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Ergo Elements Adjustable Height Standing Desk with Electric Push Button

Our Top Pick: Ergo Elements Adjustable Height Standing Desk with Electric Push Button

n the past, office work wasn’t just confined to a desk and computer. You got up a lot to print, file and perform other tasks around the office. Today’s modern world allows you to do almost every task at the computer screen. Although this convenience is efficient for businesses, it’s not a very healthy way to spend 40 hours a week. Sitting down for long periods of time is actually unhealthy for the human body. As a solution, businesses and everyday people are choosing standing desks. These specialized tables are functional for your body and work needs. To find the best standing desk for your needs, take a close look at all of the features that make these tables a necessity for your home or office.

Let’s Have a Quick Look of Our Top 4 Picks:


#1. Ergo Elements Adjustable Height Standing Desk with Electric Push Button

Ergo Elements Adjustable Height Standing Desk with Electric Push Button Gold Pick

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Don’t be fooled by the simple design offered by the Ergo Elements Adjustable Height Standing Desk because it has some of the best functions in the industry today. Whether you use this desk for business or home use, there’s ample space across the tabletop for all of your personal items. Sit down or stand up with this desk because you can adjust it from 27- to 45-inches tall. Versatility is part of this desk’s construction as you enjoy a healthier workday.

As this standing desk is delivered to your home or business, you’ll receive two packages. The frame and desktop are separated, and you’ll also receive every necessary piece of hardware. In most cases, simply have basic hand tools ready for the unit’s assembly needs. Most consumers report that the instructions are clear and concise. However, there was some confusion because of the two separate delivery packages. Open both packages up, and lay out all of the components. You can pinpoint the right fasteners and components with a clear layout. It shouldn’t take more than an hour to assemble the unit with only one person handling the job.

The standing desk comes in either a four- or five-foot length. It’s important to measure your work space before you order the desk. You may appreciate the extra space on the five-foot model, but it might not fit into a tight room. Regardless of the length, however, the frame and desktop will hold up to 200 pounds. Place your computer and other accessories on the desk, and it remains stable. Generally, consumers report that the desk’s stability is strong compared to the items being housed on its surface. This stability is apparent whether the desk is at its tallest setting or when you’re sitting down. Being stable is one of the main factors that makes this desk a number-one pick for consumers.

You aren’t limited by color when you order the Ergo Elements desk either. Select from lava stone, black or white hues. These colors were chosen for their professional-grade appearances. They can blend into almost any decor without marring the color scheme. White desks are often chosen for home offices compared to the darker colors used at the business level. The color remains durable through the years so that the desk looks spectacular even in older age.

Part of the color-durability factor is the finish. The manufacturer chose a durable finish that’s micro-textured. It looks and feels like it has a pattern across it, but the texture doesn’t distract the eyes as you work during a long shift. In fact, the texture makes the desk look like it has a thick or deep surface. This appearance contributes to its professional style without a huge price tag.

If you’re concerned about the environment, this standing desk is a step in the right direction. The desktop is made entirely of recycled wood. These materials still retain the strength that they had when they were new, but no new trees were used in the desk’s construction. By purchasing this desk, you know that you’re receiving a product that encourages further recycling by the manufacturer. The finish simply covers the wood, and this detail makes the desk look like it’s made of all brand-new materials.

One concern voiced by several consumers is the need for a larger cable hole. This standing desk has an opening near the rear and center of the tabletop. If you use only a few electronic items, such as a laptop, the hole will probably be large enough for your needs. Consumers with multiple monitors and other items may have an issue with the cable-access hole. Try to organize the cables as carefully as possible so that they can fit into the hole. Velcro straps, for example, can hold those cables in place as you snake them through the desktop’s hole.

Consumers are largely pleased with the electric-button feature that allows them to move the desk up and down as necessary. The button does take time to master, however. You must press the button and wait for it to activate. This feature reduces the chances of an accidental desk movement if you inadvertently strike the button and saves energy too. You’ll find the button hidden under the desktop. If you were unaware of the desk’s abilities, you wouldn’t see the button. This design feature simply makes the desk more streamlined and stylish compared to a visible button system.

When you receive your standing desk, be aware that the frame itself is fixed at a 24.5-inch width. This size may not be ample enough for a busy work area, such as in a shipping area. Consider the desk’s application in the home and business, and match your needs to the desk’s maximum dimensions. In general, this desk works for most users. An organized work space is all that’s necessary to keep you productive in a standing or sitting position.

#2. ApexDesk Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk

ApexDesk Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk

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With a 71-inch width, the Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk by ApexDesk is a favorite among consumers because of its versatile features. Your first decision before buying this product is looking through all of the colors. From red cherry to basic white, there are five different colors available for this standing desk. Upon first glance, most consumers are thrilled with the desk’s width itself, but there are many other features that make this product a perfect addition to any home or business.

At 142 pounds, this desk is one of the heavier models in the industry today. The weight contributes to a stable work area regardless of the table’s chosen height. Consumers advise others, however, that this weight does make assembly a challenge. Moving the table to a different location after assembling it is difficult, so consumers recommend putting the desk together in its final location. This tip can save you a lot of moving time and reduce possible injuries from the desk’s sturdy weight.

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A major part of the desk’s weight is from the underframe itself. ApexDesk designed the frame as one piece. Although this feature may not seem like a critical factor, it does improve its stability during everyday use. In fact, you can place up to 225 pounds of weight on the desk, and it’ll hold the items without any wobbling. Each leg has two, circular feet that help it remain in place as you pound away on the keyboard, or write a note. Consumers report that they can fit two monitors, a laptop and other accessories on the desk without any issues.

A complaint that’s heard the most about standing desks is the slow movement during height adjustment. This concern is addressed in the ApexDesk model, and consumers are pleased with the result. You’ll notice that the desk will rise 1.3 inches with every passing second. This rapid movement allows you to change from a sitting to standing position in less than a minute. When you’re working with a tight deadline, this lift time can make a major difference in your productivity. Being comfortable during your work will only allow you to complete it as soon as possible.

ApexDesk doesn’t just put thought into the lifting time. In fact, other tabletop details make this desk a quality choice for busy professionals. The table itself is a thick, one-inch thickness. The medium-density fiberboard is covered with a high-pressure laminate, which contributes to its quality construction. There is no particle board hidden in this desk’s design. You’ll always have a tough surface to work on for many years to come.

Underneath this tabletop is the hidden, two-button controller. It attaches to the desk’s underside in order to give you more space on the tabletop itself. The controller is intuitive with clear “up” and “down” buttons. You don’t even need to look at the controller when you’re used to its functions. Adjust the table’s height, and get to work.

One concern that consumers have regarding the ApexDesk design is shipping damage. Because the desk has a substantial weight, it’s important to survey the product when it arrives at your home or office. The manufacturer should cover any replacement parts if there’s shipment damage. As consumers, you should always have a high-quality product regardless of the shipping time and route.

Unlike other desks in this category, you’ll notice that ApexDesk offers two cable-access holes instead of only one. These circular holes are on the left and right sides of the desk. With this design in mind, you’ll be able to arrange your desk in any orientation that improves your efficiency. Cable arrangements directly impact the work flow and your overall output by the end of the workday.


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#3. Vortex Series 2-Button Electric Height Adjustable Sit to Stand Desk

Vortex Series 2-Button Electric Height Adjustable Sit to Stand Desk

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A crowd-pleasing desk that comes in at third place is the Vortex Series Sit-to-Stand Desk. The desk’s appearance is a strong, first impression for most consumers because of the three, available colors. Choose between espresso, light cherry and new cherry as the desktop’s hues. You won’t be disappointed with this desk that gives you a healthier workday either. Most reviews give it a positive report so that you can work without any major interruptions. Regardless of the chosen height, you’ll have a sturdy surface to work on any day.

Most standing desks come with a crossbar that creates the necessary stability when you’re lifting or lowering the tabletop. The Vortex Series desk, however, uses a different stability mechanism. The desk has an included bearing that actually matches the desk’s movement with each rising-and-lowering sequence. This bearing is meant to keep the table stable at any point during the movement. Test the desk out, and you’ll notice this bearing locking into play with each change in tabletop height. This ingenious design is unique to this desk alone.

With the stable bearing, you’ll notice that the table doesn’t have any jitters during operation. Many standing desks actually shake as they move up and down. This shaking might knock papers off of your working surface or even damage an electronic over time. Consumers report that the table moves smoothly when they have several monitors on the surface, for example. Although there’s no advertised weight capacity, this desk offers enough strength for most normal work needs.

Because the desk is so stable, you might believe that’s it’s very heavy. The Vortex Series desk is actually a relatively lightweight product at 89 pounds. Consumers still report that this desk is one of the most stable types in the marketplace, and this sturdiness is attributed to the design instead of the weight factor. With some help, you should be able to assemble and move this standing desk with no problems. It can sit comfortably on a second floor without adding too much weight to the overall structure, such as when you have an upstairs home office.

Supporting the stable tabletop is aluminum legs. You might be surprised that aluminum is holding this desk in a stable position, but it offers both a pleasing aesthetic and functional aspect to the design. The aluminum has a brilliant appearance as it shines under any indoor lights. In fact, some consumers are attracted to the aluminum’s hue compared to basic, steel legs. The aluminum also contributes to the desk’s lightweight style. You have functional support without a heavy-duty material weighing down your desk.

You have a choice between a standard, two-button controller and a memory model with the Vortex Series. The standard controller has two basic buttons for lifting and lowering the tabletop. You can also order the memory controller that gives you more versatility. This controller has several memory settings so that you can move the desk into a specific position each day. You don’t have to guess at your adjustment because it’s saved in the controller.

Consumers also applaud the anti-collision feature in this standing desk. When you move the desk up or down, the anti-collision mechanism engages. If it senses an obstruction, the table will immediately stop. Clear the obstruction away, and you can resume your tabletop adjustments. This feature can prolong the desk’s lifespan, especially the motors and bearings.

Before you purchase this standing desk, it’s important to note that it has a 60-inch width. For most professionals, this width is ample enough for most working needs. You can still fit a monitor or laptop on the table with no problems. Other professionals, however, may want more space for their paperwork and other items. Seriously consider the desk’s width before you purchase it, and you’ll be thrilled with the other included features.

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#4. Stand Up Desk Store Crank Adjustable Height Standing Desk

Stand Up Desk Store Crank Adjustable Height Standing Desk

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When you want a low-cost standing desk, look for the attractive, crank model offered by the Stand Up Desk Store. The desk’s width is slightly less than 48 inches, which makes this tabletop perfect for those small offices or reception areas. Greet customers walking in the door with this standing desk, or give your office employees the gift of health as they move from a sitting to standing position whenever they desire during the workday. This desk offers some of the best industry features without an expensive price tag.

This standing desk comes with a cranking arm for the height adjustment. Similar to rolling a car window up and down, this crank gives this desk an advantage over others in the industry. You don’t have to connect the desk to an electrical outlet. In fact, it can be placed in almost any location, such as floating in the middle of a showroom floor. Crank the tabletop up to the appropriate height, and your workers can help customers out with flair.

Consumers were concerned with the cranking feature being a limiting factor in the past. The manufacturer decided to offer the desk with an electrical upgrade. Currently, you can order this standing desk with the electrical upgrade at any time. Although this feature increases the price tag, it might be necessary in some applications. Consider your particular needs before you choose between hand-cranking and electrical features.

This standing desk has a conservative lifting range between 29.5- and 45.25-inches tall. For most people, this height range is appropriate in order to make your work more efficient. If you have very short or tall employees, however, you may want to look at other height options. This height range may not work for these workers, and it might hinder their work instead.

When you look at most standing desks, the supportive legs are either steel or aluminum. Although this desk has a steel frame, you won’t notice this industrial color because it’s powder-coated. In fact, the frame is painted either black or white to suit the tabletop’s hue. Most consumers appreciate this simple detail as they receive the new desk in their home or office.

One drawback to this standing desk is the cranking mechanism itself. Consumers report that the crank takes 40 turns to move from the lowest to highest settings. This cranking movement takes time, and the handle seems to come off from the shaft too. Consumers have altered their cranks with glue in order to make the handle work efficiently during the height-adjustment period. If you don’t plan on moving the desk too much during the workday, the cranking issue may not affect you as much as other consumers.

The tabletop is made from laminate with steel legs supporting it. These material choices give the desk a stable yet inexpensive attribute as you research different marketplace options. Give this desk a chance in your office, and you’ll be pleased with the stable functionality while offering a healthy lifestyle to every office worker.

Pre-purchase considerations


One of the most important concerns during a standing-desk purchase is the tabletop’s stability. Try to see or touch a standing desk in person before you buy it. Move the tabletop from the bottom of its range to the very top. Use all of your senses to feel the stability of the movement. The desk should have some weight on its surface so that the movement has a load to contend with for comparison purposes. High-quality standing desks won’t shake excessively or pause during the height movement. If you can’t see a standing desk in person, read as many reviews as possible before your purchase. Every consumer will have a different perspective on the product that can help you make an educated decision.

Height Memory

A feature that’s highly desirable is height memory. You may not want the desk at the top or bottom of its height range. In fact, the perfect height is often somewhere in the middle. If you want to always recall this middle height, you want a controller with a memory function. Set the perfect height into the memory, and you can recall it at any time. The best memory controllers will be accurate with each recall. You shouldn’t have to adjust the height after it roughly finds your setting. If several people use the desk throughout the day, consider a controller with multiple memory settings. Dedicate one setting for each worker, and you’ll have a more efficient workplace.

Cable Management

Although many electronics are wireless at this point, you’ll still have cables to manage in almost any desktop situation. With this fact in mind, look for ample cable management built into your standing desk. There should be at least one access hole for your cables to dangle down to the electrical outlet below. Some desks come with punch-out sections that you can open or close as necessary. Ideally, select a desk with two cutouts that are on either side of the tabletop. You can route half of the wires in one direction while allocating the rest to the opposite side. With this cable orientation, the work space will be neater with better efficiency for everyone who steps up to the tabletop.

Warranty Coverage

Although you may be concerned with pricing only, your standing desk should also have a reasonable warranty. Because these desks have electrical and mechanical components, they can wear down over time. Defects might be involved too. Look for warranties on the motor, frame and other components as you shop around. These warranties will usually span a year or longer, depending on the manufacturer’s specifications. If the warranty is vague or extremely limited, the product may be questionable. A manufacturer that stands behind their product will usually attribute many quality materials to it. Look at the warranty, price and materials as a whole, and you can make a solid decision on your next standing desk.

Conclusion (Wrapping it up)

If your office is behind the times, it’s beneficial to bring up the possibility of a standing desk with your supervisor. Although the desk will require some investment, smart business people understand that healthy employees will always be more productive. Your supervisor may not realize the impact that sitting has on every worker as they deal with back pain or other issues. Being proactive and suggesting a standing desk is how the workplace can change into a healthier community.

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