Best DIY Greenhouse Kits And Selection Guide

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If your garden is not in tropics, you can’t plant anything there during the cold season. Fortunately, there is a solution. You can construct a greenhouse!

In the past, gardeners used to spend many days to build one, but today you can just order a DIY kit at Amazon or any local gardening store. gardening experts tested over 30 DIY kits over the last year, and you will find the best of them on this list. But first, learn how to choose the right one. 


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Which is The Best Greenhouse For Your Needs?

All of the greenhouses below are relatively simple to assemble and solid enough to withstand cold heavy wind, rain, and snow. However, you should clearly understand what exact type will work for you the best. 


First of all, you must define the right size of your future greenhouse. It mustn’t be too big and fit the area of your garden where you want to place it. Take a tape measure and choose the greenhouse with the real area size in mind. Besides, the size defines the number of plants that you want to grow. You must also consider the required space of every plant that you want to cultivate. 


Next, choose the right panel type. There are 3 main types of panels, including opaque, semi-opaque, and clear. To understand the real difference between them, you have to define the needs of each plant and its current age. For instance, if you are planning to seed plans with the purpose of planting them in the garden later, a clear panel type will work much better. The thing is that direct light stimulates sprouting much better than diffused light. 


If your aim is to grow mature plants, opaque panels are likely to be a better choice. Still, it’s important to seed them properly. You can achieve the combined effect using semi-diffused light. Other factors, such as the plant’s natural habitat and genesis, also matter a lot. 


“The climate conditions in your area are also important. If the winter is too heavy, you should look for a thermally insulated greenhouse that won’t let your plants freeze during the next snowstorm. If the climate is mild, a cheaper solution may be just right. However, team recommends that you choose a construction type that will be able to withstand unpredicted weather conditions. You should also consider investing in a greenhouse heater to help prolong the growing season for a variety of plants and vegetables.”

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Finally, don’t forget to ask your neighbors whether a greenhouse would ruin their backyard view or not. And don’t forget that the view of your backyard matters a lot too! In some states of the US and in other countries, you may also need to check with local outbuilding permissions. If legal regulations don’t let you exceed a certain width and height, you must comply and buy the right one. Now, let’s take a look at some of the best greenhouses available online. 


1. Shearson Greenhouse – Best Combined Solution

This 6’ x 10’ greenhouse looks rather small from the outside but can hold an impressive number of flowerpots. You can use it for the vast majority of plants due to combined panels. Sherson’s roof is made of opaque panels that block excessive UV, while the clear walls will let direct light promote seeding. 


Due to an advanced slide-and-lock system, you won’t spend too much time constructing this greenhouse. All metal elements are made of stainless aluminum and don’t require any special handling. Shearson Greenhouse will suit any purpose as it can stand even heavy snow. The door of the kit is lockable so that you can be sure that your plants are safe from children, animals, and anyone else. 


2. Grandio Element Walk-in Greenhouse – The Longest Warranty

This smaller greenhouse comes in 6’ x 4’ and 6’ x 8’ configuration along with several types of anchor kits. It means that you can easily convert it to meet your needs and changing climate conditions. It’s also perfect for windy areas and sunny areas due to hard UV-protected polycarbonate panels. However, if something breaks because of wind, snow, or rain, you can request new parts within 10 years after purchasing the greenhouse, while the warranty for the metal frame is a lifetime! 

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3. Spring Gardener Greenhouse – Larger Space for Modest Money

This 20’ x 10’ greenhouse is a perfect option for both experienced and beginner-level gardeners who need a spacious greenhouse with all necessary elements for a reasonable price. It’s suitable for year-round planting of young and mature plants. It’s easy to set up and surprisingly simple to maintain. The ventilation within this greenhouse can be easily adjusted with roll-up windows and doors. 


4. Farm House Greenhouse – Best for Mild Weather

While this 9’ x 9’ construction isn’t the best solution for areas with heavy winter, it’s still solid enough for heavy wind, rain, and mild winter. There are 3 vents in each wall and 2 on the roof. You can easily manage them both from the inside and the outside. Similarly to the greenhouse by Shearson (number 1), Farm House offers a combination of UV-blocked polyethylene film roof panels and clear wall panels. 


Another great feature of this greenhouse is expandability. If you need more space, just buy one more and zip it together with the one you already have. It will take you less than 2 hours to assemble a unit, so you can build up a really long multi-section greenhouse. 


5. Shelterlogic Growit High Arch Greenhouse – The Highest One

This model is a high tower amongst all other greenhouses on the market. It’s as hight as 2,39’! Moreover, its roll-up door allows 2 people to walk in with their heads up. It’s a perfect solution for growing tall plants, including vegetables, flowers, and even young trees. In addition, Shelterlogic metal frames provide extra durability, making the greenhouse suitable for farming of any difficulty level. 


Ready, Set, Plant!

Now that you know the rules go and buy the greenhouse that meets your needs and enjoy high-quality gardening! Visit if you need more gardening tips and always consider what your plants need to succeed.