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UDI001 Venom Remote Control Boat

Our Top Pick for 2019: UDI001 Venom Remote Control Boat

Have you ever sat by a tranquil lake or a small pond and wish that you could stir up the water a bit and make it a more exciting scene? A remote controll boat is the perfect way to have fun in the water without going in the water or getting wet at all. They are not typically used in saltwater situations, but they are perfect for most still bodies of water; including pools. These small boats are fast, durable, and a great way to provide entertainment for both children and adults. We’ve taken the time to compile a list of three of the best RC boats as well as a budget friendly option. If you need help deciding we have also included a list of pre-purchase considerations that may be useful during your decision making process.

Let’s Have a Quick Look of Our Top 4 Picks:


#1. UDI001 Venom Remote Control Boat

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UDI RC Toys is a worldwide company that manufactures durable, high tech remote controlled device. The manufacture race cars, drones, and of course, RC boats, which is why they appear at the top of our list. Our gold pick, which is the UDI001 Venom, is a durable device that has a lot of the features you would want in a remote controlled boat.

Taking a look at the exterior design you will notice that it is very aesthetically pleasing. The hull of the boat is black, the main area is red and the top hatch is white. The top of the boat features the UDI RC logo, and beneath that you can see tinted black windows. The sides of the boat are completed with a grey, white, and black design that is placed over the red finish. It also features the word POWERFUL along the length of the boat. The front sports the word VEMON right down the center in white. It has a black outline, and there is also a black design on either side of the word.

This boat is not only aesthetically pleasing; it is downright powerful, just like the decal indicates. The 13.5 inch boat features a shallow vee hull design. It comes with a set of turn fins, a large rudder, and a two bladed propeller. An extra propeller is included with the purchase of the Venom as well. The boat comes complete with a 2.4 GHz receiver, which is located in the hull. It also has a powerful brushed motor that is wrapped in aluminum cooling coils, which are designed to bring the water into the boat through the hull when it is running. The water will circulate around the motor and exit out of sides of the boat.

This RC boat is capable of traveling at speeds of up to 15 miles per hour, which means that you will likely produce a whirlpool of waves on the regular. This boat is designed to be self righting, which means that if you take on too many waves or you spin out of control, the boat can easily be repositioned. All you need to do is push the trigger forward, and then quickly pull it back. The torque of the motor will get the boat right side up in no time. This RC boat also has features that prevent the motor from overheating because there is no water running through the cooling system. The hull of the boat must be submerged in water before the boat will run. It is also not recommended to use this boat in salt water, because the salt can cause damage to the hull of the boat as well as the internal cooling mechanism.

The Venom RC boat has a four channel system that allows the boat to be sent along any path, which includes going backwards. The receiver is powerful enough to give this boat a 100 meter range, which means that the boat can travel pretty far away from the shore. If you do happen to reach the edge of the range, an alarm will sound to let you know that you need to come back. There is also another alarm that is designed to let you know when the battery level is decreasing, when you hear that alarm make sure to get your boat to shore before it loses power.

The boat itself requires a two cell 3.7 volt lithium-ion battery. The remote needs four AA batteries to function. The purchase of the Venom does include a pair of lithium-ion batteries, but you will need to purchase the AA batteries separately. A USB charging wire is also included for your convenience as well as a stand to place the boat on when you are not using it. It typically takes about 90 minutes to fully recharge the batteries in the Venom, and that charge will give you six to eight minutes of racing time. It is a good idea to have a few spare batteries that are fully charged if you plan to be at the lake all day.

When it comes to reviews, this boat is truly loved by the consumers. On Amazon 77 percent of the users who reviewed the Venom RC boat gave it at least a four star rating. Here is an example of one five star testimonial where the boat provides fun for multiple generations: “This is the most amazing boat! Far superior to many we have tried. Fast turns, remarkable distance control and two great re-chargeable batteries. My husband age 76 and our grandson age 21 had the most fun over Christmas piloting this boat!”

#2. Babrit Tempo 1 2.4GHz High Speed Remote Radio Control Electric Boat

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Our Silver pick is another outstanding RC boating option that is adored by both critics and consumers alike. The Babrit Tempo is a high speed RC boat that is great for any lake or pool. This boat is capable of traveling at speeds of up to about 19 miles per hour, which is a great speed for a boat of this size. The Tempo is not only a boat that can cruise across a lake at a good speed; it has an aesthetically appealing design as well.

The hull and the hatch is red, which is a beautiful color for any remote controlled boat. The hatch features tinted windows and a fin on the top to help make it more aerodynamic. The top portion of the boat is a perfectly contrasting black, which looks amazing against the red hull. Red and white racing stripes go the entire length of the boat, and a red triangle is seen on the top. Here you will see the words High Speed, which are etched in black. The word racer can be seen on the top and H101 is visible on the side of the boat. All of these features combined come together to give you a brilliant design that you can be proud to race across the lake.

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The Tempo is a RC boat that is extremely easy to control. It has controls that allow it to go in four different directions. It can turn left and right, go forward, and backwards at any time, as long as the hull is submerged in the water. In addition, this RC boat also is capable of going a full 150 meters away from the transmitter or the controller. The Tempo comes with a 2.4 GHz transmitter that has automatic code pairing, which means that you will never lose your signal, even when you are at the maximum distance. If you do accidently go outside of the range of the transmitter, this RC boat has an indicator that is built-in to inform you. There is a LCD screen that is placed directly on the transmitter that will display the battery life and other important information.

There is also an indicator and an alarm to let you know what the battery level on the boat is and when it is about to die. The boat requires a Lithium-ion battery, and the transmitter requires AA batteries. One rechargeable lithium-ion battery is included with the purchase of this RC boat as well as a USB charging wire to recharge the device on the go. It requires about 100 minutes to fully recharge the battery, and it will give you about eight minutes of entertainment, which is not a large amount of time, so keep spare charged batteries on hand.

The Tempo RC boat is designed to be a durable device that can resist impact damage and overheating. The motor is encircled with an aluminum cooling coil that uses the water from the lake to both propel the boat forward and cool the motor. This boat also features a capsize recovery method in case you end up flipping the boat. All you need to do is press the throttle and the trigger forward, and then pull it back quickly. This motion will cause the boat to quickly reposition itself in the water. In addition, this RC boat comes with a stand where you can rest the device when it is not in use or while you are recharging the batteries.

Insofar as reviews, the Tempo has a stellar star rating on Amazon. Everyone who rated this RC boat gave it at least a four star rating, and a full 83 percent of them actually gave it a five star rating. Overall, the customers love the speed of this boat as well as the fact that it can make extremely sharp turns without flipping over.


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#3. Feilun FT009 Remote Control RC Racing Boat

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Our third pick is the Feilun FT009, which is a durable device that is loved by many. It is easy to control, and it functions easily at speeds of up to 18 miles per hour. Speed is not the only thing this RC boat has going for it, it is also a beautiful shade of orange that will stand out on any body of water. It features a Flipped Racing Boat logo on the nose of the boat, and the hatch, which is white in color, has a number nine on the roof. It also says flipped racing boat series in black under the number nine. There is also an orange spoiler on this boat that indicates that it is indeed a racing boat.

This boat has a four way switch that allows it to go forward, left, right, and backwards. In addition it is also designed to be able to self adjust in the event that the boat capsizes. All you need to do to activate this mode is to put the boat in reverse at full speed, then quickly make the boat go forward at full speed. This will put the boat in an upright position once again.

This Feilun racing boat is designed with a 540 class brushless motor that is designed to give you all the power you need in a remote controlled boat. To ensure that the motor does not overheat, there are aluminum cooling coils wrapped throughout the internal area of the boat. This brings the water up through the hull, allows it to encircle the motor, and then deposits the water back out through the hull. This is a great way to keep the motor cool as well as propel the boat forward.

It features a 2.4 GHz transmitter that gives the boat a 100 meter range that can be extended to about 150 meters by switching channels. The transmitter requires six AA batteries, which makes the control a bit on the heavy side. The boat itself needs a 2.4 volt lithium-ion battery, which can be recharged. It takes about four hours to fully recharge the battery, and it only lasts for about five to six minutes of continuous run time. Since the battery does not last a long time, it is wise to keep spare batteries on hand.

When it comes to reviews, the Feilun FT009 is a great option that is loved by many critics. On Amazon, 81 percent of the users who gave this RC boat a review decided that it was worth a four star rating or higher. Many of the reviewers agree that it is a powerful remote controlled boat that is sometimes too fast to maneuver in a small body of water like a pool.

#4. Top Race TR-800 Remote Control Water Speed Boat

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RC boat racing can be an activity for children and adults alike. If you need a few of them to allow your family members to race while enjoying a day at the lake, then it may be a wise decision to find a boat that can provide hours of entertainment without breaking the bank. Our ballin’ on a budget option is just that, a great remote controlled boat that can offer enjoyment in any type of weather, rain, or shine. The TR-800 is a racing boat that has plenty of speed for racing in a pool, a pond, or a lake. Racing this RC boat in saltwater is not recommended, since the salt in the water can cause damage to the exterior of the boat as well as the internal cooling system.

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Aesthetically speaking, this boat has a white hull and hatch that is perfectly accented by the bright green top. It has decals on the boat to give it more of a racing look, and there is a green spoiler on the back of the boat. When you purchase this boat on Amazon, you will notice that it comes in assorted colors. This means that if you purchase a few different TR-800 RC boats, then each member of your family will be able to each have a different color boat that is perfect for racing.

This boat is designed with little fingers in mind, so it has safety features that will protect your kid’s hands as well as protect the motor from overheating. The boat will not turn on unless the hull of the device is fully submerged in the water. It is designed with a one channel transmitter that allows you to control the boat. Using the controls, you can make the boat go left, right, forwards, and backwards. Some low cost RC boats do not allow you to go in reverse, so it is more difficult to maneuver in a smaller body of water. The TR-800 allows you to maintain perfect control whether you are going forwards or backwards. If you make an extremely sharp turn that capsizes your boat, there is also an auto flip feature that sets your boat right.

The boat requires a special rechargeable battery that the company designed for this boat and other similar devices, which is why it comes included with the purchase of this RC boat. In addition, the transmitter needs a nine volt battery to communicate with the boat. Insofar as reviews when it comes to this RC boat, Amazon has more than a few quality testimonials. Out of the 113 reviews present on the site, 61 percent of them have a four star rating or above. Here is an example of a five star review: “I will go straight; this is awesome! This toy is solid, light in weight and kids love to play with it. It has a long and wide range. Battery timing is great and it takes just an hour to get fully charged. It’s a big fun to play with it and I’m totally satisfied with this product.”

Pre-purchase considerations


RC boat performance is the combination of two things, which are speed and handling. If you are new to RC boat racing, you need a device that handles well in the water. This allows you to have more time racing across the water and less time figuring out how to maneuver through tight areas and keep the boat upright in a situation that makes it flip over. The type of hull your boat has is one factor that controls how well the boat actually handles on the water. Having a boat that handles well does not mean that you need to sacrifice speed, but generally speaking, more speed means that the boat may be more difficult to handle. Most RC boats range between five and 30 mph, and the type of hull you choose will also affect how fast your boat can travel on water. Find a boat that handles well and gives you the speed you want before you decide which RC boat will be a great match for you.


Assembly can be a time consuming aspect of a RC boat that you wish you could avoid. If this is the case, look for a RC boat that has RTR on the box. This means that it is ready to run. It will not need to have the propellers attached, the motor installed, or any other modifications done. You can simply take these types of RC boats out of the box, install batteries, and get ready to cruise around on a body of water.


Make sure that the RC boat you are thinking of purchasing includes all of the accessories that you desire. Even if a boat says RTR on the box that does not mean that the transmitter is included. You will also need to make sure that you purchase batteries for the RC boat. Sometimes batteries are included, but it is always a wise decision to have spare batteries for your trips to the lake. If your battery life runs low, then you will be able to keep racing instead of calling it a day. Also, you may want to consider whether or not you want extra propellers on hand. You can also have a stand to place your boat on when it is not in use. Make sure to add some personality to your RC boat by getting some decals that speak to you to place on the boat.

Electric or Gas

If you decide to go with a gas motor, the boat may require a bit more maintenance than an electric one. A gas engine will need to be cleaned and maintained. You will need to change the oil regularly as well. An electric RC boat will only require batteries, which may are easy to replace and require almost no maintenance.


Since racing RC boats is a hobby that you enjoy, you will want the boat you choose to reflect your personality. Some boats have shapes and color choices that you will like, but you can also use decals to add a bit of flavor to your RC boat.

Conclusion (Wrapping it up)

RC Boats can be a hobby in which you race other boats or maybe you enjoy simply taking a cruise around the lake with your boat. Either way you decide to enjoy your RC boat, it is a hobby that you can enjoy anytime the weather permits. Hopefully this guide will help you decide which boat you will enjoy the most. Take a look at our pre-purchase considerations as well as our top picks before deciding which option fits you the best. Remember choosing a RC boat that will bring you endless entertainment is not only about performance, make sure you bring aspects of your personality into your hobby.

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