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Players Classically Styled Crimson Maple Pool Cue

Our Top Pick for 2018: Players Classically Styled Crimson Maple Pool Cue
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In the year 1873, Billiards became the first sport to ever have a world championship. 140 years later, in the year 2013, researches found that there are well over 30 million Billiards players worldwide. Billiards as we know it today was originally played with a mace, but today, we have a wide selection of refined and elegant pool cues made by craftsmen from all corners of the globe. The following pool cues have been rated as some of the best choices around for their overall level of craftsmanship, durability, balance, and quality.



#1. Players Classically Styled Crimson Maple Pool Cue

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Players’s Classically Styled Crimson Maple Pool Cue (C-960) is made with a shaft of one hundred percent North American grade-A hard rock maple. For an increased degree of durability, the pool cue’s ferrule has been specially designed for a high degree of resistance to high impact.

The tip of the pool cue is Quality French Le Pro, which helps players using the cue get a higher level of control over the ball when they take their shots. French cue wax and a pro taper have also been included to increase the player’s level of control even further. The pool cue’s wrap is made of solid back Irish Line, double pressed for thoroughness.

To prevent the chance of the wood warping, the maple has been turned and dried seven times. The repeated turning and warping has resulted in a pool shaft that is not only highly durable, but perfectly straight as well.

The C-960 is a two-piece cue, so owners are conveniently able to break the pool cue down for easier for owners store it in a transport case and carry it around much more easily than otherwise.

One customer testified that they have personally purchased hundreds of items online, but the C-960 pool cue was the very first one that they were so impressed by that they felt compelled to leave an in-depth review about it just to share their satisfaction.

The customer stated that they’re a person who takes pool extremely seriously, so before trying the C-960 out, their standards were particularly high. After getting to experience the quality of the pool stick firsthand, they were convinced that no other 5-star pool cue that they’d tried could compare to it, despite the fact that some of them were nearly 80% more expensive.

The owner found that the C-960 stick allowed them to consistently put the ball wherever they wanted with a controlled draw. The customer was able to get extremely accurate shots with the pool stick in a matter of minutes after picking it up for the first time, without even needing to break the stick in or use any chalk to treat the pool cue’s tip. With some juicing, the customer stated that they believed the pool stick could absolutely outclass some of the more expensive pool cue sticks in several highly critical areas of play.

Another customer testified that the cue provided them with just the right amount of stiffness in the small section, with far less tendencies of miscuing compared to some of the other cues that they had found to be too flexible.

In general, customers testify that the double pressed Irish Linen has a certain smooth texture that can be compared to a hypothetical fusion between nylon and leather. Customers are very pleased with the aesthetics of both the stained and unstained wood.

The C-960 pool cue is 58 inches long and available in the following variations: 18 oz., 19 oz., 20 oz. and 21 oz. Every variation of the C-960 pool cue can be purchased for the price of $84.99.

#2. Cuesoul 58 Inch 19 Oz 1/2 Jointed Maple Billiard Pool Cue

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The Cuesoul 58-inch 19 oz 1/2-jointed maple billiard pool cue is made from specially chosen Canadian maple wood from a 10 year maple tree. The durability of the pool cue is taken up a notch with an Irish linen thread wrap. The butt of the pool cue is immaculately outfitted with a special union decal.

The pool cue’s bumper is made of rubber, and the balance point is at about approximately 19 inches. For highly technical players who like to have as much control as possible over the weight of the of their pool cue, the Cuesoul cue’s weight is adjustable to meet the exact specifications of every unique user.

The shaft collar of the pool cue is made out of durable ABS, the butt color is made of stainless steel, and the fortifying ferrule is made out of 18 mm durable fiber material. For greater longevity and resilience, the pin cap is made out of high quality brass.

One customer testified that they were particularly happy with the blue and black aesthetics of the pool cue, which they described as having a pleasingly elegant yet understated appeal. As for the weight of the pool cue, the pool cue, the customer found it to be very well-balanced and functional. The customer stated that they generally prefer to use pool cues that are a little bit on the shorter and lighter side, and this particular cue was a great fit for their tastes.

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The customer found that the small size and the light weight made it a viable choice for both adults and child users alike. For a pool cue that sits at the more affordable end of the spectrum when it comes to all of the different options on the market, the customer confidently considered the cue to be a 5-star selection for its value.

Another reviewer strongly agreed that the price of the pool cue belied the great amount of value that it provides with all of its quality. The customer received the cue as a gift over the holidays, and they were very pleased with the weight and feel of the stick. The customer stated that even though her boyfriend has many expensive cues, with some of them reaching the thousand dollar range, she still feels most comfortable and confident using the Cuesoul.

The customer stated that they regularly play pool for long hours, so they’re used to frequently needing to scuff and shape the leather tip in order to keep it optimally precise. The customer stated that as long as prospective owners make sure to clean and care for the tip properly, it should serve them well.

The Cuesoul 58-inch 19 oz 1/2 jointed maple billiard pool cue can be purchased with either an 11.5 mm tip or a 13 mm tip made of baked pig leather. The 11.5 mm tip variation can be purchased for the price of $62.99, and the 13 mm tip variation of the cue can be purchased for the price of $64.99.


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#3. Viper Underground 58-Inch Billiard Cue

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The Viper Underground 58-inc billboard cue is made from hard Canadian maple wood. The cue is made with a 2-piece design, which allows users to easily disassemble it for easier carrying and storage. The joints of the cue are lightweight and stainless, giving the user a constant flow of feedback during the game.

The cue is topped off with a 13 mm Le Pro leather tip, features a tough and smooth faux-leather wrap, and has a traditional rubber bumper. If the user wants, they can use 18-21 oz cue weights in order to optimized the balance of the cue to their exact specifications. The cue has tattoo graphics displayed along the cue for an aesthetic edge. The cue’s tip is a glue-on type that can be replaced.

One customer testified that they purchased the pool cue for their daughter, who plays in a serious Billiards league team, and she was very pleased with its performance. For its price, most customers have found that the pool cues offer a great amount of value. One owner found that the cue’s thickness meant that there wasn’t much dynamism on the English shots, but at the same time, the owner was pleased with this due to the fact that they generally got too much action on English shots with thinner cues.

Overall, the Viper Underground has been found to be a suitable fit for users who are looking for a beginner/immediate stick with a smooth finish. Customers have found that the material of the pool stick is highly durable after repeated use.

In one testimony, a customer stated that that they had purchased the Viper Underground before they had a substantial level of understanding about exactly what constitutes a high-quality pool cue. After building up their base of knowledge on the differences between deluxe pool cues and lesser-quality pool cues, they were confident that the Viper Underground was a sound investment for anyone looking for a starter cue to begin breaking into more technically oriented competition.

In particular, the user was very pleased with how the pool cue’s wood didn’t show any signs of warping. They found that the cue was light enough to control with confidence and accuracy, but at the same time, it was still heavy enough for them to provide a nice and hard strike whenever needed.

The Viper Underground is available in the following different ounce variations: 18 ounces, 19 ounces, 20 ounces, and 21 ounces. Depending on the variation of the Viper Underground that the owner purchases, and the vendor, the cue can be purchased within a price range that could be anywhere from $39.68 to $152.94.

#4. Viper Commercial 1-Piece Hardwood Billiard Cue

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The Viper Commercial 1-piece hardwood billboard cue is durable enough to be reliable and strong after extensive use. All of the billiard cues are finished off with a 13 mm Le Pro leather tip and have an ABS bumper. The cue is coated with 9 layers of varnish to prevent potential warpage.

One customer testified that they had purchased two of the cues for their children to use on the family pool table, their 6 year-old son had been able to use the stick to practice his form without any difficulty handling it.

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The Viper Commercial 1-Piece hardwood billiard cue can be purchased in the following size variations: 36 inches (shorty), 52 inches, and 57 inches. The 36-inch “shorty” can be purchased, the 52-inch can be purchased for $14.99, and the 57-inch can purchased for $15.15.

Pre-purchase considerations


The length of the pool cue that you choose will be one of the most vital aspects of the decision-making process. The length of the cue will directly interact with your personal playing style and level of skill in the game, and this interaction must be optimized for the best possible results. Choosing the proper cue length will help you achieve maximum control of the range and momentum behind each of your shots, giving you the highest degree of accuracy that you could hope for.

Tip and Bumper Construction

The size of the tip might seem like a very minor factor at first glance, but in truth, tip size plays a very important role in accuracy of your shots. Smaller tip sizes tend to give your shots just a little bit more precision, while the larger tips somewhat lower the margin of error that you’ll have in making contact. Just like the length of the cue, the proper tip of the cue will mostly depend on what your personal playing style and level of accuracy are. Neglecting to take account of the tip size results in many players feeling confused about why their shots don’t have the same trajectory that they intended on, but meticulous planning for the right top size will give you a much greater ability to control the flow of the game.

Protective Layers and Wrap

As wooden pool cues grow older and get used more often, some are liable to start showing signs of warping. When the pool cues are oddly warped, it can offset the accuracy a pool player’s shots even if all other aspects are perfectly aligned. To prevent the possible setbacks of wrapage, many high-quality pool cues are constructed with multiple layers of varnish or leather coating that can help the pool cue effectively withstand the test of time. Make sure that the wrap has a nice and smooth surface while being more or less flush to all parts of the cue that it covers.

Weight, Ergonomics, and Balance

The weight and balance of the pool cue, without a doubt, are just as important as the length of the cue. The weight of the cue will have a direct effect on the overall level of balance, which will play big part in the rate of fatigue development that players experience over the course of long games. You want to make sure that your pool cue is weighted in a fashion that gives you balanced control over its mass, without being so heavy that it makes your forearms burn after being held parallel to the ground for more than a few minutes. Generally speaking, players on the shorter side will often perform a little bit better if they have a pool cue that’s more forward-weighted. Certain pool cues will come with an inclusion of pool cue weights that can be used in order to adjust the overall balance to meet your exact needs for control and comfort.

Transportation and Storage

If you’re a pool player who’s constantly on the move, the chances are that you’d be best off with a pool cue that you cam easily break down and carry around with you without much hassle. To facilitate easier transportation and storage, some of more convenient pool cues might be designed with the capability to be broken down into smaller segments so that they can be carried around easier than otherwise. You may or may not need a travel-friendly cue, but looking into the presence of break-down feature could definitely save you from the headache of awkwardly trying to transport single-piece pool cues with limited space.


The different materials making up different pool cues are as diverse as the day is long. Some pool cues are made of materials like titanium and aluminum, while other pool cues are made of things like blackwood, red ivory and ebony. Different forms of material will generally have different reactions to the temperatures that they’re exposed to over time, so be sure to take that into account. Note that the visibility of the wood grain is generally more an aesthetic aspect than a real indicator of the pool cue’s performance or quality.

Conclusion (Wrapping it up)

Your pool cue’s construction can easily make or break your chances at being able to turn a game of billiards around at a crucial moment when precision matters most. Not even the most talented, coordinated and lucky billiards players in the world can deny that a well-designed pool cue is a seriously important factor in being able to win the game consistently. You’re going to want to ensure that length, weight, ergonomics, durability, and tip of the pool cue are all properly designed fit the exact profile of a pool cue that you can comfortably use with an optimal balance between control and comfort.

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