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RÖD Wine Glasses

Our Top Pick for 2019: RÖD Wine Glasses

Wine: happiness in a glass. Giggles in a goblet. History in a bottle. Earth, fruit, smoked, oak. With enough wines to choose from as there are days in a lifetime, where does one begin in the search for the perfect glassware to hold such a product? Believe it or not, there are dozens of different types of wine glasses, all designed for the consumer to get the most of the wine itself from the rich taste to the tantalizing odor. Perhaps you know little about wine or perhaps you are already a connoisseur. Either way, this guide can help as you look for the perfect glassware for your favorite drink.

Before we get started, let us give you a brief understanding of wine glass design and purpose. Wine glasses are designed to preserve aromas, taste and maintain temperatures for each specific style of wine. Though we will not go into detail here, the following short synopsis should be helpful for those of you just starting out.

Red wine: larger bowled glasses, wider surface area, wider mouth

White wine: smaller bowls, smaller mouth

Champagne and sparkling wine: tend to be tall and narrow, ie; champagne flute commonly seen at weddings

Dessert wine
: vary greatly from a “V” shaped cup to one that looks like an hourglass.

Now onto the fun part – shopping and drinking!

Let’s Have a Quick Look of Our Top 4 Picks:


#1. RÖD Wine Glasses

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*Price typically updated every 24 hours. Current price may be different.

ROD Wine, our number one pick, sells three basic types of wine glasses: red, white and champagne. ROD takes selling stemware a step above the rest with what they call “innovative packaging.” Developers of these wine glasses took the time to literally study and consider the importance of packaging and presentation. ROD has specifically designed its packaging for the journey to your home and for storage and display in your home. ROD wine glasses would make an especially impressive wedding or housewarming gift! And let’s admit it, it feels good to look good!

The glasses themselves are produced in the Bohemia Region of the Czech Republic in Central Europe. How fancy is that? This part of the country has reportedly been in the business of glass making for 250 years. ROD glasses are made from lead free crystal called crystalline. The glasses are restaurant grade which means they can be washed in the dishwasher and are slightly heavier and sturdier! According to the manufacturer, the glasses are produced in a factory with the environment in mind: the factory has restrictions on water, implements the recycling of water and runs on “green electricity.” If shopping responsibly managed products is important for you, here may be your ideal wine glass. Who knew wine glasses could be so interesting?

ROD wine doesn’t stop there, however. In addition to all this, with every purchase from ROD wine, you will receive the free eBook, Wine Wisdom, with a plethora of information about wine for both beginners and devotees. Imagine – with the purchase of these glasses come not only elegance and history but education as well!

Now that you’re sold on this product, let’s talk about where to find them. ROD wine glasses can be purchased online through the manufacturer’s website and through Amazon. On both sites, ROD glasses come three in a pack. At the time of writing this review, ROD glasses were on sale and priced between $44 and $49 for red, white and champagne glass sets. Regular prices are just under $70. On Amazon, shipping is free for prime members.

What better way to seal the deal than taking a brief look at user reviews? We’ve got them on hand for you! On, ROD wine glasses have an average of 4.9 out of 5 stars out of 91 reviews. That means 97% of users rate the product as a four or higher. Reviewers frequently use words such as “exquisite”, “elegant”, “sturdy” and “made to last” to describe their purchase. One reviewer mentioned how good her skin felt touching the glass – making the entire wine drinking process aesthetically pleasing. Multiple users report purchasing all three sets (red, white and champagne) after their experience with just one! Shipping is secure with one user noting how carefully bubble wrap was used to secure the package. Glasses are reported to be easy to repackage and store in the box. Additionally, customer service has been rated extremely high. One user reported hearing from the owner himself when s/he had questions about the product!

#2. Royal Stemless Wine Glasses


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*Price typically updated every 24 hours. Current price may be different.

Not impressed with our first product? Too afraid you might regret a more expensive purchase but still want the elegant feel and appearance? Take a look at our runner up, Royal Stemless glassware.

Royal Stemless wine glasses provide us with yet another mode of wine consumption: tumbler-style. These glasses do not differentiate from red or white wines – an easy, stress-free way to consume and present wine to your guests. As evidenced from the name, Royal Stemless glasses do not have a long stem and rest comfortably on a table. Advantages: less likely to tip over, easier to hold in your hand and easier to store or take on the go! Disadvantages: we don’t see any! These glasses would be easy to take in a picnic basket to the park or the beach for a romantic night out. They are also easy for those of us who like to walk and talk while we’re at social gatherings as their flat bottoms make it easier to find a place to set them down without worry or spillage. The glasses themselves measure about three and a half inches tall and just under three inches wide.

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Royal Stemless glasses are safe in the top rack of your dishwasher, durable and shatter-resistant. They are made from glass, not crystal, which makes them more durable and less pricey. Royal Stemless glasses can hold up to 15 ounces of your favorite drink, though wine is intended to be consumed in closer to four and five ounce amounts. Although who says these tumblers have to be just for wine? These glasses are versatile! They could easily be used for cocktails, sodas and water.

Royal glasses are designed in the USA (New York, to be exact) and made in China.

Royal Stemless glasses are available through multiple online shopping vendors. A quick Google search will yield many results. On, the glasses come four in a pack for $29.99 though prime members can purchase the glasses at $15.99, as of the time of this writing. Royal also offers an eight pack of stemless glasses for $29.67 with prime membership. That’s less than $4 a glass!
To boot, Royal offers a full refund up to 60 days after your purchase if you are unhappy with their product. You can’t beat that!

On Royal Stemless glasses have a 4.3 out of 5 star rating after over 1,200 customer reviews! 87% of reviewers give Royal Stemless glasses a rating of 4 or higher. That is a lot of happy customers! Multiple reviews specify how great these pieces are because they are stemless. Users report they are less likely to knock over, easier to carry around the backyard or pool at an outdoor event with a “good fit in the hand”, and feeling sturdy without feeling clunky or heavy or losing any style points. Some even recommended Royal Stemless to their clutzy friends and relatives! Users also report the packaging in well cared for – individually bubble wrapped glasses separated by cardboard compartments and labeled with a “fragile” sticker. Users felt especially satisfied as the product description was the same as they received. Royal Stemless glasses were “exactly what they say they are”, said on reviewer.


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#3. Luminarc Nuance 10.5 Ounce Wine Goblet

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*Price typically updated every 24 hours. Current price may be different.

Okay, okay. You’re not feeling our first two picks. You want your wine drinking to look like it – stem and all – but you cannot afford the prices or for the glasses to break. Look no further. We have a great choice for you below.
Luminarc Nuance wine glasses are also high on our list of preferred glasses (number three to be exact!) These wine glasses are all purpose (red wine, white wine, cocktails, water, soda), dishwasher safe and come in a 12 piece set! How is that for efficiency? (Just wait till you see the price).

If you aren’t already impressed, check this out: on the manufacturer’s website, there is a plethora of information. If you liked our ecologically minded number one pick but are looking for responsibly sourced products on a budget, Luminarc may be the one for you. According to their catalog, the company actively works towards “sustainable development…bringing together economic performance, social equity and respect for the environment.” How’s that for character?

Luminarc Nuance glasses are made from glass and do have the stem of traditional wine glasses. All glass breaks, and these can too, though the manufacturer states they are sturdier than most. The glasses are clear and simple – no fancy designs or writing on them. Luminarc Nuance glasses stand 7.25 inches tall and are 2.5 inches in diameter at the top. They hold 10.5 ounces of liquid. Luminarc glasses are made in both France and the United States, depending on the consumer’s location.

Luminarc Nuance wine glasses can easily be purchased online through multiple retailers. They also may be available in brick and mortar stores such as Bed, Bath and Beyond and Wal-Mart. On, at the time of this writing, a 12 piece set was selling for $24.95.

On over 200 users have reviewed Luminarc Nuance. They rate the glasses on average a 4.4 out of five stars. That’s 86% of users rating these wine glasses with a score of four or five. A quick glance through the reviews shows that many users are pleased because Luminarc Nuance glasses are a great value – sturdy, look nice, cost effective. Several reviewers report using the wine glasses for big meals and gatherings such as Thanksgiving. Because they are so cost effective, if one glass does break, the bank does not! Users report these glasses perform well with everyday use. For those customers who did experience a break or imperfection during shipping, replacements and refunds were issued without problem.

#4. Libbey Vina Stemless Wine Glasses

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*Price typically updated every 24 hours. Current price may be different.

Lastly, we have a basic, trustworthy, affordable option. This may be particularly attractive for those of you who are just starting to explore the world of wine and require pieces that are more functional than fancy. (Though you could dress these up too if you really wanted).

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Libbey Vina Stemless wine glasses are great for you thrifty wine consumers. Simple, classic pieces made of glass, Libbey stemware is dishwasher safe. These pieces are stemless, as indicated in the title, giving the added benefit of “less likely to tip over” (even if you aren’t). Libbey Vina Stemless glasses come in two different shapes – one designed for red wine and the other white. These glasses measure approximately 3 x 3 x 4 inches and can hold a little over 16 ounces of liquid. Libbey Vina Stemless glasses are made in the USA.

Libbey Vina Stemless glasses are an easy purchase online. Through, you can purchase a four piece set of the red wine glasses for $21.99, at the time of this article writing. They are also available on popular retail websites such as Target, Wal-Mart and other department stores. Again, a quick Google search will yield plenty of results.

With an average rating of 4.5 stars (out of five) after over 500 reviews, Libbey Vina Stemless glasses also make users happy. That’s a whopping 87% of users rating this Libbey product a four star or higher! Reviewers praise Libbey Vina glasses for being great for everyday use. They describe them as “sturdy”, “not tippy”, “simple and functional” and really love the “casual look” they give to an evening dinner or backyard barbeque. Users who enjoy the aesthetic experience of wine drinking report that Libbey glasses are “large enough to let the wine breathe.”

Pre-purchase considerations


Many of us enjoy our wine consumption for the aesthetic of it; how the wine looks and feels, smells and tastes, is paired with certain foods, etc. It can be quite a sensate experience – engaging our physical bodies as well as our minds. If this is important to you, when you choose what type of glassware to purchase, keep this in the front of your mind. Crystal glasses tend to sparkle with the light. Crystal can be clearer where glass may have some imperfections, affecting the color of the wine. Specified shapes for specified wines bring out flavor and aroma.

Cost and Clumsiness

Really ask yourself “what is the likelihood I will break a bunch of these in the next year?” It may be helpful to think about your intended frequency of use, where you are planning on storing the glasses, and the svelte, (or lack thereof), of the user. Truth be told, all glassware eventually breaks. Higher priced wine glasses can be more fragile and more expensive, resulting in an emotional breakdown after the physical one. Replacing wine glasses can get costly, especially higher end ones.

Crystal vs. Glass

Similar to the considerations above, you will want to pose several practical questions before your purchase. How often are you planning to use the glasses? Do you hand wash or prefer dishwasher? Is there a safe space (ie; away from kids) to store tall or delicate glasses? While crystal may be more aesthetically pleasing (see consideration number one), it tends to be more expensive, easier to break and the opposite of dishwasher-friendly. Crystal takes more time and care to maintain than glass. Read product descriptions carefully before you purchase.

Stem vs. Stemless

Stemmed glasses are designed to keep wine cool and the glass clear of fingerprints. And, let’s face it, they make us feel fancy. They also take up more room in the cabinets and the wash, however, and are more prone to be tipped over by your drunk aunt. If the sensations of drinking wine are important to you (scent, taste, temperature, color, etc) then a stemmed glass is likely for you. If you’re living in a college frat house or you have kids (which is basically the same thing), stemless may be the way to go.

Conclusion (Wrapping it up)

Ahh…wine. It makes us feel tipsy and classy at the same time. Plus, with the right glass we can actually look sophisticated.

Seriously though, whatever your needs are one of the above products will certainly meet it.

ROD wine, our top pick, made from crystalline and shaped in the Bohemia Region of the Czech Republic, if our priciest pick and sure to dazzle. Our second choice, Royal Stemless brings a different look to the figurative (and literal) table with a tumbler style wine glass. The drink is sure to be less topsy turvy, though we cannot guarantee that for you!

Luminarc Nuance places in third as a more affordable option to the traditional wine glass without losing any of the class and grace you may desire. Like our first place pick, Luminarc is an eco-responsible company making it even more convincing to try their products. Lastly, Libbey Vina wine glasses are just as classy, though more affordable and durable for everyday use.

All of the wine glasses we’ve assessed are dishwasher safe, though you may consider adopting a hand washing practice to keep them looking pristine for years to come.

If you are looking for even more information on wine glasses, wine drinking and the products we’ve reviewed, follow the links in our resource section.

The bottom line is, enjoy yourself. Yes, wine experts claim the type of stemware you use is important. And yes, you can drink wine from any container you like. Will you notice a difference? Why not try it all out – run your own kind of experiment at home. Make it into a party!

Have just as much fun researching your wine as you did the glasses you consume it from!

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