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JOOLA Inside Table Tennis Table with Net Set

Our Top Pick for 2019: JOOLA Inside Table Tennis Table with Net Set

There is one sport on this planet that almost everyone likes to play, and that sport is ping pong. It doesn’t matter if you’re good, great, bad, or terrible; there’s just something fun about hitting a hollow, plastic ball back and forth with your friends and family. Of course, if you want to be able to so do, you’re going to need a ping pong table. Fortunately, there are tables to suit any need or price range. Whether you’re a competitive player looking for an official size table, or just a casual player looking for something affordable to play on, there is a table for you.

Let’s Have a Quick Look of Our Top 4 Picks:


#1. JOOLA Inside Table Tennis Table with Net Set


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JOOLA is the manufacturer of some of the top paddles, balls, clothing, and tables in table tennis. Whether you’re a novice, intermediate, or competitive player, JOOLA has something for you. The company’s best ping pong table currently on the market is the JOOLA Inside Table Tennis Table with Net Set. With excellent portability and top-notch construction, it’s as good as any table you’re going to find.

We’ll begin by talking about the table’s top. Made of a wood composite, its surface measures in at 5/8 of an inch. While this is not the thickness of an official size ping pong table, it’s still easily thick enough to produce an adequate and consistent ball bounce. Of course, if you’re a competitive player who wants to use the table in order to practice for official play, you should probably go with a thickness that’s closer to 1 inch. But, if you’re a casual player who’s just looking for something to get started on, or to play against your friends on, this table will do the job very well. Though you have to assemble the table after you’ve received it, assembly is very easy and can be done in roughly 20 minutes.

1.5 inch in diameter legs help to give this table excellent stability and structure. Made of steel, each leg will jut out on its own when the table is being unfolded, allowing for quick and convenient setup every time you want to use it. The under carriage that supports the playing surface is made of powder-coated metal, giving it tough and long-lasting durability. The full playing surface consists of two different table sides that are put together. This allows you to use each side of the full table separately when it’s not being used for ping pong. This also give you the opportunity to put one side up while leaving the other side down, allowing you to practice by yourself. A clamp on net comes with the this product as well, ensuring a quick and seamless setup.

As far as portability goes, it excels. Plastic lock wheels on the bottoms of the legs allow you to easily roll the table to your desired storage location. Each side of the full table can be folded up vertically so that it takes up the least amount of surface area possible. After each side is folded, the two sides can be nested together, saving even more room. For clarification’s sake, this table is not meant to be stored outside. Heat, cold, and moisture can work to warp and destroy its wood surface, prematurely zapping it of its usability.

Online reviewers love the JOOLA Inside for easy it is to put together, stating that all you have to assemble is the wheel brackets. Reviewers also give it credit for its store-ability and sturdiness, noting how well it fits into small spaces as well as its ability to withstand wear and tear.

Some online reviewers stated that their tables were difficult to level adequately. They would either dip down toward the middle or have uneven legs. Other reviewers complained that they received bent parts when their table came to them through shipping.

All in all, the JOOLA Inside Table Tennis Table with Net Set is a great table tennis table for newbies and casual players. Its portability is second to none, and its toughness and durability is rivaled only by a few. If you’re looking to purchase a durable, reliable, and high quality ping pong table for your family or yourself, the JOOLA Inside is one you should definitely take a look at. It can be purchased for around $400.00 on most online retail sites.

#2. JOOLA Rally TL 300 Table Tennis Table with Corner Ball Holders


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Considering JOOLA’s ability to manufacture very high quality table tennis equipment, it’s no surprise that they’re making our list for a second time. This time, they’re gracing us with the JOOLA Rally TL 300 Table Tennis Table with Corner Ball Holders . Whereas the JOOLA Inside is meant more for casual players, the TL 300 is a table constructed for more serious players who are looking to start playing competitively.

With dimensions of 108 inches x 60 inches, its medium density fiberboard surface meets official size standards, and does so while providing consistent and excellent ball bounce. The thickness of the table is 3/5 of an inch which is quite a bit thinner than the one inch standard of official tables. However, because of the material it’s made out of, it sacrifices little in the way of bounce. Though the company made this table especially for competitive players, there’s no reason that casual players couldn’t use it as well.

Giving the table excellent structure and security is its lockable steel legs. These legs are attached to a strong, powder-coated under carriage which helps to provide the surface with durability and longevity. Each side of the surface is separate, but they are put together to make a complete ping pong table. This means that each side can be used for different purposes when they’re not being used for sport. In addition, one side can be set upright while the other can be left flat, allowing you to practice by hitting the ball back and forth with yourself.

3 inch in diameter plastic lock wheels are fixed to the bottoms of each leg, providing this table with excellent portability. You can simply unlock the wheel and roll each side to where ever you want it to be stored, nesting each side within the other. Each side of the table has an attached ball holder that allows you to store up to three at a time. Also provided with the product is a clasp-on net as well as an anti-tilting device that will keep the table from sinking towards the middle.

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Online reviewers give this table credit for how easy it is to assemble, with most reviewers saying that it only took about 20 minutes with two people. Reviewers also laud it for its stability and ability to be transported from place to place.

Some reviewers complained about the fact that it comes into separate pieces, stating that it wasn’t always easy to level. Reviewers have also complained about JOOLA’s customer service, noting that it takes a while for the company to respond to emails.

On the whole, the JOOLA Rally TL 300 Table Tennis Table with Corner Ball Holders is a high quality ping pong table for casual players and competitive players alike. With highly durable and portable construction, it’s tougher than nails and simple to move from place to place. If you’re looking for a table tennis table so that you can take on your friends, this is a great table to look at. It can be purchased for around $400.00 on most online retail sites.


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#3. Kettler Outdoor Table Tennis Table


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If you lack room inside your home or garage, you might consider an outdoor ping pong table. Perhaps the top the outdoor table on the market today is the Kettler Outdoor Table Tennis Table. Built durably with the ability to withstand the elements, it’s truly high-performing and well-put-together.

Its surface measures in at the official standard size of 108 inches x 60 inches, allowing you to play casually or competitively with your friends and family. Made of a weatherproof sealed aluminum composite material, this surface can weather any storm, whether it be rain or snow. The surface’s underside is equipped with an ALU-TEC Climate Control that keeps its from expanding and contracting in hot and cold weather. This advanced technology will help to reduce tabletop warping, greatly reducing damage over time. Helping to give hit balls consistent and uniform bounce is a 0.86 inch surface table thickness which is very comparable to the 1 inch official standard.

Legs made of steel provide the table’s surface a tough and sturdy base that will keep it locked in place regardless of what terrain you’re playing on. Attached to these legs is a 1 inch x 1 inch aluminum apron that gives structure to the surface and keeps it from warping. Locks attached to the frame allow you to set the table in place, making sure that it doesn’t open involuntarily. To help protect the surface from dust and debris, a large plastic cover is also provided, ensuring that it won’t be damaged by falling or scraping objects while in storage.

As far as portability goes, it’s fantastic. Attached to the steel frame are four wheels that allow for easy roll and transport. It can be folded up vertically so that it takes up the least amount of space possible, allowing you to jam it into nooks and crannies with ease. In addition to the table, this product also comes with 8 ping pong balls, a clamp-on net, and 4 paddles.

Online reviewers love this table for how easy it is to set up, stating that it can be done with minimal help from others. All in all, reviewers reported that setup took about an hour. Reviewers also give it props for how durable it is, saying that it can be used for hours without displaying any wear and tear.

Some online reviewers complained that it doesn’t have the greatest bounce, stating that they expected much better for the price. Others made note that they did not receive all of the parts upon originally receiving it through shipping. This made for a great deal of frustration while trying to assemble it.

As far as outdoor ping pong tables go, the Kettler Outdoor Table Tennis Table is as good as they come. It may sacrifice some bounce, but due to the surface material that outdoor tables must be made of, that’s to be expected. If you’re wanting a table tennis table and don’t have room to store one inside, this is a table you should take a look at. It goes for around $600.00 on most online retail sites.

#4. Viper Portable Tri-Fold Table Tennis and Game Table


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There’s no doubt that ping pong tables can be a little expensive. Most great tables go for anywhere between $250.00 and $600.00. For some of you, that is understandably too expensive. Luckily, there are other high quality tables that can be purchased for much less money. One of these is the Viper Portable Tri-Fold Table Tennis and Game Table.

Unlike the previous tables on the list, this is a table top layout. It does not possess legs; just a large, hard shell mat that can be put on top of any existing table, such as a pool table, dining table, or picnic table. It measures in at 84 inches x 42 inches, meaning it’s not quite official standard size. It’s not meant to be used for competitive play, but is more than adequate for casual play with your friends. Its surface thickness measures in at a quarter of an inch which is rather thin, but still provides enough bounce for fun, laid back games.

Provided with the mat are several different accessories. A cloth bag that is provided is able to hold all of these accessories for easy and convenient retrieval. When you purchase this set, you will receive a game of chess, backgammon and checkers, two ping pong paddles, two balls, a latch-able net, the mat itself, and a pair of dice. So, not only can you play ping pong. You can also play a variety of other games as well.

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Online reviewers love how easy it is to set this mat up. They say it’s handy to have around the house in case they want to play with their young kids or grandchildren. Reviewers also give this mat credit for how portable it is as they can carry it around with them to other peoples’ houses.

Some reviewers complained that the mat was difficult to keep level, saying that it would slip around while they were playing on it. A few reviewers also complained about a fold in the mat which was in a location where it was capable of affecting game play.

If you’re looking for an affordable ping pong surface that is very easy to set up, the Viper Portable Tri-Fold Table Tennis and Game Table is definitely something to take into consideration. It doesn’t meet the standards of an official table tennis table, but for casual players it’s a great option. Not to mention, it comes with a bevy of other capabilities and accessories. If you’re interested in this set, you can purchase it for around $100.00 on most online retail sites.

Pre-purchase considerations


A table tennis table can take up a great deal of space. In some cases, it can even fill an entire room. If you want to be able to use this room for anything else, you’re going to need to be able to move the table. This can be either easy or difficult depending on what type of table you own. Some table tennis tables are able to fold up so that they become taller and skinnier, allowing you to place them discreetly between other household objects without much trouble. Sometimes these types of tables even have wheels that allow you to roll them to a desired area. Other tables are heavy, bulky, and nearly impossible to move without an army of people. Some tables consist of a hard shell mat that you place upon another table of your choice. These are easy to take off and move to where ever you want it to go. The point is, portability is an important aspect of a home table tennis table. If you have a game room, you can probably suffice with a bulky, heavy, immovable table. But, if you’re limited as to how much room you have, you’re probably going to want to look for a table that can fold up and be put away easily.

Table Thickness

Ping pong tables come with a variety of different surface thicknesses. Each thickness carries certain benefits as well as certain negative aspects. If you’re looking for an official size table, you need to find one with a surface thickness of 1 inch. This thickness well give the ball a consistent, even bounce, and allow you to get the feeling of what it’s like to play on a professional table tennis table. The setback to this type of table is that it’s more than likely going to cost a lot more money than ones with thinner surfaces. Typically, if you can find one with a surface thickness of 0.75 inches, you will get a bounce that is the same, or comparable to the bounce offered by an official size table. If you’re just looking for something usable to help you get used to the game, any surface thickness will suffice. As long as you can get some bounce on the ball, you’re in business. However, if you plan to play competitively, you will be better served by an official size table. It will help you get used to the bounce most commonly seen in competitive play, and allow you to improve your game as you practice.

Leg Stability

Not all tables are created equally. Some are made of cheap aluminum that will bend and break from any amount of weight being put upon them. Others can withstand entire bodies crashing onto their surfaces. The thing to look at when you’re determining a table tennis table’s strength and durability is its legs. Legs that are wide, firm, and solid upon the ground can take much more of a beating than legs that are hollow, skinny, and wobbly. If you have kids who are going to use your table, there’s a fairly good chance that’s its going to suffer from some decent wear and tear. Kids and teenagers just seem to have a knack for ruining anything that comes into their site line. So, you can either purchase a cheap ping pong table with cheap legs that can be replaced easily, or you can purchase a high quality one with sturdy legs that will withstand a great deal of abuse. The choice is up to you. Just think about who’s going to be using the table, how those people are going to treat it, and how much it’s going to be used.

Special Features

For the most part, a table tennis table is a fairly simple product. At its most basic, it’s two pieces of wood separated by a net. However, some of them do contain a few features that serve to make them better than just your ordinary, average ping pong table. Some tables are made to be used outdoors. These are coated with a thin aluminum that serves to make them less prone to moisture and warping. Some table tennis tables are able to be set into playback mode. They can fold up on one side, creating a wall for a solo player to be able to hit the ball back to him or herself. Some have wheels fixed to them, allowing you to easily scoot and transport them to any spot you desire. When purchasing a ping pong table, it’s important to consider what you’ll be using it for, and what purpose it will serve. After you have done this, you can pick one with the features of your choice.

Conclusion (Wrapping it up)

Gearing up for recreational or competitive ping pong can be a great hobby. Whether you’re an ultra competitive player or just a casual player with a passing interest, table tennis is a great game that fosters positive physical, mental, psychological, and emotional activity. It’s a great sport to play with friends of all experience levels. When you’re purchasing your table, make sure to first consider your budget. Once you figure out your budget, you can start to consider other important features, such as portability and table thickness. If you do this, you’ll be sure to find a ping pong table that suits you perfectly.

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