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Grow Green Heavy Duty 50'

Our Top Pick for 2018: Grow Green Heavy Duty 50′
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Whether washing your car, tending a garden, or doing yard work, having a hose that you can depend on to do the job is essential. But traditional water hoses are fussy, tangley, and unwieldy things that can make even the most pleasant domestic chore a major hassle. Luckily, expandable water hoses are a breeze to use and make your outdoor work easy. The trick is knowing how to find one that’s right for you. We’ve compiled a list of high end, top quality expandable hoses that will make your outdoor todo list fun.

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#1. Grow Green Heavy Duty 50′

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The first pick of the bunch is the 50 ft. Expandable Hose with brass connectors from Growgreen ™. It is by far and away the strongest expandable hose on the market. So if you’re looking for a powerhouse of a hose, this is it. You will be amazed by how much easier your outdoor work will go when you use it. The brass connectors and heavy duty nylon fabric are the first things that really set this expanding garden hose apart. When expanding garden hoses first hit the scene in 2013, there were multiple reports of problems with the thin hose fittings breaking from water pressure.

The new generation of expandable hoses has risen to the challenge with stronger, more durable materials. The Growgreen ™ hose is at the head of the pack, with its super strong brass connectors that won’t break or leak and a thick, easy to grip nylon hose that can take up to an amazing 154 PSI of water pressure without bursting. It is the highest PSI strength resistant hose on the market, making it the clear leader among expandable hoses. The 50 ft. length may seem a little large at first, but when the hose is retracted, it measures only 17 ft. in length. Unlike traditional hoses, the heavy duty nylon hose won’t kink or tangle, either. When empty, the lightweight hose weighs less than 2 lbs., making it ideal to use for anyone with limited mobility issues, such as back injuries or arthritis. It comes with an easy to hook up, adjustable, eight spray setting nozzle, and the attached pressure valve makes changing attachment settings on the nozzle easy. The eight spray settings are flat, cone, soaker, full, angle, shower, mist & center, making this the perfect hose for any outdoor job. It’s so lightweight that even a child will have no problem using it. No more laborious coiling the hose when you’re done, either. The Growgreen ™ expandable hose stretches to three times its empty size when it’s fully pressurized and when it’s emptied, it returns to its original size in seconds. Its compact size and complimentary free garden hose hook makes it very convenient to store, too. This top of the line expanding hose even comes with a 12 month manufacturing defects warranty, so you can rest easy with your purchase.

An expandable hose is an entirely different type of water delivery device from a traditional garden hose, so different care is required to keep it in good operating condition. Unlike a heavy, bulky, standard garden hose, an expandable hose is meant to be lightweight and compact. It has been completely redesigned, from the ground up to be more manageable and easier to use. An expandable hose has an inner tube that is covered by a thick nylon fabric sheath to help protect it from punctures. The dual combination hose is connected to the brass fittings at either end. To take proper care of your expandable hose and ensure long product life, be sure to follow these few helpful usage tips. Before you turn the water on, stretch the hose out to its full length. Close the valve or nozzle at the end of the hose to allow water pressure to build up. Doing so reduces wear on the inner tubing and prolongs the life of the hose. An expandable hose is an inner tube surrounded by a nylon fabric covering, so keep it away from thorns, sharp garden implements, yard debris and gravel as you use it. It is important to be sure to never leave it at full pressure when you are finished with it either. Instead, always drain the hose and allow it to recoil to its original size when you are done. Expandable hoses are also susceptible to UV damage and extreme cold temperatures as well, so when you are through using it, store it in a protected place, such as a tool shed or garage. Taking good care of your expandable hose will ensure that it lasts for years of use.

A tough, sturdy workhorse, this hose makes the top of the expandable hose list with its durable, high quality materials and its ease of use. Although it may be a little pricey in comparison to other expandable hoses, in this case you very much get what you pay for and with proper care it will last for years. So whether you want one for cleaning your car, boat, RV, or for watering your yard and garden, this strong, reliable Growgreen ™ expandable hose will make your outdoor work fast, fun and easy.

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#2. Gardees 75′ Expandable Hose

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If the top of the line model is a little too pricey for your budget, but you still want to buy a high quality expandable hose, then the Gardees ™ 75 ft. expandable hose, our number two pick, is the one for you. Perfect for washing the pets, the car or for watering your plants, this dependable hose is a solid and reliable runner up. It’s made with a thick, triple latex expandable hose so it’s strong, though not as strong as the Growgreen ™ hose. The same precautions and product care apply to both expandable hoses as well. Keep your Gardees ™ hose away from thorns and other sharp objects, such as gravel and be careful not to step or stand step on the hose, especially when it’s pressurized, as that may cause it to build up too much pressure and burst. Also be sure to turn the water off, release the pressure & store the hose away when you are done using it.

The Gardees ™expandable hose comes with strong brass fittings, just like the number one pick and it comes with two spare washers, so there’s a tight seal on both ends and no chance of leakage. Weighing in at a lightweight 2 lbs, it’s only slightly heavier than the number one pick and still a great choice for people with limited mobility or strength. The gorgeous green covering is soft to the touch and easy on the hands too. The Gardees ™ expandable hose also comes with a free spray nozzle included, with an 8 setting nozzle attachment to help you tackle all of your outdoor chores. While the Gardees ™ spray nozzle is not as sturdy as the number one choice, it is still a powerful tool that will help you get the job done. It also comes with a shut off vale that saves you the hassle of having to go back and forth from the spigot to turn the water on an off each time you want to use it. There are a few things to be aware of should you purchase a Gardee ™ expandable hose. First of all, it only comes with a three month manufactures warranty so it’s a good idea to purchase it when you plan to actually use it, instead of buying it in advance. Also there is no free hook included, so it’s up to you to empty it, coil it then have a protected place to store it.

If you are looking for a high quality, dependable and affordable expanding hose for your home that will last, then the number two pick on our list is the one for you. The Gardee ™ is a strong expandable hose and it is perfect for everyday use. It is far more sturdy and reliable than the ones you’d buy from a store. Its 50 ft. reach is great for doing all your outdoor chores, from gardening to home maintenance to dog baths and its quality components ensure that it will last. It easily makes the number two ranking on our list.


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#3. Quality Source 50′ Expanding Hose

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If you are looking for a good quality expandable hose, but don’t need a top of the market, high end product, then our third place bronze pick will suit your needs perfectly. The Quality Source Products Expanding Hose has solid custom designed brass fittings, and a wide ¾ inch diameter hose for a strong flow that gives you a large amount of water in a short amount of time. It has a double thick latex core hose that comes covered in a thick, extra strength black fabric sheath that resists mud and muck. If you are looking for a straight forward, reliable expanding hose for your home, and don’t need unnecessary attachments or hooks, then this is the hose for you. The Quality Source Products expanding hose comes in a stylish black color that ensures that it has high visibility, so no more tripping over the garden hose as you work.

Its wide mouthed opening comes with a pressure valve which allows you to control the water flow, from a gentle stream to a strong spray that can reach as far as 30 ft. Its two included washers will ensure a tight seal on the spigot for a drip free performance, too. The no rust brass fittings are compatible with any separately bought spray nozzle attachments you may have, for greater versatility when using it for your outdoor work. It’s a low maintenance model, and recoils easily with no kinking when emptied. Just coil it four or five times and it is ready to be stored away in a very compact and easy to manage size. Because of the valve, there is very little water wastage when you use it and any water that’s expelled when you are finished can be easily stored for later use, making it good for areas in a drought.

The lightweight expandable hose design, which weighs a mere 1.7 lbs., makes it ideal for bringing it around the yard or garden with you, without straining to tug it with you everywhere you have to go. For best results, open the valve on the expandable hose all the way for a gentle flow for gardening projects such as watering plants and open it halfway for a stronger flow for washing off the drive way or rinsing off your car or patio furniture. Also, to prolong the life of the hose, leave a slow trickle of water coming out of the end when you are not immediately using it to reduce the chance of a rupture, and when moving the hose, have one hand on the nozzle and have one hand to move the hose with, as pulling on the nozzle itself can cause undue stress to the nozzle / hose attachment. While not as durable as the first two hoses on our list and lacking their amenities, the Quality Source Products expandable hose still holds its own. It is a strong, dependable hose that with proper care should last. But should anything untoward happen, you can rest assured knowing that the Quality Source Products expandable hose comes with a 12 moth guarantee and has quick, friendly, hassle free customer service.

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#4. Rhino Tuff 50′ Expandable Hose

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The last expanding hose on our list is the Rhino Tuff Pro. A powerful expandable hose, it comes with a double latex inner hose tube core, protected by a durable TUFF weave outer sleeve that is comfortable to grip, in black with thin green stripes running along the side of it. Its ¾ inch diameter width ensures that you will get the maximum water flow. It also comes with sturdy brass fittings that will last. While the Rhino lacks the pressure valve of the other three hoses on our list, the Rhino Tuff Pro does come with two free attachable accessories included instead.

First is the adjustable, rust resistant, brass nozzle which can go from a gentle stream to a tightly focused spray that’s great for detailing and power washing. The second is an easy to use, orange and black plastic, eight setting sprayer with a rubber grip on the handle. The settings are the standard – cone, soaker, full, angle, shower, mist, center, and flat, so no matter what your outdoor chores, there will be one that’s right for you. The lightest of all the featured expandable hoses, it weighs a mere 1.2 lbs. When emptied, the Rhino Tuff Pro takes up less space than a soccer ball, unlike large, bulky, traditional garden hoses, so it’s great for people with very limited storage space. Its 50 ft. length makes it the ideal size for most mid-sized homes. Like all the hoses on our list, it resists kinking and tangling too, so there’s no fussing to untangle it before you use it. To get the best the results from your Rhino Tuff Pro expandable hose, turn the water on from the tap at a low level until the hose is fully expanded, then increase the flow to the desired level before use. As with all expandable hoses, keep it away from sharp objects in your garden, such as gravel, gardening implements or thorns, and store it where it will be safe from the elements, to ensure long use.

Should your hose have any defects though, the Rhino Tuff Pro expandable hose comes with a money back guarantee.

Conclusion (Wrapping it up)

While the first wave of expandable garden hoses were a brilliant idea, they, as is the case with most first generation products, had a few bugs to be worked out. Luckily, the next wave of expandable hoses have risen to meet the challenge, by replacing weak hoses with thicker, stronger ones, replacing breakable plastic fittings with reliable brass fittings and by overall upgrading the entire expandable hose to be more functional, longer lasting and strong. The ones we’ve chose for our list stand out at the head of the crowd in terms of functionality, strength, dependability and quality. There are others on the market, on line and in brick and mortar stores, but be careful.

The quality of expandable hoses varies greatly from brand to brand. Proper care must be exercised with expandable hoses too, as they are not constructed the same way as the bulky, heavyweight traditional garden hoses are. You must remember to extend the hose to its full length and allow it to fill to maximum pressure before using. Care must be given to hold the nozzle or spray attachment in one hand and the expandable hose in other hand, as tugging on the nozzle can cause unnecessary wear and tear on the nozzle / inner tubing connection. As it is a pressurized hose, it must be kept away from sharp objects that might puncture it.

You must empty it after every use and store it away from where it could receive damage from ultra violet light or extreme temperatures. However, once you get in the habit of remembering that this is a different type of hose from the old fashioned, difficult to use hoses that weigh a ton, you shouldn’t have any trouble at all with you expandable hose. You can be sure too, that with the ones on our list, you will be more than satisfied with your purchase.