Different Types of Hats for Fashionable Women to Up Their Style Quotient 

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Hats are very much in vogue and they are a fashionista’s best friend. If you browse through Instagram or watch music videos, you will know that celebrities and fashion influencers firmly believe that hats are an indispensable accessory to complete a woman’s look. Besides, helping you make a fashion statement, hats are great for safeguarding you from cold weather, blazing hot sun, rain, or wind. A stunning hat could help in maintaining your image and style even on a terrible hair day. If you do not have a perfect idea about the different types of hats that you should buy, let us explore the best hats that you could flaunt and steal the show wherever you go. Hats are certainly a fashion and value addition to a woman’s wardrobe today. They are available in a plethora of designs, varieties, and styles. 

Fashionable Hat Styles for Today’s Sophisticated Women

Hat aficionados are used to buying hats from millinery shops because they not only have easy access to wide choices but also because there are some hat specialists to guide them about the perfect hats to suit the occasion and their personalities. Today, you just need to know about the different types of women’s hats. In case, there is no hatter in your town, simply learn about the different hat types and buy the best hats online.

Sun Hat

When you intend to keep your face, neck, and hair protected from the blazing hot sun, you should consider sporting a nice big sunhat that has a broad brim all around the circumference for providing adequate shade and protecting you from the sun’s harmful Ultra Violet rays. These are best for flaunting while participating in outdoor activities. Look like a diva, and stay comfortable by sporting a stunning sun hat while sightseeing in hot sunny climates, gardening, or sunbathing, or enjoying a beach vacation. You may choose a floppy hat or a field hat. Choose a stylish sun hat in soft color tones such as beige, white, tan, or charming pastel shades as lighter tones are great for keeping you cool and comfortable since they are best for reflecting the sun’s rays.

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Fedora is a classic and iconic hat type for both men and women alike. Fedora hats have stood the tough test of time and over the years have emerged as a popular accessory for both men and women. They are a kind of felt hats that come with an impressive wide brim and an indented crown. The most striking feature that makes a fedora class apart from other hats is supposed to be its signature pinch or dent on both sides at the front. This sort of indentation is best for allowing an incredibly roomier fit. They prove to be very comfortable and cozy for the wearer. A Fedora is the best hat for showing off your gorgeous tresses. It is certainly not the right hat for wearing on bad hair days. Fedora hats are hugely popular brim hats for women that have indented crowns for drawing more attention and highlighting your hairstyle. If you wish to flaunt your beautiful locks, wear a stylish Fedora. Boost your confidence and style quotient by sporting a stunning Fedora. Opt for one that has a pinched crease. The pinched crease could be in a teardrop or diamond shape. The best way to present yourself is to leave your gorgeous hair loose for adding an element of a feminine balance.

Cowboy Hat

We know that usually wide-brimmed, high-crowned cowboy hats are popular mostly among the Americans, it is not essential to become a wrangler for sporting one. Women who have a passion for wearing hats and who are forever bubbling with enthusiasm and hat confidence should not be hesitating to sport cowboy hats for flaunting their appreciation and knowledge for the historically wild west. 

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Cowboy hats are made from a variety of fabrics or materials. However, the conventional styles are usually, designed using fur-based felt. You have easy access to super stylish acrylic-based and even straw-based versions as well. They feel lighter and more comfortable on your head and they come in myriad color options.

Straw Hat

Straw hats come in all sizes, shapes, and colors. Women love their versatility as they can be paired perfectly with diverse types and styles of ensembles and outfits. Straw hats are the best hats to wear to combat hot climatic conditions because they are designed and manufactured keeping in mind fibers that are breathable and allow a tremendous amount of natural ventilation. Panama hats, cowboy hats, and other types of hats could be designed with straw. These stunning hats prove to be fabulous fashion accessories for super stylish and sophisticated women.


Wide brim hats are not limited to wearing only during the stifling hot summer days or when you are enjoying a beach vacation. Remember that fashion gurus and top-notch fashion influencers believe that wide-brimmed hats for women have truly bohemian vibes that make the ideal choice for complementing your clothes in natural fabrics. You may steal the show by flaunting a floppy hat even during the frosty winter days with a stunning dark floral dress and matching ankle boots.