The Best Lotion for Sunburn

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BeeFriendly Organic Sunburn Relief & After Sun Lotion

Our Top Pick for 2019: BeeFriendly Organic Sunburn Relief & After Sun Lotion

As warmer temperatures gradually approach, the need for sunburn lotion increases substantially. Along with applying generous amount of sunscreen, it’s also a good idea to use products that moisturize sun-exposed skin. Most products for sunburns enable users to apply a ton of lotion to the sunburned areas on virtually any part of the body. Lotions for sunburns are often praised for its soothing and healing effect. In order to purchase the most effective sunburn lotions, you will need to thoroughly understand the products that are available. Here is a comprehensive guide that will help you shop for the best lotion for sunburns. The guide includes three moderately priced products and one budget-friendly sunburn lotion.

Let’s Have a Quick Look of Our Top 4 Picks:


#1. BeeFriendly Organic Sunburn Relief & After Sun Lotion

BeeFriendly Organic Sunburn Relief & After Sun Lotion Gold Pick

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Designed with cooling and soothing in mind, the BeeFriendly Organic Sun Lotion has been shown to provide almost instant sunburn relief. Most customers use the product to hydrate, treat, repair, moisturize, and replenish sun-damaged and sunburned skin. The sun lotion is also great for maintaining a longer and more healthier tan. In addition, the product is known for its ability to support a fast and speedy recovery for severely sunburned skin. Once you try the BeeFriendly Organic Sun Lotion, you’ll never want to purchase a sunblock from another brand.

As a truly natural and organic product, the great sun lotion contains many potent ingredients that you can actually recognize and pronounce. The primary components in the product include aloe vera gel, organic honey, organic extra virgin olive oil, and organic beeswax. The company includes organic extra virgin olive oil because the ingredient contains vitamin A and vitamin E to prevent peeling and dryness. Similarly, aloe vera gel eliminates peeling while healing sunburns. The purpose of beeswax is to enhance your skin’s softness, elasticity, and suppleness. One of the most important ingredients is organic honey, which serves as an antibiotic. The component may also significantly hydrate your skin. The product is also developed with these additional ingredients: organic witch hazel extract, organic lavender essential oil, bee pollen, purified Hawaiian water, royal jelly, organic geranium essential oil, calendula essential oil, and propolis. The company only uses ingredients that nourish your skin; therefore, the sun lotion is free of fragrances, parabens, fillers, binders, and synthetic chemicals. There are no adverse reactions associated with the product. The product is not tested on animals.

The BeeFriendly Organic Sun Lotion has been formulated to moisturize dry skin, prevent peeling, relieve painful areas, heal sunburns, and soothe itchy skin. The product may also be used to protect the skin from overexposure to the sun and tanning beds. Many customers use the sun lotion as a post waxing treatment. The product’s unique hydrating formula is sure to promote skin that is deeply hydrated, soft, and reconditioned. After shaking the product to remove the separation, apply the sun lotion to the affected areas on the face and body. The company promises that your skin will be soft and supple without any peeling or itchiness after regular use. Because of the sun lotion’s lightweight consistency, the product absorbs quickly into your skin without resulting in a greasy residue. The sun lotion has a sweet and citrusy scent. The sun lotion is tinted with a yellowish color. The item ca be applied year-round, but the sun lotion is especially useful during the hot summers.

BeeFriendly is recognized as one of the best creators of skincare products on the market. The BeeFriendly Organic Sun Lotion is made in the United States with the highest manufacturing standards. Although the company is sure that you will love the product, you may also receive a full refund if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase.

As you are shopping for the BeeFriendly Organic Sun Lotion in the store, you can locate the product by searching for a white bottle that features soothing blue, brown, and yellow colors. Sold in a 4-ounce bottle, the product weighs about 4.8 ounces.

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#2. Maui Vera Organic Sunburn Relief & After Sun Moisturizer

Maui Vera Organic Sunburn Relief & After Sun Moisturizer

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The primary purpose of Maui Vera Organic Sunburn Moisturizer is to provide quick relief for itchy and irritable skin. In fact, many users report a noticeable decrease in sunburn and sunrash symptoms within 24 hours of application. The popular product is praised for its quick absorption and spa-quality formula. Experience the healing touch of Hawaii by trying the Maui Vera Organic Sunburn Moisturizer.

Developed to adhere to the growing consumer demand for products with organic ingredients, the moisturizer is uniquely formulated with natural aloe vera, peppermint, and noni to ultimatly restore skin to a healthy and balanced state. Known for its high concentrations of minerals, amino acids, and B12 vitamins, aloe vera has been included in the product because of its anti-inflammatory properties. Since peppermint contains vitamin A, vitamin C, omega-3, and iron, the component can maintain healthy skin. The moisturizer is also developed with noni, which may produce healthy cells and hydrate the skin. In order to enhance the product’s effectiveness, the company has also developed the moisturizer with ingredients such as sodium benzoate, citric acid, witch hazel, organic green tea extract, organic vegetable glycerin, and gluconolactone. The combination of these key ingredients may enhance the skin’s overall appearance. The Maui Vera Organic Sunburn Moisturizer is free of artificial colors, synthetic fragrances, gluten, nickel, coconut, lanolin, preservatives, parabens, and EDTA.

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The Maui Vera Organic Sunburn Moisturizer is designed to soothe painful and sunburned skin as well as relieve severe itchiness from bug bites. The product can also be used as a daily skin moisturizer or shaving gel. Many pregnant women have experienced extreme relief from red and itchy skin by using this potent moisturizer. The company has recommended that users apply the product three to five times a day to revitalize, replenish and moisturize your skin. Most users apply the moisturizer after swimming, surfing, or relaxing in the sun. The moisturizer will not result in a sticky or greasy residue after frequent use. The Maui Vera Organic Sunburn Moisturizer is sure to help you return to the sun in no time,

Although many people discover the product by accident in Maui, the moisturizer can also be purchased online or at certain retail and drug stores. The moisturizer is available in a teal tube with a brown cap. The product’s uses and ingredients will be displayed on the tube. The product dimensions are 7 x 2 x 2 inches, and the weight is about 6.4 ounces.

#3. Burt’s Bees Aloe & Linden Flower After Sun Soother

Burt's Bees Aloe & Linden Flower After Sun Soother

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Since its launch, the Burt’s Bees Sun Soother has successfully rehydrated and soothed users’ skin after a long day in the hot sun. Most customers agree that this is an essential item that everyone should have in their medicine cabinet. Also known as a after sun moisturizer, the Burt’s Bees Sun Soother can always ensure that your skin is sun-kissed.

Along with natural aloe vera and linden flower extract, this quick-absorbing face and body lotion contains many beneficial ingredients to promote soft, supple, and healthy skin. These potent ingredients include xanthan gum, coconut oil, linden extract, water, soidum borate, orange oil, lemon oil, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, bee pollen extract, aloe extract, glucose oxidase, glucose, and stearic acid. Since the sun soother is 99.5 percent natural, the product does not contain parabens sulfate, petrochemicals, or phthalates.

The Burt’s Bees Sun Soother is designed to promote soft and healthy skin. The product can also be used to replenish the skin’s natural moisture as well as heal burns. The sun soother is also a great daily moisturizer. The directions on the product state that the sun soother can be applied to your face and body after sun exposure. While the sun soother is typically applied throughout hot summer days, many customers used the product year-round since there is no expiration date. In fact, the 8-ounce tube can last for many months. Many users have enjoyed the product’s fresh scent and light consistency. Because the product does not contain SPF, you might want to consider applying sunscreen before using the sun soother. There is no sticky residue associated with the sun soother. Since the product dries clear, you can dress almost immediately after application. The product is not recommended for children under three years old.

The product dimensions are 2.9 x 2.9 x 7 inches, and the weight is 3.2 ounces. The sun soother is available in a bright yellow 6-ounce tube with organge, green, and red letters. Once you purchase the item, the sun soother can be kept right next to the sun screen. The Burt’s Bees Sun Soother is not intended to replace sun block. This product is perfect for those who would like an affordable sun lotion.

#4. Banana Boat Aloe Vera Sun Burn Relief

Banana Boat Aloe Vera Sun Burn Relief

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The Banana Boat Sun Burn Relief is most commonly used as an effective after-sun product for treating mild to severe sunburn. Many customers also regularly apply the product after tanning to soothe their skin. The company Banana Boat has been one of the most popular suppliers of sunscreen and tanning products, so the Banana Boat Sun Burn Relief is a natural addition to its line.

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Made with aloe vera and vitamin E to relieve peeling and dryness, the Banana Boat Sun Burn Relief has been shown to maintain beautiful skin for long periods of time through the use of an important ingredient that is known as SD Alcohol 40. SD Alcohol 40 may also kill bacteria on your skin’s surface. The additional ingredients in the product may also contribute to the lotion’s effectiveness. These ingredients include mineral oil, sorbitol, coconut oil, hydrolyzed collagen, methylparaben, aloe vera, propylparaben, therbroma barabdensis leaf, triethanolamine, and cetyl alcohol. Some of the preservatives in the lotion are iodopropynyl butylcarbamate, or IPBC, and imidazolidinyl urea. These components can prevent the growth of mold, bacteria, and fungi. According to research Cosmetics Info, these agents are classified as safe preservatives. The company has included Benzophenone-4 to serve as a sunscreen. The agent ultimately prevents the sun’s rays from penetrating into your skin’s surface. Aloe vera provides hydration to the skin, heals wounds, and retains moisture. The component also has anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties. The product is also formulated with glycerin to encourage the lotion to glide smoothly across the skin and protect against heat and irritation. In addition, surfactants and carbomers work together to provide the product with smoothness and thickness. The emulsifier in the lotion is triethanolamine. Triethanolamine may enable the ingredients like oil and water to stay blended together.

The non-greasy lotion is designed to replace the moisture lost by age, sun, and water. The product can be applied as needed on the face and body. After regularly using the Banana Boat Sun Burn Relief, your skin will be nourished year-round. This exceptional sun lotion promises performance, reliability, and quality for every application.

The 16-ounce dispenser can be located by simply searching for a tan-colored bottle with vibrant green and yellow letters and graphics.

Pre-purchase considerations


When shopping for lotion for sunburns, you might want to review the list of ingredients on the product’s label. Many of the most effective sunburn lotions contain ingredients such as ceramides, soy, vitamin C, vitamin E, glycerin, and oatmeal. These components may soothe your skin and prevent inflammation. Try to avoid products that contain petroleum as this ingredient may trap heat on your skin.


After-sun products that serve as a moisturizer and sunblock are probably the most popular lotions for sunburns. Instead of carrying a sunburn lotion and sunscreen, you can simply travel with one all-in-one product. If you are interested in saving money and space, you may want to consider purchasing these kinds of products. Just make sure that the after-sun product contains the proper amount of SPF. Most experts agree that you should always take measures to protect your skin in the sun.

Multiple Uses

The best sunburn lotions are designed to moisturize and hydrate your skin, but some may be use to achieve a healthy tan. Lotions for sunburns have also been known to heal peeling and sun-damaged skin as well as relieve pain from sunburns. Additionally, many potent sunburn lotions can even treat accidental burns and waxed areas on the legs, face, and arms. Consider paying a little more money for sunburn lotions that feature many different uses.

Shopping Options

While many after-sun products are available online, you may need to travel to certain countries to purchase the most effective lotion for sunburn. You can also buy sunburn lotions at most retail, grocery, and drug stores. If you would like to heal, nourish, and protect your skin, you should have no problems discovering products that will help you accomplish your goal.


The most expensive lotions for sunburn are ones that are known for their organic ingredients and multiple uses. As a result, you can expect to pay more for products that only contain components that are designed to nourish and protect your skin as well as serve many different purposes. The budget-friendly after-sun products are usually formulated with minimal natural and organic ingredients. These affordable sunburn lotions are typically only used for healing sunburns.

Conclusion (Wrapping it up)

After-sun products are the perfect choice to nourish and hydrate your skin after a long day in the sun. Not only can many sunburn lotions relieve post-sun irritation, but they can also encourage a healthy tan. Many after-sun products can treat mild to severe sunburns as well as painful burns. It’s important to note that these kinds of products are not a substitute for sunscreen. Unless the after-sun lotion is formulated with sunscreen, you should always wear sunblock in the sun. After-sun lotions are usually designed for those occasion where you forget to wear sunscreen or the sunblock was ineffective. For those who are interested in soothing and rejuvenating sun-stressed skin, consider purchasing one of the lotions for sunburns on this list. There is truly an after-sun product for every budget and skincare need.

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