The Best Wrist Brace for Carpal Tunnel

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Our Top Pick for 2019: DP2 BioSkin 6-inch Wrist Brace for Carpal Tunnel

If you’ve acquired a wrist injury or carpal tunnel syndrome has damaged the nerve in your wrist, a brace can help stabilize your muscles to prevent further damage. Your doctor may have prescribed a carpal tunnel brace for you or you may not have been given a prescription. Whatever your situation may be, these braces have been found to be very effective in strengthening wrist muscles.

Let’s Have a Quick Look of Our Top 4 Picks:


#1. DP2 BioSkin 6-inch Wrist Brace for Carpal Tunnel


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The DP2 BioSkin 6-inch Wrist Brace can help your carpal tunnel syndrome condition if you’ve been recently diagnosed or if you’ve been suffering for a long time. This brace is lightweight; weighing only 4.8 ounces. It’s easy to slip on, there’s no laces to tie up. So if your free hand is not able to tie laces, the Velcro dorsal and palmar stays make it easy to adjust the brace to your size. All you need to do is remove and place the stays in your preferred location, use the hoop and loop closures and you’re good to go.

This brace is also designed to provide space for controlled motion. The 6-1/2” splint holds your CMC and MP joints in place. So if you need to type, your wrist will not bend carelessly or add excessive pressure to your muscles. This brace can also help your wrist stay in place if you’re an athlete. Throwing a ball, swinging a bat, or a club can be difficult when your wrist is out of place.

The DP2 BioSkin 6-inch Wrist Brace will help you obey your physician’s instructions if you’ve been placed on restrictions. This wrist brace also resist moisture. The BioSkin Ultima 2s micro-fleece material allows air to circulate so that you won’t have to wear a wet brace all day. If you need this type of brace for your left or right hand, the DP2 BioSkin Wrist Brace can accommodate you.

65% of 43 customers rated this wrist brace five stars. Some of the benefits gained by wearing this brace was the comfort, size, and quality. This brace seems to be equivalent to higher brand one. The lightweight factor was another benefit noted which one customer implied that the brace can be barely felt while wearing it. The firm support it provides also gives customers something positive to say about this brace.

There were a few challenges that some customers encountered which cause them to rate this brace between one and four stars. The size of the brace was not compatible with one user’s wrist. The strap also appeared to be uncomfortable for one customer who had to use a sock near the thumb area for additional support. This situation can happen when the brace is pulled down too far near the thumb. So if you purchase this brace, make sure you leave enough space to prevent the brace from rubbing against the bottom of your thumb and the palm of your hand. Despite this flaw, several customers noted how much this brace relieves pain and remains secure.

The DP2 BioSkin 6-inch Wrist Brace was listed on the Wrist Pain Care Blog. On this blog, you’ll find information about carpal tunnel syndrome. You may be aware of the symptoms, but not necessarily the source. The information that is provided will help you understand what treatment or surgical methods are available to correct the problem. If surgery is not required for you at this time, the DP2 BioSkin Wrist Brace is recommended as a good option. All of the brace’s features were listed in the review specifically pointing out the adjustment capability.

One reviewer on commented how the material of the DP2 BioSkin Wrist Brace was better than a wrist brace made with neoprene. The hypoallergenic factor and price were reasons the reviewer recommended this brace. Another review about this brace is posted on the UK Bloggers Official Site Forum & Advice site. The reviewer who goes by the name The Owlet posted photos of herself wearing the brace on her left hand.

She commented about how much of a difference the brace made when she wore it while she slept. She was able to attain mobility with reduced pain. She was also able to forego wearing the brace during the day and noted that … “This deficit in pain lasted all day and only started to hurt again an hour or two before I was going to bed”. The Owlet explained that after wearing this brace for a month, she had less pain than she did prior to using the brace. The light weight of the brace was barely felt which is a good factor especially if you’re wearing the brace while you’re sleeping.

The price was another reason she felt like that this brace was a good option and commented that … “the quality, durability, and support it offers is vastly superior to the supports that I have tried from Boots”. These are good indicators that this brace will reduce pain, stabilize your wrist, and keep you comfortable at an affordable price. The DP2 Bioskin Wrist Brace is a great product to have whether you’re on restrictions or just want to add this to your household medical supply in case of an emergency. Your money will definitely not be wasted when you choose this brace.

#2. Exoform Carpal Tunnel Wrist Brace


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This brace is designed to manage and reduce the pain that is brought on by carpal tunnel syndrome. The Exoform Carpal Tunnel Wrist Brace will fit your hand and align it with your wrist. It provides a significant amount of relief to your radial and ulnar styloid. This provision allows you to move more freely particularly in the areas related to the thumb, palmar crease, and 5th MP. The brace is so light, weighing less than an ounce, you’ll probably forget you’re wearing it.

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The Exoform Carpal Tunnel Wrist Brace measures at 7.9 X 4 X 3 inches. This makes it easy to fit your wrist if it measures between 5 ¼ – 6 1/4, 6 ¾ – 8” palm for a small size, 6 ½ – 7 ¾ wrist and palm 8” – 9 ¼ for a medium size, and 7 ¾ – 10” wrist and 9 ¼ – 10 ½ palm for a large size. Since the circumferential bulk is 20% less than average wrist braces, you should be able to fit any one of these sizes very comfortably. This lowers the chance of the brace rubbing or piercing against the base of your thumb and your palm.

29 customers who posted reviews on Amazon shared their experiences with this brace. 65% rated this brace five stars while the remaining 35% complained about challenges. Among the reviewers who rated this brace very high, the primary basis for their positive comments was the comfort. Those who had been suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome for a while were glad that they finally found something that brought relief for their painful wrists.

A brief video review can be found on pdusep’s YouTube channel. The reviewer put the brace on, showed how easy it was to adjust the brace around his wrist, and how much mobility he had once the straps were secure. The blue inner cushion layer could be seen clearly. This indicates how much comfort you can expect to feel when you place your wrist inside the brace. Unlike other braces which cover your wrist completely, this brace leaves part of your wrist and a significant portion of your hand out so that you can move it freely.

This brace received an average rating of 4.8 from two customers who purchased this brace on ebay. When one reviewer decided to take a risk and purchase this brace, it proved to the buyer that the purchase choice was a very good one. When worn all night and night, the reviewer noticed how comfortable the brace was and thought the brace was similar to a custom made one. This reviewer’s comment is a good indicator that this brace can fit almost anyone’s wrist.

Dr. Kenneth Shapiro also gave his perspective on the Exoform’s Carpal Tunnel Wrist Brace. Dr. Shapiro began his review by explaining how carpal tunnel syndrome originates and causes pain or weakness. He further explained treatment options such as ice, rest, surgery, or the use of a brace such as the Exoform Carpal Tunnel Wrist Brace. Although he explained the features and benefits this brace offers, he did … “recommend that you consult with your treating doctor to determine the cause of your orthopedic condition and the appropriate treatment”. This provides a balanced view on how you can help yourself manage a chronic condition such as carpal tunnel syndrome. You can go the surgical route if it’s mandatory, but if it’s not required, a wrist brace can slow down the rapid damage that carpal tunnel syndrome can bring on when your wrist is under constant pressure.


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#3. DonJoy ComfortFORM Wrist Support Brace


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The DonJoy ComfortForm Wrist Support Brace provides the support you need to hold your wrist in place. This brace is also lightweight yet effective in helping your wrist heal from injury. It has three adjustable straps that can be secured with the attached Velcro. It covers a good portion of your wrist and hand to prevent you from bending it the wrong way. If worn while sleeping, you can be confident that your wrist is safe.

56 customers who purchased this brace through Amazon posted their reviews. 70% of the reviewers found sufficient support for their wrist. The comfort and stability that it provides is the primary reason they were satisfied. The quality construction was another factor that prompted raving reviews. The negative reviews were related to the size, insecure stitching, lack of mobility, and poor Velcro.

These challenges make a big difference when you need adequate support. This brace appears to be one size fits all. So maybe the reviewers’ wrists were too small or too large and this could have prevented the Velcro from working properly. However, there are times customers may receive defective products and thier situations may fit this description.

One independent review can be found on After using the DonJoy ComfortFORM Wrist Support Brace, the reviewer concluded that there is no need to buy another wrist brace. According to Boo, … “It fits perfectly, holds completely snug … without irritation or soreness hours later. It really DOES fit perfectly and I had to give up on finding that”. This reviewer was grateful that the physician prescribed this brace and took the liberty to purchase an additional brace.

The BlendedKeys Blog has a best price recommendation regarding this brace. A list of tips was posted by Vada Sharon Fellows to assist readers in making a good wrist brace purchasing choice. Directions are also given to point readers to a store link. The DonJoy ComfortForm Wrist Brace offers several benefits to help you get back to enjoying your life without pain or weakness.

Carpal tunnel syndrome can last longer than you expected. Over the course of a year or two, you might have thought the condition would go away over night. While it’s ideal to think that carpal tunnel syndrome can disappear, this condition can become chronic quickly. Whatever the length of time is that you’ve been dealing with this condition, the DonJoy ComfortForm Wrist Brace is available to help you. The manufacturer designed this brace to properly adjust your wrist muscles and joints. The removable contoured aluminum stay supports the palmer and increases wrist movement.

You don’t have to settle for debilitating pain. The DonJoy ComfortForm Wrist Brace can provide long term or short term assistance. Let the wrist therapy support experts help you recover the right way. When you purchase one of these braces, you’ll have access to 24-hour therapeutic support. You can wear it for a few hours and slip it off. However long you choose to wear the DonJoy Wrist Brace, your wrist will get the rest it needs to strengthen itself naturally.

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Carpal tunnel syndrome may alter your movement slightly, but it doesn’t have to alter your life extensively. A DonJoy ComfortForm Wrist Brace will work with you while you’re working or sleeping. You may not like the idea of having to wear a brace, but you’ll be glad you did when you receive good news from your physician regarding your improved progress. If you haven’t worn a brace before, give this one a try to see how well you adjust. If you have any issues with it, you can always return it or request a new one.

#4. Mueller Fitted Wrist Brace


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The Mueller Fitted Wrist Brace provides lasting comfort and relief from the symptoms that are caused by carpal tunnel syndrome. This 2.9 ounce brace is 3.7 X 1.7 X 8.1 inches and can help you if your wrist measures between 5-8” Small/Medium or 8-10” Large/X-Large. The Mueller Wrist Brace is eco-friendly and is made from recycled and antimicrobial material. The antimicrobial msterial reduces odors, resists stains, and prevents bacteria from accummulating. As a result, you can wear this brace confidently without worrying about lingering germs. It’s also easy to maintain. All that’s required to keep it clean is a gentle hand washing.

68% of 981 customers who purchased this brace through Amazon rated this five stars. Some of the prevalent benefits gained included comfort, pain relief, support, and good fit. 32% of customers however, did not feel like this brace was a good investment. A few reviewers had trouble with the fabric. The lining caused irritation and the thumb hole was not large enough. This can be awkward if your hand is too large. It can also leave bruises if you leave the brace on too long.

Customers also had problems with the length. The lack of support posed a problem for one customer whose wrist was 8”. So if you purchase this brace, make sure to measure your wrist before ordering. On the other hand, if you have a large hand and the brace is still too small despite ordering the largest size, you might want to find out what adjustments can be made to accommodate your wrist to prevent further injury.

There is a short video review on the HomeSuperStuff YouTube channel. Details about pricing and retail availability are mentioned. The reviewer explained the purpose of the brace and also commented about the brace’s small design. The reviewer demonstrated how the brace looks on his left wrist and discussed the antimicrobial feature. The brace looked good on his wrist and appeared to fit well. Although the brace tends to run small, it might work for you. It just depends on your wrist size, so ruling out a particular brace because it didn’t work well for others should not be a primary factor in your final purchasing decision.

A brief product review about the Mueller Fitted Wrist Brace is posted on The contributor began the review by explaining how easy it is to acquire carpal tunnel syndrome. One of the main reasons is because of prolonged typing. Further explanation is given to help you understand how a brace can help alleviate carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms. The Mueller Fitted Wrist Brace is recommended to be one that is … “designed to help relieve pain and swelling associated with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome”. The contributor also suggested ways you can reduce the onset of carpal tunnel syndrome by changing your wrists’ resting position while typing and the type of keyboard you use.

Pre-purchase considerations


Size makes a difference especially if you have a petite size wrist or a wrist that is larger than the average size brace. When shopping for a carpal tunnel brace, make sure you read the package to find out if the brace you want comes in a variety of sizes. Otherwise, you may end up returning the brace or settling for one that’s too small or large.


The type of material a brace is constructed out of also makes a significant difference in how you skin will react to it. If you have very sensitive skin, you should evaluate a brace’s material to make sure you can handle it being next to your skin for an extended period of time. Some braces are made with hypoallergenic materials while others are made with irritating material that retain moisture.


Comfort is one of the main purposes for purchasing a wrist brace. While the brace splint helps stabilize your wrist, you need to be comfortable at the same time. Before you purchase a wrist brace, evaluate the design to ensure that the padding or cushion that covers the base of your thumb and part of your palm provides comfortable protection. If you don’t, your hand and wrist might feel worse as a result of wearing the brace.


Price will also contribute to your satisfaction. While discounted braces are always a benefit that prompts immediate interest for most buyers, you should make sure the brace offers many of the features you need to manage carpal tunnel syndrome successfully.

Conclusion (Wrapping it up)

Muscle weakness can alter your ability to work and perform other activities. Carpal tunnel syndrome can become progressively worse over time if left untreated. One of the ways you can strengthen your weak wrist muscles is by wearing a carpal tunnel brace. The carpal tunnel braces listed here are affordable and worth considering if your carpal tunnel syndrome condition is not getting better. The process of taking care of yourself is not only related to eating right or exercising. It also involves managing pain or muscle weakness by using durable medical equipment when needed to promote faster healing and strengthening.

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