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Energizer 25 Ft 1-Gauge 800A Jumper Battery Cables

Our Top Pick for 2019: Energizer 25 Ft 1-Gauge 800A Jumper Battery Cables

A healthy car battery should be able to power your car’s electric starter motor whenever the ignition switch is activated, but occasionally this reaction can be compromised at the worst possible time. All jumper cables are designed to help you out of a jam by giving you that precious boost of electricity that you need from a healthy battery, but different jumper cables are designed for different degrees of electricity transfers. No matter what specific kind of jumper cable it is that you happen to need, the following jumper cables have been rated as some of the most reliable on the market.

Let’s Have a Quick Look of Our Top 4 Picks:


#1. Energizer 25 Ft 1-Gauge 800A Jumper Battery Cables

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Energizer 25 Ft 1-Gauge 800A jumper battery cables are made extra-long, at 25 feet, which allows them to be used for conveniently and safely be used for boosting the battery from behind the vehicle. The constitution of the cables is made of industrial grade copper, and the ends are clad with aluminum booster cables. The clamps are insulated with a coat of PVC, the gauge count is 1, and the maximum AMP capacity is 800. The flexibility is such that the cables are able to operate even at a temperature of -40°C.

One customer testified that before they purchased the energizers, they had spent 20 minutes trying to rebel of their truck. The battery was completely dead and the Walmart cables were completely useless. One week later, they received the Energizers and tried once more. After just 2 minutes, the truck was brought back to life.

Another customer testified that they received these cables as a Christmas gift for their son, because of their husband’s advice. The customer reported that their husband believed these were perfect in every way. They found that the clamps were exceedingly strong and that the wires themselves were very well made. The customer did advise that the Energizers can be deceptively heavy, and also that the clamps are so strong that some customers may find it a challenge to open them easily.

In another testimony, a customer began by saying that they were slightly abscessed with jumper cables in general. The customer reported that when they had first begun driving, about 20 years ago, the very first jumper cables that they had were not very long and they would almost always require getting the cars very close together in order to have a chance at jumpstarting successfully.

Even when the cables were able to be put in place successfully, it would always take a very long time for the energy to be transferred from one car to another. Every subsequent set of cables that the customer purchased would usually always have a problem of either not being long enough or not having clamps that were strong enough. Once the customer finally got their hands on the Energizers, had finally had jumper cables without any glaring shortcomings.

The customer had been looking for an additional set of cables that they could use for their wife’s vehicle. After giving them a try, they were convinced that there couldn’t be any situation in which the length of the cables would be insufficient.

These cables come in both a 25 foot and 30 foot length option. They can be purchased for the price of $59.99 (depending on the cable length), a 40% discount from their standard MSRP list price of $99.99.

#2. ABN 2 Gauge 600 Amp 25 ft Parrot Clamp Jumper Booster Cables

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ABN 2 Gauge 600 Amp jumper cables are made with a durable and tangle-free construction. High-tension clamps are in place in order to create a safe and secure connection. The clamps are also color-coded, which makes them much easier to organize. The AMP capacity of the cables is 600, and the gauge is 2. They have been designed to be perfectly capable of working in all weather conditions.

The jaws are serrated, and the coating is made with a non-slip design to maximize the strength of the grip. The product can be used efficiently with RVs, tractors, buses, semis, and all other kinds of commercial vehicles.

Customers have testified that the quality of the cables is a good deal for the length provided. The positive and negative leads to the cable are siamesed together, which makes routing a little bit easier. If the customer desires, they can pull them apart and use the cable separately. One customer testified that they are certain the cables will last them a lifetime. The customer particularly enjoyed the fact that they can be used easily even if parked behind another car.

Due to the fact that the cables can be used even when parked behind another car, jumpstarting can be done much more safely. In another testimony, a customer mirrored the common praise for the 25-foot length, which allow them to assist a car in a parked garage without needing to push the car out into the aisle. The only drawback that the customer had to mention was the fact that the cables do weigh quite a lot more than usual, so customers ought to prepare for that.

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One customer noted that the price for these cables with half or less than what they would normally have to pay in auto parts stores. The customer found that the clips on the battery post were very heavy-duty and solid, allowing them to confidently deliver their jump charge without the worry that the clamps could come undone.


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#3. Bee Auto Care 20 Ft Long 4 Gauge Heavy Duty Jumper Cables

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*Price typically updated every 24 hours. Current price may be different.

Bee Auto Care heavy duty jumper cables have a heavy 4-gauge rating, which allows them to charge dead batteries relatively quickly. Because the cables are 20 feet long, it is very easy for customers to connect one vehicle to another without getting the cars especially close together.

The clamps are made with heavy duty parrot designs. The parrot clamps are able to work equally well with both top and side post batteries. With a 600 AMP rating, customers are able to boost all different kinds and sizes of batteries with equal efficiency. The cables are tangle free, and they will also remain perfectly flexible in temperatures below 0°F. The cables are RoHS compliant as well.

One customer testified that they decided to try these cables out after their oldest set had finally died. The first impression that the customer got were that these cables were particularly sturdy. The customer enjoyed how the cables were a 4 gauge and appeared safe to use.

The customer was most pleased with the fact that the cables were 20 feet long, because like most former owners of inefficient jumper cables, they have had far too many experiences with needing to get cars incredibly close together just to get a jumpstart.

The customer reported that the parrot clamps were quite heavy-duty, and also that they had a strong spring to them which should operate equally well from either the side or the top of the battery posts. The 600 AMP rating was perfectly sufficient for the customer’s needs.
Another customer began their testimony by mentioning an older set of jumper cables never leave their car.

The customer recalled a when that they had been forced to push another person’s dead car out of a parking spot just to make their older cables reach the battery, which turned out to be on the opposite side. With their older cables, the customer was forced to deal with the fact that it would take almost 10 minutes just to charge the battery. Since investing in the Bee Auto Care cables, the customer reported that they have been saved several times by the 20-foot length allowing them to quickly jumpstart from a distance that was previously impossible.

The maximum length is 20 feet. These cables can be purchased for the price of $26.94, a 22% discount from their standard list price of $34.49. Every purchase comes with a satisfaction guarantee that entitles the customer to a full no-hassle or refund or exchange for any reason, along with a complementary carrying case.

#4. Performance Tool W1671 12 Foot 8-Gauge Jumper Cable

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*Price typically updated every 24 hours. Current price may be different.

Performance Tool 8-Gauge jumper cables are medium duty cables meant for passenger light cars and pick-up trucks. There are red/black clamps to make them easily identifiable and organized. The exterior has been included in a tangle-free rubber coating. The cables’ gauge count is 8, and the AMP is 250 with a 300 peak.

One customer testified that they have used thousands of different booster cables over the years, and they have found that these are the best of them all. The customer qualified themselves as an expert on the subject after spending 27 years working on cars, boats, motorcycles, and many other vehicles professionally. The customer stated that they have jumpstarted vehicles well over 1000 times, in addition to many other non-jumpstart jobs that they had used booster cables for in the past.

The customer specified three different categories that they personally use to determine the quality of booster cables: the internal cable diameter, the design of the clamps, and the cable sheathing. The customer gave the internal cable diameter a 9 out of 10, the build of the clamps an 8 out of 10, and the cable sheathing a perfect 10 out of 10 for being thick enough to protect the cables from damage, supple yet flexible, and non-sinking/non-memory.

Another customer testified that these cables were particularly nice for their standard list price. The customer was very pleased with how flexible they were. The customer also enjoyed how the connection at the clamps appeared to be solid enough to mitigate the risk of detaching. The customer had purchased the 20-foot cable because, most of the time, they have had to jump someone who is in a parking lot.

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When jumping somebody in a parking lot, the customer reported that it can oftentimes be a challenge to get the cars facing one another. With the 20-foot cable, the customer was able to park behind the cars and still hook up the cables successfully.

The customer found that the 4-gauge was perfectly sufficient to carry a suitable current, and they also described the rubber coating to have a very nice feel. The customer reported that they when they have been able to find cables of similar quality, the price was typically two to three times more expensive.

In another testimony, a customer reported that they had bought these cables just in case of any emergencies. The customer found that at the price for which these cables are available, they are deserving of 5 stars for their heavy duty nature. The thing that the customer enjoyed the most was the fact that these cables are incredibly long, which allows them to reach other parked cars even when parked in an area nose first.

The only drawback that the customer had to report was the fact that the cables can take up a decent amount of space in the trunk, so prospective owners to prepare accordingly.
Another customer agreed that the quality of the cables is excellent when considering the price. In addition to the gauge being particularly powerful, the customer was also impressed with how long and flexible the cables were.

The customer had great praise for the insulated clamps and their ability to greatly reduce the chance of being electrocuted. Previously, the customer had been relying on an old set that lacked a safe level of insulation; these cables saved to the customer before they were ever unfortunate enough to get shocked.

The maximum length is 12 feet and these cheaper booster cables can be purchased for the price of $14.85.

Pre-purchase considerations


The importance of the jumper cables’ width is oftentimes overestimated, but it might still be a measurement that you’re interested in knowing. The length of the jumper cables is generally a bit more vital than the width of the jumper cables. Typically, at least 12 feet is required for the jumper cables to facilitate basic reach.


The clamps of the jumper cables can be color-coded in order to make the cables easier to organize. High-quality jumper cables will also often have a certain capacity for tension that will make them more reliable and secure. Always be sure that the clamps have been designed to facilitate your needs and convenience. Make sure that the teeth look like they have enough traction to keep them from sliding off of the battery terminals. Rubberized clamp handles are useful for preventing the risk of shocks.


The gauge is arguably one of the most important factors in making a decision of which jumper cables are the best choice for you. The gauge of the jumper cables is what allows them to charge any batteries that you have in a swift and efficient manner. Contrary to popular belief, a higher gauge count is not always better. The lower the gauge, the faster it will charge.


The AMP capacity of your jumper cables, much like the gauge count, is a strong deciding factor in the power that the cables can provide for you. The higher the AMP capacity, the more power that you can charge into your battery at once. Be sure to invest in jumper cables that provide you with exactly how much AMP capacity you need, but be aware that higher AMP capacity will often translate into a higher price as well.


The most convenient jumper cables will typically be made with tangle-free construction. With tangle-free construction, your jumper cables will be much more convenient to manage due to the fact that you will not have to fish through them and untangle them before every use. The best-constructed jumper cables will also often be made for an optimized level of durability, which will increase their longevity and potentially save you money on replacements.

Conclusion (Wrapping it up)

Even if you don’t happen to be an auto mechanic, choosing the best jumper cables is a relatively simple matter as long as you take note of the most important factors. Always make sure to be aware of the construction, length, gauge, and AMP capacity of any jumper cables that you are considering buying. If you make the perfect choice in jumper cables, then they can easily pay for themselves in the stress that you are spared. Having a convenient and stress-free way to jumpstart your car battery whenever you need to is invaluable. If all of the necessary research is conducted, then this should be a purchase that you only have to make once.

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