82 percent of the reviews were positive; in fact, 66 percent of the reviews seen on the site were given a five star rating. Many of the reviewers love the stability of this cat tree, especially since it stands pretty high. Here is an example that expresses just how durable this cat tree really is: “Love this cat tower. VERY STURDY. I’m 195 pounds and I sat on it like the girl in the picture and it had no problem holding me. My cats love it as well which I suppose is the most important part.”


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#3. Armarkat Cat Tree Model A6501


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The Armarkat cat tree is our bronze pick, which is a quality product that is manufactured from a company that is dedicated to bringing quality pet furniture to felines. Their products are loved by pet and pet owners alike, which means that they design sturdy products that are meant to last. This specific cat tree is designed from pressed wood, which means that it will be a strong option, even for cats that tend to be on the heavier side. The platforms on the cat tree are covered with faux fur that will be extremely soft and comfortable to lie on. The poles are all wrapped in sisal rope, which gives them the perfect place to stretch and scratch.

This cat tree is about 30 inches long, 28 inches wide, and 65 inches high, but the base is slightly smaller at 24 inches. This cat tree comes with six levels for your cat to enjoy, but when the package arrives, you will need to assemble it, which should only take about 30 minutes. The bottom level is simply a base that gives your cat a comfortable place to lie. The next level up is a platform that is small in size, but it is the perfect step to use when your cat wants to get into the hammock that is next to the platform. This hammock is designed to hang from the platform above it and can easily be removed and washed.

The third platform from the bottom is where that hideaway is located, which is designed with a nice silver colored fur. This small condo favors the shape of an upside down cup, and it is the perfect size for most cats who like small spaces. Next, there is another smaller platform that can act as a step to the fifth landing area. This area has a curved rope that is fastened to the landing itself. It is designed to be a massage device for your cat and a tool that your cat can use to rub their back and remove excess lose fur. From this platform, your cat will also be able to reach a ball that is dangling from the bottom of the top platform, which is a perch from where they can enjoy looking out the window.

This cat tree comes with a warranty that will cover any part replacements within the first six months. When it comes to the reviews for this cat tree, there are over 1,700 available on Amazon, and 93 percent of them have been positive reviews where the consumers loved this product. In fact, 73 percent of the reviewers deemed this cat tree worthy of a five star rating. Here is an example of one such testimonial: “My cat loves this tree! He’s 12 years old, so I was a little worried that he’d have trouble getting to the upper levels but he hasn’t had any problems. The tree is also very sturdy but doesn’t take up a lot of space. It fit perfectly in a little corner next to my couch.”

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#4. TRIXIE Pet Products Baza Cat Tree

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If you are looking for a low cost cat tree for your feline friend to enjoy, then the Trixie Baza is the perfect option for you. It is a smaller cat tree, which may be a turn off for some, but it provides two levels of enjoyment for your cat. The base of the unit is made from pressed wood that is covered in a layer of beautiful beige faux fur. It provides a comfortable surface that gets your cat off of the floor as well as giving them something to scratch on besides your furniture.

The entire structure is 16 inches long, 16 inches wide, and 20 inches tall. The base is soft and plush, and the top one is a hammock that is fitted with a metal rim to add support to the hammock when your cat is laying in it. The hammock is designed to hold up to 20 pounds at once, so it will support either a large cat or two small kittens. The two levels are separated by two posts that are wrapped in sisal rope to provide a location for your cat to sharpen his or her claws and keep them healthy. There is also a pom-pom that dangles from the top level to keep your cat entertained. In addition, this cat tree comes with a one year warranty, which is a great addition at this price point.

When it comes to reviews, there are almost 2,000 on Amazon, and 88 percent of them are positive four or five star reviews. Many reviewers love that this strong, durable unit can be purchased at such a great price as well as the fact that it goes together easily within ten minutes. Here is one five star testimonial: “I am so glad I bought this. I originally bought it because we have two brand new kittens, and I want to encourage them to scratch posts, not furniture. But it’s actually been the hammock that’s the big attraction. Both kittens love it, and often curl up in it together.”

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Pre-purchase considerations


The reason you are getting a new cat tree is to give your cat a new area to explore. If you have the funds and the space for a larger cat tree, then you may want to consider it. Remember that you do not have to get a cat tree that takes up a lot of floor space, consider something that goes into the vertical space and gives your cat a place to climb and explore. Make the most out of your available space without sacrificing an entire room for your feline friend. Also, make sure to consider if placing the cat tree near a window is an option, since most cats would love a perch to keep an eye on the birds and squirrels they see outside the window.

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Most cat trees are made with a wooden structure that is covered by carpet or another material. This wooden base can either be comprised of solid wood, plywood, or pressed wood. In any type of furniture the most durable option is using solid wood. It is designed to last for years without wearing down or splitting in any way that will prevent your cat from using their jungle gym. The downside to solid wood is that it is typically very heavy, which means that it will not be easy to move.

The second option is plywood, which is another great option for a cat tree. It is lighter and thinner than solid wood, but it is still durable due to the process in which the plywood is made. The pressed layers are created from whole layers of logs, which makes it a consistent surface that will not have rough spots that could produce splinters. The last wood option is pressed wood, which is the same concept as plywood, but it is comprised of small pieces of wood that are pressed together. This means that the surface could be a bit less consistent, but it will maintain the same strength as plywood.

The other material that needs to be considered is the covering that will be protecting the wood. Most cats will not care what material is used on their cat tree, but a few picky felines may not like the way carpet feels on their feet, so make sure you know what type of material your cat is the most comfortable with. You do not want to purchase a cat tree that will never be touched simply because the platforms have carpet on them. Faux fur and faux fleece are the other options if you want the wood to be covered, but they are not quite as soft as carpet. On the other hand, they tend to be easier to clean. Do not purchase looped carpet or Berber, which is a type of carpet that can easily snag on your cat’s nails.

Scratching Surface

Two things that cats love doing is sleeping and scratching, so it is important to find a great surface for them to scratch on. Having a cat tree with a good scratching area will ensure that they do not scratch on your furniture or on your carpet. If you choose the right surface, it can also help keep your cat’s claw growth at bay. The question that many cat parents ask is which surface is best for my cat to scratch on. Well, there are a few different options.

You can select a cat tree that has carpet, cardboard, or wood scratching areas, but studies have shown that a cat will usually enjoy a sisal scratching post. Sisal is a rope material that is often wound around wooden posts. Cats typically enjoy the smell that is released when they scratch on the material, and it is also a great material that is durable enough to last for several years. This means that your cat will always have a great place to scratch and improve their nail health. Which option does your cat prefer? Remember that choosing a carpet scratching area could give your cat the wrong impression, and they could think that it is all right to scratch on other carpeted surfaces as well.

Toys and Intriguing Features

Cats love to play, especially with their human companion, so they need something that will keep them entertained when you are too busy to give them attention or the times when you are away from home. Choosing a cat tree that has toys already attached to the platforms can be a great option for any cat, but especially for an energetic kitten that will need these types of toys to promote their natural hunting instincts. Balls that hang from a string as well as dangling feathers are a great option for a quality cat tree to have. Another feature to consider is enclosed places that will give your cat the opportunity to hide. A tunnel fits this concept perfectly, and it also gives your cat a place to hide and sleep if they desire.


Most cats love to climb. If they are able to go outside, they can utilize the trees to get higher from the grounds, but indoors there is often not much of an option when it comes to climbing surfaces. The more levels a cat tree has, the higher your cat will be able to climb. If you purchase a cat tree with several levels, it also gives your cat the chance to get a height advantage when they need one, which is especially beneficial for a multi-cat household where they will often be pouncing on one another to play and have fun. Consider the height of the area where you want the cat tree, and then decide how many levels can fit in that space.

Sleeping Surfaces

Most cats tend to sleep between 12 to 16 hours each day, so you will want to find a cat tree that has plenty of sleeping surfaces. Platforms are great for some cats, but others prefer tighter, more enclosed spaces to sleep in. Consider a hammock for the perfect place for your cat to take a nap. Another place that may also be enjoyed is an enclosed tunnel or an enclosed box or room where they can escape the bright light of the sun and enjoy their naptime.


Some cat trees come preassembled, while others need to be put together when they arrive. If you choose a set that is not assembled, they are typically easy to put together. Typically, they require one tool, which is included in the box when you purchase it. The modular options that you assemble may not be as sturdy as the solid wood options that are already put together. If you have a larger cat or more than one feline in your home, then you will want to make sure that the option you house is sturdy enough to support them.

Ease of Cleaning

Are the surfaces removable, so that they can be washed? If not, how easy is the surface to clean? Can you utilize the hose on a vacuum cleaner to remove the dirt that will gradually gather in the surface?

Conclusion (Wrapping it up)

Stimulating your furry friend is a great way to keep them happy and healthy, and one of the best methods of doing this is purchasing a cat tree that will keep them entertained for hours. When your cat is all tuckered out, they can also curl up in a hammock or inside a tunnel to revitalize their energy. Is your cat a climber? Does your cat enjoy tunnels and enclosed spaces? Consider the age of your cat as well as the activities they like to take part in before purchasing a cat tree. Hopefully this guide is a great tool for you to use when deciding which cat tree is best for your feline friend. Once you introduce your cat to their new jungle gym, they will have hours of enjoyment.

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