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Ronco ST5000PLGEN Showtime Rotisserie Platinum Edition

Our Top Brand for Best Rotisserie Ovens for 2019: Ronco ST5000PLGEN Showtime Rotisserie  Oven Platinum Edition Rotisserie Oven


Rotisserie meats have been popular for many years because of the juiciness that they have hidden inside their skins. In fact, many rotisserie-style meats are used as restaurant advertisements so that customers will flock into establishments for the fresh entrees. Turkeys, chickens and other meats simply look attractive as they spin at a low speed. Meats rotating on spits aren’t just a marketing ploy, however. This cooking style is also relatively healthy as well. Fats can drip off of the meat in order to save the meal from being too calorie-heavy. You’re left with delicious meat that’s essentially basted in its own juices. Before you run out and buy that fancy rotisserie oven, examine some of the features offered by today’s top models. Your countertop will have a new cooking toy in no time.

Quick Look of Our Top 4 Best Rotisserie Oven


#1. Ronco ST5000PLGEN Showtime Rotisserie Platinum Edition



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Ronco is a well-known name in the rotisserie world because they’ve offered consistently reliable products for many years. The Showtime Rotisserie Oven Platinum Edition is a stellar product with only a few minor drawbacks. In fact, most consumers are pleased with the oven’s performance when it cooks birds, vegetables and other delectable items. With a 28-pound weight, this oven is certainly a heavy-duty type, but it does live up to its first-place position in the industry.

To have room for cooking and rotating two 5-pound chickens, the Ronco oven has a substantial size. It will take up some counter space in your kitchen. You’ll be pleased to note, however, that it will tuck under your cabinets when it’s not in use. The oven is 13-inches tall, which is a common space consideration between the countertop and cabinet undersides. It’s recommended to pull the rotisserie out from the wall while it’s in use though. The heat emanating from the oven can circulate more freely that way.

Consumers state that the instructions are clear as they read through the booklet. Within these instructions are several recipes. Ronco matches their oven with some of the best recipes that you’ll be thrilled to try at once. From whole chickens to vegetable baskets, it’s possible to create an entire meal out of this unit.

There are some concerns about the nonstick coating that covers most of the oven, however. This coating is meant to give the oven an easy-cleaning feature, but it may flake off over time. Ideally, you’ll need to use a gentle hand as you clean the oven after cooking. If any of the coating does start to flake off, the oven might be vulnerable to further damage, such as rust. The manufacturer doesn’t advertise the warranty period so you may want to contact them if any flaking occurs. It’s possible that it might be covered under the warranty’s guidelines.

You might be surprised to see that this oven doesn’t have a heat setting. Rotisseries don’t work like conventional ovens where you set the appliance to a specific temperature. The heat is set by the factory, but you can adjust a few items. Select from pause and sear, normal rotation or no-heat rotation. The oven will perform the rest of the work for you. The instructions clearly state how long certain cuts of meat should be cooked in order to safely seal in all of the juices.

A concern voiced by a few consumers is in regards to well-done meats. If you want a crispy chicken with deep-brown skin, you will need to cook it longer. Although this may seem like a logical conclusion, consumers report that they need to constantly watch the meat so that it doesn’t cook too much in this scenario. The included recipes with the oven are meant to cook the meat until it’s at medium-done levels.

It is advertised with removable parts that can be cleaned in a dishwasher. Although this fact is true, some consumers report that they still need to scrub the items before they can enter the washer. This washing period can take some arm strength when meat juices have hardened on the surfaces. Ideally, you should clean the oven as soon as it’s cool enough to touch. The juices and fallen meat pieces will be easier to discard at that point.

Set the oven and forget that it’s on, and that saying is applicable to the Showtime appliance. There’s a three-hour timer that will ring loudly when the food is ready. In fact, the oven shuts off at that point too. You’re left with a meal that’s ready to eat without rushing into the kitchen once the indicator rings.

This unit comes with an instruction booklet and a video. Although you may be tempted to skip the video, take some time to watch it. Many consumers report that the video clarifies some details and actually gives you some good cooking tips. Ronco puts a lot of effort into their ovens, and this model shines as an example.

#2. Wolfgang Puck Rotisserie Series Pressure Oven


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Wolfgang Puck is known as the chef to the movie stars, and he also dabbles in home appliances. His company has a winner with the Rotisserie Series Pressure Oven, which doubles as a pressure cooker and rotisserie. If you’re a big cooking fan, this oven is a distinct prize on your countertop. With both positive and negative aspects to this oven, you’ll need to make your own decision about its value in your home.

As advertised, you can use this oven for a variety of needs. Add the rotisserie spits into the appliance, and you have an instant horizontal area for rotating poultry and roasts. Pull the spits out so that you can bake, toast, broil or warm your food. The oven also has a valve that allows you to pressurize the interior in order to cook your food in almost half the time. In some cases, this oven can take the place of one or two other appliances in your kitchen. Although this appliance does take up some space on the countertop, you’ll free up other areas as a result of its use.

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If you’re a fan of pressure cooking, be cautious with this function on the Wolfgang Puck oven. The valve is difficult to manipulate while wearing mitts. Use your bare hands, and it’s possible to burn yourself with the steam. This particular feature works well when the valve is in the proper position, but you must be aware of possible steam that can come in contact with your skin.

This pressure cooker has a beautiful exterior design with shiny metal as its main decorative statement. The Wolfgang Puck name is also emblazoned across the front door. One drawback to this exterior design, however, is the heat factor. Some consumers report that the oven’s sides become very hot during the cooking process. Use the metal color as an indicator that everyone’s hands should remain safely away from this product. With interior temperatures as high as 450 degrees Fahrenheit, the oven needs its space to safely cook your food.

When you want a basic rotisserie without a lot of complex features, this model is a perfect choice. There are no complicated displays or LED lights. You control the oven with plastic knobs set to specific temperatures and cooking styles. Although some consumers may look at this simple design with a negative perspective, other users are thrilled to feel the knobs under their fingers as they set their cooking plan. The knobs are easily wiped down and serviced if necessary as the oven ages.

It’s set to 20-minute intervals for any cooking style. Although this timing function works for most recipes, you may need a more precise timer otherwise. Consider using a separate timer for more delicate recipes, such as baking cookies in this appliance. Twenty minutes for some foods will leave them burned and shriveled. Rely on the oven’s timer when it comes to slow-cooking meats. You’ll be pleased with the meal’s outcome when you match the right timer to the application.

Overall, reviewers have been pleasantly surprised by the Wolfgang Puck oven because it lives up to its claims. When a chicken will take two hours in a conventional oven, the pressure cooker only takes 43 minutes. The meat turns out juicy and tasty, and that’s all due to the oven’s precise design. If you’re looking for a hybrid appliance to enhance your kitchen, the Wolfgang Puck product is a sound choice.


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#3. CuiZen CUI-76278 Vertical Rotisserie Oven


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A distinct, third-place rotisserie for your kitchen is the CuiZen Vertical Rotisserie Oven product. You may have never seen a vertical rotisserie, but it does offer a great cooking strategy when you love poultry and roasts. This appliance comes with several accessories, including eight skewers. If you’re wary about a vertical rotisserie, it’s time to learn more about this appliance by looking over all of the best features. You might find that this rotisserie is the top pick for your kitchen.

The first feature that you’ll see is the large, viewing window. In fact, this window is the rotisserie’s door. Open it up, and the large interior comes into view. The door opens so wide that it’s possible to move a large piece of meat into position with ease. Consumers state that you’ll still need to watch the food as it rotates in place, however. The cooking mechanism may offer an uneven, heating result across your meal. Keep an eye on your meal, and you can alter the cooking style as time wears on.

The digital display is bright and clear for most eyes. Below the display is the push-button controls. Access the motor, light and temperature with a swift move of the fingers. You can also change the hours and minutes right on the panel. For most consumers, the button controls are immediately attractive. They appear sturdy, and the buttons are easily cleaned with just a rag. No malfunctions involving the buttons have been reported yet.

Most home cooks suggest a vertical rotisserie because it offers a clever way to moisten a chicken breast. Place a whole chicken on the spit so that the breast is near the oven’s base. As the spit rotates, all of the juices will collect at the breast. Instead of a dry breast, you’ll end up with a succulent cut of meat that will be the envy of the neighborhood.

Another major reason why a vertical rotisserie is so attractive involves its size. Instead of placing a wide oven on your countertop, you’ll have a tall appliance. As a result, you save ample space on the counter for other items. This particular oven only weighs 16 pounds too. Other models can be much heavier, which contributes to stress on your countertops over time.

When you’re finished with your cooking, the wide door opens up to a stainless-steel interior. These materials are almost always easy to clean. Use a clean towel or sponge to remove any grease from the oven. If you clean it in a timely manner, it will only take a few minutes each time. The bulk of the juices and crumbs should be at the base of the oven, which is quickly removed and cleaned with ease.

In general, most consumers are pleased with their oven purchase because it cooks all of the common items you’ll want almost year-round. It cannot support a huge turkey, but chicken, beef and pork are no problems. Simply compare your meat’s size to the oven’s capacity. In most cases, you’ll be able to cook a seven-pound piece of meat without any issues.

#4. NutriChef Kitchen Vertical Countertop Rotisserie Rotating Oven


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When you’re looking for a rotisserie oven that’s less than $100, you have a solid choice in the Rotating model by NutriChef. This has a very modern appearance with a white or black exterior housing the delicious food inside. Although some consumers aren’t too happy with the plastic components that are apparent on the exterior, most people understand that they’ve received a good value for their money. Discover some of the other finer details about this oven as you decide between models.

This comes with basic skewers, but its best feature remains the poultry rack. This specialized spit has a looped design so that your poultry can sit in style. Slide a chicken onto this spit, and it sits perfectly upright during the rotisserie-cooking session. There’s no need to puncture it with a skewer where precious juices can run out of the meat. The vertical-oven design makes this looped spit a reality for all of your cooking needs.

You’ll be amazed at the simplicity of the oven’s control panel. It heats up to 185 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s meant to be used as a slow-cooking appliance. The only control that you have is the timer knob on the front side. Turn the timer up to the two-hour maximum or select a shorter time. You’ll see an indicator light illuminate when you activate the oven. This light tells you that the heating elements are on and to use caution.

The manufacturer designed this oven with dual, heating elements. Because you have heat generated from both sides of the oven, every item in the appliance will be evenly cooked. There have been no reports of any heating element breaking down. If this scenario does occur, your meat will be improperly cooked. Both elements should emit the same temperature during operation. NutriChef boasts a double-lifetime warranty for their cookware so any issues should be brought to their attention.

Consumers are both happy and concerned about the oven’s heating process. When you turn it on, the oven heats up at a rapid pace. This fact is a positive aspect because your meat is presumably in the appliance and waiting to be cooked. However, you can still open the oven’s door and it continues to operate. You may want to take a peek at the food without the door in the way, but you’ll release heat and possibly injure someone with an open door. Keep children away from the oven so that they aren’t tempted to open the door during operation.

When you turn on any appliance in the home, it almost immediately warms up the house. Consumers report that this rotisserie actually holds its heat very well. In fact, it doesn’t make the kitchen uncomfortable during the warmer months. Consider this oven for your budgeting needs, and you’ll have spectacular meals while maintaining a comfortable home.

Pre-purchase consideration

Top Model Rotisserie Oven Capacity

A feature that should be at the top of your consideration list is the rotisserie’s capacity. You may love to cook turkeys at any time of year, but they’re usually very large. In these cases, you’ll need to match an average-size turkey with an oven that can support its size. Some consumers end up cutting their poultry down to size in order to fit it into the oven. Although this strategy certainly works, you may not want to cut into your meat before cooking it. Look for an oven that has a large interior with verified advertisements that turkeys are possible. There are only a few ovens that are large enough for these meats. Alternatively, save the turkey for the conventional oven and select another rotisserie within your budget.

Best Rotisserie Ovens Removable Accessories

Ideally, you want a rotisserie that offers as many removable items as possible. Grease trays, heat shields and even the door might be removable. This product versatility means that you can access the oven’s interior with ease so that you can clean it out. The removable items are normally covered in food particles so they can be soaked and washed perfectly clean. The spits themselves should always be removable because they allow you to move the meat in and out of the oven without using other utensils.

Top Rotisserie Oven Strong Spits

The skewers or spits must be strong enough to hold your food steady during the rotisserie process. If you slide some meat onto a spit and it gives way, you don’t have a strong enough accessory. Most manufacturers put a lot of thought into their spits’ quality, but defects can arise. Your meat should spin with a stable appearance during each cooking session. Contact the manufacturer if you’re concerned about the rotation’s stability. Thick spits are necessary for both horizontal and vertical rotisseries.

Best Rotisserie Ovens Special Features

You may only be in the market for a rotisserie, but don’t overlook some of the features that enhance the use of this appliance. Some ovens come with specialized twine that allows you to tie up your poultry with ease. Integrated features will often include a cool handle, large displays and other perks. Many of these special features are paramount to a well-prepared meal. Evaluate these perks and match them to your budget in order to narrow down your product options.

Conclusion (Wrapping it up)

Rotisserie ovens are often sold through infomercials seen on television. You might see the oven itself, and it also comes with a dozen accessories to sweeten the deal. From oven mitts to timers, these accessories are certainly nice touches, but they don’t contribute to the oven’s quality. Read extensively on rotisserie-oven specifications so that you can match your cooking style to the available models. When you serve a lot of meat throughout the week, a heavy-duty model is a smart investment. It’s possible for the oven to last several years with daily use. With rotisseries costing several hundred dollars each, that investment is a worthwhile one for the entire family.

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