5 Easy DIY Easter Decorations

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Easter and the outdoors go hand in hand. Being a rare springtime holiday, it’s a perfect excuse to get outside after a long winter and enjoy the sunshine with the family. What would the holiday be, after all, without a good ol’ fashioned Easter egg hunt?

diy easter deco

Get into the spirit of the season and turn your home and garden into Easter HQ with these five easy DIY lawn decor ideas:



Easter egg string lights

Handmade decorations don’t come much easier than this, but the results are gorgeous. Put those string lights from Christmas back to work by getting an assortment of plastic Easter eggs, drilling a hole in the bottom of each one, gluing the two plastic halves together so they don’t fall apart, and then slotting the light bulbs into the holes. Add some hot glue around the edges if you’re worried about them falling out, and voila!

Rabbit-shaped wreath

Wreaths are a wonderful addition at any time of year, and they’re so easy to make. You can either start from scratch using whatever materials you prefer (floral wire, deco mesh, or even thin strips of colored construction paper) or save time by buying plain, pre-made grapevine wreaths (we recommend two 6-inchers, one 8-incher, and one 10-incher).

Tie the 8-inch and 10-inch wreaths together with wire to create a sort of unequal figure eight. Then take the two 6-inch wreaths and crush the from perfect circles into long, slender ovals. Attach these two ovals side by side to the top of the 8-inch wreath. You should now have a simple rabbit silhouette. Customize by hot gluing ribbon, flowers, or other decorations however you like.

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Giant carrot topiary plants

Even the Easter Bunny gets hungry. Evoke every rabbit’s favorite food by buying a few conical artificial topiary plants and spray-painting their leaves orange. Put them in green-painted flower pots covered in green basket grass to complete the appearance of one jumbo-sized veggie. For added fun, get the little ones to help you decorate the plants as if they were miniature Christmas trees.

“Bunny Crossing” sign

Time to put that Home Depot coupon code to good use. For this one, you’ll need some paint, wooden planks, a wooden stake, nails or hot glue, and, depending on how elaborate you want to get, possibly a miter saw. At its most basic, what we’re making here is merely a wooden sign that says “Bunny Crossing.” The fun part is how you make it yours.

For example, if you’re good with a saw, you could cut a large plank into the silhouette of a rabbit, complete with pointy ears. Or you could replicate the look of a road sign by cutting a plank into a diamond shape and painting it yellow. One cute touch we recommend is using either a rubber stamp or some circular pieces of foam to press painted rabbit-paw tracks in a zig-zag across the sign.

Foam Peep lawn stakes

Here’s another good use for foam and garden stakes. Everyone knows the simple silhouette of a marshmallow Peep, right? Cut a few large flat pieces of foam into the same shape, then spray-paint each one in pastel colors. Draw on a simple two-eyes, nose-and-whiskers bunny face with a black marker or paint, then affix each one to a lawn stake. We especially love how these look scattered amongst the shrubbery, with colorful little candy-rabbits peeking out from behind the leaves.