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GearWrench 20 Piece Master Screwdriver Set

Our Top Pick for 2019: GearWrench 20 Piece Master Screwdriver Set
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Let’s face it: tools are a necessity when things break down or fall apart. Have you ever bought something that said on the instructions, “Some Assembly Required” and realized that you had nothing but a butter knife and a hammer to piece it together? Perhaps you are in that situation right now. Yes, that is a fairly stinky situation! If you are, here you will find the best screwdriver and tool sets for the best prices. If you happen to be a tool guru, this may be your diamond in the rough. In the list, you will see the 4 chosen screwdriver sets that I believe to be the best on Amazon. Not only will you read about the product details but you will also read the good, the bad and the ugly on each product. It’s important to remember that nothing is perfect; therefore, I’m not going to sugar coat everything. This article is for real human beings that are searching for real products.

#1. GearWrench 20 Piece Master Screwdriver Set

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With a whopping 4.6 stars, the Gear Wrench 20 Piece Master Set is the winner when it comes to the best tools around. This original tool set was originally listed on Amazon for $140.75. However, the price has been cut in half at an affordable $64.99! To top it off? it has free shipping when purchased through Amazon. Now, how awesome is that? That’s a total savings of $75.76. For those of you that are always seeking the best for your money, this gold winner hits the spot.

This is a huge advantage to ordering from Amazon. Whereas some people complain about the waiting period that comes with online shopping (They prefer the instant access to their products from the store shelves), Amazon is remarkable with sending most products to the customer’s front doorstep within a day or two. Not to mention, many times the in-store price is often more expensive than what is available online.

So what sets these screwdrivers apart from the others? For the tool savvy person, these details will intrigue you. The grips are made of the best durable material that are suited for excellent performance and gentle to the hand.

It comes equipped with speed zones that allow you to apply lower torque if needed. The stem of the screwdrivers are coated with a chrome finish and the tips are black oxide that provides a non-slip surface. (How many times has your old screwdriver slipped off of the screw? Is that not the most annoying thing? You don’t have to worry over that with these tools.)

The entire box set weighs only 4.5 pounds. To give it some additional flavor, the set is colored in black and red. If you have a tool collector in the family, this would make a great addition. To the ladies out there that are cluelessly searching for the perfect “manly” gift, you can’t go wrong with this.

As always with any online product, it’s wise to browse through the reviews. After all, this set is stamped with the highly attractive 4.6 star rating. Surely, the reviews will be stellar.

One reviewer was clearly an expert in the field of tools. He needed a replacement for his worn out Craftsman set. (Everyone knows that the Craftsman brand is very popular amongst the tool gurus.) To his surprise, the Gear Wrench set was a much better quality than his old Craftsman tools! He went on to name other major tool brands such as Mac, Snap-on and more and noted that Gear Wrench not only had a better quality than those but were also not as pricey.

(Keep in mind that Gear Wrench tools are not made in the USA like many of the other major brands. They are manufactured in Thailand.)

Moments ago, we were talking about those special ladies that are searching for the perfect gift for that special man in their life. Well, this next review is a great example for the ladies! A professional automotive mechanic took the time to write a review on his new Gear Wrench set. His old Matco tools had started to wane in quality, and he knew that he needed to purchase a new set. At Christmastime, his wife surprised him with the Gear Wrench 20 Piece set. He loved it more than his old Matco set! In fact, he stated that he now prefers the Gear Wrench over the other brand and highly recommends it.

Another reviewer noted that as an extra bonus, the brand, Snap-On, carries the warranty for Gear Wrench products. This is only another guarantee that this brand is worth it. Yes, this tool set is worth it.

#2. Performance Tool 26-Piece

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The Performance Tool set has a spectacular 4.5 star rating on Amazon. It comes with 26 pieces that include 25 screwdrivers and one stand. Having originally been priced at $39.99, it is available for purchase at a low and reasonable $30.99. Even better? It comes with free shipping! That’s a total of $9.00 in savings. f you’re the shopper that’s always seeking a deal, this one is hard to pass up.

Once ordered, it can be delivered to your doorstep within two days.

So, what are the details?

The stems of the tools are coated with chrome and garnished with a satin finish. It comes equipped with non-slip grips and magnetic edges.

A sturdy, gray stand comes with the tool set. The stand can sit on a table or can be hung on the wall for easier access. It successfully holds all 25 screwdrivers. This convenience allows for quicker finds and prevents the hassle of searching for a certain screwdriver in the typical tool box. We’ve all been in need of that Phillips 1×4 but struggled to find it in the cluttered tool box. Just imagine the ease of going right to it without the hassle of digging through drawers of unorganized tools. It is every tradesman and mechanic’s dream! For the person that has the ideal workshop with organized tools and accessories, this tool set would make the perfect gift for them.

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Let’s take a look at some of the reviews.

From the 5 star reviews, the customers praised the good quality of the tools and the handy convenience that the stand provided. Overall, the customers were satisfied with the performance of the Performance Tools brand. Many of them stated that it suited their needs and everything was just as the advertisement claimed it to be. n fact, one 5 star reviewer loved it so much that they bought one for a family member!

Now on to the negative reviews. Unlike the Gear Wrench set, this particular set had some negative reviews. It wouldn’t be a fair assessment without acknowledging these few negative reviews.

A few of the customers gave the tool set a lower rating because the stand was not sturdy enough for them. One person stated that it broke easily whereas another person stated the they couldn’t clearly see all of the screwdrivers once they were nestled into the stand. Quite frankly, most of the negative reviews came from the tool stand. (Remember that there are plenty of excellent reviews that praise the stand. Not everyone has had the same experience.)

Another customer boldly stated that the Performance Tools weren’t as good of quality as the Snap-On brand.

A few other negative reviewers claimed that the tools bend easily and just weren’t as strong and sturdy as other name brand tools.

Looking at the big picture, I think it’s safe to say that the Performance Tools 26 Piece is a great win. With the low price for the amount of screwdrivers and stand, it’s worth the money for someone that needs the basic tool set to do basic things.

#3. Craftsman 17 Piece

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Wow! The Craftsman 17 Piece set has a 4.7 star rating on Amazon! (I’m sure you’re wondering why it’s not the Gold Pick. Keep reading and you will have your answer.) It’s a pretty set, flaunting a clear, see-through design with red embellishments. Craftsman is known for “being the greatest name in tools”. For those of you tool gurus, stay calm. I’m getting to the details!

Originally listed for $54.59, this set is available on Amazon for a spectacular $29.59! That’s $25.00 in savings. And yes, it also comes with free shipping. Isn’t that awesome?

Here’s the nitty gritty details:

It offers professional quality for the simplest of jobs. As a 17-piece set, it comes with slotted and Phillips screwdrivers. The handles are designed to withhold a firm grip and great strength. The handles are plastic but the stems are made alloy steel and coated with satin nickel.

The set also includes a small 4 in 1 pocket key chain. Is that handy or what?

Keep in mind that this set doesn’t come with a tool box, stand or rack. Thus, the weight of the shipment is only a mere 2 pounds.

Now, let’s check out the customer reviews and see what they had to say about this 17 piece set.

Of the 5 star reviews, one customer stated that he’s been a devoted Craftsman user since the young age of 14! That alone says a lot about the quality of this product. He went on to state that this set hasn’t let him down and that if they ever become damaged or break, Sears will replace them for free of charge regardless of their age. That is definitely something to consider when making this purchase.

Another 5 star reviewer also shared his devotion to the Craftsman brand. He stated that most of his Craftsman tools were handed down through the generations and have withstood the test of time. Whoa! He went on to say that this set is of very high quality. He confirmed what the previous reviewer had mentioned: that you can always trade in the Craftsman tools whenever they are old, damaged or rusted. In fact, he added that K-Mart will also do the Craftsman trade-ins!

Now for the negative reviews.

One customer stated that he had a Craftsman set that lasted for 15 years. So when the time came to purchase another screwdriver set, he chose the Craftsman 17 piece. Sad to say, he was greatly disappointed as the metal was not of good quality. He did say that the handles were excellent but that was it. He went on to say that he would keep it for small tasks around the house but that the tool set was not good enough for automotive work.

In the small 2% margin of negative reviews, a few customers complained about the tips of the screwdrivers breaking off within the first week. Within this group, there were one or two that received the package with missing tools and one or two that didn’t receive the package on time.

Overall, this is an excellent tool set that is guaranteed to fix many problems and put plenty of smiles on plenty of faces. In general, it is probably best for around the house rather than in the automotive profession. As they say, there is a tool for every situation.

#4. Stanley 10-Piece Standard

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*Price typically updated every 24 hours. Current price may be different.

The Stanley 10-piece set has an outstanding 4.5 star rating on Amazon. When you see ratings like that, it’s reassuring that the product is worth the money. This small set is priced at $8.28 with free shipping. If you’re in need of screwdrivers, this is a worthy yet inexpensive set to consider. In other words, if you’re ballin’ on a budget, this deal is sure to protect your pocketbook.

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Let me tell you all about it!

This standard set is meant to fulfill a variety of needs. It comes with the Phillips, short, slotted and mini screwdrivers. The biggest annoyance is when your current screwdriver is too big to fit in the tiny space needed for assembly. This package covers it all!

The tips of these screwdrivers are designed to prevent the tool from slipping on the screw. They even stick to the most worn out screws!

The stems are made of alloy steel that are coated in nickel. (The metal is treated to be rust resistant as well.)

As for the handles, you know that all Stanley products are donned with the bumblebee colors-yellow and black. That’s a given. However, the handles are ergonomic and easy to rotate. Not only is this safe for the equipment you are working on but it’s safe and gentle to your hand as well.

Lastly, this product is protected with a lifetime warranty.

Let’s take a look at the reviews:

There are plenty of 5 star reviews for this set. One review was from a new parent that explained the relief these Stanley screwdrivers offered him. He even stated that if you lose one or two, you will still have the right screwdriver needed for the job! Going through his numbered list, he happily explained how there was a screwdriver that fit the need for every item that required assembly.

Another 5 star reviewer shared that his Stanley set was perfect for tending to the small tasks around the house. Whether a new shelf needed assembly or the newest computer desk, the tools served his needs wonderfully. However, he did suggest to not use this particular set for automotive work. It works best for less strenuous tasks.

As for the few negative reviews…

There is only a 3% margin on the negative reviews. Not bad at all! To sum it up, these complaints were based mostly on the cheap quality of the tools. They insisted that they weren’t sturdy and broke easily.

One customer even complained that he couldn’t remove the screwdrivers from the holder that they came in. However, it’s expected that that is a one-off ordeal considering there weren’t any other complaints on the same thing.

At full, the Stanley 10-piece is a good, but cheap product for someone that needs screwdrivers quickly for the small tasks. It isn’t likely designed to handle heavy duty work like automotive repair but it serves its purpose well for around the house type projects.

Pre-purchase considerations

Sturdier Tray for the Gear Wrench Set

I must admit, it was extremely hard to find another feature that customers would love to see with the Gear Wrench 20 piece set. However, I was able to discover one aspect that would create the perfect set and that people would love to see in this product. What is it?

The tray set! Yes, people would love to see the tray set be made slightly sturdier. One person noted that it seemed to better serve packaging and delivery purposes rather than storage purposes.

A Stronger Tool Stand/Rack for the Performance Tool Set

Although there were plenty of positive reviews on the gray stand, there were some customers that wished it had been made of better quality. Since the stand is able to sit on the counter or hang from the wall, it would be an awesome feature if it were made of a higher quality.

People would love to use the stand without the plastic easily breaking in half. Thus, a major benefit that many would love to see in this product is the durability of the stand. Perhaps it can be made of a thicker material. Either way, a great stand for be a feature that many would love to see in this product.

Durability in the Metal

When it comes to the Craftsman tool set, people would love to see the benefit of extremely durable metal shafts. Since many people that purchase these simple tool sets are not always experienced handymen or technicians, it only makes sense to assume that they may not know how to handle a screwdriver in the best way. Meaning: depending on what type of job they are doing, the tool shouldn’t break under too much improper pressure.

I believe that the people would benefit from see the type of work these screwdrivers are best for. Some light instructions on how to avoid metal breakage would be a nice feature as well.

Well Designed Tips

With the Stanley tool set, people would love to see greatly designed tips that don’t break off or slip while in operation. This would not only increase the popularity of the product but would alleviate most, if not all, the negative reviews about it.

Whether it involved a magnetic tip or a special coating on the tip, it would benefit tremendously from an improved tip design. This would create the ultimate screwdriver for the everyday person that has little knowledge about the proper usage of it. Even the most professional mechanic would benefit from it for small tasks around the house.

Conclusion (Wrapping it up)

I sincerely hope that this has been a helpful read for you. As a consumer, you work hard for your money and it’s essential to find products that are worth every penny they cost. There are plenty of choices when it comes to shopping for screwdriver sets. However, if you are searching for something on Amazon, this is the list for the best screwdriver sets for your money. Sure, there will always be negative reviews on a product. Fortunately, it’s up to you to make the best decision when choosing one that will best suit your needs and your pocketbook.

Overall, our Gold Winner meets all of the important criteria. It works wonderfully for the simple house needs AND for the professional mechanics and technicians.

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