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Granite Gold Daily Cleaner

Granite Gold Daily Cleaner
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One of the most effective ways to clean stone surfaces is to use a well-known granite cleaner. These cleaning solutions can quickly and easily enhance the shine and luster of most residential counter tops made of granite, marble, travertine, quartz, and more. Along with thoroughly cleaning the stone, the item’s may provide ongoing protection against spills, fingerprint, dirt, and dust. The best household products for stone surfaces are one that do not contain harsh and abrasive properties; therefore, try to avoid using glass cleaners to enhance countertops. After thoroughly reviewing many household products on the market, we have devised a guide of the top granite cleaners Our top granite cleaners can also clean marble tiles too.

Let’s Have a Quick Look of Our Top 4 Picks:


#1. Granite Gold Daily Cleaner


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Developed by a third generation family of renowned stone care experts, the Granite Gold Cleanser features an unprecedented streak-free formula that can deeply clean granite and natural stone. The product can replace other household cleaners that may damage countertops that are made of natural stone. The Granite Gold Daily Cleanser is ideal for those who would like to enhance and beautiful all stone surfaces.

As compared to many of its competitors, the Granite Gold Daily Cleanser has been successfully proven to be superior in cleaning most residential countertops without resulting in streaks, watermarks, damage, or discoloration. The item can definitely perform exceptionally on granite, marble, quartz, and other expensive stone surfaces. Even though the item contains a polish and cleaner, the product can even be used alongside another polisher and/or sealer to create one of the best stone treatments. Another impressive benefit of the item is that the formula is gentle on every surface; therefore, the cleaner will not cause any accidental scratches. Many customers also appreciate that the product offers users a fresh citrus scent.

After rotating the nozzle to the “spray” position, apply the product on the targeted surface. Proceed to wipe the area dy with a paper towel or lint-free cloth. Due to the product’s safe components, the solution is recommended for everyday use. Some customers may choose to use the item weekly to promote optimal shine and luster on premium surfaces.

Granite Gold is a premier stone line care that promotes quick, easy, and affordable household cleaning. The well-established company has produced a wide range of products that are perfect for cleaning and caring for stone and other surfaces in the house. Since Granite Gold has over forty years of experience in the industry, the brand can can be trusted to consistently deliver great results. In order to stay true to its name, the Granite Gold Daily Cleaner is available in a gold container that elegantly displays a blue label.


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#2. Weiman Granite Cleaner & Polish


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The Weiman Granite Cleaner & Polish is widely recognized for its success in shining and brightening granite, ceramic, onyx, tile, porcelain, quartz, limestone, slate, travertine, marble, and stone surfaces. The ultimate purpose of the product is to deliver a deep clean, remove grease/grime, restore natural colors/vining, and prevent scratches/dullness on a variety of countertops. The Weiman Granite Cleaner & Polish is the preferred solution for producing a smooth and glossy finish that ultimately creates countertops that appear brand new again.

The product is widely recognized for its great success in neutralizing the pH to promote compatibility with many different surfaces in the house. The uniqueness of the item lies in its unusual ability to effectively clean granite sinks as well as countertops. For the most desirable results, the proprietary solution should be sprayed directly on the countertop. After applying the product to the surface, carefully wipe the counter top with a soft cloth.

The exclusive collection of Weiman products have been encouraging people to maintain clean and orderly homes for many decades. Since many of the company’s items have received top ratings from magazines, popular ecommerce sites, and consumer reports, potential customers can purchase any of the household cleaning products with complete confidence.

The Weiman Granite Cleaner & Polish can be easily identified at locations like the grocery and hardware stores by searching for the granite cleaner that is packaged in a white container, black spray nozzle, and green/black label. The container clearly states that the product is both a cleaner and polisher. The item also noted that the solution should not be used on floors. The Weiman Granite Cleaner & Polish is kosher certified.

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#3. Method Daily Granite Cleaner


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Throughout the past twenty years, Method has been the leader in producing environmental-friendly products that are specifically designed for home use. As a privately held company based in San Francisco, California, the business has successfully launched a great cleaning item known as the Method Daily Granite Cleanser. This exceptional product has been tested and evaluated by a well-known research firm to ensure safety for the users and the environment. Developed for primarily granite, stone, and marble surfaces, the Method Daily Granite Cleanser is the perfect option for creating streak-free countertops without any residue or streaks.

The Method Daily Granite Cleaner features a non-toxic and plant-based formula that has been evaluated by a well-known research firm. As a diluent and solvent, the water in the product was extracted from an abundant source and has been dionixe for purity. The product is also formulated with another solvent known as ethanol. Carefully fermented from plant sugars such as corn or sugar beets, this component biodegrade readily. Sodium citrate is designed to optimize pH levels. Similar to ethanol, sodium citrate is also sourced from plant sugars to promote optimal biodegradable and potency properties. Benzisothiazolinone has been added in the product to prevent bacterial growth. The ingredient also serves as a key preservative.

Due to the product’s completely safe ingredients, the item will not irritate the skin if contact accidentally occurs. The strategic inclusion of natural fragrances has contributed to the item’s blended scent of apple blossoms, peach nectar and vanilla orchid. The key ingredients in the product have been throughly evaluated by McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry, which is a renowned independent environmental research institute. Along with the product’s certified ingredients, the granite cleaner is also praised for its biodegradable properties. According to studies conducted by the company, almost 70 percent of the formula’s components will breakdown within 28 days. The product has not been subject to animal testing. The formula is free of phthalates, NPEs, carcinogens, and other toxic ingredients, so the item is unlikely to cause an allergic reaction or other unpleasant side effects.

The company has produced the product in a solid black container that is equipped with an easy-grip spray nozzle. The item is manufactured with 100 percent recycled bottles to prevent unnecessary waste, preserve resources, and promote recycling. By developing the product with only recycled plastic that was recovered from previously-used bottles or industrial waste, the company is able to generate a 70 percent lower carbon footprint.

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#4. Hope’s Perfect Granite Cleaner

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The Hope’s Perfect Granite Cleaner is one of the most effective budget-friendly household products that is currently available online. The product’s profound success is greatly supported by its #1 ranking by Good Housekeeping Magazine. Designed for every type of sealed stone and engineered stone surface such as granite andmarble, the product should be an essential household cleaner.

The product was expertly created with only safe and raw ingredients. The main chemicals in the formula include preservatives, fragrance, purified water, water softener, and a surfactant blend. Many of the substances are naturally derived and biodegradable. There are not any ammonia, alcohol, or acid present in the solution.

The item’s unique and pH balanced formula was developed to quickly remove messes without resulting in streaks. Many customers have voted the Hope’s Perfect Granite Cleaner as one of the best cleaning solutions that they have ever tried. The product is often used to remove toothpaste, dirt, dust, handprints, spills, and stains from granite surfaces. These removals can be accomplished without harming the sealant. Simply spray the surface with the product, and ten wipe the targeted area with paper towels until it’s dry and free of streaks. Since the item can promote extremely quick and easy cleaning, most users notice that using the granite cleaner will not require many wipes after regular maintenance. The product should not be applied to unsealed surface. Make sure that you check the item’s compatibility before using.

As you are shopping for the product, try to locate a granite cleaner that is package in a solid forest green container. For the shoppers convenience, the item is offered at many local retailers and online. The Hope’s Perfect Granite Cleaner is manufactured in the United States.

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Pre-purchase considerations


The greatest granite cleaners should be manufactured with premium components. Try to avoid products that are formulated with substances such as bleach, ammonia, lime, vinegar, and lemon. These chemicals have been shown to dull and weaken the sealant that protects the countertops. Many companies strive to create a pH balanced solution that does not contain too many acidic or basic properties. A product that contains a pH balanced formula typically produces a beautiful countertop that is free of streaks and damage.

Intended Uses

Before using any household cleaning item, you should ensure that the countertop is sealed. Most of the time, unsealed or weakly sealed surfaces will quickly absorbs spills, oil, water, and stains. One of the best approaches to checking if a countertop is sealed is to simply place a few drops of water on the surface. A sealed surface will cause the water to form in a bubble on the stone. If the water has soaked into the surface, then you should seal the countertop soon.

Most granite cleaners are specifically formulated to remove dirt, debris, and bacteria from the countertops. These kinds of products may also enhance the surface by providing a protective layer on the stone. The final result is a countertop that shines.

Stone Countertops

Despite its name, granite cleaners can be used on other stone surfaces besides granite. Before you begin shopping for household cleaning products, you should first determine the type of countertop that is in your house. The most popular countertop is granite, which is an extremely dense rock that is composed of a mixture of quartz, mica, and feldspar. Although it’s surface is resistant to scratches, granite countertops can stain easily and hold bacteria. The second most purchased surface is marble countertops. Made primarily of underwater sediment rocks, marble can experience cracks, scratches, and acid damage.

An affordable alternative to granite and marble surfaces are slate countertops. Since slate is softer and more porous than its counterparts, the component will need to be cleaned and sealed often. Because quartz is a very strong type of stone, quartz surfaces do not need to be cleaned often. The surfaces that are made of limestone are prone to scratches, staining, and acid damage since the countertop is porous and light in color. Soapstone countertops contain many of the same properties as granite countertops, but soapstone surfaces are prone to more scratches.

Cleaning Tips

The best way to clean stone countertops is immediately after spills with a soft cloth or paper towel. In order to prevent additional damage, avoid using harsh sponges when using granite cleaners. The regular maintenance of the surface will ensure that the stones remains in excellent condition. After using the product, you may want to apply polish and/sealant to the treated area. Most experts believe that granite sealer should be applied at least once a year. If you would like to ensure that the stone is not damage, spray the solution directly on the soft cloth before wiping the surface. Always refer to the instructions when using household cleaning items.


The stone countertop is more likely to have a long life if it’s protected from spills, scratches, and stains. Simple kitchen items such as coasters, pot holders, trivets, and cutting boards play a major role in maintaining a beautiful and functional cooking and baking areas. Another way to protect the surface is to clean spills immediately by blotting and wiping the affected region. The blotting and wiping technique will ensure that the spill doesn’t spread to larger areas.

Conclusion (Wrapping it up)

Although granite countertops are extremely durable, they do require a little bit of maintenance. The customers that experience the most success usually purchase cleaners that damage the stone surface, which can ultimately result in costly repairs and replacements. These great products usually feature non-toxic and gentle formulas that will not scratch countertops. For the best results, combine the excellent granite cleaner with a non-abrasive sponge that can safely and easily remove food particles from the stone surface. In addition to kitchen countertops, these types of sponges should also be safe to use on stone shower walls and other common areas in the house. Our primary goal is to ensure that our guide encourages a smooth and easy shopping experience.