The Best Hiking Socks

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People Socks 71% Merino Wool Hiking Crew Socks

Our Top Pick for 2018: People Socks 71% Merino Wool Hiking Crew Socks
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Hiking can be adventurous but the process of achieving your climbing goal can be difficult if you don’t have the right socks. You may have a good pair of hiking boots, but the type of socks you wear can make a big difference if the socks are not able to stand the pressure of each step you take. When you want good foot support while climbing, a quality hiking sock is required. This is due to the high probability of the sock maintaining its thread consistency and structure. Listed below are four types of hiking socks that have been rated as satisfactory. Whatever your need is for hiking socks, these brands can provide the support and warmth you need during your journey.


#1. People Socks 71% Merino Wool Hiking Crew Socks

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The Merino Wool Hiking Crew Sock is one of the best trekking socks. People Socks is the type of manufacturer that is mindful of the type of materials and testing that are used to develop socks. That’s why these socks are made of 71% premium Australian Merino Wool, 21% Nylon, 7% Polyester, and 1% Spandex. These materials provide the elasticity that is needed for a snug fit. The reinforced toe and heel are added benefits that reduce excessive wear and tear. While this sock provides a considerable amount of warmth with its medium thickness, it will not trap an excessive amount of heat. As a result, you can wear these USA made socks throughout the year.

If you like having a variety of hiking socks to match your wardrobe, these socks are available in eight colors; charcoal, charcoal black, heather brown, heather charcoal black, heather green, heather navy blue, navy, and green. These colors can complement any combination of flannel plaid shirts, jeans, or corduroy slacks. Each sock is available in sizes large 9.5 – 12 and small/medium 7.5 – 9.5. To maintain the shape of these socks, cold water machine washing and air drying are the best methods to use. If these steps are followed, you’ll be able to stretch your hiking sock investment for a couple of years. Since the socks are available in packs of four, three or four packs should last you awhile.

Although identified as hiking socks, these crew socks can be worn as work shoes if you work in the construction, utility, manufacturing, sanitation, transportation, and mechanic industries. These occupations often require that you stand or walk for extended periods of time. As a result, your work boot may not be the only support your foot needs to transport items from one location to another. If you live in the north, Winter time can also be brutal on your feet.

The People Socks company have created products to assist those who are highly active whether it’s related to work or recreation. These socks don’t just cover your feet, the socks also shield against moisture which can easily seep into the socks when you’ve been walking a lot. When moisture protection is not available, your feet will begin to sweat and the result is lingering odor. So when you take off your boot or shoe, your feet will feel as though you just put the socks on. You’ll also notice the comfort level when you stretch your toes and walk around.

People Socks has been able to attract more than 3,400 customers on Amazon. 3,429 posted reviews about their experiences wearing these socks. 76% of the reviewers rated these socks five stars. The primary reasons were related to fit, minimal packaging, domestic manufacturing, ventilation, moisture blocking, and comfort. These factors have created loyal customers especially among those who have a high sock turnover rate.

However, some customers noted issues which were not satisfactory such as quick deterioration, lack of unisex shape, lack of warmth, and snug fit. These challenges give more insight into areas that need significant improvement. Despite the positive reviews of many who did not experience these challenges, it sheds light on the need to offer larger sizes specifically to provide more room in the heel area since it has reinforcement. A short video clip is available on Alya Channels on YouTube. Although this video does not have any audio presentation, the one-minute clip shows a variety of boots these socks can be worn with. So you can see that these socks are not limited to hiking.

#2. Darn Tough Vermont 1/4 Merino Wool Cushion Hiking Socks

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If you’re looking for a quality wool hiking sock that is not too long, the Darn Tough Vermont Merino Wool Cushion Hiking Sock is an ideal choice. These socks are available in small sizes (5.5-5.75), medium (8-9.5), large (10-12), and X-Large (12.5+). The durability of these socks is the primary feature that contributes to the performance fit. You won’t have to worry about these socks sagging or wearing out too quickly. With US made materials such as 65% Merino Wool, 31% Nylon, and 4% Lycra Spandex, you can be confident that your feet will be sufficiently covered.

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445 consumers who purchased these socks on Amazon posted reviews about these socks. 86% rated these socks five stars and the remaining 14% did not obtain the satisfaction they anticipated. The benefits that were noted to have great significance included durability, comfort, moisture resistance, and ability to hold right temperature. The factors that prevented some customers from giving a raving review included the lack of elasticity, small size, and unraveling material. One customer noted that blisters resulted after hiking three days. This could also be due to the customer’s trekking or boots. However, these issues are worth thinking about if you hike a lot and expect your socks to last throughout the duration of your excursion.

The Wasatch Gear Review YouTube channel has an extensive review about the Darn Tough Vermont Hiking Socks. The reviewer stated that he had used the socks for seven or eight months prior to posting the video. He explained the material content of the sock specifically explaining the quality of Merino Wool. The antimicrobial aspect was explained as being a feature that is a natural part of the wool. The reviewer also showed how Darn Tough took the time to create these socks with inside stitching which prevents the development of blisters. The fact that these socks are USA manufactured was a primary reason the reviewer purchased the socks. He also displayed a variety of other socks that Darn Tough manufactures to give viewers a preview of the company’s product lines.

Several customers who purchased these socks on found a significant amount of comfort while wearing these socks. One customer who was a little apprehensive about purchasing the socks decided to try out the socks after hearing so many positive things about the brand’s performance. His review noted that … “The materials are top-notch, the cushioning is just right, and they feel like they will go the distance”. Another customer posted a photo of himself wearing the socks and he stated how the socks felt like new even after washing and wearing them for a month.

This feature seemed to be a quality that other customers noticed after washing the socks. Although socks are not necessarily a topic that is frequently talked about, Darn Tough’s standard of quality production has garnered a continual interest in discussing its socks’ features. This is a key indicator that if you purchase these socks, your money will not be wasted.


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#3. Wigwam Cool-Lite Mid Hiker Pro Quarter Length Sock

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Wigwam makes stepping into your running shoes or hiking boots very easy. These quarter-inch socks are stylish and high-performing. The 62% Coolmax Polyester, 21% Stretch Nylon, 9% Cotton, and 8% X2O Acrylic materials contribute to the ventilation you’ll need while wearing these socks. Bike riding will become easy and hiking will seem possible because of the light weight.

You’ll be able to reach your height and mile goal without having to change socks that are wet. The mesh in-step, y heel pocket, and welt top also contribute to the comfort level you will feel when you put these socks on. The process of cleaning these socks is very simple. Just toss them in the machine, set the temperature to warm water, and tumble dry low. These steps will help you extend the life of your socks and maintain the construction. 17 colors are available for these socks.

If you’re still wondering if these socks are a good choice for you, reading a few Amazon reviews may be able to help you make up your mind. 624 customers posted their reviews to let others know what type of experience they had while wearing these socks. 73% rated these socks five stars because of comfort. There are contrary opinions about the construction. The inside of the sock does not appear to last as long as expected. The problem seems to with the stitching. It doesn’t stay intact which could lead to rapid unraveling. The size also appears to be a conflicting issue. Customers who have larger feet were not able to find significant room within the large size range as indicated by the manufacturer. This can pose a major problem for consumers who order several pairs and have to purchase new ones.

Dick’s Sporting Goods had 81 customers who shared their review and of those 58 customers rated these socks five stars. The moisture-resistance and comfort factors were reasons that influenced the customers’ positive ratings. However, the inadequate size was a negative factor that a few customers noted. This indicates a consistent problem that has affected many customers. As a result, you may want to select a larger size if you purchase these socks.

Matt Guff on The House YouTube channel posted a helpful video review. He emphasized how comfortable the socks are and how much they repel moisture. He mentioned that he was a long term consumer of these socks specifically stating that he had gone through 50 pairs. As a result, he felt compelled to do a review. Matt emphasized the importance of purchasing a good sock regardless of your outdoor activity. He mentioned that the socks do prevent blisters. He ended the review by giving the socks two thumbs up. This indicates that Wigwam produces quality hiking socks and cares about their customers. This company makes it easy for customers to stay comfortable all day long with its Cool-Lite Mid Hiker Pro Quarter Length Sock.

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#4. Kirkland Signature Outdoor Trail Sock

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The Kirkland Signature Outdoor Trail Sock is able to stand up to any outdoor activity. Whether it’s Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall, you can rely on this sock to give you the warmth and comfort you need to conquer the day. Some of the reliable features of these socks include multipurpose use, sizes available in 8-12, and Merino Wool construction. These socks also keep your feet warm and dry. So if you’re climbing a hill, running on a trail, or walking on concrete pavement, your feet will be safe in these socks.

If you prefer low profile styled socks, these socks may work for you. You can choose gray or brown or both if you want to change your style. These socks can be worn with boots and running shoes. This versatility increases the worth of your purchase. Why pay for socks that can’t be worn in several styles of shoes? One customer who purchased these socks on Amazon quickly discovered the value of owning several pairs of Kirkland Signature Outdoor Trail Socks. Although the comfort level was not equal to her previous hiking socks, the reviewer found that these socks were worth buying and decided to add more of these socks to her collection.

65% of 215 Amazon customers rated these socks five stars. However, several customers thought these socks lacked high quality. This is due to the socks’ tendency to deteriorate rapidly. Inadequate stitching and fitting will definitely cause dissatisfaction. These negative experiences however, could be due to a few defective pairs which received approval to be sold.

A lot of customers think that Kirkland Signature is a good brand, so if you purchase a pair of these Outdoor Trail Socks and encounter any problems, contact the manufacturer to find out if replacements are offered. PJ posted his review of these socks. In his “Sock Choices: Kirkland, Smartwool, Fox River, Military Issue” review, he emphasized the important of wearing a good pair of choice especially when hiking several miles. PJ decided to test several brands of socks to assess the performance level especially during military related activities. The benefits that were noted were … “Affordable, sturdy, plenty of cushioning”. On the other hand, PJ noticed problems such as low retail inventory and the length which was indicated to be too short for boots. This type of sock assessment definitely provides good insight into the quality of Kirkland Signature’s hiking socks.

Pre-purchase considerations


Having the right size sock can make your sock wearing experience worth the effort. When socks are too small or too large, they tend to camouflage other good features such as comfort and warmth. When shopping for new socks, you should review the size chart and evaluate online reviews to see if there is an overwhelming number of complaints. If so, you should choose to order a larger size or select another brand.


The type of material that is chosen to make socks will determine how long the product will last. If you find that a pair of socks has positive reviews because of the longevity, that’s a good indicator that the socks will be a good investment. However, if customers have commented about deterioration, you should consider either assessing the reason to rule out any possible defective pairs, customer mishandling, or opt for another brand.


Some socks may provide the warmth you need, but lack the comfort you desire. When shopping for a hiking sock, evaluate the cushion factor to determine if it’s a feature you can do without or must have. When a hiking sock has a significant amount of comfort, you can avoid experiencing sharp foot pains.


Shopping for a quality pair of socks can be challenging, but when higher brands are discounted, you’ll have the opportunity to purchase several packs. If you select a cheaper brand, you may have to forego the features that you need such as comfort, moisture resistance, and durability.

Conclusion (Wrapping it up)

Hiking socks are an essential part of arriving at your destination without excessive foot pain. A quality sock will not only provide foot covering, but will perform well under pressure, heat, and cold. When you purchase hiking socks it’s recommended that you select a style that will accommodate the type of shoe you will be wearing.