7 Types Of Injuries That Need Massage Therapy

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Everyone is prone to injuries regardless of whether you live an active or sedentary lifestyle. These might result from various things including those you least expect. When exposed to injury, you are bound to begin contemplating various options for relief. Fortunately, massage therapy enhances circulation, breaks down scar tissue, and lengthen tissues during healing. This allows relief from a variety of injuries including the following. 



Lower back pain

People who spend time working in their offices are prone to lower back pain. Spending too much time seated adds pressure to the spine and back muscles. The pressure results from failing to maintain good posture. Investing in ergonomic furniture including adjustable desks allow adjusting the body shape to limit the onset of lower back pain. Additionally, regularly massage offers relief for lower back pain

Chronic strain injury

People who lead a sedentary lifestyle are prone to repetitive strain injuries. This results from overusing particular parts of the body including the back, neck, arms, shoulders, and hands. People who spend hours working on the computer every day are likely to feel numbness and tingling in the neck, hands, and other body parts. Using ergonomic equipment and light gripping of office tools lessens the risk of chronic strain injury. 

Getting a regular massage is another wonderful solution to beat this injury. Here a professional therapist will recommend the appropriate massage therapy to give you relief. This is after understanding your problem. Careful and focused strokes by the therapist will give you relief to the problem area to alleviate the strain. 

Soft tissue injuries

There is a possibility of getting injury to soft tissue apart from bones. Some of the common soft tissue injuries include:

  • Muscle strains
  • Tendon injuries
  • Ligament sprains
  • Injuries to myofascial tissue 

Injury to soft tissue might result from exercise, sports, and general physical activity. Ensure to seek medical attention immediately. Let the affected area rest while applying ice and using compression lessens swelling. A visit to a massage spa is recommended to determine how the therapy can help alleviate the problem. 

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Neck muscle pain

The neck is prone to injuries resulting from poor posture, sleep position, sports injury, and constant strain. Neck muscle pain (https://www.webmd.com/pain-management/why-does-my-neck-hurt) is very discomforting and might a sign of a more serious problem including head or neck cancer. A visit to a massage space is recommended where to benefit from a range of massage techniques to address the problem. Deep tissue massage is more appropriate for managing neck muscle pain. 

Knee muscle pain

The knee is also exposed to injury. Luckily, massage therapy can give you relief from this pain. The knee has various muscles and joints prone to pain and injury. Patellofemoral pain is common in the knee resulting from pain around the knee joint or between the underlying thigh bone and kneecap. Visiting a massage spa is recommended for the therapist to evaluate the affected join area and muscle. This allows for applying the appropriate massage technique to give you relief. 

Elbow injury 

Tennis plays, cleaners, and typists are prone to an elbow strain. This results from regular bending around the wrist backward making the tendon and muscles stressed. Applying ice and compression on the area offers some relief from inflammation. Regular massage sessions backed by physiotherapy and pain management allows faster recovery from an elbow injury. This is a wonderful pain management technique to improve your range of motion. 

Rotator cuff tear

One of the four muscles that make the arm rotate at the shoulder, the rotator cuff is prone to tear. This injury results from tendon strain or pinch including soft tissue damage. Other injuries might result from swelling, bruising, and general pain. Physiotherapy treatment helps manage rotator cuff tears backed by massage therapy. 

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Remedial massage allows faster healing by enhancing circulation and breaking down scar tissue during healing. The massage therapist assists muscle healing to full length to avoid ending up with shortened muscle fibers after the injury heals. 

How massage prevents injuries

Removal of waste products

Metabolic waste including lactic acid build-up in the muscle during or after activity causes various injuries. The presence of these in the muscle causes fatigue and increases pain. These lead to muscle weakness to escalate injury. Luckily, massage (https://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-lifestyle/stress-management/in-depth/massage/art-20045743) stimulates the lymphatic system to remove metabolic wastes in the body. This stimulation enhances the rate of metabolic waste excretion. This leads to less muscle weakness and fatigue to prevent injury. 

Increased oxygenation

The flow of oxygen in the blood to muscles and body cells limits injury. Oxygen is a source of energy and cellular exchange in the muscles. This limits muscle fatigue and weakness making injuries tears and strains less likely to happen. Massage therapy significantly enhances blood flow making oxygen more accessible in the muscles during exposure to injury. This keeps the muscles strong and healthy to inhibit injury. 

Increased tissue elasticity 

This is the ability of muscle elastin fibers to allow stretching to full length. Poor tissue elasticity makes muscles restrictive leading to pulls and strains during activity. Luckily, friction during a massage session between the skin and fingers enhances blood flow in the problem area. Additionally, an increase in muscle temperature during a massage increases tissue elasticity reducing restriction. This increases the range of movement to limit injuries like muscle strains and pulls. 

Bottom line

Regular visits to a massage spa should be part of your general health and wellness program. Here, you will get relief from various ailments including injuries for a better life.