How to Decorate a Perfect Nook for Your Pet

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If you’re a proud pet owner, you already know how much you love your furry companions. However, you probably also know just how much dirt, fur and mess they can make in your living space! Overturned water dishes, muddy paw prints and fur all over your precious sofa are not something pet owners enjoy, no matter how much love they have for their pets. To contain all that chaos, you might want to create a cute nook for your pet and give them a safe and private place to rest while you keep the rest of your house much cleaner. Here are some ideas that will help you create a perfect pet space all family members will like, not just the furry ones. 

Choose the paint and materials

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The biggest issue when designing a pet nook is cleanliness, so make sure to choose the right paint and materials. For instance, don’t choose anything super expensive when it comes to rugs for your pet’s space. If you want to carpet the space, opt for carpet squares which can be replaced section by section. 

When it comes to paint, just know that flat finish smudges easily and stains quickly and shows even the smallest of drool marks and scratches. Plus, it’s almost impossible to wipe down without rubbing off and leaving a mark. Instead, opt for satin or eggshell finishes which look equally great, yet can be cleaned. Semi-gloss fishing is also easy to clean, however, all dents and scratches from play sessions will show instantly. 

Dogs are known to be clumsy, especially with their tails, and cats just love to cause chaos and destruction, so remember to skip all fragile materials or they will be destroyed in seconds. If you want to decorate with breakable things, make sure they are fastened to something stable or mounted on the wall. Corner shelves and cabinets with doors will ensure fragile décor stays alive. 

Both cats and dogs love to have something cool to look at while chilling, so consider placing their nook somewhere near the window. This will allow them to relax while keeping an eye on those naughty squirrels, neighbor’s pets and people walking around the neighborhood. 

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Pick out the perfect furniture

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Pets aren’t too picky when it comes to spots to sleep and all they want is something soft and warm and they are ready for a nap. However, you still want to choose pieces that are safe and practical to furnish their nook. Ideally, choose a dog bed/shelter with overhead cover (this will boost their feeling of safety) and with removable mattress and sheets. This way, you can regularly replace the bed and wash the sheets to ensure cleanliness and remove odors. 

Pet feeders are even more important, especially if you could ask your pets. Luckily, today they come in every cute and funky design imaginable, you just have to consider your pet’s eating style and size. Taller dogs will require something elevated while speed-eaters might benefit from a specialized slow feed bowl. 

If you’re into tech, you can also install a practical pet camera that will send a live feed to your phone so you can always keep an eye on your pet. Get one with housing that dispenses treats so you can give some love to your pet when you’re away! 

Add some personality to the space

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Each pet has its unique personality, so make sure to show it off in the design of their nook. Undoubtedly, this is the most fun part of creating a space for pets, so don’t hesitate to go all-in. Since your pet is a true royal (or at least gets treated like one) look into custom pet portraits and brighten up your pet’s day by showing them how much you care. These portraits are guaranteed to make anyone smile and they look amazing. Combine a pet portrait with their favorite treat decoration (milk bones, bacon, chewy treats) or their favorite toy sculpture. Lazy doggos might benefit from a funny motivational poster that will make them ready for those hikes and visits to the vet. Think in terms of “Chase your dreams like they’re tennis balls” or “Live Laugh Bark/Meow”. 

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Also, throw in some color to the space by investing in colorful and fun dog or cat beds. Choose something that fits your pet’s personality: active dogs will look at home in a yellow bed, cuddle monsters might love something red and love-inspired and lazy pets radiate a color that’s relaxing and chill like warm gray, dark red or dark blue. Consider your pet’s vibes when decorating and the finished nook will really feel and look like your pet. 

Solve some crucial storage issues


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Pets own a lot of things, no matter how incredible that sounds. In order to keep the nook tidy and your house free of pet necessities, you need to create practical storage space. If you’re crafty, you can easily build a cute bone-shaped shelf for collars, brushes and medication and vitamins (keep medicine on the highest shelf). If your pet has a lot of swag, include a small wardrobe for all their stylish pieces. A practical chest for toys is also a great solution, and it can even double as seating for those fun playtimes when you get super tired. 

If you want to keep your pet’s food and treats away from the kitchen and somewhere near their feeding spot, you’ll need to incorporate a sturdy cabinet into your pet’s nook. Get something with a lock, since your pet will probably try to break in and steal some treats. Place a smell remover in the cabinet and there will be absolutely no traces of pet food scents anywhere near the nook or your living space. 


Keep in mind that one of the main things you pet needs is you and your love. After you create their little private nook, don’t ban them from spending time with the family or forget to cuddle with them regularly. It’s understandable that you want to keep your furniture fur-free, but you still need to make space for your pet in your living space—nook is just a special place your pet can call their own.