The Best Corset for Waist Training

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YIANNA Women's Latex Sport Girdle Waist Training Corset

Our Top Pick for 2019: YIANNA Women’s Latex Sport Girdle Waist Training Corset

With obesity on the rise, many individuals are searching for innovative ways to improve their figures. Though corsets are hardly new, waist training has gained traction in recent years, thanks to endorsements from celebrities like Kim Kardashian. According to Amazon reviewers, waist-training corsets can provide notable slimming effects; however, health professionals note that results are not always permanent. Before starting any sort of diet or fitness regime, consult with your doctor, and discontinue corset use if it causes discomfort or pain. Once you’ve cleared things with your physician, check out our handy guide to help you find the waist-training corset that’s right for you.

Let’s Have a Quick Look of Our Top 4 Picks:


#1. YIANNA Women’s Latex Sport Girdle Waist Training Corset

YIANNA Women's Latex Sport Girdle Waist Training Corset Gold Pick

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Style and functionality combine into this elegant “Gold Pick” waist-training corset. Similar to all our recommended top choices, this corset incorporates a wide array of desirable features and options, including multiple color choices, a variety of sizes, and even the ability to select a 25-steel-boned model. Available options allow people with all different body types and sizes to enjoy the benefits of this elegant waist-training corset.

Some proponents of waist trainers swear by latex material, while others insist that only steel-boned construction provides the optimal benefits. YIANNA corsets combine the best of both worlds into an array of stylishly designed garments. This corset is available in eight different latex models with nine steel-bone construction, as well as a 25 steel-boned piece. The only drawback is that the 25 steel-boned corset is only available in black.

The YIANNA corset is constructed out of three layers of carefully selected materials to incorporate both comfort and functionality. The innermost layer is a comfortable blend of cotton, spandex and polyester, allowing for breathability and a smooth, clean feel. The middle layer is about 0.6 millimeters thick and crafted entirely from highly elastic natural latex. For added style, the outermost layer consists of nylon and spandex.

Size availability ranges from XS to 6XL. The XS model accommodates individuals with a waist size of 22-23 inches, while the 6XL piece fits those with waists measuring between 43 and 44 inches. If you fall between these measurements, you have eight sizes from which to select, meaning that almost any sized person can benefit from this waist trainer. All sizes measure 27 inches in the back and 30.5 inches in the front. If you have a shorter torso, you can purchase a garment that measures just 22 inches.

This corset features three rows of 14 hook and eye closures. This creates a tight-fitting garment that’s easy to put on and adjust. When you first purchase the waist trainer, you can use the outermost hooks, and then work your way in as you start to lose inches. This also means you don’t have to upgrade the piece every time you lose a few pounds, which can help you save money in the long run.

If you’re looking to show off at they gym, you can choose a flashy blue corset. Alternatively, if you plan to hide the cincher under light-colored garments (like a wedding dress), you can purchase a skin-colored model. Other color options include, pink, purple, and basic black. If you find the hook and eye clasps unsightly, you can select a black model that zips over them. The colored, nude, and black models all sport a dot pattern, but you can also choose a black waist trainer with a satin finish.

Another notable feature is that this garment creates a lot of heat. This allows you to lose more water weight when working out or lounging around. Additionally, reviewers have cited improved posture and ample bust and back support as key features of this corset. Since you’ll probably wear this piece for several hours at a time, the added support will help you feel comfortable throughout the day.

An impressive 2,214 people have reviewed this waist-training corset on Amazon. About 70 percent of reviewers gave this garment four of five stars, while only about 11 percent thought it was one-star worthy. The following testimonial is from a satisfied customer, “I see a lot of reviews mentioned they love the product but none actually say if it worked or not. I’ve had this waist trainer for about 5 months now and I can tell you it works wonders! I wear it around 3-4 times a week for 7-8 [hours] a day. I can see a huge difference!… I started barely fitting into a large and now I am down to a medium. I have another more expensive waist trainer and it is uncomfortable and does not tighten all around like this one. Don’t think about it twice…get it!”

#2. Camellias Steel Boned Heavy Duty Waist Trainer Corset

Camellias Steel Boned Heavy Duty Waist Trainer Corset

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*Price typically updated every 24 hours. Current price may be different.

For our “Silver Pick” we’ve chosen Camellinas steel-boned waist trainer corset. It incorporates impressive features, such as 26-steel-boned construction, a slimming spandex design, and three layers of figure enhancing materials. It comes in a variety of sizes and colors, and it is the sturdiest of all the corsets reviewed in this guide.

Unlike the other corsets featured in this guide, Camillias waist trainer corset features a traditional lace-up back, instead of front hook and eye closures. This makes it an excellent choice to wear as a stand-alone top or outside of clothing for a gothic effect. The lace-up back uses beautiful ribbon for an added effect, and the eyelets are reinforced with metal to improve the lifespan of this garment.

You can select from black, black brocade, black mesh, brown, and white colors, allowing you to find a compatible style for your lifestyle and waist-training regimen. Wear a white corset under your clothes, or a black brocade style with matching tights to create the effect you desire. This corset also generates a lot of heat, and this thermogenic effect can aid in waist loss.

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The corset is constructed from three layers of sturdy material. The inner layers are made from cotton, which provides breathability and soft comfort against the skin. The outermost layer is welded to the middle layer for added durability and sturdiness. The steel bones include 20 steel stays and a steel busk, as well as four steel bars in the back and two along the front. The spacing of these bars provides all-around, waist-firming support, and the sturdiness gives you added posture enhancement. The corset also incorporates support wire and waist tape.

Whether you’re a size XXS or a 6XL, you can find a corset in this line that fits. Camilias waist trainer accommodates waist circumferences from 20 inches to 47 inches, the largest size range of any corset featured in this guide. Depending on the size you select, the front center measures 11 to 12 inches, with a 10-inch busk. The sides are 9.75 to 10.5 inches tall, and the back measures 12.25 to 13 inches. From underbust to hips, you’re looking at 9.5 to 10 inches. These measurements ensure that the device will fit most women with a standard length torso. The manufacturer notes that sizes are not traditional and the corset runs small, meaning you should base you purchase on your actual measurements, rather than on your traditional clothing size.

Camillias steel-boned corset receives rave reviews on amazon. Out of 2,147 people, 66% awarded this garment five stars. The following comment highlights what people have to say about the corset; “This is really nicely made for the price. I was actually kind of surprised how well it’s made and its functionality. Within a day, it fixed my posture. I looked and felt taller, even my husband noticed the difference on day one. And within the next couple of days, I felt and saw a difference in my body structure and clothes. Definitely worth buying to try out, more than enough for a beginner! Definitely recommend!”


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#3. Lover-Beauty Women’s Latex Underbust Corset Waist Training Cincher

Lover-Beauty Women's Latex Underbust Corset Waist Training Cincher

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If you’re looking for a waist-trainer available in a wide range of colors and patterns, the Lover Beauty line could be an excellent choice. Our “Bronze Pick” features steel-bone construction, eyehook clasps, and latex for added slimming benefits. It’s available in a wide range of sizes, and customers have raved about the customer service that the manufacturer offers.

If you’re looking for a flashier corset, then you’ll certainly stand out with one of these bright colors or patterns. The selection of colors and patterns in this line make it an optimal choice for wearing outside of clothes. Solid prints are available in black, beige, purple, blue, and orange. You can also choose from leopard print designs in pink, purple, and traditional brown. The majority of models feature three rows of clasps, but one model includes a fourth row of hooks. The latter option is great if you’re on a budget, because it extends the life of the product as you slim down and need a smaller size.

As for construction, this waist trainer incorporates nine spiral steel bones along the back, sides, and front. The smaller number of bones gives you the benefit of steel-boned construction with less movement restriction. The bones are sturdy enough to add posture support, but soft enough to bend and move with you. This means you can wear this corset without too much difficulty when working out or performing activities that require lots of movement, such as dancing at a club.

The innermost layer is fashioned out of 96 percent cotton and four percent spandex, making this an exceptionally soft garment. Like other trainers in the guide, the Lover-Beauty has a layer constructed out of 100% latex. This generates heat for weight loss, and adds additional tightening benefits for a slimmer silhouette. The top layer has a satiny finish, and the cut of the garment is traditional corset style.

Sizes in this line range from XS to 3XL, accommodating waists ranging from 22.4 to 37.4 inches. Garment height ranges from 10.6 inches to 11 inches, based on the size of the corset you purchase. Reviewers have noted that the slightly longer length is great for people with longer torsos. The size chart on Amazon is pretty accurate, according to reviewers, but the manufacturer notes that sizes run small. You can expect to appear four to five inches slimmer when wearing this corset.

The Lover-Beauty waist trainer has received 931 reviews on amazon, and 74% of people gave the corset four of five stars. Says one waist-training enthusiast, “[I] was interested in a waist trainer that was flexible, durable and did the job with a reasonable price. This exceeded my expectations. I was worried the size would not fit correctly but I followed the Lover-Beauty chart and it was accurate. I have not worn it frequent enough to see results yet but it is everything I would like in a beginners waist trainer – steel boned, latex, under bust, with 3 sets of clasps. Comfortable but firm. Shipping was on time and I’m pleased with my purchase.”

#4. Bafully Corset Tummy Waist Trainer

Bafully Corset Tummy Waist Trainer

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*Price typically updated every 24 hours. Current price may be different.

Even on a budget, you can still find a waist trainer to help you lose inches and feel great about your body. This Bafully corset takes the award for the best “Budget Pick” and it’s easy to see why. For less than ten bucks, you can get all the benefits of a high-quality waist trainer made of microfiber fabric that adjusts to your body with each use.

Similar to most waist trainers, this corset features three rows of hook and eye closures. This allows you to keep wearing the trainer as you lose weight, without having to purchase a different size every few weeks. The support these clasps gives also provides waist slimming benefits since it allows for a tighter fit than you could get if you simply slipped the garment over your head.

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The Bafully waist trainer is available in three different pattern selections, but all are colored black. You can choose from an argyle print, lace rows, or mesh dots, depending on your personal style. According to reviewers, this garment provides basic results, but it’s very stretchy meaning that it won’t provide as much of a long-term benefit as some of the sturdier models. However, this is a great choice for events and outings since it definitely gives you a sleeker silhouette and a sexy hourglass figure.
Available sizes are S through 2XL, meaning you can wear this training if your waist circumference falls between 24.5 and 36.2 inches. Although not every woman can wear sizes in this range, the trainer still fits a good percentage of women. It’s also 25 CM tall, so it accommodates most torso lengths.

Over 150 people have reviewed the Bafully waist trainer on Amazon, with largely positive results. Says one satisfied customer, “I’ve been interested in buying a waist cincher for a very long time. When I came across this on Amazon for $10 I couldn’t pass it up. Obviously this doesn’t have steel bone. So I ordered this one and one with a steel bone. I received this cincher today and when I tried it on I was amazed with the fit and how comfortable this was. I will be using this waist cincher as my workout one and the other for actually cinching. I’m excited and I was very pleased with this product. I really recommend the buy.”

Pre-purchase considerations

How To Wear

You can wear a waist-training corset over a camisole or blouse, or underneath almost any garment. If you plan to wear it outside clothing, be sure to select tight fitting undergarments so they don’t wrinkle and create discomfort. When wearing the corset underneath clothing, you may need to select slightly baggier options to accommodate the additional bulk. Many people recommend wearing the corset for at least 4-6 hours daily to see results, but it’s possible to wear your corset for 10 or more hours each day – or even sleep in it.

When putting on the corset, it’s important to step into it to prevent bunching and tangling. If you have a lace-up model, you’ll need a friend to help you cinch and tie the strings in the back. For a hook and eye clasp model, you’ll need to start from the bottom and work your way up to ensure that each clasp properly closes. When you first obtain your corset, start with the outermost row of clasps and then gradually move into the tighter rows as your waist shrinks.


Not only can a waist-training corset help you lose inches off your waist, it also can improve your posture and help you lose water weight. According to Amazon reviewers, a steel-boned model can provide the greatest amount of posture support, but this benefit can be offset by the potential for it to cause difficulty driving or bending. When exercising, a latex model can give you the added breathability and comfort, but it could still be challenging to work out in one of these babies when you’re getting used to it.

Materials & Comfort

Many corsets incorporate multiple layers, each constructed from different materials. This provides additional comfort because you can have a cotton or polyester layer closer to the skin and nylon and spandex layers away from the skin. The more layers, the more support the garment offers. Some corsets also include a latex layer that increases body heat and help you shed water weight.

Fit & Size

While everyone wants the fastest possible results, it’s important to purchase an appropriately sized corset. Buying a size too small can cause discomfort and pain – it could also cause breathing difficulties. Plus, if you purchase a corset that’s too small, you could have unattractive bulges, exactly the opposite effect from what you’re trying to accomplish. A safe bet is to select a model that has a waist circumference 2-4 inches smaller than your natural waist size. If you fall between two different sizes, purchase the smaller of the two sizes for the best fit and results.

To determine your waist circumference, use a tape measure and line it up with your navel, rather than the thinnest part of your waist. If you’re particularly tall or short, you may need a special model designed to accommodate shorter and longer torso lengths. You can also check the sizing guide that appears on the purchase page with the corset and make your selection based on your clothing size.

Color & Style

Even though you’re buying this piece for a purpose, it’s important to consider how each corset fits in with your personal style. If you plan to wear a corset for cosplay or over your clothes, then the color and design are going to matter more than if you wear it under your other garments.

Some waist-training corsets come in an array of colors and prints, while others offer only a couple options. You can select from plain or brocade designs, animal prints, or even zipper fronts. Some models lace up in the back to create a more traditional look, while others feature front clasps that create a more streamlined appearance.

Conclusion (Wrapping it up)

Whether you’re looking to lose several inches off your waist or to look svelte and attractive at a party or event, one of the waist-training corsets featured in this hand guide can help you achieve your goal. However, it’s up to you to determine the fabric, fit, style, and materials that will best help you along your waist training journey. Consider how often you plan to wear the garment, what wardrobe staples you’re looking to pair with it, and how much you want to spend to determine which corset to purchase.

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