The Best Drywall Anchors

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TOGGLER SnapSkru Self-Drilling Drywall Anchor

Our Top Pick for 2019: #1 Best Quality Zinc Self Drilling Drywall Anchors with Screws Kit

Installing Drywall anchors

See below for a video on how to install these anchors. Drywall anchors make it possible for you to hang your photos, shelves, and decorations without the fear of these items crashing to the floor. There isn’t always a stud exactly where we need one that is where using heavy duty wall anchors comes into play. In these situations, a drywall anchor can be used to provide that much-needed stability. There are many varieties to pick from. They come in different sizes, require different types of tools, and may or may not be removable. Installing a drywall anchor is a top factor in rating the best products. If the anchor is not easy to install then it doesn’t make our list. The following are the top picks when it comes to these handy devices along with some helpful information for finding the perfect one for your needs.

Best Wall Anchors for Drywall



#1. TOGGLER SnapSkru Self-Drilling Drywall Anchor


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-made in the US

-drywall anchors for heavy items, made for 65lbs in 1/2″ drywall or 95lbs. in 5/8 drywall, they have larger ones that go up to 250lbs.

-made from glass filled nylon

-rated as the best wall anchors for drywall

This TOGGLER SnapSkru plastic wall anchors can be used in drywall walls or ceilings with a thickness of 3/8 to 5/8 inch. A nice feature of this particular anchor is the fact that no predrilled hole is required. You simply push the anchor’s tip into your drywall. By using steady pressure on a number 2 Philips screwdriver while turning it clockwise, the anchor will go in until it is flush with your wall. You are then ready to hang your item without fear of it falling to the ground.

These heavy duty wall drywall anchors provide you with extra reinforcement to an area where a typical screw alone wouldn’t have sufficient hold. The TOGGLER Anchor System manufactures these pieces in the United States. They’ve been providing quality anchors to homeowners and construction professionals since 1968. With your purchase of the TOGGLER SnapSkru you will receive 20 white TOGGLER SnapSkru SP anchors along with 20 #8, 1 ½ inch screws.

Each anchor has a nylon, glass filled body that is corrosion resistant. They can be installed with a Philips screwdriver as well as a screw gun or hand drill. The anchor is prevented from going into your drywall too far with the positive stop mechanism. Once you insert the screw into the anchor it is activated. The anchor is then locked into place while compressing the drywall. This creates a shock resistant and vibration resistant hold. You’ll know it’s inserted properly when you hear the popping noise it emits.

You may use screws other than the ones you will get with your purchase. Each TOGGLER anchor can accept #6 to #10 sheet metal screws as long as the length equals the thickness of the object you are fastening plus another 1 ¼ inches. The ultimate tensile strength values you will get from these drywall anchor screws and the included #8 screws are 57 pounds in 3/8 inch drywall, 79 pounds in ½ inch drywall, and 135 pounds in 5/8 inch drywall. The ultimate shear strength values are 108 pounds in 3/8 inch drywall, 149 pounds in ½ inch drywall, and 178 pounds in 5/8 inch drywall. These come to you in a seven by one by four inch box, and it weighs 0.2 pounds.

These anchors can be removed from your drywall in the future when you are finished using them. It will leave a hole behind, but this is nothing that a little time and spackle can’t fix. Those who have posted online reviews of these TOGGLER SnapSkru sheetrock anchors are very pleased. They have been found to work quite nicely, even in thinner drywall situations. No crumbling or cracking is caused by inserting them as directed.

Most agree that even though these particular anchors may cost a little more, they are made of high-quality materials and hold better than many other types found on the market today. The most common comments made in online reviews of the TOGGLER 50125 SnapSkru Anchors include references to how easily these go in, how they will not budge once in place, and that the popping sound reassures you that the anchor has been installed properly. Most Importantly these are tough and when in comes to putting in drywall hangers these are among the easiest.


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Simple Installing Drywall Anchors

#2. Qualihome Plastic Self Drilling plastic wall Anchors


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-made in the US

-hold up to 50 lbs

-easy to install

These self drilling, plastic drywall anchors with screws by Qualihome are our silver pick due to the convenience and quality of these pieces. You will be getting a full set that includes 50 white anchors and 50 #8, 1 ¼ inch Philips screws. They are the perfect size for hanging home décor items throughout your house. They easily hold pictures and photos, shelves, decorative plates, or any other item that weighs 50 pounds or less. This kit is ideal for keeping on hand, and the plastic container they come in will help you keep them neatly organized and all in one place.

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Each anchor will pre-drill a precise hole in your wall board or gypsum. There is no need to use a hand drill to pre-drill a hole. These particular anchors go in easier than many of the other self drilling types on the market. The thread design on these sheetrock anchors are in deep enough to provide you with a strong hold in 3/8 inch, ½ inch, and 5/8 inch wallboard and gypsum. They will last for years due to their durable plastic construction, and they can easily be removed when you are done using them. The white color will match the drywall, and they can be painted over for further camouflage.

If you are looking for a quality set of wall anchor screws at an affordable price, this Qualihome kit won’t disappoint you. Online reviews state how they really are just as easy to insert and use as the product description says they will be. Many people who have used them were impressed by how durable they are. Those who had trouble with other brand’s versions enjoyed how these go in with the first try.

Reviews also describe how easy it is to remove them. The holes they leave behind are easily filled with spackle or drywall paste. They are big enough to support up to 50 pounds. This is more than enough for common household decorations and photos that you’ll want to hang. Several can be inserted within a short amount of time, and they are the ideal, middle of the road sheetrock anchors to keep on hand.

When used to hang heavy shelving, the Qualihome Plastic Self Drilling Anchors are strong and solid. They go in straight for accurate leveling, and they do not break over time. Shelves end up being hung rock solid without any play in the screws. Those living in student housing or apartments especially loved this particular design.


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#3. Qualihome Zinc Self Drilling Drywall Hangers


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The Zinc Self Drilling Plastic Drywall Anchors by Qualihome are the perfect set of sheet rock anchors and screws to keep on hand for hanging everyday items like pictures, family photos, and other decorative pieces. They come in a handy carrying case where you can keep all of the pieces organized and at the ready. Each kit will come with 50 of the zinc anchors and 50 of the #8, 1 ¼ inch screws.

These wall anchors can hold up to 50 pounds which means they can handle everything from a small frame to a mid-sized shelf. The Drill Point found on each Zinc anchor will pre-drill a precise hole exactly where you need it in both drywall and wood. No prep work is required. They start much easier than many of the other available sheetrock anchors. They will drill themselves in by hand even if you happen to hit a wood stud. You’ll be getting a strong engagement due to the deep thread design in 3/8 inch, ½ inch, or 5/8 inch wallboard.

Along with the special Zinc die-cast construction of these pieces, you will be getting an anchor with maximum durability. Best of all, when you are ready to remove them, you won’t have to worry about leaving behind a large hole that will require additional repairs. This makes our bronze pick a terrific option for anyone who is renting and cannot leave behind a mess for the owner’s to deal with. Your kit will come to you in a 6.2 by 3.5 by 1.4 inch box, and it weighs 1.1 pounds. The wall anchor screws are a silver color.

Online reviewers appreciated the quality of these metal anchors. Unlike the plastic versions which expand in the wall, these are easily removed with minimal damage to the wall. Many people have found them to work perfectly when hanging their window treatments. They have also found that because they are bigger than the average plastic versions, you can make use of pre-existing holes found in your walls.

These are best put into the wall with a drill. Simply keep your drill on the lowest setting and at half of its torque rating. Press the anchor’s tip into the wall’s surface to begin. It goes in so easily that many describe it as drilling itself. You will want to stop once the anchor bottoms up against the wall’s surface. This will give you the most secure anchor point.

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#4. The Hillman Group Small Anchors


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*Price typically updated every 24 hours. Current price may be different.

-little harder to put in but leaves a much smaller hole

-holds less weight then the larger drywall anchors

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If you are looking for a handy kit of drywall screw and anchors to keep around the house for smaller items that need to be hung, the Hillman Group Small Anchors kit will suit your needs just fine. These are not super strength anchors for hanging shelves or heavy drapes that will be opened and closed, but they are perfectly suited for small pictures and photos as well as lightweight curtains. Those who have already purchased this particular kit were amazed at how many times they reached for it while accomplishing small projects throughout the house.

Your kit will come in a clear plastic organizer box. Within the kit you will be getting an assortment of sizes that include #6 one inch screws, #8 one inch screws, and #10 one and one quarter inch screws along with their matching blue plastic anchors. It is a terrific little kit for your home or workplace. Each anchor and screw can be used to firmly anchor your smaller objects to the wall. You will receive 95 pieces in all. They come in a 1 by 3.9 by 5.7 inch box, and it weighs 6.4 ounces. They are imported from China.

Those who have posted online reviews like that they always have the right size screw on hand with the Hillman Group Kit. When wanting anchors suited for all of the smaller jobs around the home, they were quite pleased. Those who were disappointed were in need of more industrial strength anchors. This is not the kit for hanging heavy shelves or any other weightier item, and they do not have the strength to go into wood. People who used them for their intended uses were extremely pleased with their results.

Online reviews also state how impressed people are with the storage box that is included with this kit. It is sturdier than other similar products on the market, and many people enjoyed the fact that there are actual dividers within it. This is an excellent feature for keeping all of the various sizes separated. It is just another way in which this kit proves to be a handy item to have in the average household.

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Pre-purchase considerations

Types of Drywall Anchors

There are a few basic types of drywall anchors to choose from. Which one you need will depend on the type of item you want to hang. Hollow wall anchors expand as you tighten the screw in order to provide stability. Plastic hollow wall plugs are simple in design and work nicely for smaller items being hung on drywall. Threaded drywall anchors can be removed and reused while winged plastic anchors have wings that actually expand on the back side of your drywall to keep the screw from coming out.


The biggest factor in choosing the correct drywall anchor is the weight of the object being hung. For heavier items like shelving or drapery, you will need a hollow wall anchor rated to hold up to 50 pounds. Pictures, decorative plates, and larger photos are considered medium duty applications. Both the threaded drywall anchors and winged plastic anchors would be suitable. If all you need is something to securely hang small photos and other such home décor items, the light duty plastic hollow wall plugs will be fine.


Not all drywall hangers will come with the same length screw. If you are hanging an item that already has some form of a hanger attached to it, you can use a smaller screw because only the head needs to protrude beyond the wall itself. If your item requires the screw to go completely threw it such as some shelving does, you must have a screw length that is more than adequate enough to reach through the item and far enough into the wall to be stable.

Will the Anchor Be Removed?

Some wall anchors are small enough that they will only leave behind a small hole when removed. If you are renting, this is your best option. Larger wall anchors that can support up to 50 pounds will often leave behind a large, unsightly hole that will require repair work.

Type of Material

Drywall anchors are often made of a plastic that will easily penetrate your wall’s surface. Some metal anchors can actually be used in wood as well as your drywall. This is beneficial if you could possibly run into a stud or will be working in a room with a combination of wall surfaces.

Conclusion (Wrapping it up)

Once you understand exactly how each type of drywall hangers works it is easy to narrow down your options. If your project requires you to hang a heavy item, the TOGGLER SnapSkru Wall Anchor will suit your needs. As the Gold Pick it will easily hold up to 50 pounds. Those who simply want a sturdy wall anchor for many of their most common household shelves, photos, and decorations will be more than happy with the mid-priced Qualihome Zinc or Plastic Drywall Anchors, but if all you are looking for is a nice variety of anchors for your lightweight items, the inexpensive Hillman Group Small Anchors Kit is perfect.


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