The Best Earbuds Under $20

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Our Top Pick for 2019: APIE Premium Genuine Wood Corded In-Ear Earbud Headphones 

Having a good pair of earbuds can make your music listening experience more complete. This is especially true if you enjoy to listen to music on your smartphone or other handheld device. Styles of earbuds range from noise cancelling to loose-fitting and everything in between. There are enough choices of premium products on the market today to make finding an affordable pair of high quality earbuds easy. Read on to discover which earbuds you can find for under $20 and start hearing music like it should be heard!

Let’s Have a Quick Look of Our Top 4 Picks:


#1. APIE Premium Genuine Wood Corded In-Ear Earbud Headphones 

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At the top of the list are the Premium Wood Corded In-Ear Earbuds from Apie. These headphones are unique in that they are made with real wood. This gives you more lower-end frequency response and an overall better sound. Apie presents you an amazing product that features different color choices, premium build, wide frequency range and a comfortable design.

The wood is real and comes in three different styles. You have the option of either dark brown, light brown or black finishes. Each one gives you a level of sophistication that is unparalleled. Wood earbuds are not common, and Apie proves that it can be done well. These earbuds are beautiful.

The wooden construction melds well with the rest of the build and provides you with a more powerful listening experience. The wood housing has been shown to create more bass response without getting too muddy in the lower frequencies. Aside from premium bass response you can expect to have an overall crisp, clear and smooth sound.

Another great feature of the Apie Premium Wood Corded headphones is that they are noise cancelling. Noise cancelling earbuds are vital if you travel often and want to escape the noise of an airplane or busy train. These types of headphones are great no matter where you choose to listen to music because they keep you in your own personal bubble where nothing can interfere with your listening.

The headphones are light. They fit into your ears without a problem no matter the size of your ears. These are designed for comfort. When you place them into your ears you will understand why. Apie has gone to great lengths to ensure that each use is comfortable and sounds amazing.

For Android, iPhone and other smartphone users there is a built-in microphone on the cable. With this mic you can answer incoming calls with a single button making it practically a hands-free experience.

These earbuds are compatible with all Apple devices, Android devices, MP3 players, tablets, Windows phone and anything with a 3.5mm audio jack.

Do not worry about losing connectivity. The Apie earbuds rest firmly in the 3.5mm gold plated jack. This is a quality product that is built to last.

Reviewers rave about the packaging that these buds come in. You will receive a wonderful headphone pouch to store and transport these earbuds. That makes it so much easier to keep track of your buds whenever you are not using them. Apie has put in a great deal of hard work in the presentation of this fine product, and it shows in every aspect of the packaging.

The dimensions of these headphones are 5.8 x 4 x 1.5 inches, and they weigh in at just 4.2 ounces. That is light and compact with just enough length to guarantee a great fit no matter what you use these for. There is enough wire for comfort but not too much or too little to distract from the experience of using these earbuds.

There are no negatives to these headphones except that you will more than likely want more than one pair. With three optional colors and a price of just $19.99 you could feasibly purchase all three options and still spend less than you would on most other brands of premium earbuds.

Do yourself a favor and check these headphones out. From the moment that you first put these into your ears and play your favorite song you will not regret the decision to purchase these. These are the Gold Pick for a reason. For the price it would not hurt to find out why.

#2. Bengoo In-Ear Wired 3.5mm HIFI Headphones Earbuds

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The Silver Pick and Runner-Up on the list are the In-Ear Wired 3.5mm HiFi Earbuds by Bengoo. Bengoo is another company that, like Apie, focuses on modern design, comfort, acoustics and affordability in their headphones. This pair in particular helps set the bar for high quality earbuds in an affordable price range.

The first thing that you notice upon viewing these earbuds is the design. The shape is not as standard as other earbuds. The Bengoo buds use memory foam and a downward angle on the earbud to create an interesting and almost perfect listening experience. Noise does not escape these headphones. The design is stylish and provides you with maximum comfort no matter your ear size.

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The copper driver unit is built to bring out the most from these compact earbuds. The sonic range is broad and will cover everything from crisp highs to deep lows with ease. Users have said that they love how well music sounds in this product. If you are a lover of clear sound you will love these, too.

The built-in microphone is made for high definition sound when you are in a call. Your voice will sound clear to the person on the other end of the line. You will of course hear them well because of the impressive build of these earbuds. The microphone also cancels out extra background noise thus ensuring that your call is as smooth as it can sound. This is an important feature if you are buying these for use with your iPhone, Android or other mobile device. The last thing that you want is to have to switch out headphones or unplug a pair in order to have a decent phone conversation.

The cable is a HiFi lossless cable. This means that your music will experience no hiccups. The sound flows smoothly from your device through the headphones and into your ears without issues due to the sturdy build and premium materials used when making these earbuds.

Other users praise the overall build and acoustic quality. Many users have said that the extra carrying case is a huge bonus and has helped keep the earbuds safe and secure when not in use. Other reasons to buy these headphones include:

quality for the price
7 different tips
elegant design

For the price of just $16.99 it will be difficult to find another pair of similar earbuds that are as powerful as these are. Bengoo has gone above and beyond when designing this product. It shows in each detail, from the inner circuitry to the case and every part in between. See what other users have to say and give them a try. You will not be disappointed.

#3. Sungluber Audiophile Hi-Fi Noise Isolating Earbud Headphones

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Sungluber is another company dedicated to premier sound quality and stylish designs. Much like Apie and Bengoo, Sungluber is a fantastic choice for premium earbuds for under $20. The Audiophile Noise Isolating headphones presented here are an easy Bronze Pick.

These earbuds have two high performance drivers that bring you a clear sound. Highs are smooth and not overbearing while the mids are balanced. The bass in these headphones is deep and crisp but not dirty. Everything about the sonic qualities are prime. Expect to hear things in your music that you may have missed in lesser headphones or listening devices. The actual frequency range is 15Hz to 29KHz. This covers the entire range of the human ear and a little more for safe measure.

Sungluber also understands that you will more thank likely use these earbuds during travel, work, exercise or someplace on the go. That is why they made this model lightweight. They weigh 2.9 ounces making them one of the lighter pairs on the market today.

The design is minimal. It has a modern feel to it while retaining an almost robotic and classic look. The earbuds are clear so that you can see the inner workings. This is a fun feature and is sure to grab the attention of jealous friends. Three different silicon tips are provided in order to best match your ear size.

The in-line microphone is great for taking calls. You can answer a call with the push of a single button. The frequency range for the microphone is 50Hz to 10KHz. This takes great care to ensure that your voice is clear and crisp without bearing too low or too abrasive.

Overall this is a top quality device. The cable is sleek and flat so you can expect no tangled messes after use. The earbuds are comfortable. The sound is impeccable. You can find these headphones for only $14.49. This price is unreal in the world of audiophile level electronics. Give your ears a treat by considering this product.

#4. Panasonic ErgoFit In-Ear Earbud Headphones

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Panasonic is one of those companies that has been making quality electronic devices for decades. Their line of headphones is not to be written off. They are well made headphones and come to you at great prices. Design and style are always an important part of Panasonic production. The ErgoFit earbuds are no different.

ErgoFit headphones are called so because of the ergonomic design. These extra soft earbuds mold into your ears to create a special fit unique to you. No matter your shape or size it will fit right in. This makes these buds great for those times when you need to have music going for a long time. You will forget that they are even there.

With this product you will find eight different colors. Each one fits a different style or look. You are bound to find the perfect one for your tastes. You can choose from:

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– Black
– Blue
– Green
– Orange
– Red
– Pink
– Silver
– Violet

The cord is 3.6 feet long. This is excellent because it allows these earbuds to be used in a plethora of different situations. Perhaps you want to jog and not worry about having too little of a cord, or maybe you wish to produce music but need a cord to reach your laptop. No matter your need this cable will satisfy.

The frequency response is a nice wide range. It goes from 20Hz to 20KHz making it ideal for all types of music.

What makes this a budget product is the price. These earbuds are about $8.00 and are sure to keep money in your pocket. Being a budget product is not a negative. The quality, sound and design are all superior to many more expensive items in the sound market. For the price it is hard to not give these a go.

Pre-purchase considerations


With so many quality earbud headphones on the market today it is difficult to justify spending a small fortune on a new pair. If you open your eyes you will see that for just under $20 you can find professional quality earbuds.

Many companies will try to market to you products that are overpriced. This is normal in the audio device industry because the companies wish for you to buy into this feeling of false superiority. It is not hard to find lesser expensive products that compete well with the pricier ones.

frequency range

Having a wide frequency response is vital to getting the most out of your headphones. This is especially true for earbuds because they will see more use than most other styles of headphones due to their size and ease of carrying.

Look for products that have at least a 20Hz to 20KHz range. The human ear will have trouble hearing anything beyond that. Headphones with a wider range, such as 10Hz to 25KHz are still excellent choices and might even be worth it. Like cost you will also not have trouble discovering the right pair of headphones with a great sonic range.


The absolute worst thing to happen to a new pair of earbuds is for the cable to tear away from the earbuds without any resistance. That is why it is of the utmost importance to go with a product that is guaranteed to be durable. That rings true anytime that you are spending money on a new electronic device. Consider it an investment. Do not rob yourself of the enjoyment that comes from great audio quality.

Portable headphones need to last. You will have them with you in exercise, work, travel and all areas of life. Read what other users have to say before purchasing a new pair. Look out for cheap products and avoid them if you can!


Some headphones (and earbuds especially) can be downright uncomfortable. This can ruin what could have been a fine listening experience.

Read what other users have to say about the comfort of the earbuds that you are looking at. Look for those brands that focus on ergonomic design. Soft rubbers are great materials on headphones. Be sure to find out if there are different earbud sizes that come with the pair you are looking at. This can make or break the enjoyment.

noise cancelling

One of the best aspects to modern earbuds is that many of them are noise cancelling. This makes a world of a difference especially if you travel often. Ask yourself how many times you have been on an airplane or in a crowded place and wished that you could block out the noise and reach that place of Zen with some tunes.

Noise cancelling earbuds do just that. Keep your eyes open for earbuds that are known to eliminate external sound.

Conclusion (Wrapping it up)

Buying a new pair of earbuds is exciting. There are hundreds of products to choose from. Each one wants to sell you something different. Remember that they are all supposed to do one thing: maximize your music listening on the go.

Do not be fooled by fancy marketing and tricks that companies might try to use. Be realistic in your expectations as well as your desires. Earbuds are not supposed to be compared to $10,000 studio level headphones. They are mainly used for mobile devices and MP3 players to bring your music with you on the go.

Many earbuds also act as microphones for your phone calls. Make sure that the earbuds you are looking at have a microphone. That way you will be taking care of two different needs with one product. It would be a waste to have to switch out of your earbuds in order to answer a call.

Consider all of your options. Look at your budget and be honest with yourself about how much use your new earbuds will see. If you always have your phone on you and are a music buff spend the extra couple of bucks for a nice pair. Remember, however, that you can get amazing quality earbuds for under $20 if you look.

Use this list as a jumping point into the exciting world of earbud headphones.

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