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Body-Solid Pro Power Rack

Our Top Pick for 2018: Body-Solid Pro Power Rack
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You may have a makeshift home gym with dumbbells strewn across the floor. This gym configuration works for some amateur enthusiasts, but it won’t allow you to get the best workout. When you’re serious about building up muscle and maintaining it, it’s time to invest in a power rack. These workout tools are actually frames that hold onto your dumbbells and support your weight too. Think of this system as your own personal jungle gym. Because you can perform pulls, dips and other movements on this system, you’ll have the best workout possible. Before you lay down some considerable cash for a power rack, evaluate all of the available features available today. You’ll be in great shape with the right product supporting those daily workouts.


#1. Body-Solid Pro Power Rack

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When you’re a true workout enthusiast, you want a rack that will look and feel incredibly strong underneath your weight. There’s a solution to your workout needs in the form of the Pro rack by Body-Solid. At first glance, you’ll notice that it has a basic, frame appearance. Don’t be deceived by its simple design, however. You can achieve an enhanced body by using this frame with several weights from your personal collection. Take a closer look at the Body-Solid product, and you’ll be astonished at its durability through the years.

Before you get excited about this product, be aware of its size. It will require some space in your home. In fact, many consumers dedicate an entire room or corner to the unit. It’s nearly 4-feet wide and 7-feet tall. Don’t squeeze this system into a tight corner either because you’ll still need some headroom for those pull-ups. Use a measuring tape in your chosen area before buying the system. You’ll need both a tall ceiling and wide-open space in order to properly workout.

The manufacturer created a strong system because it’s meant to support the most enthusiastic athlete with the metal design. As you look closely at the steel frame, you’ll notice that it’s incredibly thick. The product is made out of 11-gauge metal with high-tensile strength. These complex terms merely indicate that the rack will support excessive weights and some twisting motions without any damages being done to the metal. The materials are also welded on all four sides. Thick welds are a hallmark of a quality product.

Although there are a lot of attachment points, be aware of the system’s limits. The manufacturer advertises this product with a maximum weight of 800 pounds. Add together your weight, dumbbell additions and other features in order to equal all of the pounds on this unit. Overwhelming the metal with excessive weight will only warp it over time. In most cases, the Body-Solid unit will easily support you and several weights without any problems.

Serious athletes will put a lot of strain on these power racks. If you’ve seen systems in a professional gym, they might be dotted with damages to the metal as workout accidents occur. You don’t have to worry about aesthetic damages happening with your purchase, however. The manufacturer uses a powder-coat finish that’s actually applied by using an electrostatic method. This coating is technically bound to the metal molecules. As a result, you won’t see any damages that are inherent to other systems. Any gouges or chips in the metal could quickly turn to rust without Body-Solid’s premium manufacturing process.

If you’re looking for a basic rack, this product is perfect for your needs. Other workout enthusiasts, however, are concerned about the lack of features. You must buy certain features separately, including the bench and lat attachment. Some consumers are also concerned that there are no weight holders that come with the product. You must provide all of these items. Think of this unit as a customizable one. You aren’t limited to the manufacturer’s items. Purchase the rack, and add your own accessories as you please.

A feature that’s applauded by most consumers is the adjustment-level choices. In fact, you can select up to 20 adjustment levels for your squats or horizontal push-ups. Each level is set 3 inches apart, which is ample space for the most precise athlete. Slowly build up your workout goals by moving your level up or down as necessary. Those 3 inches may be a challenge, but they’ll help you improve at a safe pace.

Consumers have reported that this system takes some time to assemble. Two hours or more might be necessary so that you can completely finish the project. This fact might be difficult to accept, but your consolation is an easy installation process otherwise. Body-Solid separates the parts into three bags, which correspond to each assembly step. You simply follow the directions, and the rack will be in one piece in no time.

When you use this power rack in your home, it has a lifetime warranty. Body-Solid requires you to have a proof of purchase, so keep this paperwork safe. Be aware that the warranty isn’t transferable. Only the original owner is protected from defects and other workmanship issues.

As you pull all of the parts out of the box when you first receive the system, examine them very closely. Some consumers have reported that the screws have been bent or improperly threaded upon receipt. If you encounter any bad parts, contact Body-Solid as soon as possible. They can correct the issue by sending you a few replacement parts. Don’t force any parts into the rack that appear questionable. These bad components will eventually contribute to the unit’s decline. Wobbly racks shouldn’t be normal with this brand. When you start out with quality parts, the system will work perfectly for many years.

#2. Valor Power Rack with Lat Pull Attachment

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Become that fitness guru that you’ve always wanted to be with the rack offered by Valor Fitness. This product has 12-gauge steel, which is one of the strongest materials in the marketplace today. The manufacturer gave this system an industrial appearance so that it would blend into any gym environment. If this is the only item in your home gym, however, it will serve everyone well with multiple exercises and safety attachments. Give this rack a good look before you decide on a home-gym investment.

The main issue with most racks is limited working space. Valor Fitness took this concern and eradicated it from their system. When you need elbow room, you have nearly 4 feet in space. The unit’s depth is almost 2-feet wide along with a 59-inch height. When you receive the system, it may look too big when it’s all put together. Fill the space with extra weights, accessories and yourself. The unit will feel like a perfect area to improve your health.

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One of the issues facing any weightlifting enthusiast is safety. Adding too much weight onto a bar with no spotter in sight could create a dangerous situation. Valor Fitness tries to remedy this issue by designing their system with weight-bar catches. In fact, you’ll find these four catches in strategic locations around the rack. They’re made of solid-steel chrome, and you can adjust them. Keep their presence in mind as you move a lot of weight at any one time. Avoid injuries by relying on their use. As a result, the rack becomes your own spotting partner.

Many racks sold today don’t come with any accessories. It’s just the frame with available attachment points. Take a look at the Valor Fitness model, and you’ll discover a lat, pull-down station. There’s a pulley system that will help you create a smooth motion as the plate-loading carriage keeps your weights perfectly organized. Be aware that there is an issue with sharp corners on the pulley itself. You may want to cover this area with electrical tape so that no other components will scrape against it.

Avoid stacking your weights on the floor by using this system as an organization tool. Take a look at the clever storage pegs added to the product’s outside corners. Organize them by weight or location convenience. The pegs are located on the exterior in order to reserve the interior space for all of your workouts. This simple feature makes this system very attractive to consumers with limited space but lofty workout goals.

One of the simplest exercises to perform on the rack is the pull-up. However, you might be concerned about comfort as you grab onto the thick metal inherent to this system. Valor Fitness solves this problem by adding a pull-up bar that has grips. You’ll always have a safe hold on the bar as you rely on the solid-steel chrome built into that piece. The manufacturer didn’t want to add poor quality parts to areas that will have high, stress levels. Pull-ups definitely create strain on the system when solid steel isn’t the main material.

The fact that this system comes with a lat pull attachment is a major perk, but there is a drawback. This product doesn’t come with a bench. You’ll need to add this item to your purchase as an additional accessory. In fact, many people combine the rack purchase with other items, including dip handles and cable-attachment packages. Be aware of every addition to your home gym because it will increase your price point. Ideally, start out with the rack and add items as you see fit. Every workout enthusiast will have a different vision of their perfect rack system.

Consumers are applauding the manufacturer’s use of online reviews. Some users complained that the installation instructions were lacking in the past. When you buy this rack today, the instructions have more details with an easier setup process. In general, you’ll be thrilled with this product as you trust it with your workout weights and body weight.


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#3. Titan T2 Power Rack Squat Deadlift Lift Cage

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A fantastic value for your money can be found in the Deadlift Lift Cage by Titan Fitness. Your first impression of this unit might be the stability. This product is made out of darkened steel, which gives it a formidable appearance as it sits in your home gym. Workout enthusiasts weighing more than 300 pounds applaud this product because of its strength and premium construction. Do yourself a favor and explore the features found within this rack. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by what you find.

One of the most prominent features on this product is the positioning holes. In fact, there are 28 positions that you can arrange during your workout set. Each hole is precisely aligned with the opposite side so that your accessories will slip right into their slots. If you notice any difficulties with your accessories, the rack might be off level. A flat, floor surface is necessary for this rack to work as designed.

Ideally, you’ll need about a 4-foot square area for your system. This spacing is relatively narrow compared to other units. You should be more concerned with the headroom that’s required of this unit, however. The pull-up bar itself is 80-inches tall. You’ll also need more space above the 80-inch mark in order to move above the system as you workout. Keep all of this spacing in mind as you shop for your power rack. Your house needs to be open so that it can accommodate the workout gear.

Most of the rack is built as a frame to support your workout accessories. Take a look at the smooth and rounded bar that crosses the system, however. This bar is designed for chin-ups with a 1.25-inch diameter. These dimensions are meant to make your workout more comfortable as you pull your way to fitness. The bar is comfortable in the palm of your hand and wide enough to support your weight. Simply wipe it down after each workout in order to keep it free from any residues.

Be aware that some accessories that seem to come with the unit might be add-on items. Each retailer sells this rack at varying prices with certain accessories. When you find the lowest price, verify the included parts. The dip bars, for example, aren’t usually included with this system. They can cost as much as $50 more than the advertised rack price. Thoroughly research the items that you want with your workout gear, and you should be able to create a customized system as a result.

Consumers report that bolting down the system is the best way to get your workout in with safety as a primary concern. Although it’s sturdy, this rack can sway when it doesn’t have any base support. You can drill bolts into the floor so that the rack has a permanent position in your home.

Some consumers have noted that the plastic covers at the rack’s base have been broken upon receipt. Don’t let this defect go because it’s an important feature during everyday use. The plastic covers protect the unit and your feet. Titan Fitness reportedly has a stellar customer-service department that can help you out with replacement parts. With your rack perfectly set at home, every workout will be a triumph.

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#4. Atlas Power Rack Squat Deadlift Cage with Bench Racks

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If you simply need a workout rack that has the basics, the Deadlift Cage by Atlas is a quality choice. It’s constructed of steel which is painted in a matte-black hue. This product only holds up to 800 pounds, but it remains a great choice for beginner to intermediate users. Examine the best features about this rack, and you’ll compare it to high-end models in little time.

Because this system is considered a budget item, you might be concerned with the overall construction. However, the manufacturer offers a clear picture of the welds that connect all of the major bars. These welds cover all four sides of the bars, which only adds to its stability. Incomplete or spot welds are hallmarks of poor-quality systems. You won’t see this workmanship on this unit.

You’ll find the plate holders located in the back of this system. They’re specifically located on the rack’s legs, which allows the unit to have even more stability as you lift heavy weights. This location can be difficult to access at times, however. You’ll need to orient this system in your home so that the plates are easy to access. Stacking and reorganizing the plates is a workout itself.

Many consumers love the fact that this unit comes with 2-inch spacing between adjustment positions. In fact, there are a total of 28 positions that can be used to enhance your workout. One complaint from several consumers, however, is the lack of numbering. You cannot reference a position as number 14 because it’s not labeled. The manufacturer suggests writing in your own numbers on the unit’s surface, but that may mar the value of the system. Be aware of this fact so that you can adjust your workouts accordingly. It’s possible to work around the missing position numbers when you’re accustomed to the system.

Consumers need to consider this unit’s weight and shipment costs before buying a budget pick. The unit itself is inexpensive, but the shipping charges can be high-cost prices. In total, the unit weighs 137 pounds. It also comes in two different boxes. You’ll need to wait for both boxes to arrive before it can be put together.

Atlas understands that you have many needs in regards to your workout goals. You can purchase the system, but it comes with no extra accessories. Take a look at the manufacturer’s accessories that they design specifically for this unit. Dip bars, weight holders and short pegs are all items that you can buy with the rack. Make the Atlas rack your own by adding components that will only contribute to a healthier lifestyle.

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Pre-purchase considerations


Don’t be blinded by all of the bells and whistles that some power racks offer consumers. In fact, these minor features will often overshadow a poorly constructed unit otherwise. Read over multiple reviews that describe the product in great detail. You’re looking for racks that have an ample weight limit, such as 1,000 pounds. Strong welds are also the sign of a quality product. If other consumers mention that a certain product has a wobbly nature, avoid it entirely. You need to be able to trust your entire body weight to this rack. The product also needs to support its own weight and added components.


Some racks truly come as bare-bone products with merely a frame supporting various fastening points ready to be filled. These products might be inexpensive, but you’ll pay more over time by adding all of the items that you truly need to it. Ideally, look for a model that has several included features. Dip and chin-up bars are some of the most popular features that workout enthusiasts prefer. One of the best features to look for is a bench. You’ll always need a good weight bench for those press workouts, and they can be expensive when purchased as single units. When you secure multiple included features in your rack, you can invest your money in other items. Dumbbells and safety gear can be high on your priority list at that point. If you want to know more details about weight bench then you may visit at


With racks reaching heights of 6 feet or more, you’ll need to be handy with some tools when the product reaches your home. In most cases, you’ll assemble this item once in your life. It will remain in place for many years. However, it should still have a simple assembly process. You don’t want to spend extra money to hire a person for basic services. Look at the directions before you buy the unit. They should clearly indicate all of the included parts and their final locations. If the assembly is too complicated, it might be necessary to look at other models. Improperly assembling a power rack can create a dangerous situation as you workout.


Your chosen power rack needs a versatile shape. You’ll want to perform movements on both the inside and outside of the unit. Look for models that have a wide base with bolting options into the floor. You may want to dip or perform chin ups on the outside of the assembly. This choice isn’t possible with a narrow and unstable product. Leg raises and other large movements also require some external work along the rack. If you’re going to invest in any system, you should have as much versatility as possible. Limited-feature racks will only discourage you from working out in the first place.

Conclusion (Wrapping it up)

You may read all of the reviews surrounding power racks today, but those descriptions will only get you so far with your research. The perfect system is also easy to manipulate on a daily basis. If you can’t release your weights and perform a squat within a few seconds, you’ll only waste time trying to engage and disengage the pin system. Try to work with a rack in person before you buy it. Adjust all of the pins and fasteners yourself. If you feel at ease with the adjustments, you’ll be able to operate the rack. In the end, your workout system should be simple to use as you concentrate on a better body.

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