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Sierra Comfort All Inclusive Portable Massage Table

Our Top Pick for 2019: Sierra Comfort All Inclusive Portable Massage Table

Who doesn’t want to have a good massage? Massages are a time-tested way to remove stress, relax our muscles, and help minimize the discomfort caused by strains, injuries, fibromyalgia, digestive disorders, and myofascial pain syndrome. Massages can make us feel cared for, they make us feel connected to the individual giving the massage, and they provide a sense of comfort.

Anyone who works as a massage therapist understands giving massages takes a toll on your hands, your wrists, and other joints. It is imperative to have a good massage table that has the features you need to do your job well and to protect your body from injury. The following is a list of three of the best massage tables available, as well as one table that is of high quality, but better suited for someone on a tighter budget.

Let’s Have a Quick Look of Our Top 4 Picks:


#1. Sierra Comfort All Inclusive Portable Massage Table

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The Sierra Comfort Massage Table was chosen as our gold pick because it is overwhelmingly favored by massage therapists, retailers, and clients. The primary reason why massage therapists and clients love this product is because it is sturdy.

Both the legs and the frame are constructed from a high-quality maple hardwood. This allows the table to support up to 450 pounds of weight. As a masseuse or massage therapist, this means that you can work on your clients and will not need to worry about exerting too much pressure or about your table breaking out from underneath you.

The table’s length and girth gives it a sense of stability as they lay on the table, while at the same time giving you the ability to maneuver around the table and reach the parts of your client’s body that need to be treated. When the table is open, it is 72 inches long and 28 inches wide. If you attach the face cradle, it extends the length to up to 82 inches.

Not all masseuses or massage therapists are of the same height, and so it makes sense that a good table would be adjustable to meet the height of the therapist. The Sierra Comfort All-Inclusive Portable Massage Table has an adjustable height from 23 inches to 33 inches. This allows you to do your work without being forced into an awkward or potentially damaging position.

Since the massage table package is all-inclusive, it provides you with a complete massage solution. In one package you have everything you need to provide a high quality service for your clients. The fitted sheet set, which is designed to cover the table, the face cradle, and arm supports allow you to provide a comfortable, yet hygienic area for your clients to lay as you perform the massage. Additional sheet sets can be ordered, which will allow you to quickly move from client to client, giving them a clean table to lay on.

Since the table uses sheets, you will not need to clean it as frequently as you would other tables. However, the deck of the table is designed to be waterproof and oil resistant. So you will not need to worry about the oils you use during the massage damaging the table. And when it comes time to clean the table, you can safely use soap and water to do so without damaging the decking.

As you know, if your clients are not comfortable during the massage process, a lot of your efforts will be in vain. That is why the Sierra Comfort All-Inclusive Portable Massage Table is covered in 2.5 inches of high density foam. The foam is soft enough to provide comfort, but it is not squishy. It will in no way interfere with your ability to provide a strong and firm massage to patients who need it.

The lightweight adjustable face cradle provides a comfortable place for clients to place their head and gives them a space where they can breathe if they are receiving a therapy that requires them to be face down. And I think we can all agree that a client who can breathe is a happy client.

If you work as a masseuse or massage therapist who does house calls or who visits clients in different locations, you will like the fact that the table is lightweight. It weighs approximately 41 pounds. This means that even if you are a smaller massage therapist, you can easily lift the table and transport it to where your clients are.

When the massage table is collapsed, it is 38 inches long, 28 inches wide, and 7 inches thick. The carrying case is equipped with an over the shoulder handle as well as a handle on its side that you can use to offset some of the table’s weight.

Massage therapists comment on the sturdy design of the table. Many have said that it is a great table for the price. They comment on how the weight is well distributed on the shoulder strap when the product is collapsed and how easy the product is to set up and tear down without using any tools. It is so easy to put together, in fact, that the product does not come with directions because it’s use is intuitive.

With its towel hanger, oil pouch, semi-circle bolster, built in face portal, and table widening arm support, the Sierra Comfort All-Inclusive Portable Massage Table more than lives up to its name.

#2. Saloniture Professional Portable Folding Massage Table

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Saloniture has built a name for itself for the past decade as a leader in the salon business. Its primary clients have been hairstylists, tattoo artists, and barbers. In less than 10 years, they have gone from a business of two people to a business that has almost 50 employees. This is because they understand what their clients want, and they are dedicated to providing a superb product. For this reason, it is not surprising that although Saloniture is a new name in the world of portable folding massage tables, the Saloniture Professional Portable Folding Massage Table ranks silver on our list.

One of the first things you’ll notice about this table is that it is a lot lighter than its counterparts. It weighs approximately 36.7 pounds. A unique part of its design is that its parts have been machined to be detachable. They easily fit into the carrying case, making the table portable, easy to transport, and easy to store while traveling from one visit to the next. The table folds in half similar to a suitcase and is secured in place by two high quality chrome clasps.

When it is folded, it is 36 inches long, 7 ¼ inch wide, and stands 28 inches high. When the open and when to the headrest is attached, the table is 84 inches long and 37 inches wide including the armrests. The adjustable height goes from 24 ½ inches all the way up to 34 ½ inches.

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The carrying case is designed for comfort and strength. Its nylon construction makes it strong enough to support the weight of the bag and any additional stresses put on it while the bag is transported. The adjustable strap means that you can make sure the bag sits comfortably on your shoulder. The bag is equipped with side pockets where you can put your oils and other supplies.

Just because the table is light weight, do not be fooled into thinking thinking that it is feeble. It has a unique, sturdy hardwood frame, which allows the table to support an excess of 500 pounds. The frame is supported by steel cables and PU leather, which drastically increases the durability of this well designed table. The table’s legs are designed to allow it to stay steady even on more slippery surfaces.

Something you’re going to like is how easy it is to set up the Saloniture Professional Portable Folding Massage Table. You don’t need extra tools, and you can set the entire table up within 10 minutes. While the setup process is intuitive, if you have any questions, just look at the manual to get further help.

Obviously, the most important thing for you when you’re with the client is that the client is comfortable. The 2 inch thick high density foam cushion accomplishes this goal. It is soft enough so that your clients will feel relaxed while lying on the table, but it is sturdy and so they won’t sink in, making it harder for you to give a good massage.

It is designed to stand up to daily wear and tear. The exterior of the table is both oil and waterproof.

Reviewers consistently say the table is an amazing deal. Many who purchase it are leery because of the table’s low price point. However, they are pleasantly surprised by its stability, durability, and craftsmanship. The Saloniture Professional Portable Folding Massage Table is versatile, attractive, strong, comfortable, and an overall bang for the buck.


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#3. Merax Aluminium 3 Section Portable Massage Table


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Merax was founded in 1995. Over the years, it has become one of the biggest manufacturers and distributors of furniture and home products. They pride themselves on their ability to provide excellent service, great pricing, wide selections, and the ability to purchase their products online. With this commitment to excellence, it is no wonder that the Merax® Aluminium 3 Section Portable Massage Table Facial SPA Tattoo Bed ranked bronze on our list of portable massage tables.

As the name implies, this three section massage table is designed with one part that reclines and a table that will fold into two parts when it is packed away. The table is professional, it’s lightweight, weighing only 37 pounds, and it is perfect for massage therapists as well as physical therapists who are dealing with a wide variety of patients and body types. The aluminum frame makes the table sturdy and robust.

This table is designed with the comfort of the patient as well as the masseuse or massage therapist in mind. Removable side armrests can be attached that make room for larger clients. Additionally, the headrest can be adjusted to comfortably move the client in different positions while they are receiving the massage. Since the table is designed for massage therapy as well as salon treatments, the backrest can be adjusted to put the client in a sitting position. The sitting position can also be used when doing anterior leg or arm treatments.

The table is perfect for a massage therapist or masseuse on the go. It can easily be assembled and disassembled without using additional tools. The table is sturdy, with the ability to support up to 500 pounds.

The table comes in either red or black and is covered with a very soft synthetic leather material. The padding underneath the leather is a high density foam cell, which drastically adds to the comfort that clients enjoy while using the table.

Something that attracts many to this table is its versatility. Many of the reviews of this product on sites like Amazon comment on how easy it is to adjust the height of the table. One person who commented stated that they were at a conference with other massage therapists and were able to adjust the height of their table in minutes while others took in excess of 15 minutes removing screws and making adjustments.

There are also comments from both tall and shorter therapists who appreciate the ability to adjust the height so they don’t hurt their back bending over.

The number one characteristic of this table is its durability. Since the frame is made from high-grade aluminum, it is rust and corrosion resistant. The thick foam padding used on the deck of the table is designed to absorb pressure. It will neither crumple or lose its shape, which improves the massage experience.

The Merax® Aluminium 3 Section Portable Massage Table Facial SPA Tattoo Bed is inexpensive, sturdy, and is crafted with solid materials. It is portable and is a good fit for massage therapists who are constantly on the go.

#4. Heaven Massage Two Fold Burgundy Portable Massage Table


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We chose the Heaven Massage Two Fold Burgundy Portable Massage Table as our budget option because it comes in at a price point that is one third of our other tables. However, just because it is inexpensive does not mean that it is poorly constructed. The table is designed for massage therapists who are on a budget. It is noted that many massage therapists will go online and buy a used table of a similar quality for the same price that they could pay for a new Heaven Massage table.

The table is sturdy since it is made of birch, and it has a weight limit of 450 pounds. Like it’s more expensive counterparts, the table is designed to fold and unfold easily. And it also comes with a high quality carrying case. The decking is covered with 2 inch thick high density foam, and the covering is both waterproof and oil proof. Because of its high quality and inexpensive price, this table is a good option for students or massage therapists who have a limited budget.

However, do not let its price fool you. The table is equipped with a lot of the same features as its more expensive counterparts. The table has an adjustable height that can go from 26 – 36 inches. Without the face cradle, the table is 72 inches long. It is 27 inches wide, making it ample enough for larger patients. The table comes with an adjustable headrest and removable armrests. The carrying case is more than capable of supporting the weight of the table as well as any stress that is put on the table during transport.

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The Heaven Massage Two Fold Burgundy Portable Massage Table has been used not only by massage therapists, but also by other medical professionals who will benefit from having their patients sit or lay on this sturdy yet comfortable table. Chiropractors have commented that they were surprised by the unsurpassed value of the product. They mentioned that in times past they purchased more expensive tables that did not reach the quality of the Heaven Massage Two Fold Burgundy Portable Massage Table.

Pre-purchase considerations


The first thing to consider when buying a portable massage table is the price. There is no sense looking at something that you cannot afford. At the same time, you don’t want to grab a table that does not have some of the features you need simply because it is less expensive. Your primary goal should be to buy a massage table that will meet your needs while at the same time provide maximum comfort for your clients. At the end of the day, if your clients are not comfortable laying on your table, they will not be your clients for too much longer. At the same time, you want to buy a table that is going to be comfortable for you. So that means that you have to spend a few extra dollars to get one that adjusts to a height that you can work with comfortably. If you are in pain and if you are not able to maintain proper body mechanics because the table you bought was not right for you, you will not be able to give your clients a good treatment.

The Tabletop

There are a lot of different factors that will determine if your client is comfortable on the tabletop you select. The first thing to think about is the foam. As you well know from experience, having more foam on your table does not mean that the table is going to be more comfortable. Some tables will offer three inches or six inches of foam, but the foam is so hard it feels like a brick. You want to find a table with foam that is supportive while at the same time plush. Remember, when your client is laying on the table, they’re not just laying there. They are actually being pushed into the table. They are being rolled around like like dough. They do not want to do this on an uncomfortable surface.

When talking about the table surface, you want one that adequately supports your client. Laying down on a massage table can get very uncomfortable very quick. This is because massage tables are flat, but the human body is full of curves. So you want a table that has a nice headrest and you want it to have a bolster for your client’s ankles, but you also want to have a table that is designed to encourage your client’s skeletal structure not their soft tissue to support the pressure you are putting on them.

The tabletop fabric should be oil resistant, water resistant, and easy to clean. The fabric technology for massage tables has changed drastically over the past few years. Previously, PVC plastics were used to cover the majority of tables. But they had a terrible smell, they released chemicals through the gassing process, and they made clients uncomfortable. Modern tables are using ultra leather as an environmentally friendly synthetic fabric.

Table Width

In your practice, you’re going to see people with a variety of body types. Your massage table needs to be wide enough to keep your customers comfortable while at the same time allowing you ease of access to your clients without damaging your own body. The perfect table with for you is going to vary depending on the training you received, your height, and your techniques. Usually a shorter individual will want a thinner table of around 28 inches, and a taller individual may want a wider table of between 30 to 32 inches.

Table Weight

The weight of the table is another important factor. Table weight can be divided into two categories. There is the working weight, which is the how much weight you can put on top of the table. Then there is the actual table weight itself. The goal should be to find a table that is as light as possible, while at the same time not sacrificing any of the must haves for your table. An aluminum framed table is going to be lighter than one made from wood. A table that does not have a lifting backrest will be four to six pounds lighter than one that does. And a table that has smaller dimensions will be lighter than a larger one. However, because of its smaller size, it may not work for all of your clients.

Some aluminum tables are a touch more expensive than their wooden counterparts. However, when you think about the use of the table over the life of your career, investing a few extra dollars now on your table is nothing when compared to the increased mobility, improved health, and improved experience your clients will receive.


If you spend your hard earned money on a massage table, you want to make sure that it lasts for a long time. Tables that are made from maple or birch are going to last a lot longer than those made from softer woods like pine. Some companies are even using bamboo as part of their table frames. The fabric on your table should be durable as well. It should be easy to clean and stand up to frequent use.

Conclusion (Wrapping it up)

Whether you’re interested in professional massage client work or just want a nice table for your home for you and your spouse, choosing the right table for maximum relaxation is important. If you are just starting out and you’re still in school, take the time to look at some of the tables that are being used for students and determine which one feels the best for you. Remember your primary concerns are your personal comfort and the comfort of your clients. And although more expensive tables may have a few extra bells and whistles, this does not mean that you cannot get a good portable massage table at a relatively inexpensive price. Find something that is sturdy because the last thing you want is for your table to collapse as a result of poor construction and you injure yourself or your client.

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