Best Saltwater FishTank for beginners

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Fish are so peaceful to watch and even better so easy to take care of. They live in an environment we only get to glimpse into by borrowing a piece from the ocean. Keeping saltwater fish is more difficult than keeping freshwater fish. Freshwater fish seem to be able to withstand harsh conditions better than saltwater. Fresh water fish are able to with stand a larger rage in water conditions (5 to 9pH). Salt water fish  can only survive between (7.8 to 8.4 pH).

If you are ready to take on the challenge of Saltwater fish I recommend you start with a beginner set up and find what I would call beginner saltwater fish.

Beginner saltwater fish

The Clown Fish

Probably the easiest saltwater fish to care for. Know as the false percula clownfish or the ocellaris clownfish. They are able to live in small tanks and flourish in big tanks. They will quickly establish and area as theirs and tend to stray in that area.

-commonly grow up to 4.3 inches

– Clownfish pair well with Sea anemone. They have a symbiotic relationship and use them for nest in return they get protection.

-it is not recommended that they are placed with lionfish or groupers or other larger aggressive fish.

Coral Beauty Angelfish

These usually do well with clownfish. The two-spined angelfish or Centropyge bispinosus is generally not aggressive as long as they are not into small of a tank. Coral Beauty Angelfish is one of the easiest angels to care for. These fish like a tank of 40 for one-70 gallons or larger tank with lots of places to hide. They like to swim about often and are always grazing on algae.

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-grows to a max of 3inches

-great for beginners, considered hardier of all angle fish

-live rock is considered a must for the angelfish to be able to swim in and out

– they are aggressive towards other dwarf angelfish and maybe some smaller species

Next up You need a simple saltwater fish tank

Important Factors to Consider, fish tank buying guide for beginners 

Choosing the right fish tank is essential for the survival of your fish and your sanity.

Saltwater  Fish Tank Size

Bigger is better in fish tanks. They hold more fish and are easier to care for, but not all of us have the time, money or space for a 200-gallon tank. It is very important that you choose your fish or tank based on each other. Not all fish can live in a small tank.


Depending on what plants and fish are in your tank you may require the use of different lights. For some plants an LED aquarium light will work perfectly. For some plants and fish all you will need is an LED light, in fact that is the case for many. For others you may need to use a grow light or a full spectrum light. It all depends on the type of plants. LEDs work great for many fish tank setups. Tropical plants need around 12 hours of sunlight everyday. Your tanks living inhabitants will determine your lighting needs.

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Substrates and Live Rocks

As with the angelfish above some fish need live rock to live in a fish tank.

The Sea Salt Mix/Saltwater and Hydrometer

In addition, you will need a salinity test to check the salt content of the water.

Top fish tanks for beginners

 Fluval 10531A1 SEA EVO XII Aquarium Kit, 13.5 gal

First, the lightening system is excellent. It provides A super bright 14000 K LED healthy coral growth, this kind of lighting is a must have for a reef living aquarium. The cabinet is modern and has a clean design.


  • is honeycomb design
  • with Powerful 3 stage filtration with oversized mechanical, chemical and biological media

Multi-functional canopy with easy-feed door.


-Super bright 14000 K LED

-Day & Night Lighting Option (touch start day & night illumination)


13.5 gallon tank; 56 x 29 x 38 cm (22 x 11.5 x 15 in)


Next up is for someone who is ready to get just a little bigger without taking up too much space.