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Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse

Our Top Pick for 2019: Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse

There was a time, not long ago, where consoles had the only type of gaming that was worthwhile for serious gaming enthusiasts. Today, with the continued success of services like Steam and the ongoing phenomenon that is the World of Warcraft, PC gaming is experiencing something of a renaissance. First Person Shooter (FPS) gamers have known something for years; gaming mice provide a far more responsive and precise experience than the control schemes available on console controllers. As a result of this, there are a great many choices available when it comes to gaming mice, and many of these are starting to utilize wireless technology to grant computer gamers a fully un-tethered gaming experience. We’ve taken a look at three of the best wireless gaming mice on the market today and also compiled them with a great cheaper device for those who want to game on a budget.

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#1. Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse

Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse Gold Pick

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Swiss company Logitech has been building important computer peripherals since 1981. No computer device has been as integral to the success of this massive company than the mouse. Their line of computer mice hit a milestone in 2008 when the company announced that it had manufactured a billion of the devices since 1985. As a sign of their commitment to providing quality control experiences to dedicated gamers, Logitech launched its G series of gaming peripherals and the G602 mouse is one of its most prestigious models.

At first glance, you might notice the degree of dedication that Logitech has put into the design of this mouse. It has sleek, gaming-friendly lines, and is packed with rounded-edged lines and fast-looking curves. The design aesthetic almost favors some of the speedy looks of a sports car. Logitech managed to keep this design philosophy while making sure that the device itself is ergonomic and comfortable to use without wrist fatigue.

The section of the mouse that contacts the palm of your hand is comprised of a soft-feeling rubber and sports a series of rounded-edged concentric ridges that radiate from the center structure. The section that these lines radiate from is a console area that houses an LED. This LED alerts you to which mode you are working under; blue for performance mod and green for endurance mode. Each mode is accessible by utilizing the switch positioned underneath the LED. When selected, the blue setting will give you better overall mouse performance, while green will give you longer lasting battery life at the cost of some of the mouse’s functionality. The mouse will last up to 250 hours in performance mode, and another 1,440 hours in endurance mode, so a user can utilize the blue setting for gaming, and the green for everything else. Finally the LED will also indicate when the battery is running down. When this is happening, it will blink cyan.

The entire mouse is treated with a slip-resistant coating that will ensure a steady grip. Insofar as coloration, Logitech utilized gun-metal grey, silver, and standard grey for the mouse’s design. As ergonomics were a major consideration in the design philosophy of this mouse, Logitech provided a comfortable area for the thumb along the left side of the mouse’s body and a pinky rest on the right.

This mouse has many great functions. One of the features that makes this mouse our Gold Pick is the presence of the fully macro-able buttons above the thumb rest. These six buttons, labeled G4 through G9 are perfect for just about any genre of game. You can bind them to specific spells in games like World of Warcraft or the Witcher 3, or you can utilize them to select weapons in games like Fallout 4. This inherent customizability really shines in just about any PC game and it’s completely up to you how to utilize them.

The standard mouse buttons are also very durable. Logitech has rated them as having a life of over 2 million clicks; which is a whole lot of clicking. The right clicker juts farther than the left click, but both are designed to extend well past the chassis of the mouse itself. Attached directly to the left mouse button are two dots per inch (DPI) buttons labeled G10 and G11. These allow you to choose between five different sensitivity settings for the mouse. Overall, you can range your dpi settings from 250 dpi to 2500, and the maximum acceleration that you can get from this mouse is about 20G. This sensitivity selection is great and the sensitivity control is perfect when cycling through games; greater sensitivity is perfect for first person shooters and lower sensitivity is great for slightly slower-paced games such as MMORPGs. These buttons are raised from the surface of the left mouse button and don’t really get in the way when you are gaming.

This mouse utilizes two AA batteries for its amazing battery life, and amazingly you only need one of the batteries in the chassis to power the device. By itself the mouse is really light, but luckily, for those who prefer a more weighty mouse experience, the batteries add a significant amount of heft to the overall mouse experience with this device.

As our Gold Pick wireless mouse, the G602 has to be well received both critically and by consumers. 86 percent of the reviewers on Amazon have granted this mouse a rating at or above four stars. This is a great number as there are over 1,462 total reviews for this product on the site currently, making for a large satisfaction base. A great example of five star satisfaction comes from one Amazon reviewer: “As a die-hard wired mouse gamer, I was reluctant to get a wireless mouse. My fear was poor range and that dreaded input lag. There is none. I don’t mean “barely any”, I mean that I cannot tell that it’s wireless. The input is just as fast as my wired gaming mouse.”

You can find our Gold Pick on Amazon for $54.66 and is protected by a Logitech warranty that ensures your device will be free of defects for two years.

#2. Razer Naga Epic Rechargable Wireless Gaming Mouse

Razer Naga Epic Rechargable Wireless Gaming Mouse

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There are few brands of computer peripherals and laptops that are as prestigious in the gaming community than San Diego, California-based Razer. Razer was established by gamers in 2005 and has kept that demographic central to its business philosophy: “For gamers. By gamers.” The Naga series of peripherals covers both mice and keyboards and, like the rest of the Razer line, are well-regarded gaming devices. Their wireless gaming mouse is one of the best on the market and has many of the features that make it optimized for playing MMORPGs.

To start, this is a very sleek looking device that has the most customizability of all of the devices on our list. This level of customization is perfect for changes in play style and even how you grip your mouse. Aesthetically, the device is slightly bulbous on the end in order to make it comfortable on your palm. Razer has made the entire mouse non-slip and very ergonomic. They’ve also incorporated a ton of LED technology into this device, which makes it the perfect aesthetic accompaniment to their LED illuminated keyboards. Just like on the keyboards, these LEDs are very customizable; you can have over 16 million color combinations in your mouse alone. The majority of the body is black and the razor logo is emblazoned along the palm area.

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As one the device that provides the most customizable experience of the peripherals on our list, you can expect that Razer even took grip style into consideration when they designed this mouse. Included with your purchase are three different grip plates that provide three different ergonomic experiences; claw, classic, and palm. These plates replace the right side of the mouse and you simply remove the active plate and put in the one that is most comfortable for you. Claw is for those who grip their mouse actively, classic utilizes a standard mouse form factor, and palm gives you a little more support for palming your mouse.

As mentioned above, this is a mouse designed with MMO gaming in mind. There are a total of 17 buttons on the mouse alone and each are perfectly positioned for ease of use. The two large clickers are responsive and the wheel is quick scrolling. The wheel itself incorporates some of the LED technology which is central to the design aesthetic of this mouse; the edges illuminate in whatever color you’d like to customize it with. There are forward and backward buttons positioned beneath the wheel as well.

The most MMO-friendly feature of this mouse is the 12 LED illuminated buttons along the left side of the unit. Need to access lava burst, so that it’s available on-demand? Simply bind it to your most thumb-friendly key. Need to take a potion on the run? You can do the same. This quick functionality makes this device perfect for whatever game you’d like to play because in-game abilities and items are easily accessed with the tip of your thumb. Razer has even included decals that add texture to these buttons, granting you a much easier to decipher tactile experience. Dependent on your style, in MMOs you can play with the standard keyboard numbering system, or you can utilize the NUM keys along the side of your keyboard. As the buttons along the side utilize these keys but on your mouse, there is also a switch along the bottom of the device to choose between the two systems of control.

As this is a wireless, rechargeable mouse, you’ll need to charge it up from time to time. Luckily, Razer has included several options in this regard. If you want a more traditional, wired experience, then there is a wire that feeds into the top of the device by a micro-USB attachment. This setup will charge the battery and provide a powered experience. If you’re done playing, the device also comes with a more traditional style of charging via an included base station. Finally, if you don’t mind hot-swapping, you can remove the customizable grip plate and replace the battery when the power is low.

While not as popular with consumers as our gold pick, 64 percent of Amazon reviewers thought that this product was worthy of a rating of four stars or above. One five star reviewer felt this about the Razer Naga Epic: “I’m writing this review after having the product for two years. It’s still working great and it has taken a beating being carried back and forth in my backpack.”


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#3. BAKTH Nano Cordless Optical Gaming Mouse

BAKTH Nano Cordless Optical Gaming Mouse

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Bakth is a relatively unknown manufacturer in the PC gaming world. Fortunately, their wireless gaming mouse still manages to provide an excellent gaming experience that’s worthy of our Bronze Pick status but at a near ballin on a budget cost.

To start, this is a very angular-looking mouse. The two main clickers jut from the body and are very sharp-looking. The left clicker protrudes slightly farther than the right, but when combined the whole mouse almost favors a bladed weapon. The mouse also uses Omron switches in its two main clickers in order to provide a very satisfying click experience.

The palm area is slightly less pronounced and takes a more traditional form factor than some of the other mice on our list, which may slightly cut down on the ergonomics. In favor of comfort-friendly design, there is a thumb rest positioned along the left of the mouse, underneath the forward and back buttons. Also, for the sake of ergonomics is a very broad pinky-rest along the right side.

This device also is illuminated by LEDs. Along the base of this mouse is a set of switches; one for wireless and wired connectivity and the other for office and game usage. The office and game switch directly correlates to the color of the LED positioned around the right back palm area. When office is selected, the LED is green colored. When gaming is chosen, the LED turns a gaming-friendly red. Each of these settings have differentiating dpi choices. You can monitor the dpi setting by looking at the four lights that are displayed along the left hand area of the mouse. Insofar as settings, here are the dpi options for each mode:

• Office has a selection of 500, 1,000, 1,500, and 2,000 dpi.
• Gaming has more PC gaming friendly dpi ranges of 750, 1250, 2,000, and 3,000.

In gaming mode, the forward and back buttons are also changed to aim and double-click.
You can expect around three days of usage between charges and while this isn’t absolutely stellar, this mouse also features a wired mode for when you don’t need wireless connectivity. To save on the battery, when not in use, the mouse will switch to a lower power profile and will eventually fully turn off when not in use for an hour. To reactivate, simply click one of the mouse buttons. From low power, it takes about four to five hours for the mouse to fully recharge, which isn’t a lot of time at all.

91 percent of the reviewers on Amazon thought that this was a great gaming mouse. Of this 91 percent, only 12 percent thought that it wasn’t deserving of a five star perfect rating. One five star reviewer had this to say about the mouse: “The mouse is beautiful, and I adore it. It responds well, and the center red button adjusts the mouse sensitivity. Works great! Good battery life as well. The lights give it a cool effect.”

You can find this wireless mouse by Bakth for $33.99 on Amazon, and it comes with a free high quality mouse pad.

#4. ZhiZhu Wireless Mouse for Professional Gaming

ZhiZhu Wireless Mouse for Professional Gaming

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Do you want to game but don’t want to spend $200 on a gaming mouse that has features that you may or may not use at all? If you want great features and reliability but are ballin on a budget, then this wireless mouse is for you. Designed by Chinese electronics firm Eastertimes Tech and released under their ZhiZhu line of gaming accessories (Zhi Zhu means spider in Mandarin Chinese), this mouse ties in a lot of key features for an under $20 device.

Insofar as design, there is definitely something arachnid-like about the design of this mouse. The two large, equally-sized clickers are have curves that are very reminiscent of web edges. The two angular top buttons and the mouse wheel give the impression of central spiderlike eyes and finally, the two side mounted and central LED lights complete the illusion that this mouse is looking at you as a spider might look at a fly.

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For its price point this is certainly a well functioning mouse. Available dots per inch with this mouse are: 500, 1,000, 1,500, and 2,000 dpi. Ergonomically, this mouse has a good feel with a slip-free surface and a rubberized surface where your thumb rests. Also, for the two back and forward buttons, the forward button is ridged so that you can differentiate between the two. As mentioned previously, this mouse utilizes three LEDs. Unfortunately you can’t change the colors, but they do shine in a gaming-friendly red. This mouse is also battery operated and requires a single AA battery for operation and some users have reported that this single battery will power the device for months of moderate use.

An amazing 88 percent of 283 users on Amazon found that this device was worthy of at least a four star rating. One reviewer had this to say about the mouse: “This is a great and functional mouse. The first thing you’ll notice is that it’s very light (without the AA). But even with the AA it’s still very light. The mouse is made out of plastic though could have used some rubber parts. The DPI functions worked well for me as was connecting to my main PC and my laptop (both win 8.1 x64).”

Pre-purchase considerations

Dots Per Inch/Responsiveness (DPI) and Acceleration

This boils down to mouse sensitivity. When operating your mouse, this function detects how far you’ve moved it and the more dots of sensitivity per square inch, the more accurate your movements are captured on the screen. A high dpi is perfect if you have a large screen because it will allow you to navigate your screen size at a faster rate.

Acceleration is a function that’s available in many of the gaming mice on the market today. Basically, it means that there is a setting that increases your mouse’s movement speed directly in correlation to how you move your hand. For example, if you move your hand quickly from point A to point B in one second, the cursor will have to move the equal amount of pixels in that same span. The ratio will vary from mouse to mouse dependent on the mouse’s inherent acceleration.


Some gamers like a little weightiness to their gaming controls. There are mice on the market today that let you apply extra weights to your mouse. Since the mouse is heavier with additional weights, it provides a more precise experience as smaller, unintentional movements are negated by the heft of the mouse itself. Some even like heavier mice because the extra weight makes the user feel that the mouse is comprised of more premium components than a cheaper device. One caveat for this type of weighting system; extra weight will increase hand fatigue, so if you think you want a wireless gaming mouse that has additional weight options, understand that your hand may get more tired using it.


Since these are wireless gaming mice, you’ll not want your control to suddenly conk out in the middle of the final phase of the boss you’re trying to down. This is where a mouse with a longer wireless charge really shines. Some mice on the market (even on this list) last for hundreds of hours between charges.

Another feature to look for when it comes to your mouse’s charge is the type of charge your mouse utilizes. Some mice simply require a USB cable that you attach on one end to the mouse itself and the other into your computer. Some require a dedicated charger to charge your gaming mouse. Some mice even utilize batteries to provide a wireless experience, just be wary of these types because, if you play a lot, you may run through batteries at a highly accelerated rate. In any situation, when searching for a new gaming mouse be sure that it maintains a good charge, and is convenient to charge at any time; some mice can even be effortlessly plugged in mid-playing session.

Button Layout/Customizability

In PC Gaming, especially in the sub genre of massively multiplayer role playing games (MMORPGs), there are a vast array of different spells, attacks, and key-binds that you’ll see in your everyday play. For the most part, many of these abilities are accessed via your keyboard, but wouldn’t it be easier to cast lightning bolt without hitting the keyboard at all? A dedicated gaming mouse tackles this need for quicker key response by incorporating several key-bindable buttons into the form factor of the mouse itself. The amount of extra keys can range from three or four extra buttons for something like autorun and jumping to an entire num pad’s worth of digits to press in the heat of your gaming endeavors.

Most PC gamers don’t play only one type of game; as a result, you’ll want a certain degree of customizability in your gaming mouse; that way a dedicated shooter doesn’t feel quite the same as a dungeon crawler. Customizable mice employ various technologies, from removing panels, to reducing the amount of buttons on the mouse itself. Typically, these changes can be done quickly as well. Make sure that when you purchase your next dedicated gaming mouse, that it has some layout mapping for buttons and inherent customizability; this way you’ll have all the gaming control you crave.


We all know that a mouse that has all angles and looks like something the Borg created looks cool, but is that something that you want to game on for hours? Ergonomic design is important to provide the maximum amount of comfort and prevention of injury. As mouse use has been linked to carpal tunnel, how ergonomics in a device is very important to the mouse buying process. As a gaming enthusiast, your raiding sessions and LAN parties can extend deep into the wee hours, so be sure that you’re comfortable when adventuring. Many wireless gaming mice on the market today are designed to be as comfortable in the palm of your hand as is possible; the buttons are well placed, the slope at the base is perfect for avoiding carpal tunnel, and the wheel is a cinch to roll. We all have different shaped hands so be sure to execute the due diligence that you’ll need to make a informed comfort decision when buying a new wireless gaming mouse.

Conclusion (Wrapping it up)

This is a great time to be a PC gamer. With so many gaming friendly options on the market today, we all have a wealth of choices when it comes to gaming peripherals. There was a time where gaming mice were thought to not be as responsive as standard wired mice; fortunately, those days are over. We hope that this guide has made it a little bit easier for you to find a great wireless mouse for your own PC gaming; you’ve read about models at almost every price range even if you are searching for a low-budget model. Just remember; these aren’t the only choices out there and if you are looking for something a little different, use our pre-purchase considerations to find a device that will power your gaming sessions for years.

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