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Vermont Folding Stainless Steel Utility Knife

Our Top Pick for 2019: Vermont Folding Stainless Steel Utility Knife

Do you like to take on DIY projects at home? If the answer to that question is yes, then you most likely need something to cut materials and splice wires. A pocket knife will do, but why make your blades dull when you can purchase a tool that is specifically designed for these types of projects. There are different types of utility knives on the market, and deciding on which one is best for you may be a daunting task. Do you want a fixed blade, a retractable one, or a folding variety? To help you decide, we have researched the different options available for purchase. Here are the top three utility knives that we have discovered as well as an option for those who are ballin’ on a budget.

Let’s Have a Quick Look of Our Top 4 Picks:


#1. Vermont Folding Stainless Steel Utility Knife

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When you need a utility knife that is versatile enough to use in any situation, you can always count on Vermont Knives to bring you a durable solution that you can use both indoors and out. The Vermont Stainless Steel Utility Knife is a tool that features a folding design that assures the blade will remain secure. It is a great knife for anything from cutting ropes for a project at home to cleaning fish beside a river on a fishing trip.

This utility knife features an aesthetically pleasing look that is hand crafted to look amazing. The handle is made from wood that is finished with a natural coat to bring out the natural qualities of the wood. Each handle will differ slightly in design since no two pieces of wood share the same exact markings. The foldable blades are made of stainless steel, which is a strong durable material that can withstand corrosion and rust as the blades age.

Having a knife that is versatile is imperative, and Vermont Knives has crafted this knife to be just that. It features a two blade design that is perfect to have when you are away from home. One knife is an all purpose style blade like you would find in any pocket knife, and the other is a box cutter style that is razor sharp. The pocket knife style blade has a serrated edge on part of the blade for your convenience.

This lightweight utility knife can easily be carried in your pocket or in a backpack while you are hiking through the woods. It is a compact knife that closes to a mere 3 ¾ inches. When you have a blade open, it is about6 ¾ inches long, which is a great size blade to whittle some wood, cut a rope to a shorter length, or even cut your steak after it is cooked.

The Vermont utility knife has an easy to open blade that locks in place when it is fully extended. To close either blade, you will need to press the safety latch downwards before you close the blade back into the knife. Blades do get dull, so the box cutter style blade on this knife can be switched out and changed to a new blade that is shape once again. To accomplish this task, you must simply loosen the screw that holds the blade in place, remove the blade cover, and then carefully remove the dull blade. Place the new blade in the designated spot for the utility blade, and then replace the blade cover and secure it tightly with the screw.

When it comes to reviews with this utility knife, an astounding 98 percent of all purchasers on Amazon have rated this product with a four star rating or higher. The overwhelming majority of those who purchased this utility knife were happy that they decided to go with this option, and many of them expressed how extremely durable and functional this knife truly is. Many like that the knife is effectively two tools in one, so they are able to complete more tasks with less tools.

You can purchase this utility knife on Amazon for about $25, which is an exceptionally low price point for a dual bladed utility knife. In addition, this knife comes with a lifetime money back guarantee, which means that the company believes in the quality and the durability of this knife.

#2. Klein Tools 44133 Klein-Kurve Ergonomic Retractable Utility Knife

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For generations Klein Tools has been bringing us tools that are designed to make our day to day lives more convenient. Our silver pick, which is the Klein-Kurve Retractable Utility Knife, is a durable tool that is held up to the professional standards that the company adheres to. It is a durable tool that is dependable enough for professionals to use on a daily basis. It is also a great option for someone who is on a hiking trip where ropes or other items may need to be cut.

This retractable utility knife is designed with a handle that is comprised from a hard plastic material that is designed to withstand the tests of time. It is designed with a yellow exterior, which adds a bit of flavor to your tool style. It also has comfortable non-slip grips that are placed on both the top and the bottom of the handle to prevent your hand from slipping at any point during its usage. The blades are extremely sharp, and it can be retracted to different length when needed. In addition, this utility knife even has a wire stripping notch at the base of the blade that is quick and convenient for any electrician to use.

The design of this utility knife uses Klein-Kurve technology, which features a curved shape that is more comfortable to use than many utility knives. This curved angle also allows you to have a better angle while cutting, which will ensure that your cuts are straight and accurate. One feature that makes this utility blade stand out as our silver pick is the fact that you can store multiple blades inside the knife itself. At the base of the handle there is a locking mechanism that unlocks the secret compartment that is stored under the top handle grip. Inside you will be able to store six replacement blades’ which come with the purchase of this blade as an added bonus. These blades are high quality triple grounded blades that are designed to stay sharp longer than standard utility knife blades.

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This compact utility knife is lightweight, which makes it easy to take on fishing trips and hiking excursions. It is about seven inches long when the blade is fully extended, and it only weighs in at about half of a pound. In addition, changing the blade is easy. Simply press the button that is on the top of the knife forward to release the blade. Slowly and carefully remove it, and replace it with a fresh one from the compartment on the back of the handle.

Insofar as reviews for this Klein utility knife, an amazing 91 percent of the reviewers have given this product a rating of five stars. Many reviewers love the ergonomic design that is utilized on this knife. They also appreciate the fact that this utility knife has a location to store extra blades, which can be a great feature for when you are on the job or out in the wilderness where extra blades may not be available. With this utility knife you can keep a supply of fresh blades at your finger tips. Klein’s retractable utility knife is available on Amazon for about $15.

#3. Magnelex Folding Utility Knife

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Our third place pick for this list of the best utility knives you can purchase is the Magnelex Folding Utility Knife. Magnelex is known for manufacturing durable products, and this utility knife lives up to the Magnelex name with a standard folding knife design that is exceptional. The handle of this utility knife is comprised from a lightweight aluminum material that is designed with your comfort in mind.

It features an ergonomic design that is slightly curved to give you the perfect angle to perform cuts. In addition, the handle is painted a construction yellow, which gives the knife a brilliant look as well as an effective non-slip coating. In addition to this coating, the knife also features another non-slip protection that extends from the handle. This adds an area of rubber on both the top and the bottom of the handle that serve as extra protection when you need to cut through something thick that may force you to press the knife into the material with a bit more force.

The blade is a standard utility knife blade that is crafted from stainless steel, which means it will not be susceptible to the elements. Safety is always a concern, whether it is on the job site or at home, so the blade is complete with a safety lock that clicks into place when the blade is fully extended as well as when it is encased in the handle of the knife. When the blade is fully extended, it is a full 6.3 inches in length. This utility knife also has a unique stainless steel belt clip on its side, which is a great place to keep you knife to have it within reach at all times.

The blade of this knife is simple to change when it gets dull. All you need to do is press the grey button, which is located on the blade cover, and then carefully slide the dull blade out of the knife and replace it with a fresh one. No tools are required to change the blades, so you can make the switch more efficiently and get back to work faster. When you purchase this knife, it comes with a convenient carrying case that is perfect for a long hike or to carry the tool while you are on the job. It also comes with a pack of five extra blades, which means you will not need to worry about replacements for a while.

88 percent of all of the reviews for this product are above a four star rating, which means that overall it has been reviewed as a great product. Many who gave testimonials on Amazon have said how much they like the ergonomic design of the knife as well as the safety features that secure the blade. On Amazon this utility knife can be purchased for about $20, which is a great price considering that you get five additional blades with the knife. It also comes with a lifetime warranty that allows anyone who purchased the tool to get their money back if they are not happy with their purchase.

#4. Stanley 10-099 6-Inch Classic 99 Retractable Utility Knife

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If you need a utility knife that is great for cutting boxes on the job or you only need a utility knife for occasional use, then our ballin’ on a budget pick might be a great option for you. Stanley has been bringing us high quality tools that are both durable and reliable for over 170 years. That legacy is shown through each product manufactured by the company, and the Classic 99 Retractable Utility Knife is no different.

The exterior of this utility knife is a simple grey plastic material, but it holds a blade that is sharper and lasts longer than a standard utility knife blade. The blade is retractable and can be set to three different positions. In addition, the front edge of the utility knife has an interlocking nose that is designed to securely hold the blade in place. The design of this utility knife provides a comfortable grip that is perfect for anyone who needs to cut a sheet of drywall or cut open a cardboard box.

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This Stanley utility knife is a small compact blade that only weighs about 5 ounces. With the blade fully extended it is only about six inches in length, which means that it can easily fit in your pocket when the blade is retracted. When you purchase this utility knife, three extra blades are included. These blades can be stored in the handle’s storage area, and can be easily attainable when the blade you are currently using becomes dull. To change the blade you will need a flat head screwdriver to loosen the screw on the side of the knife.

This utility knife can be purchased on Amazon for about $7, which includes a limited lifetime warranty. The Stanley utility knife can be purchased individually or in packs of up to 36, so if you have a business where a lot of utility knives could come in handy, this could be a great option for your business. They will get the job done without costing you a fortune, so if someone accidentally takes one or two home, it is not a big loss for you.

When it comes to reviews, there are several on Amazon. 84 percent of the users who reviewed this product gave it a four star rating or better, which means that they were happy with their decision to purchase the product. One reviewer gave a stellar testimonial about the longevity of this utility knife saying: “I have one of these that is probably 10 years old; I’d have older ones if I hadn’t lost them.” Dependability and longevity, what more could you ask for in a utility knife that only costs $7?

Pre-purchase considerations

Types of Blade

There are several different types of blades that may be compatible with the utility knife you are thinking of purchasing. Make sure that the knife you are looking at can use any blade that you will need to use, because not all utility knives are versatile enough to utilize all blade types. Some of the more common blade types are:

Carpet Blade – A double edged blade that is perfect for professionally installing carpet

Craft Blade – A blade with a lower angle that is great for whittling and carving.

Utility Blade – A blade that is great for simple tasks, but is not long enough to handle extremely thick material.

Linoleum Blade – A blade that professional floor installers use on vinyl and linoleum.


There are three different types of utility knives available to choose from, which are as follows:

Retractable – This type of knife is designed to be used quickly, without much effort being involved in extending and retracting the blade. The retractable aspect of this utility knife gives you an extra safety feature that helps prevent accidents. The blades of these types of knife often are able to move in and out to a few different settings, which gives you the ability to choose how much of the blade you want exposed.

Fixed blade – This type of knife has a blade that is securely locked in a specific position. They tend to have more stability around the blade, but they can also be larger and more cumbersome to hold.

Breakaway blade – This type of utility knife features multiple blades that are connected. The idea of these is that when one blade becomes dull, it can be snapped of and the next one can be used.

Safety Features

Safety is always a concern when you are dealing with any type of knife or blade. Having a retractable blade can be a great feature on a utility knife that can keep everyone safe. Having a blade lock is another feature that will help protect you from having an accident. Many utility knives lock into place when the blade is extended as well as when it is retracted. Look into safety features of the utility knife you want to buy before you make a purchase.

Ease of Blade Change

Changing the blade in a quick manner can be important on the job, so having a utility knife that allows you to change the blade without the use of additional tools may be needed. If you don’t mind using a screwdriver to change the blade, then this consideration may not be as important to you, but for a professional who needs to get things done quickly, this may be one of the most important considerations.

Additional Features

What other features do you think you will want on a utility knife? Are you happy with one blade or is it imperative that you have a more versatile tool in your arsenal? Remember that not all utility knives have a quick feature that can cut strings to the length you need. For the electricians reading this, you may want a utility knife that has a wire striper, which will help make your day go more smoothly than being required to strip each wire with a pocket knife. In addition, if you plan to use this utility knife daily, then you may want a tool that has blade storage for quick access in case your blades become dull on the job. Also, consider if you want a carrying case or a way to connect the knife directly to a utility belt.

Conclusion (Wrapping it up)

Utility knives are an important tool that can be great for someone who installs carpet, for an electrician, for a packer, or a fisherman, so make sure that the utility knife you select is perfect for the job that you want to accomplish. Take our pre-purchase considerations into account, and then decide which type of knife is best for you. Hopefully you knife will be used to complete DIY projects around the home as well as last long enough to make your life a little less rugged on a camping trip you take with your family five years from now.

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