How to Choose the Right Campervan for your Trip?

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Are you exploring the idea of a campervan holiday for the first time in Southampton? Campervan holidays provide the perfect opportunity for a flexible and dynamic holiday experience like never before. It enables you to move around different places with a solid roof, a place to keep the wine chilled, and no hotel booking woes. 

In essence, hiring a campervan may be your ticket to adventure. Whether you are thinking about a weekend escapade to the serene Andark lake or coast to coast fortnight holiday in the UK with your family, hiring the classic VW Grand California for rent is an ideal option.

With plenty of power-packed features and complete peace of mind, nothing can beat the comfort and flexibility of the iconic VW. If you are planning a campervan trip for the first time, here are some things you should know:

Choosing the Right Campervancampervan

While motorhomes offer a large space for large, rugged, and longer trips, campervans are an effective and affordable option for a family of four people. There are several variants of campervans available. However, the VW Grand California remains a most-preferred choice. When choosing the right campervan for your trip, the following pointers will come in handy:

  • Size and Berths:

    You need to ensure that the campervan you hire has space and a bed for each person to accommodate comfortably. Check the layout of the bed to see whether they are double or single beds.

  • Driving:

    Look for safety features of the van, its transmission modes, height and weight, compactness, and other superior features for a stress-free driving experience.

  • Type of Trip:

    While some prefer a simpler model to use the campervan as a base and explore away into the wilderness, others prefer luxurious and cozy comfort for an enhanced travel experience. The campervan you pick should be suitable for the distance you are traveling.

Facilities You can Expectcampervan

Most campervans such as the VW Grand California come equipped with the following features:

  • Fridge, burner gas stove, cooking utensils, crockery and cutlery, water tank, sink, and tap
  • Foldable beds
  • Pop-top roofs
  • Fixed toilet and showers
  • Ingenious storage solutions
  • Internal lighting
  • Fold-out table and chair for alfresco dining at a campsite
  • Entertainment Center

When you choose a campervan, all you need to take is your clothes, food, games, sports equipment and camera. Also, if you have a pet that you want to take along as a travel partner, ensure that you pick a pet-friendly campervan. With all the above utilities, most of your trip needs are sorted, and you just need to know how to use them all.

Cost of Hiring

The average cost of hiring a campervan can range between £500 and £1,200. Compared to paying separately for staying at hotels, eating out, and hiring a car, Campervans offer complete value for money. 

However, before you book a premium campervan like VW Grand California, be sure to understand what is covered in the costs and other policies. This can include mileage limits, insurance costs for additional drivers, breakdown coverage, the minimum age limit of drivers, etc. 

To sum up, hiring a campervan may be the best choice you make for your trips. With exclusive perks of taking luxury in four wheels as you travel to your favorite destinations around Southampton, there is nothing more you can ask for. As long as you strike a balance between driving and camping with your family, the campervan you choose will determine the experience you will have on your trip.