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Our Top Pick for 2019: Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Cleaner

When you want to clean your home thoroughly, a steam cleaner is one of the best options you can use to accomplish this goal. Steam cleaners can extract embedded dirt that ordinary vacuums may have difficulty reaching. When tackling stairs, upholstery, tile, and other dirt-attracting surfaces, steam cleaners can meet the demand. Listed below are four outstanding steam cleaners that have been tested and rated as some of the best products on the household cleaning market. You will find detailed information regarding the features of each of the best steam cleaner. Customer review summaries are also included to assist you with your purchasing decision.

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#1. Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Cleaner

Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Cleaner

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The Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Cleaner is highly rated because of its powerful performance. This carpet cleaner looks heavy but weighs only 18.1 pounds and operates with a two-tank system. Although this cleaner requires water and cleaning solution, it is easy to maintain. If you’re rather clumsy when it comes to handling large household equipment, this steam cleaner has a safeguard to protect you. This steam cleaner can target and eliminate tough stains as well as odors resonating carpet fibers.

One of the key components that makes this carpet cleaner operate at an optimal level is its Spinscrub technology. This unique process involves the utilization of an aggressive rotating brush that spins rigorously at a 360-degree direction. This powerful action contributes to the revelation of your carpet’s beautiful texture.

The dual action of this carpet cleaner’s system and the forced hot air that is applied speeds up the drying process. If you’re worried about the number of steps it takes to clean your carpet, the Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Cleaner is user friendly. The simple wash and rinse steps can be done quickly after you vacuum your carpet to remove dirt or debris. For a more detailed demonstration of this cleaning process, you can view a short video on Hoover’s YouTube channel.

This steam cleaner measures at 21.5 X 14.5 X 23.5 inches. This makes it easy to store it in a storage closet, in a corner, in the laundry room or wherever you have extra space. Designed to keep your home free of unhealthy germs, the Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Cleaner works hard so you won’t have to. The Home Shopping Network showcased this dynamic steam cleaner to give viewers a closer view of this cleaner’s performance. The steam cleaner’s attachment tools were presented to demonstrate the cleaner’s versatility when crevices, upholstery, and stairs need cleaning. A storage bag is provided to help keep these attachment tools handy and protected.

Thousands of Amazon customers have purchased the Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Cleaner and found it to be an excellent tool for cleaning floors. Several reviewers felt that their purchase was worthwhile, although some customers felt that their investment was wasted. Some of the operation areas that were noted negatively included cord length, water leakage, and power problems. These incidents may be isolated, but because the number of positive reviews exceed 4,000, and the negative reviews exceed 600, the latter figure is significant enough to address the need for improvement to the manufacturer.

If this is your first time purchasing a steam cleaner, you’ll find an overview of this steam cleaner’s features on Photos are posted to give you an idea of what you can expect after using this steam cleaner on your carpet. Results will vary based on how dirty your carpet may be. A list of pros and cons are provided on Carpet Cleaning Machines’ review site to give you a more objective analysis of this carpet cleaner’s functions. Cautionary guidelines are also listed to inform you about challenges you may encounter when operating this steam cleaner.

This comprehensive review can be a good reference to answer questions you may have when trying to decide if this steam cleaner will produce the cleaning power you’re looking for. The more information you review about a steam cleaner, the more prepared you will be when setting up and maintaining the cleaner. However, based on the analysis of the reviews listed here, the Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Cleaner seems to work well.
You can also find 10 Top Reviews on The conclusion brought attention to how effective this Hoover carpet cleaner is when attempting to restore carpet.

The easy assembly process was also mentioned as a good benefit. However, there is a warning that you will need a screwdriver to assist you in securing the water tank. Since Hoover provides the required tools and cleaning solution to operate this steam cleaner efficiently, you should be able to gain good results. The review also informs potential customers that Hoover provides additional maintenance support if you encounter any problems. The two-year warranty is another advantage that makes this product worth purchasing.

Hoover offers quality carpet cleaners that outperform many other cleaners. The automatic detergent mixing system helps eliminate extra steps so that you can get right into cleaning carpet and upholstery without wasting time. The multifunction switches make it convenient for you to access the tank, nozzle, handle, solution trigger, and release latch. The power cord and foot handle release also provide ease of use when you need to detach the tanks. This carpet cleaner is virtually a mini professional steam cleaner on wheels. You’ll be able to start and finish cleaning a room in less time than you anticipate.

#2. McCulloch MC1275 Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner

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The McCulloch Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner is ranked number two because of its powerful ability to eradicate dirt at its source. From the moment that this steam machine is turned on, you will be able to clean surfaces without making an aggressive effort. One of the key features that makes this steam cleaner so great is the powerful jet nozzle. This part is the conduit by which the steam is extracted and applied to surfaces. Laminate, tile and wood floors are a few areas where this type of steam cleaner works the best.

Typically when tile floors are being cleaned, you must scrub or mop the floor rigorously. The McCullock Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner weighs 15 pounds, measures at 20.1 X 13 X 12.6 inches, and can eliminate a significant amount of cleaning time. The steam can access areas between tiles that mops and sweepers cannot reach. This steam cleaner’s performance has even been tested in the bathroom. One reviewer’s hands on experience showed how much grime and mold can be extracted from an old tub by simply filling the steam cleaner’s tank with water. After a thorough cleaning, the reviewer was able to see positive results. Depending on how much work you have to do, you may be able to achieve the same type of results or a better outcome.

You can also find another lengthy comprehensive review on YouTube on Ghostses’ channel. He provided examples of cleaning a wash basin, glass plate, hub cap, vehicle carpet and door. The reviewer’s demonstration provided a realistic view of this steam cleaner’s ability to clean surfaces other than tile floors. Customers from Amazon gave a mix of positive and negative reviews. This steam cleaner received a 5-star rating from 52% of reviewers.

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These reviews highlighted the magnitude of how this steam cleaner is able to handle dirt removal. If you’re highly sensitive to environmental allergens, the McCulloch Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner can help clear the air. Furthermore, allergens, mold, and mildew can also contribute to the musty air that often lingers throughout rooms. Now you can conquer odors that have taken up residence in your home.

This heavy duty steam cleaner is a simple way to keep your home clean without using harsh chemicals. This steam cleaner comes with 18 attachment pieces. Some of these tools include a scrub pad, triangle brush, measuring cup, squeegee, brushes, mop head, and extension wands. There’s no area you should not be able to clean. With diligent application, you should be able to recover the luster of many surfaces you used to admire. provides an indepth review of this handy steam cleaner. Special attention is given to the features, performance, and ease of use. Pros and cons are listed to help readers decide if making the purchase is worthwhile. The only con that was mentioned was the inability to refill the tank when it’s hot. Since there are so many positive aspects about this steam cleaner, the inability to refill the tank while it’s hot should not be a major deterrent. is another review site you can visit for further analysis regarding this steam cleaner. This review is detailed and highlights how this steam cleaner is thorough during operation. An objective analysis is provided to prevent you from expecting extraordinary cleaning results. However, a recommendation is given based on the positive reviews of a large number of customers. When you have the opportunity to evaluate reviews and compare pros and cons, making your final decision about the McCulloch Heavy Duty steam cleaner should be quite easy. If you purchase this cleaner, you may not have to use other chemical based cleaners. As a result, you’ll be contributing to a greener environment.


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#3. Bissell SpotClean Professional Portable Carpet Cleaner

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BISSELL has done it again with its SpotClean Professional Carpet Cleaner. This powerful steam tank targets the toughest stains that can reside in carpets, sofas, and chairs. When briskly applied across stained areas, fabric will appear brighter. You can even use this spot cleaner in your car.

The Professional Deep Cleaning Formula Solution is one of the main solvents that fights stubborn stains. This powerful solution has Scotch Guard in it. This makes it easy to maintain upholstery, and you will be able to use this carpet cleaner for a long time.

If you haven’t been able to reach an area with another carpet cleaner, the BISSELL SpotClean Portable Carpet Cleaner has a 22-foot power cord, six-stair tool, and a 5 flex hose. This makes it easy to climb stairs and clean areas that are a good distance away from an outlet. So if you have a dog, cat, or children who frequently track dirt into your home, this carpet cleaner could do what you can’t do with a vacuum alone.
When you use this steam cleaner, you’ll finish cleaning within a few minutes. you don’t have to be embarrassed by ugly spots or pesty odors. Gone are the days when you had to settle with a dingy home. Scrubbing stains and freshening your home is easy with this portable cleaner.

BISSELL welcomes you to join many satisfied customers such as those who posted their reviews on Amazon. 70% of satisfied customers gave 5-star ratings because of this carpet cleaner’s ability to extract dirt. The cleaner’s compact size was another benefit which made many customers happy. This 16.2 pound cleaner measures 10 X 14 X 14 inches. As a result, you can tuck this portable cleaner in the bottom of a closet or anywhere you prefer.

While many customers found that the carpet cleaner’s dirt-attacking power was exemplary, others found it to be lacking the stamina needed to complete the job. These differing opinions help provide a balanced view of what can be expected if you’re cleaning an area which may need extra attention. Although results will vary, the BISSELL SpotClean Portable Carpet Cleaner has been able to achieve a significant amount of good results among more than 1,800 Amazon customers. has an insightful review that brings attention to the features that keep drawing customers to its dirt-dissolving two-tank system. This review also gives insight regarding the user-friendly functions and how to maintain hot water levels. Furthermore, the results from a comparative evaluation of similar carpet cleaners yielded a positive recommendation for this BISSELL cleaner. One of the main reasons was its outstanding cleaning power.

Mia Bell participated in giving a brief synopsis on The Best Carpet Cleaner Review site regarding this carpet cleaner’s ability to fulfill its advertising claim. Although there is some slight criticism about the level of noise this cleaner makes and the lack of wheels which could make it easier for portability, Mia’s insightful evaluation agreed with previous reviews which indicated that this carpet cleaner is a good choice.

More than 170 positive reviews were also posted on the Home Shopping Network regading this carpet cleaner’s performance. A demo presentation is also posted to show how effective this carpet cleaner is while in use. This lightweight carpet cleaner was able to operate exceptionally in a variety of methods when the host tested it.

#4. Bissell Little Green ProHeat Compact Multi-Purpose Carpet Cleaner

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If BISSELL is one of your favorite product brands, then the Little Green ProHeat Compact Carpet Cleaner is a good option. This handy vacuum weighs only 13.4 pounds and measures at 8.2 X 17.2 X 12.5 inches. You can transport this carpet cleaner from your home to your car or anywhere quickly without putting a significant strain on your back. The round slim design is sleek in appearance and can be stored in limited spaces.

Although small in size, this Proheat Multipurpose Carpet Cleaner can produce a lot of power. It reduces cleaning time significantly compared to other famed cleaners. When suctioning dirt from carpet or upholstery, this carpet will perform the drying task simultaneously. As a result, you will be able to access your sofa, car seat, or carpet quicker than you would if you used a carpet cleaner that does not have this feature.

This carpet cleaner has the type of attachment tools that can help you attack dirt that’s been hard to retrieve for a long time. You’ll get a flexible hose, a special carpet brush for removing stubborn stains, and a spraying crevice tool. Another great benefit that this carpet cleaner offers is the ability to keep hot water hot. In fact, the built in water tank heats water up to 25 degrees. This is a function that other steam or carpet cleaners are not always able to sustain. The BISSELL Little Green ProHeat Compact Multipurpose Carpet Cleaner can stand up to many larger carpet cleaners.

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More than 60% of customers who purchased this carpet cleaner on Amazon gave this product a five-star rating while 38% encountered some problems. The most prevailing benefit that many customers were able to gain was the suction and extraction ability. However, this portable cleaner has difficulty retaining used water. This leakage problem can definitely be a deterrent for those who want to use a steam cleaner frequently.

A review and demo of this cleaner can be found on YouTube on Love Your RV’s channel. The up close view gives you an estimate of how small the cleaner is. The reviewer gives a good illustration of how well this vacuum cleaner works on carpet by using the different attachment tools. Although the carpet and sofa shown in the video don’t appear to be very dirty, the reviewer was able to show how much dirt was extracted when he removed the water tank. has a detailed review on this steam cleaner. You’ll find a list of rating variables that indicated how each category was rated. These areas included … “performance, convenience, support, accessories, design, price, and quality” ( These categories were rated between four and five stars with design, price, and quality ranking the highest. Special discussion is given toward challenge areas such as … “On Small Areas, On Carpet Edges, In the Auto Interiors and On Home Upholstery, and On Pet and Kids Stains” ( The features are also highlighted to inform you about quality of each component.

Pre-purchase considerations

Best Steam Cleaners

Steam is the major function that makes a steam cleaner work and its ability to pull dirt from a variety of surfaces. Before you purchase a steam cleaner, evaluate the output level to avoid unmet expectations. Some manufacturers make claims about the level of steam that a carpet cleaner can generate, but when customers test the steam cleaner, the product falls short of its claim. A steam cleaner should be able to either heat water or keep water hot. It should also be able to produce a certain amount of steam when prompted.

If you have the opportunity to test a steam cleaner prior to purchasing it, check the switches, buttons, and the length of a function to see if it can last for a specified period of time. If you don’t have the opportunity to test a steam cleaner prior to purchasing it, read customer reviews to evaluate the areas you’re concerned about to avoid wasting your money.

Steam Cleaners Design

Simplicity is the contributing factor that can help you clean your home without encountering major interruptions. If you’re not a professional cleaner, you need to be able to operate a steam cleaner that can be turned on and adjusted completing just a few steps. The instruction manual should also be easy to read. When you have to deal with heavy equipment and a complicated assembly process, you might set up the cleaner the wrong way.

This can cause frustration which may influence you to return the steam cleaner for a refund. If you want to avoid this obstacle, review the assembly process to see if this is a challenge you don’t mind dealing with. However, if you’re the type of cleaner who prefers a quick one, two, three set up process, make sure you’re purchasing a steam cleaner that meets this qualification. Otherwise, you may be stuck with too many parts and too little time.

Steam Cleaners Weight

Weight is another important area you must consider especially when you have to carry a steam cleaner from one area to another. Cleaning stairs is a big challenge in itself which requires a significant amount of strength to hold the steam cleaner while cleaning simultaneously. If you have back or other physical problems, you must be mindful of how you lift heavy equipment and how much time you must spend cleaning. When shopping for a steam cleaner, review the weight of the cleaner to make sure that you do not exceed your recommended maximum lifting ability. If you don’t, you may be out of commission for a long time which could ultimately affect your home’s environment if you’re the primary household cleaner.

Best Steam Cleaners Versatility

Versatility is an important aspect to consider when purchasing a steam cleaner. You need to be able to access hard to reach areas. When a steam cleaner is provided with a variety of attachment tools, you don’t have to settle for dusty rooms or stairs. When evaluating a steam cleaner’s package, you should make sure it has nozzle, hose, hand, crevice, and upholstery tools. These cleaning aids can be your personal assistant. Multiple attachments also help when you have physical limitations which prevent you from pushing or pulling heavy equipment.

Before you purchase a steam cleaner, take some extra time to review the list of attachments and compare one product with another. One steam cleaner might offer a good general bristle cleaning at the bottom, but may lack in its ability to clean corners and edges which can be done with a specialized tool that is provided with another steam cleaner. If you’re a parent who is in the process of teaching your children how to use a steam cleaner, the attachment tools can be a good option for completing small tasks such as cleaning the sofa, a chair, or small area of carpet. If a steam cleaner is able to meet a significant portion of your evaluation categories, then you’ll be closer to making the best buying choice.

Conclusion (Wrapping it up)

Steam cleaners are an economical way to keep your carpet and upholstery looking fresh. You can save money when you don’t have to hire professional carpet cleaners and reduce carpet replacement time. A steam cleaner can be considered as a valuable asset that you don’t want to live without. Since homes have a tendency to accumulate dirt very quickly, you can do a spring cleaning any time during the year. A steam cleaner can also contribute to a healthier environment. Whereas you may be limited in achieving this goal if you only opt for using a regular vacuum cleaner or perform alternative cleaning methods.

The steam cleaners suggested here have proven to be powerful machines that can clean carpet, upholstery, and stairs at a satisfactory or outstanding level. The customer review references cover a variety of areas that are worth keeping in mind prior to purchasing a steam cleaner. After analyzing the pros and cons of each of these steam cleaner reviews, you should be able to make a selection that will bring you satisfaction for several years.

Keeping a home clean is not an easy job, but having the right steam cleaner can speed up your cleaning process. You may not have extra help from someone else to clean your home, but a steam cleaner can help fill in the gap where and when you need it to. When used according to the operation instructions, these steam cleaners should be able to perform as the marketing claims. After all, your home is where you spend a lot of time and invest a significant portion of your money. When you invest in products such as steam cleaners, you can extend the life of your furnishings and carpet.

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