The Best Lacrosse Gloves

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Brine King Superlight 2 Lacrosse Glove

Our Top Pick for 2019: Brine King Superlight 2 Lacrosse Glove

Keeping the hands protected is one of the most important facets of playing a good game of lacrosse. Whether you are a goalie who needs to have a more padded experience or a midfielder who needs a little more flexibility, you know that a glove that doesn’t actively assist in your lacrosse (or lax) game, is simply a hindrance that you can’t easily manage. A good glove should blend protection, maneuverability, and grip, so that you can play at your fullest.

There are a plethora of gloves on the market today – across positions, and deciding which is best for your needs can be difficult; especially if you are doing your shopping online. To help you with this, we’ve created this lacrosse glove guide that will show you four great lax gloves as well as provide a pre-purchase list of considerations that will help you make an informed decision.

Let’s Have a Quick Look of Our Top 4 Picks:


#1. Brine King Superlight 2 Lacrosse Glove

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Our Gold Pick lacrosse glove comes to us from an icon of the sport, Brine. Brine has been in operation for over 70 years, meaning that the company is almost as old as the most modern version of the sport (earlier versions of lacrosse have been played as early as 1100 AD). In the several decades that the modern sport has been played, Brine has consistently provided innovation for lax enthusiasts, and continues to do so with our Gold Pick lacrosse gloves.

The first thing you’ll notice about these gloves, from an aesthetic point of view, is how padded they appear. Each joint of every knuckle is individually padded, to a rich degree, with each part of every finger appearing studded. The back of the wrist is well covered as well, ensuring that attacks are well defended and your hand is protected from errant lacrosse sticks. These mostly white colored gloves also have the Brine logo underneath the wrist cup area.

One of the coolest features of this lacrosse glove is the floating wrist cuff. Not only does this padded area provide additional protection for your wrists, but it will also allow you to keep your gloves attached to your arm, yet dangling freely when you want to rest with your hands out. When in use, this cuff also allows the glove more range of motion, all while keeping your wrist very well protected.

Amazingly, with the leather and synthetic materials that Brine used for this glove, it takes a fascinatingly low amount of time to break them in. Most users report that usually within about two weeks of low usage, the gloves are flexible and pliable enough to be a real joy to use. As a matter of fact, comfort is definitely one of the prime calling cards of these lax gloves; they fit snuggly where needed and have more than enough padding to feel great under many lacrosse situations. Another comfort feature is the fact that these are some of the lightest lacrosse gloves on the market; each glove only weighs an astoundingly light six ounces.

Any lacrosse player will tell you that keeping your gloves dry is one of the most important practices for any lax player, regardless of skill level, so ventilation is of paramount importance. To keep your hands well ventilated, Brine has incorporated a netted mesh on the palms that’s thick enough not to wear down, but perforated enough for air flow. In addition to this, there are also vents on the fingers and on the back of the hand, so that incoming air will wick away uncomfortable moisture.

#2. STX Lacrosse Cell 100 Gloves

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STX has been providing equipment since 1970, and in those 46 years the company has developed sporting gear for men’s and women’s lacrosse, field hockey, and hockey. Their extensive product line includes helmets, goggles, and even a proprietary weaving material for your stick’s pocket, called memory mesh. With such a vast line of products, it’s clear that STX keeps those of us who play lacrosse consistently in mind.

Looking for a unique looking lax glove that will look unique on the field? Then, look no further than our Silver Pick product, STX’s Lacrosse Cell 100 gloves. Aesthetically, these are very cool looking and employ a coloration that blends black, a very visible neon green, and white, which not only makes you more visible as lower light situations occur, but also are ventilated in the green section of the gloves, as that area is comprised of a fine, but durable mesh fabric. Unfortunately, this is where you’ll find the majority of the ventilation for these gloves, as the manufacturer neglected to add vent holes into the design of this product.

These gloves are perfect for a youth who is really starting to get into the sport of lacrosse, but size all the way up to 13 inches, which is where standard-sized lacrosse gloves start. The fingers have lightweight, yet strong foam that will protect the fingers, but will also allow for a lot of manual dexterity. Comfort is certainly one of the most important features in gloves of this type, and fortunately, STX has taken the lacrosse player’s comfort into account when designing these gloves. The interior is lined with very comfortable, moisture-resistant polyester, and the external shell of these gloves is comprised of a thicker, more durable version of the same material.

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While not of the superlight series, like our Gold Pick, these lacrosse gloves do employ a very light construction that makes them easy to use. STX accomplished this by employing the aforementioned lightweight, yet durable foam in the lining of these lax gloves. Also like our Gold Pick, these gloves utilize a lace fastened wrist cuff to ensure that you’ll get the most maneuverability out of these gloves.


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#3. Gait Gunnar Glove

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Our Bronze Pick comes to us from Gait Lacrosse, a company that specializes in manufacturing men’s lacrosse gear. Gait’s slogan is “It’s more than a game”, and this is certainly exemplified in many of the professional level products that they offer. Their Gunnar lacrosse series is designed to help those who are just starting out in the world of lacrosse by providing durability and stylishness that will appeal to a younger lax player.

Since these are aimed at a younger audience, you might expect an aesthetic that would appeal to a child, and your expectations would be correct. Gait definitely crafted these gloves’ aesthetic for youngsters by utilizing an overall grey body with a blue and black geometrical pattern that starts under the well-padded thumb of these gloves and travels to the tips of the middle fingers.

In addition to looking unique and kid-friendly, these gloves also provide the protection that you need when playing this sport. Firstly, these are relatively light gloves, so that you won’t get worn out wearing them as you cut your teeth in the sport. Secondly, the padding is more than adequate to provide exceptional protection to your fingers, each section is heavily padded; without sacrificing dexterity or grip. Finally, these gloves use Nash palm technology, so that the gloves are comfortable and durable; even after extensive usage.

This Nash composition also has the added benefit of providing great grip, so that holding your stick won’t be a chore. This material is perfect, since it will withstand the hellacious beating that comes from learning the ropes in lacrosse, and is also comfortable on the inner surface. This area is also coated in an antimicrobial and antibacterial technology that will kill any of the odor causing bacteria that is present in sweat. This feature is perfect because these gloves don’t have as much ventilation as some of the other products we’ve covered in this guide, though it does use moisture wicking tech that will move excess moisture away from your hand and into a liner.

#4. Maverik Lacrosse Charger Glove

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If you are looking for a new set of lacrosse gloves, but are ballin’ on a budget you don’t have to purchase a cheapo product that will provide minimum protection. Maverik, the producer of our budget pick, provides lacrosse gear solutions for men and women; all at a very reasonable price. Similarly to some of our other picks, our final lacrosse gloves are designed with the beginning lax player in mind, so there’s a definite attention paid to flexibility.

Aesthetically, Maverik clearly went with a similar design style as our Bronze Pick as these gloves would definitely appeal to a younger lacrosse player. The majority of this product is colored a dark gray that has light grey striping that extends from both sides of the lower hand, through to the middle finger. At the base of the wrist, you’ll find a darker, triangular shaped protrusion. This is actually a floating wrist cuff that will protect your wrist from slashes; without cutting down on your wrist’s maneuverability.

For securing your wrists and providing as much flexibility as possible, Maverik used a Velcro fastened wrist cuff that attaches to the base of the glove. This cuff is very loosely tethered to the rest of the glove, ensuring that you’ll be able to move your wrist freely without sacrificing protection. In addition to all of these mobility enhancements, the manufacturer also included what they call Dillowflex technology, which allows the entire glove to flex more easily; as a matter of fact, you won’t really need to break these gloves in at all.

While these are comfortable because of the suede palm material, they also somewhat lack in moisture management, so you’ll have to carefully dry these between uses if you’d like to avoid a smelly gym bag. While this is a major consideration, the pricing on this glove is so competitive that you might consider sacrificing the lack of ventilation.

Pre-purchase considerations


We wear these gloves for protection, so as you might imagine, having extra padding to deflect slashes, protect your hands when you land, and protect against checks is important. Padding is even more important if you are serving as a goalie and want to protect your fingers and palm from a high velocity lacrosse ball. The more advanced the padding system, the more the lacrosse gloves might cost you, but you’re better spending the money so that you don’t injure your hands while you play.

Typically, if you are a goalie, you’ll want a full range of protection; especially in the thumb area, as this is the part of your hand that will feel a lot of the impact. If you play a different position, you should try to have excellent padding in the palm area, on your fingers, and around your wrists. Some models of lacrosse glove, which are more expensive, have excellent padding but are also lightweight. Our Gold Pick is an excellent example of this type, but if this is too much, there are other light options that provide an adequate degree of protection in a lighter form factor.

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The type of glove you get is typically going to vary based on price range. Let’s take a look at how price affects user experience in the realm of lacrosse gloves. Remember, prices will vary, and sometimes you’ll be able to get a premium experience with a cheaper set of gloves, so this is a realm where a little due diligence might be in order.

Basic Price Range: These tend to have a thicker layer of protection on the palm, resulting in a less flexible experience when playing. This is best for a lacrosse player who is just starting out.
Intermediate Price Range: Slightly thinner palm area, this is also the level where you’ll start to see more advanced and padded wrist guards. These are great for lacrosse players who have a team and play more often.

Premium Price Range: Best for those who are more advanced in lacrosse. Some of these even lack palm material, so that the player have a firmer, natural grip on their lacrosse sticks. These will also employ higher end foams and have moisture wicking technologies that will keep your hands drier.


Outside of goalie lacrosse gloves, there are a few different types of handwear that you should check out before you make a decision on a new pair of lax gloves. Here are a few:

Youth: Since there isn’t a lot of hitting in youth leagues, you can get away with a little less padding when you’re searching for a new lax glove.

Girls: Hitting isn’t permitted in girl’s lacrosse; so once again, you can purchase gloves with a little less padding, though goalies will need the same level of protection as is employed in men’s gloves.

Standard or Overall: This type needs the most padding since hits can occur in men’s lacrosse, so you’ll need more finger and wrist protection in order to fend off errant hits in those areas.

Comfort and Fit

The value of this consideration should never be underestimated. Lacrosse gloves should fit your hands snugly, so that as you play, you won’t be hindered by too long fingers or a sliding glove. Another comfort decision is how well they fit on your palms; if they are too snug, you’ll be uncomfortable throughout wearing and have a hard time wearing them in. Typically, lacrosse gloves are sized based on a few factors:

Youth Sized: For children, typically you’ll find these in the eight to ten inch range.
Medium: Slightly larger than the youth size, mostly these are sized around 12 inches or so.
Large: Typically, these are used by most adults and are around 13 inches. Most lacrosse players who are over 15 will find that these are the best fit.
Extra Large: For larger hands and typically will be larger than 14 inches.

If you find that you are struggling to move comfortably in your new lacrosse gloves, you can look into a bigger size, but also be aware that some thicker material gloves might need to be worn in a bit for optimal comfort. A good rule of thumb when trying on a new lacrosse glove is to see how your hand fits in it. If the meat of your palm protrudes past the base strap, then the glove is too small. The same can be said of the fingers; if you are pressing into the finger tip material and visibly pushing through the padding, then try a larger size glove.


Do you want to constantly be losing your grip on your stick as you play? Of course not, and this is why utilizing a pair of lacrosse gloves that have great grip is paramount to your lacrosse experience. The material utilized for your gloves palm area will greatly affect how well your lacrosse gloves grip and prevent sliding. Typically, the best material for ensuring a firm grip in your lacrosse gloves is latex, which has the additional benefit of being hard to tear; even after extensive use. When looking for a new set of lacrosse gloves, be sure to pick a pair that has a good gripping surface, it’ll help you have a more enjoyable game.


This is a very important stat for lacrosse gloves, because as we play, you’ll definitely experience some sweatiness. The best gloves have adequate ventilation, so that as you play, the airflow that occurs naturally will dry any excess perspiration in the glove. Wet lacrosse gloves are the leading cause of a gross smelling gym bag, so be sure to find a pair that has more than adequate ventilation, so that any excess moisture is quickly dried as you play. Outside of the reducing any foul odors, ventilation will also ensure that your grip isn’t impeded by overly wet hands. For most models of lacrosse glove, you’ll find the vents positioned along the backs of the wrist area, though some have additional vents in the thumbs, so that you’ll get a more all-encompassing moisture wicking experience.

Conclusion (Wrapping it up)

Playing lacrosse is a great way to build friendships, train your body, and learn teamwork, but it’s also a full contact sport where you should definitely wear protection, so that you can avoid injuring yourself. We hope this guide has provided you with more than enough information on how to pick a great lacrosse glove as well as provided you with a few leads for some truly exceptional products.

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