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NIX Advance 10 inch Digital Photo Frame with Motion Sensor

Our Top Pick for 2019: NIX Advance 10 inch Digital Photo Frame with Motion Sensor

Memories are something that we all cherish. We want to display images or pictures of our memories and share them with the friends and family who visit our home. What could be better than using technological advances to have a photo album that essentially rotates through your pictures? Some digital photo frames are even capable of playing a video as well as displaying pictures. Finding a frame that is perfect for your needs can be difficult. There are several features that you will want to consider before making a purchase. Sit back and review our top picks to help you decide which digital photo frame will be a great addition to your family room.

Let’s Have a Quick Look of Our Top 4 Picks:


#1. NIX Advance 10 inch Digital Photo Frame with Motion Sensor

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Our gold pick is always a critically acclaimed item that we feel has the features you want at a price point that you can live with. The NIX Advance is a ten inch digital photo frame that does exactly that. It is a high definition device that has an exceptionally high resolution of 1024 x 768. The aspect ratio of this frame is 4:3, which means that your pictures will fill the entire frame with high quality details.

The on board memory allows you store thousands of pictures, and there is even an included eight gigabyte USB thumb drive that is included to give you more storage space if you require it. The aesthetics of this picture frame is a design that is both subtle and elegant, which means that it will look great in almost any room. In addition, the NIX Advance is designed to display both photos and videos. It is also capable of playing background audio music if you wish to have a soundtrack behind your slideshow. There are also surround sound speakers included on this digital picture frame to make your video viewing a better experience.

The images you transfer to this frame must be in MP4 format to view them. The frame is compatible with SD/ SDHC, and USB flash drives, which gives you plenty of options for transferring your files. This frame allows you to create the display that you want with features that you desire. For example, if you want two different images to be displayed at the same time, you can set the frame up to use a split screen mode that will allow you to do just that. You can also make use of the calendar feature or the clock feature if you want. This is a great way to have a picture of your family on your desk at work that doubles with a calendar or time display.

One feature of this digital photo frame that you will like is the Hu-Motion Sensor. It is designed to save battery life and power while you are not in the room with the picture frame. You decide how long there should be no motion detection in the room before it shuts off the frame’s functionality. It can be set anywhere from five minutes to an hour, which is especially great for a frame in your office that may not be seen at all on the weekends.

Another feature of this digital picture frame that you will appreciate is the slideshow function. You can choose which images you want to cycle through as well as the method used to decide the order that they are displayed. You can choose to show the images in alphabetical order, in the order that they were taken, or you can shuffle them to appear in a random order. If you have pictures that are oriented in a landscape fashion as well as pictures that are oriented like a portrait, then you do not have to worry about your images coming onto the display sideways. Simply set the frame to accommodate both layouts and the device will automatically switch between the two.

This digital photo frame is also enabled with LED backlit technology that will allow the images to be seen in low light situations. In addition, this frame is designed so that there are very few buttons on the front, so it comes with an intuitive remote that makes it easy to change your digital display. There is also a 30 day money back guarantee included with the purchase of this device as well as a one year warranty that covers the labor and any replacement parts that may be required.

Insofar as reviews, 89 percent of those that were made on Amazon were given either a four or a five star rating. Here is an example of one five star testimonial: “I’m a digital photo frame junkie! This is the fourth frame I’ve purchased and by far the best. I was recently married and wanted to share my wedding album with my grandparents and thought what better way than a ten inch digital frame. My grandparents absolutely love it, especially the video function.”

#2. Micca M1503Z 15-Inch High Resolution Digital Photo Frame

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The Micca M1503Z is a remarkable digital photo frame that we have chosen as our silver pick. It features a 15 inch display that is shown in amazing detail. The resolution of the LCD screen is 1024 x 768, and the aspect ratio of the frame is 4:3, which means that it is compatible with the pictures snapped by most digital cameras. Once you purchase this Micca digital photo frame, you will find that there is basically no setup involved. You simply need to insert the included eight gigabyte USB drive that is preloaded with sample images to see the frame in action.

The aesthetics of this digital picture frame are amazing. It features a sleek stylish look that will add a sophisticated feature to any rom. It is designed with a mirrored acrylic front that is great for a modern living space or an office setting. This digital frame was also designed to be an energy efficient option, so it uses less energy than a typical digital photo frame, but it also has a built- in timer that can be efficient as well. It can be set to your liking, but the timer is designed to turn off the picture frame when no one is around to see it. If you have the frame at your office, then maybe you will want to set it so that the images do not cycle during the weekends when you are at home.

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Pictures that are set to rotate and give you a slideshow presentation can be set up to have transition effects if you desire. This means that you can set each picture to fade out before the next image appears, you can have it gradually decrease in size, or you can have it spin in and out of view. In addition to showing you quality pictures, this photo frame can also play videos and music as well. To ensure that you have a full experience while watching files that include sound, the photo frame has built-in stereo speakers as well as a headphone jack that you can make use of.

To show images, you must use a JPEG formatted file. Audio files must be formatted as an MP3, and videos must be in either a MP4 or AVI format to be compatible with this frame. The files can be transferred to the digital photo frame by way of a SD/SDHC card or a USB flash drive. The front of this device does not feature any buttons that are not flat and discrete, so there is a remote included to make playback options easier to perform.

When it comes to the reviews of this digital photo frame, 85 percent of the reviews on Amazon have given it at least a four star rating. Here is an example of one five star testimonial where the frame gave the purchaser a moment to remember instead of sharing moments from the past: “My mother has dementia and I bought this to place her old photos on. I scanned in the photos and the screen is large enough I could add large captions to the photos so she could read them. I placed the images on a thumb drive. When I plugged in the frame and it started to play, I looked over and my mother had a huge smile on her face I have not seen in months! – priceless.”


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#3. Pix-Star 10.4 Inch Wi-Fi Cloud Digital Photo Frame

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Our Bronze pick is the Pix-Star digital photo frame, which is a device with a high definition display that is shown in an 800 x 600 resolution. It has an aspect ratio of 4:3 as well as a low rate of energy consumption. In fact, there is an automatic sleeping mode that you can set while you are not in the room. The screen is designed with backlit technology, and it is designed without buttons on the front of the frame, which gives it a more sleek and stylish modern design. This also means that fingerprint smudges will not be visible on the shiny black front. You can control the playback setting via buttons on the back of the frame or with the remote control that is included with this purchase.

The details of the photo frame and the images that appear on it can be controlled online; in fact, you can control up to 25 different digital frames with this application. You can decide whether or not you want to present your images in a slideshow fashion. If you decide to use this method, you will be able to choose between several different transition options as well as how often you want your picture to change. They can change as often as every two seconds or as infrequent as every 12 hours. The ideal setting is probably about five minutes for each, but you can decide what you prefer. There is also a collage mode that allows you to create an image of four or five different pictures that you can view at one time.

There are also several other features available on this digital photo frame. You can listen to web based radio stations as well as display up to three different weather forecasts. There is also a feature that allows you to set a reminder for any appointment that you may have. This digital photo frame supports Wi-Fi, so that means that you can easily share your images over the web. You can upload images from sites such as Facebook, Flickr, and Picasa. If you prefer, you can also use the SD card option or a USB thumb drive to transfer your files as well. The Pixstar has four gigabytes of memory, so it can store 20,000 pictures as well as more on the cloud.

If you need more than image and video functionality on your digital photo frame, then this is the option for you. It comes pre-loaded with several brain games that are designed to keep your mind thinking. You can enjoy games including Sudoku, sliding puzzle games, and other mental challenges. When it comes to the reviews of this device, there are more than 1,000 on Amazon. 91 of the users who reviewed this digital picture frame deemed it worthy of a positive four or five star rating. Here is an example of one amazing five star testimonial: “Undoubtedly one of the best gifts I’ve ever given to my mother! The killer feature of this frame is the ability to easily email a photo to the frame (from my phone or computer) and it will automatically be added to the frame’s collection of photos. It’s easy to set up; basically grandma just has to have Wi-Fi and it’s a daily present for grandma when we send her an email with a photo of the kids. My mother, who has no technology skills, LOVES IT!!! “

#4. Aluratek ADPF08SF 8-Inch Digital Photo Frame

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Imagine that you are fresh from a move, you cash situation is less than optimal, and you want to decorate and add some flavor and personal style to your new home. Our ballin’ on a budget option, which is the Aluratek ADPF08SF, is a great digital photo frame option for you. It is an eight inch frame that has a lower price point than most of the higher end digital photo frames available, but it can be a great accessory or point of interest in any room.

The frame itself is a black matte frame that adds a subtle touch of elegance to your décor. With a highly compatible aspect ratio of 4:3, the imaged can be easily be set in either a horizontal or a vertical orientation. This Aluratek device is designed to prioritize showing images in a slideshow manner, which means that it has been programmed to automatically start cycling through images as soon as the frame is powered on. There are transition options available if you want any extra flair between your images, but if not it will simply cycles through the pictures you have stored in the built-in two gigabytes of memory. You can also access pictures through a SD/SDHC memory card or a USB thumb drive if you prefer.

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This digital photo frame is perfect for displaying images, which appear in an 800 x 600 resolution, but it is also capable of playing music to accompany the slideshow of your pictures. You can also use this picture frame to show off your videos from your latest vacation if you wish to do so. To enhance your viewing experience, there are speakers included on the back of this frame as well as a headphone jack. To ensure that this photo frame remains eloquent and free from tacky buttons, there is a simplified interface that is located on the back of the device that is pretty self explanatory to use. In addition, this Aluratek digital frame comes with a one year warranty.

When it comes to the reviews of our budget friendly pick, there are about 500 on Amazon alone, and almost 60 percent of those reviews are positive, which means that they have a four star rating or higher. If you are looking for a basic digital frame that produces a crisp clear image without any of the frills of a high tech option, then this may be the perfect option for your digital displays. Here is an example of a five star testimonial: “The frame was very easy to pull out of the box and set up. Very easy to use and I really like the setting to blend in the pictures. The resolution is great which makes the pictures look amazing. I am very happy with the digital photo frame and would purchase another one whenever this one dies.”

Pre-purchase considerations

Screen Resolution

Who wants to display pictures in your home or office that have a low resolution? You want to have a photo frame that displays crisp clear images that your guests can see from afar. The higher the pixel count, the better the resolution will be. A digital photo frame should have a resolution of at least 640 x 480, but purchasing a higher resolution frame can only make your picture display look better. Remember that purchasing a larger frame means that you will need more pixels to have the same quality of resolution as a smaller frame.


Do you prefer a modern look or a more classic wooden style when it comes to your home décor? It is important to accessorize your digital photo frames so that they look good in your living space. Some photo frames also have the option of changing the face of the frame, which means that when you change the images that you are displaying, you can also change the look of the frame itself. Another consideration that you may want to consider is backlighting. Do you want your images to be more visible in low light situations or is natural light perfect for you? Whatever you decide, make sure that the digital photo frame you select fits your personality and style.

Size and Aspect Ratio

What size photo do you want to be displayed in your home or office? The size of the frame you want will differ depending on the décor of your home and the space of the room it will be placed in. Make sure that the photos being displayed will be easy to see from any seat in the room. Most frames range in size from seven inches to 15 inches. The aspect ratio of the photo frame is also an important consideration. Do you prefer a landscape image or portrait? Do you want widescreen images to be displayed? Most cameras shoot images in a ratio of 4:3, so a digital photo frame that is 12 inches wide by nine inches tall would be the perfect ratio for a picture this size.

Power and Connectivity

Do you prefer to have a battery powered picture frame that will last a few hours, or do you want an electric option that you can keep plugged in for extended periods of time? If you have features like backlighting and sound options, then it may be better to have the photo frame plugged into an outlet.

Connectivity is another feature that is important, especially when it comes to uploading images to your new digital photo frame. Wi-Fi is a great option for transferring information, and many digital frames designed today come with the ability to utilize a Wi-Fi connection. Bluetooth is another option for transferring photos that is being used more. This allows you to send photos directly from a device such as a tablet or a laptop to the photo frame. Some digital frames even have a cellular connection option that allows you to insert a sim card. This means that you can upload files directly to the sim card if you desire.

Memory and Compatibility

The amount of memory that your photo frame has is directly related to the amount of images it can store. Make sure that your digital photo frame has a memory of at least eight gigabytes, and also consider if the device is compatible with a memory card that will give you more storage space. Compatibility is also an important consideration to be made. What file type are your pictures in? Are they jpg, mp3, mpeg, mkv, avi, or another type of file format? Make sure that the digital picture frame you select can actually display the images taken with your camera.

Easy to Control

You will want to be able to easily change the pictures that your new digital photo frame is going to display, so make sure that the controls are easily seen. You may want small, discrete buttons that are on the front of the frame and easy to reach, rather than hidden on the back of the picture frame. Navigating through menus can be obnoxious if you have to do it with only one button, so to make it easier to maneuver through, it could be a good idea to purchase a digital photo frame with a remote. With a remote function, you will be able to control the delay between the picture transitions and the brightness of each picture with ease.

Conclusion (Wrapping it up)

When it comes to the latest advancements in photo technology, a digital photo frame that allows you to see a rotating sequence of images is a great addition to your décor. You can have the device display pictures of your loved ones or show off pictures that you took on your trip to the Grand Canyon. Whatever you decide to show off, make sure you keep in mind the amount of memory that you have to do so as well as the type of files that the frame can access. Take a look at our top picks and decide for yourself which option is best for your home.

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