The Best Cordless Hammer Drill

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DEWALT DCD985M2 20V MAX Lithium-Ion Premium Hammerdrill

Our Top Pick for 2019: DEWALT DCD985M2 20V MAX Lithium-Ion Premium Hammerdrill

If you’re an experienced construction worker or a residential DIYer, then you know how important it is to have quality tools at your convenience. A cordless hammer drill can reduce the time it takes to secure wood and metals. This type of tool can also increase safety since you don’t have to hold nails. The innovative features that a cordless hammer drill possesses surpasses that of ordinary hammers. Listed below are a few cordless hammer drills that offer a wide range of benefits you may find useful in combination with other cordless tools you may have in your collection.

Let’s Have a Quick Look of Our Top 4 Picks:


#1. DEWALT DCD985M2 20V MAX Lithium-Ion Premium Hammerdrill

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This cordless hammer drill has been rated a winner due to the powerful action it performs while in use. This hammer drill operates on one lithium ion battery, 20 volts, and yields 535 units of watt power. Depending on your needs, the Dewalt Premium Hammerdrill is ready to secure nails and bolts at three speed levels. If you’re wondering how this powerful tool can perform so well under demand, it’s because the body is made of heavy-duty ½” metal ratcheting chuck with carbide inserts. This material helps you handle the drill correctly. The LED light with 20 second delay will also alert you after the trigger has been released.

DeWalt is a leader in the tool manufacturing industry and has built a reputation of customer satisfaction. 82% of 44 customers who purchased this cordless hammer drill on Amazon posted their reviews with five stars. Some of the noticeable features that gained positive ratings included the sturdy body, long battery life, and power generation. This drill has been recommended for heavy duty work and has been noted for its ability to drill through concrete and aluminum.

Although it’s lightweight, customers have noted the extra weight that’s added when the 4h batteries are installed. However, it doesn’t become too heavy to prevent them from working. This tool has been referred to as tough, fantastic, and amazing. These adjectives indicate the superior performance that the DeWalt 20V Max Lithium-Ion Premium Hammerdrill has compared to other brands. This drill is so versatile. It’s even been recommended as a multipurpose tool by one customer who commented how … “This drill tackled the job of drilling through the metal, wood, and fiberglass with immense ease.”

However, this drill has failed to make every customer happy. Some of the factors that led to this drill receiving less than stellar ratings included the inability to drill through concrete, the transmission, and sparking. Unfortunately, these challenges were due to defective units being sold without thorough inspection. Since there were only three negative ratings, the drill appears to be a quality drill that will last for quite some time.

An informative review video is available on the Tool Skool YouTube channel. A brief overview of the drill’s positions for bits, drivers, and screws was explained. Rick Allen, a building contractor mentioned how much he liked the slide-in design because it gives the drill stability. The pin light was also pointed out to be very beneficial for helping users see the drill alignment more clearly.

The steel chuck was also an important feature that Rick thought provided more support for the drill. The comfortable handle gave him more confidence in completing drilling tasks with excellence. The power switch was also mentioned to be located in an ergonomically correct position. When this drill’s battery runs low on power, it takes approximately one hour to recharge. Rick expressed his wish of having a tool like the DeWalt Premium Hammerdrill when he was building.

14 Home Depot customers posted their opinions about this cordless hammer drill’s performance. 11 customers rated this drill five stars. The features that were notable included the power generation, durability, and ease of use. Although unable to drill through concrete according to one Amazon customer’s review, a few of Home Depot customers commented about their ability to use this drill on concrete, wood, and steel. The love of this drill’s battery life was another benefit that was praised. However, challenges with the chuck not accepting the bits in the teeth and at the different speeds were worth mentioning although the reviewer gave the drill a four-star rating. Although not as cheap as other drills that fall into the same category, the quality of this drill really speaks for itself.

One reviewer’s demonstration of this cordless drill’s strength is available on Hooman Jamili’s YouTube channel. Jamili’s demonstration of testing this hammer drill on mountain rock is evident of the pressure that this drill is capable of enduring. received eight reviews which were all five stars. The only con that was listed was the heavy weight. Besides that, the ergonomic control, stability, and speed variability features were highly valued.

Lowes has also been able to gain a few reviews. These reviews also indicated the outstanding performance that this tool is able to yield, but the chuck component was also brought up as a feature that did not do what it’s supposed to do. If you purchase this drill, this is something you will have to keep in mind prior to using this tool. Reviews on also indicated good results that this cordless hammer drill has been able to produce for most of the customers. The same benefits and challenges that were posted on other review sites were also listed on this website.

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#2. Bosch HDS182-02 18-Volt Brushless 1/2-Inch Compact Tough Hammer Drill

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This hammer drill is ready to accomplish your construction jobs with 18 volts of power. The brushless motor is able to run for several hours on a single charge. You’ll find yourself completing household or commercial projects with precision and speed. The fuel behind this ability is the electronic motor and cell protection. You won’t have to worry if this hammer drill will overheat or overload because it’s built to handle the toughest surfaces. The Bosch HDS182-02 hammer drill is very durable and able to handle drops up to ten feet.

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The compact head length is another feature that gives this hammer drill distinction. It can be used in broad or tight spaces. This versatility is one reason why ten customers rated this hammer drill between four and five stars on Amazon. The ability to drill through concrete was the primary reason that one customer purchased this drill and fortunately it passed the customer’s performance test. The battery life was also another feature that caused several customers to write excellent reviews. When purchased as a gift for a friend, one customer commented about her friend’s excitement and appreciation for receiving this type of cordless hammer drill.

The TechClub has a demo video on YouTube which provides information about the hammer drill’s speed rate. The reviewer mentioned how comfortable it was to handle the drill. The attached belt clip was pointed out as a convenient feature. The LED light was turned on to give viewers an idea of how much light they can expect to receive while performing work in low lit settings. The battery gauge was also shown to explain how to tell when the battery needs to be recharged. Information is posted regarding the length of time it takes for a battery to charge based on a battery’s capacity. The reviewer also explained the warranty and the extension process so that you can gain the most from your cordless hammer drill purchase.

There’s another review video on Jumbos1ice’s YouTube channel. The reviewer explained how nice the drill handle felt, but he thought that the handle wasn’t as comfortable as other leading brands. This is due to the lack of rubber that can provide a firmer grip. The power was mentioned to be good and he demonstrated how to use the plastic chuck. He explained the various operating options that are available on the drill such as torque, drill, hammer, and not hammer. Drilling through wood at speed levels one and two was conducted. However, speed level two was recommended to be the more effective rate.

Advice was given to let viewers know to make sure that the self-feeding tip is secured properly into the bit before operting it in that mode. Other parts were attached to the compact head to show how versatile this drill is when drilling various size holes. Drilling screws was also very easy and the recharging positions were illustrated. The drill appears to perform well and provides stability while in operation.

An extensive review is posted on This review begins by emphasizing the need for a … “trustworthy buddy to sit sidesaddle to your toolbelt.” The pros and cons are listed to give readers an idea of what this cordless hammer drill has to offer. If you have any questions about the performance of this drill, a list of top FAQs are posted to explain speed settings, blows per minute, and bit storage including weight details. The review concluded with emphasizing how … “This drill would be perfect for building a deck, or whenever you just need to drill into stone, concrete, brick or mortar.” The recommendation is definitely a positive one and encourages readers to purchase this type of cordless hammer drill.

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#3. Makita XPH012 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless 1/2-Inch Hammer Driver-Drill

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The Makita Lithium-Ion Cordless ½ Hammer Driver Drill is one of the best drills to have when you’re building or dismantling materials. This hammer driver drill is able to operate on 0-400 & 0-1,500 RPM speed levels. The 4-pole motor delivers 480 lbs of Torque. These features indicate how fast this tool can drill, drive, and remove screws or nails. This multifunctional tool is certainly a rigorous power supplier.

If you purchase this cordless hammer driver drill, you will reduce your tool collection. Time will also be used efficiently when you don’t have to locate a screwdriver, hammer, or driver. All you have to do is switch the bit and select the appropriate operation setting. The 18-volt and lithium-ion battery also reduces charging time. As a result, you can meet your repair or construction goals within your estimated time frame.

Holding this drill is very easy. The handle is covered with rubber and ergonomically designed to reduce hand fatigue. Your eyesight will also be preserved when turn on the LED light with afterglow that’s installed on the drill. This ensures that you will be able to fasten or unscrew bits without squinting. Makita’s Cordless Hammer Driver Drill has gained so much popularity that 550 customers decided to purchase this unit through Amazon. 81% of customer reviews were rated five stars which indicates a significant amount of satisfaction. Some of the areas that these customers noted as being outstanding features were the battery life, the torque output, and the light weight.

Although these features were noted to be exemplary, several customers had a few issues with this hammer drill. Some of the cordless hammer drills stopped working prematurely and the chuck failed to remain in a stable position. These faulty units proved how easy it is for some products to fail despite their positive reviews. If you purchase this hammer drill and encounter challenges, the 3-year drill warranty and 1-year battery warranty will provide a replacement for you.

The Best DIY Tools Reviews site has a very lengthy review about the Makita Cordless Hammer Driver Drill. This tool’s performance was questioned and proven to be a winner. The speed was one feature that was emphasized to be … “suitable for a wide range of drilling, driving and hammer drilling applications.” The review concluded with a list of the pros which included the weight, compact size, multifunction ability, and the quality. There were no cons listed due to these overwhelming benefits.

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A video review is also available on the jiujitsu2000 YouTube channel. The reviewer displayed the hammer driver-drill kit contents and instruction manual. He demonstrated how the drill works and the amount of light that is provided from the LED light. The torque was mentioned to be very powerful. A comparative review was also conducted to show how advanced the XPH012 model is compared to previous Makita drill models. The grip was also mentioned to be very good particularly since the weight of the drill is very low.

154 Home Depot customers posted their reviews and the majority of reviewers gave five stars for this drill’s performance. The quality of the drill was noted to be very good. Several customers commented how this drill was purchased as a replacement which indicates how well-made Markita drill tools are. If you decide to purchase this drill and it’s not on sale, one customer recommended purchasing it anyway because he thought that the drill’s quality was worth paying the full price. The power that this drill generates and the long battery life are the primary features that was thought to be worth receiving a positive rating. The fact that customers were able to see how well they spent their money is proof that you will not waste yours if you select Makita as your cordless hammer drill supplier.

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#4. PORTER-CABLE PCC620B 20V MAX Lithium Ion Hammer Drill

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The Porter-Cable Hammer Drill is ready to assist you with 27,200 BPMs, two speeds (0-400/0 – 1600 RPMs), ½ metal racheting chuck, and 23 clutch settings. These features offer a high level of performance similar to leading brands. This hammer drill operates on two lithium-ion batteries which must be purchased separately. The 20 volts also sustain the drilling power of this unit which can be used on concrete, wood, or metal.

32 consumers purchased this hammer drill on Amazon. 82% rated this drill five stars. The consistent production that this hammer drill yields convinced one customer that she made the right choice especially when she was able to move around her work area without having to deal with a cord. This drill also proved to be just as equal to other drill brands based on another customer’s opinion. Although the majority of the 32 customers had good outcomes from using this hammer drill, a few customers had problems with the chuck and the lifespan. It’s not clear what actually caused the malfunction, but since the customer did not go into extensive detail about how the drill was used, it’s safe to assume that the drill works relatively well.

TheGreenEyedBandit88 YouTube channel has a “First Impressions” video. The reviewer showed and explained the contents of the drill kit. He showed how easy it was to hold the drill. It’s small enough to grab without using excessive effort. The reviewer also reiterated the importance of having a drill if you’re working with a variety of rock types. He also compared the drill to a DeWalt drill which indicates the high quality.

Porter-Cable also has a very informative video on YouTube. This video promotes the drill’s ability to drill through concrete, brick, and block. The speed levels are also emphasized to give viewers a better idea of how much work this drill can handle. The ratcheting chuck was explained to reduce bit slipping while the clutch provides 22 positions. The drill was also shown being used on a brick wall corner while the LED light was on. The light provided a significant amount of brightness. The belt clip, bit holder, and 20v lithium-ion battery were presented to be features that contribute to the force that allows this tool to drill, drive, and secure materials with tenacity.

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Pre-purchase considerations


Drill performance is the essential mechanism that makes a hammer drill most notable. The more torque that a hammer drill can produce, the more you will be able to complete your projects. The amount of volts and BPMs that a drill possesses will clearly be shown in your work results. Before you purchase a hammer drill make sure that the drill can produce your desired level of output.


The size of a hammer drill is an important feature to consider prior to purchasing because it will determine how long you will be able to hold the drill. If you have to put the hammer drill down frequently, your time goal for completing a construction project will more than likely be extended. A hammer drill needs to be strong and designed in a way that is not only attractive, but ergonomically comfortable for a variety of hand sizes.


Quality is also very important and should not be overlooked when selecting a hammer drill. A cordless drill may be advertised to offer the features you’re looking for, but if it cannot last for a certain amount of time or stops working completely, your money and time will be wasted.


The length of time you’re able to use a battery and the time it takes to recharge one makes a difference in how much work you will be able to get done. Unless you have another battery at your disposal, the disruption can effect your focus. Before you purchase a hammer drill, check the battery charging time to make sure your work demands can accommodate lengthy charge times.

Conclusion (Wrapping it up)

A cordless hammer drill offers so many benefits. The multifunctional use is the main benefit that attracts so many construction workers and home improvement specialists. The battery life, volts, and blows per minute are the components that make working on a project worthwhile. The process of determining the quality of a hammer drill can be challenging. Each of these brands offer a significant amount of power and can be purchased for a reasonable price. Depending on your needs, you should be able to acquire the right tool that will meet your construction needs. The right cordless hammer drill will also be one that you can hold and use with ease.

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