Why Campervan Travel Is Best During COVID-19

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Remember traveling to exotic places, exploring new countries, eating food you’ve only ever read about online? It all seems like such a distant memory now, doesn’t it? 2020 has changed the world as we know it, and it has certainly changed travel as we know it. Now, we’re not only discouraged from traveling to exotic destinations, many won’t even let us in. This means it’s time we started looking at our own backyard a little more.

There’s plenty of local places where you can travel, and there is an abundance of fun things to see and do – as long as you stay socially distanced and safe. And while you can always get in the car and head to the beach, or train it to the hills, hiring or investing in a campervan is an even better idea. Not only do you get your mode of transport, but you also get your accommodation as well. You’ll not only save time planning a detailed itinerary, you’ll also save money on swanky hotels.

If you’re considering travel this year, here are some of the reasons a motorhome is a great option for local travel during COVID-19.

Social distancing at its finest

The days of getting on a packed bus with 30 other people are long gone. Today, many tour companies have either stopped operating or are operating at limited capacity. They simply can’t have people who aren’t part of the same family sitting next to each other. With a campervan, you don’t need to worry. It’s just you, your close friends or family – whoever you’re planning on taking with you. No stress about someone sneezing on you from the next seat over. And better yet, you get the front seat for the best views all the time.

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A motorhome also helps you avoid restaurants – simply hit the drive-through instead, and you don’t need to worry about sharing a bathroom with other people if you hire a motorhome that comes complete with toilet and shower facilities. You can also choose destinations that are further away from crowds and still easily accessible – avoiding packed caravan parks at popular resort towns. Or, just head somewhere close to home for a staycation, and it’ll still feel like you’re having a holiday.

Keeping things clean

According to the World Health Organisation, COVID-19 can spread by touching the surface that someone who has the virus has touched. Unfortunately, it’s that simple, particularly with some of the more infectious strains we’re seeing at the moment. Heading out to a public place makes it so much easier for the virus to shift from person to metal or plastic to person. And for holidaymakers, you have no idea who has been touching the bathroom, showers, dining areas, and so on, that you’re about to use.

With a campervan, you know exactly who has been using your facilities – you and your family or co-travelers. This makes it easier to stay in control of the germs. If someone does venture out, or if you have a guest come to visit, it’s easy to clean the small space you have.

Bigger choice of destinations

One of the biggest benefits of traveling in a motorhome is that you have more freedom when choosing destinations. There are some cities and towns where accommodation is still closed to travelers, while others are wide open, particularly campsites. There are some regions where accommodation remains restricted, while others have been permitted to open their bars and cafes, playgrounds and indoor spaces (though they still have restrictions on the number of people allowed in a space). 

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With your own campervan, you can choose to go somewhere that’s more flexible and allows for more people, or the opposite – somewhere that’s quieter, where you have less chance of becoming ill. The rules are different right across England, Wales, Ireland, and Scotland – so be sure to check with your intended destination before you head off.

While international travel might be off the cards for most people, for now, there’s no reason you can’t still enjoy getting out and exploring. And the UK offers plenty of stunning spots to explore and an abundance of things you can do safely. Campervan travel is not only a great way to avoid germs and crowds, but it also opens you up to a variety of destinations you may never have considered previously.