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Wahii Waterslide 50' World's Biggest Backyard Lawn Water Slide

Our Top Pick for 2019: Wahii Waterslide 50′ World’s Biggest Backyard Lawn Water Slide

Summer is just around the corner, and what better way is there to beat the summer heat than a slip and slide. If you never experienced a slip and slide, then you have missed out on a truly unique summer experience, but you can make sure that your kids have the chance to enjoy their own backyard water park. Nothing is more pleasurable than watching your kids enjoy hours of wet and wild fun that will have them truly enjoying their summer vacation. Use our recommendations to pick the best slip n slide for your backyard, consider what features you and your kids will prefer. Do you want a long slide that will give your kids a fast ride or aF slide that features a lot of sprinklers to keep them cool? Here is our favorite slip n’ slide options as well as a budget-friendly option for you to consider.

Let’s Have a Quick Look of Our Top 4 Picks:


#1. Wahii Waterslide 50′ World’s Biggest Backyard Lawn Water Slide

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-easy setup

-made in USA

-great for kids and adult slip and slip

-Giant size, great for large groups, 50ft x 12ft or a second option of 75ft long

If you are looking for a huge waterslide that is both for kids an adult slip n slide then this giant slip and slide should be at the top of your list. The Wahii Waterslide is the largest slip and slide in the world. It is a point of entertainment that is great for large parties, children’s birthday parties, church gatherings, or even family reunions. The best part about this massive waterslide is the fact that it can be connected to other waterslides to create an even longer slide. During the summer of 2011 a resort in Louisiana created a masterpiece by combining ten slides together, which created a long slip and slide of 750 feet. What a blast it would have been to take a ride down that extremely long slide.

The slide itself is made from a durable material that is blue in color and smooth against the bodies of the children who ride down it. The Wahii is also designed to be UV resistant, which means that if the sun is shining across the slide, no burns will occur to the riders of the slide. The best part about this massive waterslide is that it will not take a long time to set up. Once you remove the slide from the box, it should only take about 15 minutes until you are able to start using it.

This huge slip n slide is designed to be used on hills. This gives you the speed you need to slide down the full length of the slip and slide, which means that each trip down the hill will be a like blasting down a water slide. The steeper the hill the faster you fly down it. This entertaining form of summer fun can be purchased in two different lengths, one of which is 50 feet long and the other is 75 feet long. Regardless of the length of the slide you purchase, the width will be 12 feet. Amazingly, if you take one of the 75 foot slip n slide models of this slide and stretch it out, it would be half of the height of the Statue of Liberty, which is no small feat for a backyard waterslide to conquer.

The Wahii waterslide is designed to be stabilized by efficient Zulu-stick fasteners that will keep the slide from rolling up and moving across the grass. Once the slide is securely in place, it is capable of carrying up to 256 pounds across each square foot of the slide, which once again means that it is a great slide for summer gatherings where a lot of people will be present.

When it comes to the reviews of Wahii’s giant backyard 50 foot slip n slide, there are nearly 200 reviews resulting in a rating of four stars or better, which means that the majority of the users who purchased this slide gave it a positive review. Here is an example of one five star testimonial that expresses how this slide can be used to entertain a crowd: “The Lemoore Parks and Recreation Department purchased this slide for our Day Camp. We set it up in one of our public parks and let 25 campers slide for approximately four hours. Our children had a wonderful time.”


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#2. Intex Surf ‘N Slide Inflatable Play Center

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Our silver pick is a inflatable slip and slide that is designed with less of a traditional run and slide methodology and more of slide like you would find on a playground. The main difference is that this slide is inflatable and it incorporates water into the fun. The Surf and Slide Play Center is a slide that is designed to be durable and stable for small children to enjoy. It is recommended for children between the ages of three and five to get the most enjoyment from this entertaining slide.

The Surf and Slide is 160 inches long, 66 inches wide, and 64 inches high, which means that it is raised up above the ground, but the top of the slide is not high enough for a child to be badly injured from a fall. There is also a landing mat that is to be placed under the splash pool that is at the bottom of the slide. This assures that small children do not get injured when they hit the ground. The slide weighs about 30 pounds, which means that it can be left in the yard without the worry of a large gust of wind blowing it away. Because the slide is inflatable, it can only hold a weight of up to 176 pounds, which means that it will hold a few toddlers, but not many kids over the age of five.

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This slip and slide water slide the perfect design for preschool aged children. The majority of the slide is aquamarine blue, which is a bright color that is close to the color of actual water. As you look down the slide itself, you will notice several white wave crests that add flavor to the slip and slide. The top of the slide also has a wave that comes from each side and crashes into each other to form a canopy.

At the bottom of the slide there is a splash pool that is a great landing zone for toddlers, but it also creates an area for smaller children to splash and cool off from the warm summer heat. The Surf and Slide also comes with two surf riders for your kids to enjoy. One is red and the other is purple, so it will be easy to tell who is using which board. In addition, you can connect a garden hose to the slide to give you additional sprinkler fun.

Insofar as reviews, this slip and slide has 200 reviews on Amazon; 76 percent of which are positive four or five star reviews. Here is a five star review expressing how much fun a toddler can have on this slide: “My very energetic 4 1/2 and 2 1/2 year old just played on this slide and in the shallow pool non-stop for almost 3 hours and didn’t want to stop for naps even though they were falling down from exhaustion! I’ve never seen my kids play for so long on anything. My husband and I loved watching them have a blast from the patio chairs.”


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#3. Wham-o Slip N Slide Wave Rider

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Our bronze pick, which is the Wham-o Wave Rider, is a great slip n slide to use in a yard that has a hill. It is designed for children who are between the ages of five and 12. This slip and slide features HydroGlide technology, which is designed to give you more distance as you sail across the surface of the slide.

The Wave Rider has connect and go assembly that allows you to hook a garden hose to the slide while your kids are enjoying playing on the slip n slide. Doing this creates a bumper on the side of the slide that self fills and creates a sprinkler system that can keep your kids cool as they ride the waves. This water tunnel can be adjusted to spray high into the air and splash your kids on the back or to have a lower spray that will mist their faces as they race past.

This slip and slide is a 16 foot slide that is designed to be a racing themed slide that has two separate lanes for two children to enjoy at the same time. One lane is green in color, while the other one is blue. The bumper on the side of the slide and at the base of the splash pool is lime green, and the pool is an elegant shade of blue.

The slide comes with two anchors to hold the slide in place as well as two repair patches in case the slide becomes torn or ripped. In addition, the Wham-o Wave rider also comes with two inflatable boogie boards to be used on the slide. They are designed to be two different colors, which are red and green, to assign a board to each lane on the slide. They are not required to slide, but the boogie boards do tend to make it a lot more fun.

Insofar as reviews, there are 126 for the Wave Runner found on Amazon and 51 of them have been rated with at least four stars. Here is a five star review from the parent of a toddler: “My 2 year old loves this. It’s the perfect amount of water to splash around in and you can’t beat the price. The little rafts and pool at the end are great too.”

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#4. Banzai Speed Blast Dual Racing Slide

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There are plenty of cheap slip n slides available, but you do not want to purchase one that has a chance of ripping with one use, so we have found a durable option that your kids will be able to enjoy all summer long. The Banzai Speed Blast is an 18 foot dual racing slide that is designed to be placed on a flat area of your yard. It is a full 58 inches wide, which is plenty of space for two children between the ages or five and twelve to race.

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The lanes vary in color so that each child can stay on their side of the slide, and at the base of the slide you will find a blue splash pool and a bumper that prevents them from sliding into the grass. The box of this slip and slide shows a red lane and a blue one, but the colors can vary on each individual slide. The Speed Blast is designed to be connected to a garden hose, which will increase the slickness of the slide and help your kids reach the end of the slide. Once the hose is connected, a high spray water tunnel will form on one side of the slide, which can be adjusted if you desire.

This slip n slide does not come with an inflatable boogie board, but one can be purchase separately to be used if you desire the extra feature for your young ones. It is not required however, as they can simply run and dive onto the slide to get a good speed to race down the track.

Insofar as reviews, there are only 44 available on Amazon, and over half of them have given positive reviews expressing the value of this slip and slide. Here is an example of one five star testimonial: “Kids love slip and slides- add racing and it just gets better. Durable for a slip n slide- lasted the summer!”

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Pre-purchase considerations

Safety Features

As with any child’s toy, safety is a priority. Firstly, slip and slides are designed for children between the ages of five and twelve, so an adult should never attempt to take a ride on the slide, because there is a chance that an adult’s body weight could potentially cause an injury. To protect your kids make sure that the unit is set up in an area that is clean from sticks and debris so that they do not injure their stomachs on rough ground that is under the slide. Children should only ride down the slide on their stomachs. Explain to youngsters that they should slide with their arms extended in front of them like Superman. Another important safety point to enforce with your children is that standing up on the slip and slide is not to occur, as it is wet and falling could be extremely dangerous. Also, make sure that the slide does not come close to any trees or buildings.

Themes and Designs

If you have a little boy who loves superheroes, then you may want to find a slip and slide that is themed after Spiderman, the Dark Knight, or perhaps the Avengers. There are slides that feature princesses that little girls would enjoy. There are even slip and slides that are themed after sports that your child might be interested in. For example, you can purchase a basketball themed slide that has a hoop along the side of the slide where your kids can attempt to make a shot as they are zipping down the slide. Typically, with this theme, an inflatable basketball will be included. You can also find football themed slides as well. If you are thinking of getting a slip and slide that has racing lanes, then you can also will need to decide how many lanes you want.

Lanes and Length

Some slip and slide models are designed to be used by one child at a time; however, other models are designed to be used by multiple children at once. These multi-lane slip and slides are designed with racing and competition in mind. Race lanes are often separated with different colored material as well as a divider that is made from the sprinkler system on the slide.

The length of the slip and slide you purchase will depend on the length of your yard. The smallest slip n slide will be about 15 feet long, but they can range in size to lengths of up to 75 feet. How long is your yard, and what length is the most appropriate to give your kids a great slide that ends in a safe location?

Additional Features

The best slip and slide models differs, whether it is in style, length or design, but one thing that definitely varies from each is the features that are included to enhance your overall sliding experience. One feature that is typically loved by children of all ages is having a sprinkler system that is incorporated into the side of the slide or through inflatable tunnels that are set above the slide. Another feature that may be great for some children is having a splash pool at the base of the slide. This provides an area for your kids to slide into as well as a splash zone for toddlers. In addition, look out for slip n slides that have added accessories like inflatable boogie boards or distance markers.

Conclusion (Wrapping it up)

A slip and slide is a great way for your kids to keep cool in their own backyard during their summer vacation. If you have young children, a slip and slide will seem like a whole water park to them. Take the time to research the different slip n slides available before you decide which is best for your family. Consider the number of children that will be playing on the slide and the features that will have them laughing and screaming with joy. Nothing is more pleasing to a parent than seeing your children truly happy and a slip n slide is a great way to help them experience an extremely blissful summer.

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