The Best Double Bass Drum Pedal

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DW Drum Workshop 3000 Series Double Pedal

Our Top Pick for 2019: DW Drum Workshop 3000 Series Double Pedal

A bass drum can add an amazing sound to a drum solo, but if you wanted that beat before 1909, you may have had an issue striking that drum at the same time as the rest of your drum set. In that year William F Ludwig designed a bass drum pedal that you could operate with your foot. It allowed you to play the bass beat more efficiently, which was a great advancement in the drumming community. Today, we use this same type of pedal, but in this best of list, we are going to be discussing double bass drum pedals, which is a device that features two pedals and two drum beaters to produce more complex patterns and bass rhythms. Which type of double bass pedal is best for your style of drum playing? Well, we have done some research into the topic, and made a list of the top picks that we have discovered. We also included some pre-purchase considerations for you to look at before you make a purchase.

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#1. DW Drum Workshop 3000 Series Double Pedal

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DW Drums began as a small drum school in California. Six years later, the company began production lines that eventually lead them to the celebration of being named the drummer’s choice for 40 years. Today, you can still expect to see DW drums produce quality drums and drum accessories that are perfect for any skill level, whether you are a beginning drummer or a professional. The 3,000 series is a product in a line of double bass drum pedals that are durable tools that are loved by consumers and critics.

The 3,000 series pedal features two way beaters that are designed to be reversible, which gives you more sound options when you are playing. The one side is comprised of a plastic material that is designed to absorb high impact hits and prevent the drum pad from any unnecessary damage. The other side is made from a felt surface that is great for an acoustic style drum, but it may be a bad selection for an electric drum set.

This double bass drum pedal is designed with a dual chain turbo drive. In addition, it has a bearing spring rocker assembly that can be useful for any drummer. It also has an off-set cam that is designed to give you a quick response, which means that the time from when you hit the pedal to when the pedal hits the drum is minimal. Be aware that chain drives can sometimes be a bit louder than other drive options.

The base of this pedal is designed to be sturdy and take the abuse of beating on a bass drum. It is fitted with Velcro on the bottom of the pedal as well as spikes that are designed to prevent the pedal from sliding and skidding across the floor as you play. The spikes can be adjusted if you need to assure that the pedals stay in place. This double bass drum pedal is designed so that the left pedal only has a single post casting. This ensures that there is ample space to position your hi-hat close to the pedal as you play.

This double bass drum pedal can be adjusted to play the pedals at the same time, or you can play each pedal independently of the other one. There are a lot of other features that can be adjusted on this pedal set as well; starting with the fact that you can adjust the beater angle to a plethora of positions that will fit your play style and comfort level. There is also a dual adjustable toe clamp that can be adjusted in two different locations. This ensures that the pedal and the drum do not shift in any way during your gig.

When it comes to the reviews of the 3,000 series double bass drum pedal, they are amazing. 98 percent of all of the reviewers on Amazon gave this device a positive four or five star rating, and the other two percent gave it a three star review, which means that this is a double bass drum pedal that is truly loved by all. In fact, 89 percent of the users on the site who reviewed this pedal gave it a five star rating. Here is an example of a five star testimonial from a double bass drum pedal novice: “This is my first double pedal for drums and I have to say I LOVE them! The default settings right out of the box were fine for me, and drums are nice and sturdy with the base plate underneath, and I love the rotatable beaters.”

#2. Pearl P932 Demonator

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Pearl is a company whose roots can be traced back to Tokyo, Japan about 70 years ago. Since then, they have been committed to producing high quality, durable instruments that can be enjoyed for years. Their devotion to innovative sound technology is one of the factors that has forged the path that the drum industry has taken. The Demonator is one of these superior creations that can take a drummer of any level and help them produce exquisite bass beats.

This double bass drum pedal features a single chain drive that gives the pedal a smooth and responsive performance. It also comes with a circle cam as well as an eccentric cam that is designed with the eliminator style in mind, and it is also removable. This feature gives you a lot of adjustability with the Demonator, which means that you will not have any trouble adjusting for other bass drum pedals.

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This model also features a PowerShifter, which allows you to easily adjust the pedal to three specific positions. This means that you can fine tune your drum pedal and play with more precise pedal angles. The belt drive of the Demonator can also be adjusted to provide you with the appropriate tension that your play style requires. When you play with this pedal, you will be able to feel the power of each strike as well as a responsiveness that you will adore.

This double bass drum pedal is fitted with Duobeat beaters, which is a unique style beater that has two different faces. The one side is a plastic material that is designed to be durable and take strong strikes against the bass drum, and the other is a felt material. Having both options makes this pedal a very versatile option that will be usable on any drum pad.

The left pedal is also only enclosed by a post on one side of the pedal. This allows you the option of moving your hi-hat closer to the pedal if you desire. This double bass drum pedal can also be adjusted to fit the length of your foot, your play style, the tension, and the distance from the beater to the drum.

Overall, the reviews of the Demonator are extremely positive; in fact, 94 percent of the users who gave reviews for this device have given it a rating of at least four stars. Many of the reviews express how smooth and reactive this pedal setup truly is. Here is an example of one such five star testimonial: “I bought this as I needed a second inexpensive double kick for my electric kit. I ended up making this my main double pedal as it is way smoother then my current pearl eliminator pedal! This pedal is screaming build quality and is lighter then my other double pedal.”


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#3. Tama HP200PTW Iron Cobra 200 Double Bass Pedal

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Tama Drums has been bringing us quality drums and drum accessories for over two decades. Our bronze pick, which is the Iron Cobra 200, is one of the products that they have created. It is a strong and durable double bass drum pedal that is designed to not only sound nice, but to look nice as well. The pedal is designed with an Iron Cobra footboard style that is both sleek and stylish. It is silver and black, and it will look hip on any drum set.

The Iron Cobra is a sturdy double bass drum pedal that is perfect for any drummer, but it is especially great for a neophyte drummer who is not quite as fast as someone with more experience. This device is designed with a double chain drive as well as a power glide cam that allows you to pick up your drumming speed and perfect faster beats.

It is a double bass drum pedal that is fitted with dual sided beaters, which means that you will have more sound variations at the tip of your fingers. You will be able to play on any drum head as well as adjust to using other beaters if you desire to have more options. In addition, the Iron Cobra is designed to be extremely adjustable. The individual pedals are connected by way of a dual glide feature that is essentially a bar that can be adjusted on either side. This will allow you to place the pedals extremely far apart if you are comfortable playing in that way. The pedal spring can also be adjusted as well, which will give you a smoother response time when you strike the pedal.

When it comes to the reviews of this double bass drum pedal, there are only a few on Amazon, but 16 out of the 18 reviews that are posted on the site have been rated at a five star quality. Many of the reviewers have given testimonials about the Iron Cobra, and many were even impressed with the quality and the durability of this pedal set, since it is set at such a low price point. Here is a beginning drummer who is ordered this pedal set as their first double bass drum pedal, and the y fell in love: “ here is their five star testimonial: “AMAZING double bass pedal. It is so smooth and receptive to my feet as I am beginning to learn more and more. I love this one and highly recommend it to someone who is buying their first double bass pedal.”

#4. MAPEX P500TW 500 Series Double Bass Drum Pedal

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They say that musicians have it tough, especially when they are first starting down their path. If you are a drummer who is ballin’ on a budget, then you will no longer need to worry about sacrificing quality double bass drum pedals for a more cost friendly option. Mapex Drums has been a leading competitor in the drum industry for over 27 years. They design dependable and durable instruments and accessories at a lower price point than many of the other drum companies. The P500TW is a great double bass drum pedal that shows just how dependable a Mapex drum accessory can be.

Starting with the design of the pedals you will notice that it has a sleek look that will look great with any drum set. The parts are all comprised from solid steel, which means it is built to be a long lasting pedal that you can use for years. In addition, this pedal set utilizes a single chain drive as well as a spring tension design that is able to be adjusted in two different locations. This will give you more versatility when it comes to the angle that you wish to adjust each pedal.

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The 500 Series also features two dual tone beaters that are designed to give you more options during your gigs. One side is ABS plastic, while the other is covered with felt. The footboards of this double bass drum pedal are also extremely adjustable. They are connected with compact stabilizing rods that can be adjusted to fit your comfort level. Once you have the pedals in place, there are retractable floor spikes that you can use to ensure that they do not bounce or move across the floor while you are striking the drum with the pedals.

When it comes to the reviews of this double bass drum pedal, you will find that there are only a little over 100 on Amazon. When comparing these reviews to similar sites, we discovered that many of the reviews about this product were positive. People tend to like the fact that this is an extremely durable pedal set that they can purchase at a low price. It offers a great value to beginners who are looking for a way to get their kicks in faster.

On Amazon, 91 percent of the users who did review this device deemed it worthy of a four or a five star rating. Here is one example of a five star testimonial: “I was looking for a quality pedal at a good price. After a simple assembly, I hooked it to my drum set (electronic), quick and easy. It took me about 20 minutes of fine tuning, but then I was beating out triplets and with such surprising power and accuracy. I haven’t played double pedal in about 20 years, but this pedal made it seem like last week! I’m very impressed and satisfied.”

Pre-purchase considerations

Type of Drive

There are three different types of double bass drum pedals that you can obtain. The main difference in these pedals is in the type of drive system. You can choose between a chain drive, a belt drive, and a direct drive. These three differ from one another, but one is not necessarily better than the others. The drive type that is best for you is the one that you are most comfortable playing with.

A chain drive is often used by a neophyte drummer, because it is easy to adjust. The belt drive is a very similar drive style, but it uses a plastic or a leather belt instead of a chain. With a direct link drive option, the beater and the pedalboard are directly linked to each other. Professional drummers will typically prefer a direct drive connection, because it tends to be able to respond a bit more quickly than the other options. The type of drive you prefer depends on your play style and your specific needs, your individual needs will differ from that of other drummers.


Adjusting a double bass drum pedal to fit your needs should be a simple and easy process. Make sure that the pedal you select does not require more than one tool to make minor adjustments. A good double bass drum pedal should be able to accommodate your needs for where you want the beater positioned, the distance between the pedals, and the tension of the springs.

Pedal Angle and Balance

The angle of the pedal affects the speed at which you can hit the bass drum. If you want to produce quick poppy tones, then you will want to have the pedal closer to the drums than if you are producing a slower jazz-like melody. You also need to make sure that your pedals are in balance with one another. You do not want to make one foot work harder than the other because the beaters on you left pedal is further away from the drum than the one on your right pedal. Having your pedals slightly off will cause a sound disruption that you want to avoid.


Drum beaters come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and selecting one that is perfect for your play style is an important consideration to make. Larger beaters produce a louder sound, while smaller beaters make more of a defined beat. Also, make sure to consider the material that the beater is comprised of. If you want a soft sounding legato effect, then you may desire a rubber beater for your bass drum. If you want more of a staccato drum effect, then you will want something like a metal or a wooden beater.

Design of the Footboard

Longboard pedals are more responsive than most of the other pedal options, so it is a popular style for many drummers who play in a rock band. The other common pedal design is split footboard pedals, which have a long front, but a small heel. This makes it a bit more difficult to play using a heel to toe motion, but it does hit the drum with more power than longboard pedals. Choose a footboard design that is the most comfortable for you and your play style.

Conclusion (Wrapping it up)

Double bass pedals have a unique functionality that is only used by drummers, but if you play the drums regularly, then you know how important this device can truly be. Take a look at our pre-purchase considerations as well as our top picks before you decide on which double bass drum pedal is best for you. Every pedal is different, so make sure that you don’t just take our word for it. Do your own research and find the double bass drum pedal that is perfect for you. Once you find the one that fits your needs, you will be sampling and learning to play more advanced rhythms than you thought you could manage. Once you take a step down the road while drumming with a double bass drum pedal, you will never drum the same way again.

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