Bridesmaids Dresses: How Much Should They Cost?

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Bridesmaid dresses come in different sizes, each suitable for different body sizes. Due to the use of extra material, some dresses cost more than others. Examples of body shapes that can determine cost include pear-shaped bodies and dresses for smaller busts or larger busts. Other significant body shapes include tall, curvy, athletic, and petite bodies.


Apart from body type considerations, other factors that affect the choice and cost of bridesmaid dresses include a sense of taste and comfortability. It is beneficial to learn more about bridesmaid dresses, how much they cost, and how to effectively save.

What is the Average Cost of a Bridesmaid Dress?

According to a recent study surveying more than 15,000 newlyweds, $130 is the average cost of bridesmaid dresses. However, it’s imperative to note that prices differ, depending on various factors. Some of these factors include the dress designer, style, and location.


In most cases, the varying cost of bridesmaid dresses is due to the “unique orders.” Keep it simple by going for the same color such as emerald green bridesmaid dresses. Also, dresses may be more expensive when they require more fabric than usual.

Who Pays for Bridesmaid Dresses?

Most old-school beliefs regarding payment for bridesmaid dresses are not as relevant as in the past. If the bride can pay for the dresses, she’ll make payments as a kind gesture. Some may also only pay for a portion of the total amount to support the cost. The only significant exception is if the bride chooses dresses that are more expensive than the average cost.

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It’s imperative to know that while it’s generous for brides to pay for the bridesmaid dresses, it’s still an exception to the norm. In recent times, bridesmaids are meant to pay for their dresses, including some other additional necessary wedding expenses.


Some of the important expenses that bridesmaids may need to cover independently include makeup, transportation, and hair. The only exception to a bridesmaid paying for her hair and makeup is when the bride requests professional services.

Tips on How to Save on Bridesmaid Dresses

Purchasing bridesmaid dresses can be a financial burden for many individuals. For this reason, it’s imperative to learn certain tips to adopt for saving on these clothing. Here’s what note:

Go for Pre-Owned Dresses

If you find a gown that you love but is a little expensive for bridesmaid dresses, check Poshmark or eBay. Such websites may have dream bridesmaid clothing for affordable prices.


For instance, assume five of six bridesmaids are comfortable with a certain gown worth a high amount. The sixth bridesmaid and the bride can privately check for pre-owned dresses with a better price tag. 


Choosing preowned dresses also gives the advantage of choosing designer brands that may be unaffordable when new. 

Rent Bridesmaid Dresses

If you want the typical bridesmaid styles, it’s advisable to consider renting, especially when there’s a tight budget. Since most individuals look to save a lot during preparations for a wedding, renting may be the best option. Asides from saving money, renting bridesmaid dresses can also help cut down lots of stress.

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In most cases, renting gives the advantage of bridesmaids wearing luxury gowns from top designers. Other benefits of renting bridesmaid dresses also include storage advantages and access to accessories. 


Since wedding dresses can be so difficult to store, renting may be a perfect option. While renting bridesmaid dresses, it’s advisable to look out for handy accessories and additional accessories to rent.

Consider Mismatched Dresses

Look out for specific colors and style detail, including neckline, aesthetic, length, and fabric. Allow the bridal train to pick their ensembles after creating the fundamental standards. Selecting mismatched clothing helps bridesmaids select looks they love, respect the budget, and keep to the fundamental clothing standards.


Mismatched clothing can be tricky. Hence, it’s imperative to ensure that every member of the wedding party sends their designs early before the wedding.


Implementing mismatched bridesmaid dresses also portrays a gesture to uplift bridesmaids’ individuality. Many bridesmaids can also wear the clothes again since they will likely purchase a dress they love. Overall, mismatched clothing can also make the wedding more unique and interesting.

Spend Less on Bridesmaids’ Dresses

Purchasing bridesmaids’ dresses can be overwhelming, especially when there’s a tight budget. For this reason, it’s important to consider ways to cut down costs, without breaking the bank. As a bride-to-be, have open communication with the bridesmaids to discuss your options to save some cost.