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Elite Hot Towel Cabi-Warmer

Our Top Pick for 2019: Elite Hot Towel Cabi-Warmer

Whether you’re looking for hot towel warmer to keep face clothes warm for relaxation or face washing, or a rack style warmer to keep larger bath towels warm, we’ve got you covered. Today’s towel-warmer models come in a huge array of shapes, sizes and prices. This product is no longer a luxury item because almost anyone can find these appliances readily available online for decent prices. Take a closer look at these devices and decide which type of warmer would be the best fit for you.

Let’s Have a Quick Look of Our Top 4 Picks:


#1. Elite Hot Towel Cabi-Warmer

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When you need a full-scale towel warmer, look for the Cabi-Warmer by Elite. This product doesn’t look like a basic warmer that you’d see on a wall. In fact, it looks more like a microwave oven with its enclosed space. You’ve probably seen these devices in massage parlors for professional warming needs. Make your home as comfortable as these parlors by trying the Cabi-Warmer for yourself.

It’s important to note that this warmer is designed to hold facial-size towels in a wrapped position. In fact, it holds up to 24 towels. You can use it for other towel sizes, but you’ll fit fewer quantities inside of the container. Don’t use this device for drying clothes, however. Its closed system means that no moisture can evaporate from the area. Moist, warm towels are what you’ll expect as you use this Elite product.

You may be accustomed to older devices that used bulbs as a heating element. This design was often frustrating because it meant that the bulbs would burn out on a consistent basis. Your resulting towels were cold and wet. Elite created their product with a heating element that covers nearly every interior wall. The cabinet itself is insulated with padding, which allows the element to spread its heat in a uniform pattern. There are no cold spots in this warmer.

Some consumers have reported that they have issues with the warmer’s heating consistency. At times, the device heats the towels to a scalding temperature, whereas other consumers’ experiences describe cold towels. The Elite product is powered by a nearby electrical outlet, so heating inconsistencies should be minimal. Take a look at the instructions in order to verify the proper heating process, however. If you have any questions about the temperature range, contact Elite with your concerns. They can walk you through the steps that will fix any inconsistencies.

The manufacturer states that the unit holds a consistent temperature that ranges between 150 and 160 degrees Fahrenheit. This range is only possible if the door remains closed, however. If you constantly open it, the temperature will drop accordingly. Only access the towels with a quick motion in order to conserve the interior’s heat. The towels will always be ready to go with limited interior access.

Whether the unit is used at home or in a professional capacity, you should have a rapid warming time of only 20 to 30 minutes. Add your moist towels to the interior, and close the door. Allow the system to perform its job. Ideally, the towels will warm faster if you load the unit to capacity. Heat will transfer between the towels as the interior reaches a hot equilibrium.

Although the product’s description states that there’s only one wire rack included inside, consumers are reporting that the design creates two levels for towel use. Add towels to the wide-open bottom rack while reserving the compact, top rack for other items. Heat up rocks or other massage items on the top rack, for example. You can still fill it with towels, but the upper area does have some versatility otherwise.

You might be concerned about the moist towels dripping a lot of water down onto the unit’s base. Elite protects their product by adding a water drip pan. Pull this pan out on a frequent basis so that it can be drained. It covers the entire floor of the unit. As a result, you shouldn’t have any issues with rust or corrosion because of standing water. Simply clean out the unit as much as possible, which will prolong its lifespan. Water will always corrode any materials it comes in contact with, but you can slow this process with diligent care.

This product barely reaches 1.5-cubic feet in size, so it’s perfectly suited for a tabletop or counter. Elite created this regular-size warmer to complement their other products, such as the double or mini designs. For most consumers, this device is perfectly sized for the average household. Everyone can have access to a warm, facial cloth any time of the day. Refresh your skin, and the day’s challenges will become easier as a result.

#2. TISPRO SX1000 Hot Towel Cabinet

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Another warmer cabinet that stands out in the marketplace is the SX1000 model by TIS PRO. This off-white product has a sleek appearance that will match any home or business decor. All of the controls are right at your fingertips because they reside on the front panel as you open the door. Although this model has both positive and negative reviews, it’s a sturdy cabinet that will offer hot towels throughout your day.

There is one temperature setting for this cabinet. This feature is both a positive and negative component to the unit. Consumers who want a “set it and forget it” product will call this setting perfect. Alternatively, other users suggest that the temperature is too high for their needs. When you leave the unit on for most of the day, the temperature will reach about 176 degrees Fahrenheit. Be cautious with your towels at this temperature. You may want to pull and air them out before placing them on your skin. It may be too hot when the towels are immediately taken from the unit.

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Because of this high temperature, you’re able to sterilize the towels as they rest in the heat. Extreme temperatures essentially kill off any bacteria that might reside on the towels. From professional to home use, keeping your towels germ free is a perk that’s critical to everyone’s health.

A concern voiced by several consumers is the unit’s heating period. Although this device is advertised as a rapid heater, consumers report that it can take up to two hours for it to reach the highest temperature. The unit’s capacity, location and other factors will contribute to its heating speed. Ideally, start the warmer well before you’ll need the towels. It can remain on for the entire day, and this time period won’t harm its components over time.

When you open the unit, you’ll notice a wire rack inside. This component is entirely removable, which leaves the warmer open to easy cleaning. Wipe any moisture or buildup off of the interior walls. Clean off the rack too. Diligently cleaning out the towel warmer on a regular basis will keep it free from any odors. Although some consumers state that an odor is present when they receive the unit, any scents can be entirely eliminated through thorough cleaning sessions.

The manufacturer suggests airing out the product after it’s been used for the day. You may have wiped it clean of any moisture, but water molecules may still be on the interior surfaces. Venting the cabinet allows natural, evaporative processes to occur. No water corrosion or odors will develop when the unit is dried off after each use. For professionals, this cleaning task is critical so that your clients don’t smell any odors on the subsequent towels added to the warmer.

A positive feature that’s often overlooked in this model is the power-cord length. It’s not a short length that forces you to place the unit directly against a wall. In fact, it has some slack in order for it to be used closer to your work area. Keep the cabinet close to clients or an area at home. A warm towel within arm’s reach is a luxury that’s necessary in some cases.

The manufacturer suggests that the tray should be pulled out on a daily basis if you’re using it at full capacity. The included drip tray may become full with this usage frequency. It adequately holds the moisture, but it won’t evaporate overnight. Keep your towel warmer in good shape by removing the water and wiping out the tray. You’ll be ready for the next day with a well-maintained cabinet.


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#3. Amba RWH-CB Radiant Hardwired Curved Towel Warmer

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You may not have a need for a cabinet-style unit, but you still want warm towels as you walk out of the shower. Your solution is in the Radiant Hardwired product by Amba. The model RWH-CB has the appearance of a standard towel rack, but it hides its components inside your wall. In fact, it derives its power from the main electrical wiring already present in your bathroom. Once this unit is installed, you’ll have instant hot towels any day of the year.

This product comes with 10 curved bars. The curved feature keeps the towels away from the wall, which can be cold to the touch. Additionally, the curve also encourages the towels to press uniformly against the surface. When you snake the towel between several rungs, the entire fabric will almost adhere to the warmer. The result is a warm towel each time you turn on the unit.

Amba designed this warmer to heat up every visible surface. In fact, you won’t just have the horizontal bars heating up. The vertical bars will also warm up too. When you have several towels on the rack, nearly every fabric area can be heated. The vertical bars also produce some radiant heat even if no fabric is touching them. This feature is unique to the Amba design, and it tends to stand out to discerning consumers.

The entire warmer is made out of grade 304 stainless steel that’s either polished or brushed with an attractive finish. This high-grade metal won’t warp, rust or degrade over time. It can withstand the changing temperatures and moisture that it will encounter with everyday use. Stainless steel is also a perfect addition to any decor style within your home. There’s no need to match it to any other hardware because it simply blends in.

Another attractive quality about this product is the fact that it’s hardwired. When you install it, all of the wiring is hidden within your walls. Upon first glance, visitors will merely think that the rack is an everyday fixture. The manufacturer makes installation simple too. Every mounting accessory you’ll need is included in this package.

Amba made this product as simple as possible in order to keep the price at a low cost. You only have an on-off switch as your control panel. Some consumers are concerned that there’s no timer on this unit, but it can be added as an option in most cases. Turn the switch to the “on” position, and the rack heats up the towels to about 149 degrees Fahrenheit.

Be aware that this rack isn’t meant to heat the surrounding room. Many consumers are aware of some racks that seem to perform this service, but this product will only warm the immediate towels on it. It’s possible to feel some radiant heat coming off of the rack, however. If you need heat in the bathroom, seek another product for that purpose.

The best way to heat your entire bath towel is by snaking it through several rungs on the rack. This hanging strategy also makes it possible to dry your towel after using it too. Wall-mounted towel warmers have several functions in the bathroom so that your purchasing dollar is stretched even further. In the end, a warm towel is cozy and cleaner than a damp fabric. You’ll never want to switch the warmer off after just one use.

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#4. LCL Beauty High Capacity Hot Towel Cabinet

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For less than $100, you can have a towel warmer that’s both for home and professional use. The High Capacity cabinet by LCL Beauty has the basic appearance of a microwave oven. Open up the front door, however, and you’ll reveal numerous towels that are ready for use among family or clients. A unique feature hidden within this unit is the UV or ultraviolet light. You’ll have a chance to use hot, moist towels with sterilization as a main benefit.

This cabinet warms up to about 175 degrees Fahrenheit. At this temperature, any towels that you place inside of the product will be extremely hot. Pull them out with care, and apply them carefully. Most beauty professionals prefer hot towels, but they still need to be handled with care. If you use this in a home environment, make sure an adult is accessing the towels at all times. The heated items will feel fantastic on your skin as you refresh yourself for any daily activities.

This cabinet holds up to 80 towels. These towels, however, must be the disposable, facial types. For most beauty fans, you’ll want to use cloth towels. In this case, the High Capacity unit holds up to 32 items. There’s an included rack inside of the product in order to organize your items with ease.

A helpful feature on the LCL Beauty product is separate controls for the heat and UV selections. Turn the power on for both items or only use one at a time. The manufacturer developed this product with your everyday needs in mind. You don’t always need to sterilize the towels as you heat them. This feature saves you money over time as the warmer conserves energy and wear on its components.

The manufacturer also includes a one-year warranty on their warmer. Be sure to download the manual if it doesn’t come with the product as a paper booklet. Many retailers simply email you the fine print. Save this warranty and your purchase receipt so that any future issues are swiftly dealt with.

LCL Beauty advertises this cabinet as a perfect location for sterilizing beauty equipment. From files to brushes, place these items into the cabinet for an overnight sterilization procedure. Whether you use them on yourself or paying clients, everyone will have a germ-free experience with your beauty accessories. In the end, this towel warmer is a handy tool for any household or business.

Pre-purchase considerations

Open or Closed System

When you consider a towel-warmer purchase, there are multiple styles to decide between. This consideration includes whether the product is open or closed. An open system needs to be connected to one of your household’s systems, such as a plumbing line. You integrate the warmer into your household with ease because the plumbing is always working otherwise. It’s also possible to benefit from a closed system where you have a separate warming element or source for the unit. Cabinets are good examples of closed systems. Place them almost anywhere in your home or business, and they’ll operate just the same.

The Power Source

Purchasing a traditional holder with rungs is a great addition to the bathroom, but you need to think about its power source before buying it. You might plug the product into a standard outlet, or it requires a hard-wired installation. In most cases, you’ll want to select a plug-in model. You can move it around to any location, such as different bathrooms. If you want a more permanent unit, select the hard-wired style. It’ll blend into your bathroom’s decor without any visible wires. Both of these power-source choices are the same cost to operate so there’s no loss in that area when you make a final decision.

Installation Ease

The chosen power source goes hand-in-hand with the product’s installation ease. If you want a unit that has almost no installation effort, you’ll want a plug-in model. Both wall and freestanding units can offer the plug-in option. The cabinets are plug-in as well. You’ll still need to dedicate an area to the warmer, however. Clear away a spot that’s safe to use at all times, such as away from pets and children. For most plug-in products, it will take you a few minutes to install the items. Hard-wired products, in contrast, require the knowledge of both electrical systems and voltage.

Timer Consideration

You may want to set the warmer and go about your daily business. If you cannot observe the warmer for very long, look for a unit that has a timer or an option to add this feature. The timer will observe the warming temperature and shut it off when the time is right. These timers will ensure that the towels are perfectly warm while reducing any wear on the product itself. Timer-equipped warmers should last for several years as a result.

Conclusion (Wrapping it up)

When you select a rod-style towel warmer, you may be disappointed with the uneven heating across the fabric. Some product reviewers suggest that you add another towel across your chosen one in order to trap the emitted heat. This strategy is really only necessary if your home is particularly cold, such as during an air-conditioning sequence. In most cases, today’s devices will heat your towel with no cold spots. Product manufacturers will test and improve their devices with almost every model year. Take care of your warmer by employing frequent maintenance, and it will keep you cozy all year-round with heated towels.

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