How Well Do Water Based Air Purifiers Work?

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Every person has resorted to using the best water-based air purifier to eliminate household pollutants. These are cost-effective solutions to solve your indoor quality air problems. They eliminate all pollutants in the house, including bacteria, mold, cooking odors, and dust mites, among others. 

Individuals suffering from respiratory illnesses like allergic rhinitis and asthma should take advantage of these devices. The water-based air purifiers run silently in rooms to enable dwellers to breathe fresh and clean air. But how well do water based air purifiers work? Let’s dig deep into this question to get the limelight about it.

How Well Do Water Based Air Purifiers Work?diffuser

For clear information about this question, an individual should first understand how this system works. For one, the water emerges as a sticky substance when it is on a molecular level. Stagnant water can capture or rather gather pollutants available in the surrounding. If you try to stir it a little, it turns more effective on the filter.

Using the science behind the sticky nature of water, we can deduce something. An increase in the surface area of water will trigger the formation of waves. As more water gets into contact with the filth in the air, all pollutants get eliminated in the process. But how well do water based air purifiers work?

People sometimes go for the best water based air purifier. We have also seen how water acts as a natural filter. It is capable of gathering all the household pollutants and provides clean air to breathe. The HEPA air purifiers employ mechanical filters designed specially to purify the air.

All air purifiers are specially designed to get rid of any form of a pollutant from our surroundings. Unlike the HEPA air purifiers that employ mechanical filters, water-based air purifiers combine several things to accomplish this. Below are the combined things they use to purify the air;

Humidification of Light

As these systems run, they continually release small amounts of moisture. Released moisture brings about an increase in the humidity levels. But then, can water-based air purifiers regulate the amount of humidity at home? No way, don’t expect these systems to act as humidifies. Though, you will get the feeling of higher humidity when placed near your vicinity.

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Purification of Light Air

Water-based air purifiers use water to clean the surrounding air. However, you can’t compare the level of efficiency they provide to what mechanical filters offer. The mechanical filters provide more efficient air purification than water-based air purifiers.

Even though they provide low-efficiency levels, they are capable of removing pollutants in small spaces. They will work best when you set them closest to your breathing area or room.


Diffusing sweet smells into your space is something that water-based air purifiers do best. Most of these systems get designed compatible with scented oils. So, just a few drops of essential scented oils into your basin turn the air around refreshing and pleasant.

The Benefits of Water-Based Air Purifiers

We have an idea about the working principle of water-based air purifiers. They use the basic concept of miniaturizing and rainstorm to eliminate pollutants in the air around. This provides you with appealing and fresh air to breathe for a healthy living.

Most conventional purifiers use mechanical filters to dry the air around since moisture collects on the filters. This is different from the water-based purifiers as it provides clean and moist air to breathe.

Moreover, they are affordable, which any person can acquire to use at home. They have a low price tag making them an easy choice for most households. The water-based air purifiers are generally larger compared to the other air purifier systems on the size they cover. Therefore, an individual gets more from it.

Furthermore, the water-based air purifiers are easier to maintain than conventional options. Conventional options need changing filters often. Water acts as a filter to the water based air purifiers.

Can You Use Water Based Air Purify Instead of a Humidifier?

Humidifiers got explicitly designed to release large water amounts into the surrounding air. Even though the water-based air purifiers do similar, it releases smaller amounts of water to the surrounding air. Therefore, if you have a slight increase in humidity levels, then the water-based air purifiers win. However, if you need more humidity, there is a need to get a humidifier.

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You need to bear in mind that the water-based air purifiers are designed to carry out two purposes. Their purpose is to cleanse the air and do a slight humidification task. However, they don’t do both these tasks equally. Since they are best at cleansing the air, don’t expect them to work excellent to humidify air as the humidifiers.

How to Care Your Water Based Air Purifierdiffuser

Care and maintenance of water-based air purifiers are the best things to indulge in if you need effective results. For instance, the water basin needs thorough cleaning once a week; however, this depends on how often you use it. For the entire machine, a monthly thorough cleanup session is necessary.

Since these machines use water to cleanse the air, the water basin can target bacteria growth. Besides this, fungi, mold, and other troublesome pollutants will target this area. If you don’t consider regular cleanup sessions, then bacteria might overrun the system. After a time, they will take up the entire place and make the air unclean to dwellers.

The manufacturer usually provides a manual on how the cleanup process is conducted. You will clean your machine using a bleach mixture. Besides cleaning, always ensure you follow the recommendations of the manufacturer all through. This will assure you of effective results from the machine.


How well do water based air purifiers work? These machines are specially designed to cleanse indoor air. They are not only an affordable option for all levels of people but also easy to maintain. Besides, they add scent to the air we breathe to make it more appealing.