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Brooklyn Bamboo Softest Organic Bamboo Fitted Crib Sheet

Our Top Pick for 2019: Brooklyn Bamboo Softest Organic Bamboo Best Fitted Crib Sheet

So you’re looking to buy sheets for your little cherub’s crib. How important is your product choice not only to them but to you? Well lets see, if baby sleeps, you sleep. On the other hand should baby’s sheets cause duress than there’s no sleep for anyone. The right sheet for your baby’s crib not only ensures a good night sleep for them but also for the rest of your household.

Let’s Have a Quick Look:


#1. Brooklyn Bamboo 

Brooklyn Bamboo Softest Organic Fitted Crib Sheets

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Brooklyn Bamboo Softest Organic Fitted Crib Sheets are just what the name implies. These soft, organic sheets are made of a BPA, phthalate, latex and lead free fabric made from bamboo. Yes, you read that correctly, bamboo. Bamboo is more synonymous with sticks and twigs than fabric. So when you think of sheets made from bamboo, words like soft and comforting may not be the first things that pop into your head. However products made from this strong natural fiber can actually be both.

Small bamboo plants are carefully tended to in forests in China. They must reach the age of four before the shoots reach full maturity. Once harvested the mature shoots are crushed and soaked in a strong solution that helps break it down. Once processed the fibers left are washed and bleached before being spun into yarn. This is not the same yarn grandma used to knit with. These yarn fibers are so strong that unlike regular yarn that will wear and fray over time and use these do not. The fibers that make this material is hollow which allows it to be more absorbent and helps in the dying process. This ability makes the dye brighter, fade resistant and ultimately more colorfast.

Brooklyn Bamboo crib sheets are available online at Amazon. Com and also ebay. Weighing in at 5.6 ounces and are made to fit a standard mattress. There are a few reviews stating that they were actually too large though. A few parents stated that the sheet actually wrinkled as a result of the infant moving around. Consumers experiencing this issue resolved it with the use of sheet clips. The clips are fastened to the underside of the sheet, holding the corners in place.

Listed as hypoallergenic and breathable, this fabric is said to be better than cotton for your baby’s skin. Most likely this is the result again of hollow fibers in the yarn. It gives the sheet the ability to draw the mosture away from baby, potentially keeping him or her more comfortable during the night. This also may reduce the risk of rashes from damp sheets resting against uncovered skin.

All the sheets are unisex in either elephant, panda or animal prints (monkeys, lions and ducks). The animal and panda are both gray patterns on a white background. Only the elephant has a splash of color with lavender and blue mixed in with the gray, again on white background. This in its self can cause a few drawbacks. They are not available in solid colors. Also the decor of the infants room may not support the prints sold by Brooklyn Bamboo.

All the sheets are machine washable in warm water. No special laundry detergent is needed. They can be tumble dried in medium to high heat or line dried. You should however, avoid fabric softener as it may build up in the fibers and reduce the ability for them to absorb moisture. The company also warns that hard water and build up soap can also cause decreased absorbency or a strange odor to the fabric. If you run into this issue the company recommends you wash the sheet several times in one cup of vinegar in hot water. Do not use laundry detergent when doing this.

Brooklyn Bamboo does not have any written warranty or guarantee on their web site, but depending on the Amazon seller the product may fall within the thirty day return policy.

#2. MyTinyTot

MyTinyTot Fitted Crib Sheets, Top Sheets

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MyTinyTot Fitted Crib Sheets are made of 100 percent organic jersey cotton. They are extremely soft on your baby’s delicate skin. They are also free of both pesticides or harmful chemical.

The cotton used in this product carries the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certification. What is a GOTS certification, you may ask? GOTS is a world wide organization recognized as the leader for processing standard of textiles made from organic fibers. It not only defines high-level criteria for the environment for organic textile supply it also required compliance with social standards as well. To obtain this certification, the company must standards from manufacturing to distribution of the product. Companies who wish to comply must be willing to participate and inspection programs. So even if the manufactor is certified but the distributor refuses the inspection program the product does not receive the GOTS organic label. With more and more of the population becoming environmentally friendly this is an interesting feature of this product.

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They weigh in at 1.4 pounds or about twenty ounces, they are considerably heavier than other sheets discussed. Customers reviews confirm that these sheet are not soft right out of the package but continue to stay this way or get even softer, wash after wash. Definitely, a plus when you consider how many times it needs to be laundered over it’s life time.

Made to fit a standard crib mattress there is a few reviews again stating this sheet is also the wrong size for the bed. This time instead of being too big it stated to be too small to allow it over the top of a mattress pad. The sides are said to be too shallow. However with all the reviews this was only the case once or twice which leads you to believe it maybe a fluke or a result of laundry shrinkage. Although no exact laundering instructions were listed it would be assumed that being 100 percent cotton that they are machine washable with standard detergent. However being cotton you would want to avoid extremely hot water or drier temperatures that could result in the shrinkage described above.

Sold on Amazon, the My Tiny Tot company also has a web site that currently is quite completed yet. Hopefully this will be up and running soon and will be able to either sell directly or provide the consumer with other shopping options.

They come in a few different pattern on a white background. The first is unisex with one sheet of owls in blues and greens. The paired sheet is of bright yellow and black bees. The second set is blue and gray stars paired with a print of gray clouds with yellow stars. The final group is patterned with pink and gray stars with the second sheet of a multicolored alphabet letters. Once again these are not made in solid colors which may posse an issue with your current decor.

My Tiny Tot prints it’s pledge of customer service on the back of it’s boxes. They state that a happy customer is their top priority. They with either replace or refund your purchase price if you are not completely satisfied with the product, giving the consumer piece of mind.


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#3. Ziggy Baby Set

Ziggy Baby Crib Sheets, Top Crib Sheets

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Ziggy Baby Crib Sheets are advertised as soft 100 percent breathable jersey cotton. They are also BPA, phthalate, latex and lead free. They seem to be of an average weight at five ounces. A few reviews made mention of the thin material and questioned the durability of the fabric. One shopper pointed out that it ripped after one washing. Made to fit a standard mattress there were quite a few reviews that commented about the small size. Most said that they fit the corners however they did not cover the sides of the mattress leaving a visible gap.

Sold in packs of two, one sheet is a chevron print while the other is polka dots. Always with a white background the pairs are sold in gray, blue or pink. Yet again no solid color sheets are made.

Wondering why prints on white seem to be such a popular thing among these companies? According to an optometrist from Olds, Alberta, newborns are able to see but things appear very blurred to them. High contrast patterns, especially white and black are the easiest to see for newborns. The ability to distinguish colors comes within the first few weeks. But it is unknown exactly how much of the color they can make out. This could explain why so many manufacturers use the same color combinations and avoid the plain solid colors that may not be as attention grabbing to a newborn. Some parents noted that Ziggy Baby chevron pattern maybe a little too busy for tiny eyes and stated that it causes vertigo when stared at for too long.

Although higher priced than Amazon, Ziggy Baby offers free shipping on all orders and states they will shipped out in one to two days. They also offer a coupon club that provides discounts, freebies and giveaways to their customers. Unfortunately for some reason they only sell the gray and white sheet compared to Amazon who all three color choices available.

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There were no washing instructions listed on the Amazon site however Ziggy Baby did say that most their products were machine washable on gentle cycle or to wash by hand. They do not recommend using the dryer. Although they are not specific to which products they are referring to one can assume from the reviews that the reason they rip or don’t fit the mattress could be from the way they were laundered. The inability to place this product in a dryer would make it more difficult to always have a clean sheet on hand. Line drying them may leave you without a clean dry sheet if baby is experiencing leaky diapers or frequent spit up episodes.

Rest assured if you do have an issue, Ziggy Baby does promise a no questions asked, thirty day guarantee. Every review on Amazon that spoke of any disappointment with this product received a reply back, assuring the customer that they would address their concerns. Nice touch that Ziggy Baby actually makes an attempt to personally reach out to the consumer.

#4. American Baby Company 100% Cotton Value Jersey Knit

American Baby Company Value Jersey Crib Sheets

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The American Baby Company Value Jersey Crib Sheets are made of 100 percent soft knit jersey cotton. Like other, tare also BPA, phthalate, latex and lead free. Weighing in at eight ounces, they are the median of the sheets discussed here. Unfortunately, customer opinions state that the material actually feels flimsier and thinner than most other brands on the market.

American Baby claims these are made to fit up to six inches thick, but reviews state they run on the small side. More than a few people wrote that it has a difficult time remaining on the mattress once you do get it on. The elastic is only on the corners leaving the sides loose. Here maybe the problem. If you have an active infant they might be able to loosen the sheet from the ends while rolling and shifting around. Anyone who has raised children knows that once they are out of the newborn stage, they are going to roll and shimmy. Some reviews stated the seams were not straight causing them to appear off center. Others reported the elastic pulling off the ends altogether, leaving them unusable.

If you’re truly tired of hearing about the prints and patterns you’re in luck. Finally solid colored sheets. Available in white, blue, celery, pink, ecru and gray, you are sure to find something to match your needs.

Pre-purchase considerations


You want to consider how well the product is constructed prior to purchase. You have to remember even if you are saving money on a product if you have to replace it multiple times due to poor quality, you maybe spending more cash in the long run.

Comfort of the sheets

How soft and gentle is this sheet going to be against baby’s skin? If it’s rough and uncomfortable on the skin most likely it isn’t something you want to buy. We end up back where we began. If baby is uncomfortable than neither of you will much sleep. The purpose of a crib is for sleep not long restless periods of time.

Style and Colors

You have to ask yourself how important is the color or style of the sheet. Is it going to be the end of the world if the pattern doesn’t match the rest of baby’s room or can you live with that? Do you live in a very organized and coordinating world? If you do having polka dots clashing with you dinosaur themed room may just too much for your brain to handle.

How easy is it to clean and dry the sheets?

If it takes special consideration to launder the product you have to ask yourself if it’s worth the money you maybe saving on it. If you have long winters and hanging the sheet outside to dry is not feasible than this may not be the product for you. However, if you love the smell of a freshly dried sheet that has hung outside all than you may not mind this.

Conclusion (Wrapping it up)

Before buying your next set of the best crib sheets you have to decide what your biggest consideration is. What the one thing you can’t do without and what do not want at all. Is it warmth, color, texture, durability or something else. Nothing is ever perfect but you can weigh the pros and cons to find the one that best fits the needs of yourself and your infant.

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